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Ramadan 2019 – Reminder 16 – What Fuels Taqwa

Bilal Philips


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Gratitude and patience is what fuels taqwa.

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the body the worship, which will be acceptable to a law is only that worship which is

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born out of sincere, love, fear, hope

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in Allah.

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And we know as we said in the very beginning that

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Allah began slow and fast, how with gratitude Alhamdulillah so it represents the foundation for us to reflect on Allah,

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the gratitude what Allah has given us in our lives,

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that we should be thankful to him for it.

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We should remember his blessings, his bounties that he has put in the lives of each and every one of us.

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This should fuel sincere remembrance of Allah.

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Sincere remembers to be thankful to Allah

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during this month of

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