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An-Nur 35-40 Word Analysis and Tafsir 39-40

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That one ladina cafaro. And as for those people who disbelieve our motto, their deeds, their deeds, meaning whatever good deeds they have done, like, for example, speaking the truth, being good to others, being generous, being charitable, smiling all the time, being positive, fulfilling promises, these are what good deeds, good things that a person could do. So those people who disbelieve the good deeds that they do, they are cancer, Robin, they're like a mirage.

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Their reality is like that of a mirage.

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so obvious from the root letters scene.

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And Sarah is a mirage. If you look at it, if you consider it, it is something that is non existent. Right? That you think there is water at a distance on the road, or in the field, or on the desert sand, you think there is a puddle of water? You think that there is a lake or something like that? But when you go to it, it's nothing.

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So what is it? It's a non existent thing.

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And SLR is also deception.

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That if a person looks from far he thinks it's water,

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and he goes, he strives in order to reach that water. But when he reaches, he doesn't find anything over there.

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So, so obvious, what's something that is non existent? It's an unreal thing. And it's also a deception.

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So the deeds of the disbelievers What are they like? Like a Saurabh like a mirage that they see in a distance that they think the good deeds that they have done are there, they're very great. They're very beneficial. But what happens? This Saurabh is built here.

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In a dry plain desert. Pa is from the roof letters off while rain and it's the plural of the word car and we have done the word car on soft sofa. What is car and mean? a desert, a vast open land without any vegetation. A flat plane that has nothing on it.

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Just imagine an empty desert flat plane.

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So a sourabh on a flat desert sand. Yeah Sabu he thinks it who alum and who the thirsty person. Lemon is from the reflectors, la meme Hamza Lemmy

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and Lumia is to be extremely thirsty, Muslim and one who is extremely thirsty.

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And llama, as opposed to us results are used for thirst. But llama is used for extreme thirst, such thirst as a result of which a person becomes restless.

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You know, sometimes you're thirsty, you want water, you can't find it, okay, you sit quietly, no big deal. But sometimes you're so thirsty, you need water to drink. And you can't stay put. You get up in the middle of the night to have water because you're thirsty. So Islam and is someone who's extremely thirsty. So the person who is thirsty, he thinks of that Mirage to be met and to be water.

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had that until Elijah who when he comes to it lemmya, Lucia, he does not find it to be anything. There's no sign of water. It's not even wet soil. There is no trace of water, anything whatsoever. From a distance the thirsty person he considers it to be water. But as he approaches it, as he comes to it, he finds it to be nothing he finds it to be non existent. So it is as though he has been deceived.

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But what happens? It's too late to go back.

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Well, what are the law who are in the hall, and he finds a lot near it for a fair while his elbow, and then Allah gives him his recompense info. Meaning it's too late to go back when a person has died.

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Once a person has died, he will only be given his Recompense. Can he go back to the dunya? Then he retrace his steps. No, he cannot go back. So at that time, he's given his recompense will law who said he earned herself and Allah is swift in taking account.

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So in this ayah, the end result of the good deeds of the disbelievers is mentioned

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that those people who do not follow the guidance that Allah has given, who do not follow the news, the hedaya the instruction that Allah has sent, what happens when they are doing whatever they're doing? Whatever practices they have, whatever actions they're indulging, they think of those actions to be very green.

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This is why people think that if they follow the dean, they're going to go backwards. And if they leave the dean, they're going to become enlightened. They're going to become progressive. They're going to progress with the world. Right? They're going to become successful in worldly terms. But in reality, whatever they're doing is like a slob.

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Just like a salad from a distance, it looks so beautiful, the water is glistening, you can sometimes see the reflection of, you know, a mountain or whatever, in that bottle of water. It seems very beautiful. It seems very attractive. Similarly, the good deeds, or the apparently good deeds that the disbelievers do, in contradiction to the commands that Allah subhanaw taala has sent. Their reality is that of a mirage

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that they think they're very beautiful.

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But when they reach them in the Hereafter, when they see the end result of their deeds in the Hereafter, what do they find nothing.

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Wrong and thirsty person thirsty person. It gives a sense of someone who is very desperate, someone who has been through a very difficult time. And especially in the desert, someone who's been traveling for a long time, who's perhaps run out of his supplies. So just imagine when a person goes through the stages of this dunya, the stages of the buzzer, and then eventually the Day of Judgment. And when he finds his deeds, what does he find? Nothing, nothing at all. And then Allah holds him accountable for what he has done. He does not find any reward at all, because his deeds will not benefit him.

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In total calfire 103 we don't call Helena bucum will have sarina Armada, shall we tell you about those who are worst indeed those who are greatest losers when it comes to actions and levina when necessary, you will be highlighted To me, it is those people whose efforts have gone lost in this dunya as they died, all their deeds also died in the dunya omya Sabina unknown year soon or sooner. And all the while they were thinking that they're doing very good.

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This is the reality of those people who perform deeds. Contrary to the deeds of the last panel Tara has commanded us with an uncertain forecast is number 23. waka dem net LMR, ami, luminor, Merlyn fudger Allahu hubba, among surah. And we will regard whatever they have done of deeds, and we will make them as dust that is dispersed.

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Can you collect dust that has been dispersed? No. Even if you collected

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What good would it be nothing.

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We also learned in solitude, if 15 to 16 that men can or you read will Hyatt adonia was in at a lower fee like Mr. Milan fee, her home fee Hello person, that whoever wants the reward of this dunya and its adornment than what happens Allah gives him the recompense of his deeds in this dunya and they're not reduced in it. With that he can lead in a laser home field, karate in the now. But for such people, there is nothing for them in the hereafter except fire.

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So what do we see in this ayah that the life that a person has been given that every single human being has been given, it is given to us to do something with

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we have been given this times that we do something in this time, not so that we kill this time that we passed this time.

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And whatever we do, it's either going to be of benefit for us or it is going to be a means of loss for us.

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When is it going to be a means of benefit for us? When we follow the commands that Allah has given? When we follow the instructions that Allah has given? And when will it be a means of loss for us, when we neglect those commands, when we do not follow them, when we do not observe them?

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When we do not have the hereafter in mind?

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Because constantly What have we been seeing in the surah? Allah subhanaw taala has given us many, many comments. If we follow them, if we observe them, if we live by them, then there is benefit. And if we abandon them, then we're causing loss to ourselves only.

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And letting a couple who haven't mentioned particular because they have neither a man normally they have an outsider.

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So if a person has a man but he does not do Amazon, he has only one of the two, then again his benefit will be limited. A person can only be successful when he has a man and are mostly good deeds as well. deeds that are done in accordance to the instructions that Allah subhanaw taala has given

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another example is presented alcohol lomatin or there

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Like darknesses Olga Lumet in this example, can be understood as the example of their deeds that are their deeds are like darknesses or okolona. Math and can be understood as our fourth. And we're to show variety, that the previous example was the example of their good deeds. And this example, is of their belief.

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It is of their faith, it is of their bad deeds,

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or according to some that this is the example of their followers and the previous example was of their leaders. But, out of all of these, the most appropriate seems to be that this example is of their belief, and the previous example is off their good deeds.

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That okaloosa matin or like darknesses, meaning their deeds are like darknesses or their hearts are like darknesses and lumax. What do they represent?

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What do they represent? ignorance, where light represents knowledge and guidance, darkness represents ignorance and heedlessness,

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algal automatic or they're like darknesses, which darkness is fever hidden in a sea, that is the gene that is deep. Luigi is from the word Lu judge from the root letters lamb ggmbh

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and Rajat is to continue to do something that is forbidden, that a person becomes stubborn on it, he does not give it up. But let do fear to be wonderful.

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So Lu Jad is to continue to do something that is forbidden to become stubborn.

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And yeah, at the end is of misfire as well mister with the bar, that bar that is low G.

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What does that mean? No bar Hello, J. This is understood as First of all, a deep sea,

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a deep sea. Just imagine a large body of water that is also very, very deep. So imagine an ocean. Imagine a sea, how deep is it.

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And the deeper you go, the darker it becomes,

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isn't it.

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The deeper you go, the darker it becomes. And as you go into the depths of the ocean, there are such levels in which there is absolutely no light. It's pitch dark, there's no light, even during the daytime, no light reaches those areas. And the creatures that exist in those areas in those depths. They don't even have eyes.

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They don't even have eyes because they don't need them. It's extremely dark, but rather Allah Subhana Allah has given them such senses or such parts of their bodies with which they're able to sense things around them.

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So, biology is extremely deep water,

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extremely deep sea, whose depth cannot be imagined cannot be known. It is of tremendous depth, fathomless depth.

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And low G

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is also understood as a sea whose waves are constantly coming out and they're retreating, constantly colliding with one another.

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You see, sometimes the sea is very, very calm. And sometimes there's a storm, what happens? The waves are constantly coming out right colliding into one another. So biology, how do we understand in two ways, first of all, extremely deep and dark. And secondly, violent Yoshida humo June, what covers the sea motion a wave, men fold the motion and above it another wave.

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So, there are waves and waves of water.

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Constantly the water is moving, and constantly one layer of darkness is coming upon another layer of darkness. And men felt the heat from above it, meaning above these waves is what Sir, have on a cloud. So even if there was any sun, that sun is being obstructed by what by the clouds. So as a result, what do you have? Zulu metal darknesses barbu has some of it for cabal above others, meaning layers of darkness.

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In the example that we learned at the beginning, what did we learn neuron, Allah knows

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that the oil itself is radiant. The glass itself is like a pearl like a star.

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And then on top of that there's also light inside neutron Allah new light upon light, each layer

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Of Light is covered by another layer of light. And over here, what do we see that one layer of darkness is covered by another layer of darkness, there is darkness in the heart, there is darkness in the actions, there is darkness in the words, there's darkness and behavior. There's ignorance everywhere, a person is immersed in ignorance,

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that he's in so much darkness and ignorance that either

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when this person takes out his hand, let me

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let me occur, he is almost not able to hear that he sees it, he is almost unable to see his own hand. It is so dark.

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Just imagine if a person is in the middle of the ocean, in the middle of the night, or in the middle of a storm, even even if it's daytime. But because it's so cloudy, and there's so many waves, if you take your hand out, you can barely see it. barely see it, let me get your Aha, woman and whoever lemenager and he does not make who Allahu Allah, whoever Allah does not make for him, the who neuron light from Allah who may know that he does not have any light.

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Whoever Allah does not give amen to that person does not have a man.

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Whoever Allah does not give guidance to that person does not have guidance, whoever Allah does not give knowledge to that person does not have knowledge.

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So this example, is at the heart of the disbeliever

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where the first example was the example of the heart of the believer.

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the caliber of the believer

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that in the heart is a man, the fire over here, what do we see the heart of the disbelievers

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that in the heart is ignorance, there is scuffle, there is darkness. And as a result, what's going to happen? What's going to come out on the tank? What's going to come out in the actions, ignorance, not something that I was going to like? Not something that is according to the teachings of Allah No. So we see that a person who does not have a man in his heart, who does not have a diet ofI today is shot, then he is living a life of darkness.

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He has been deprived of guidance, woman, lemmya JRD, Laguna, who neuron from Allah whom he knows,

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he thinks that he is okay. He thinks that he is a knight, he thinks that he is going towards success, but in reality, he is in ignorance, he is in darkness, he is heading towards failure.

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What do we see in these Ayah?

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Do examples have been mentioned?

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Completely different examples. One is the example of light of knowledge of guidance and the other is of Cofer of ignorance of journal.

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And these are two completely different ways of life.

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Completely different ways of looking at things, of perceiving things,

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completely different ways, leading to completely different destinations.

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When a person learns about the commands of Allah, and he implements them, then he is in light.

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And when a person ignores the commands of Allah, He is ignorant of them, he does not implement them, then in reality, he is in darkness. This is what a lot is telling us. And this should become our criteria as well.

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Because what happens if we ever come across a person who is following the commands of Allah, we feel bad for them, we feel sorry for them, we feel pity for them.

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And if a person is not following the commands of Allah, we get very impressed by them.

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We get very intimidated by them.

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But what do we see? Who is truly enlight who is truly successful, the one who is following the commands of Allah, and who is truly heading towards error and loss, the one who does not follow the guidance of Allah.

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So a very clear criteria is being given to us. And each and every one of us can analyze ourselves in the light of these examples. There, where do we stand? Do we stand where there is knowledge? Or where there's ignorance? Do we stand where there is armor, action, or where there is rejection? There is heedlessness that a person does not accept what Allah subhanaw taala has said,

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do different ways, leading to do different destinations.

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We listened to the recitation

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saboom one,

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There's a hadith in which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, hearts are a four kinds, the heart that is clear like a shining lamp. This is one,

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the heart that is covered and died up.

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The heart that is upside down,

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and the heart that is clad in armor, covered in armor.

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As for the clear heart

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that is like a shining that it is the heart of the believer in which is a land filled with light.

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As for the covered heart, this is the heart of the disbeliever.

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And as for the upside down heart, this is the heart of the hypocrite,

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who recognizes then denies What does a hypocrite do? He recognizes, and then he denies so his heart is upside down. He knows what he should be doing. But he doesn't do it. And as for the armor clad heart, this is the heart in which there is both Eman and nifa. Both faith and hypocrisy.

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And the example of the faith in that heart is like that of a lagoon, a sprout that is irrigated with good water.

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And the likeness of the hypocrisy in it is that of sores that are fed by blood and pus, which is whichever of two prevailed is the characteristic that will dominate.

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Meaning the heart in which there is an effect and a man

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it will not remain the same 5050 No, either one is going to dominate the other.

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The man and that heart is like that of a plant, which is fed by good water, if it's fed by good water, clean water, what's going to happen, it's going to grow, it's going to increase and hypocrisy is going to decrease.

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And if he does not feed that instead, he feeds the foulke. Then the example of that is like soldiers that are fed by blood and pus. And when they're going to be fed by blood and pass what's going to happen to them they're going to increase, they're going to multiply, they're going to spread.

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So what do we see that the heart in which there is an effect and a man it cannot remain stagnant? Either one is going to overcome. It depends on what we feed.

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It depends on what oil we put in,

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if we choose to put something in at all.

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So four types of hearts exist. One of the believer, one of the disbeliever one of the hypocrite and one in which there is both amen and

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so it's up to us. What do we feed?

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soprano cola hum ob humbucker Chateau La ilaha illa Anta Nester, Lyrica one or two boys like I said Mr. Lee Kumar.