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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The importance of trusting oneself and others in difficult situations is emphasized, particularly in the face of difficult circumstances. The speaker emphasizes the need to be mindful of one's own successes and failures, and to write down all blessings and negativity that have come through their experiences. The importance of trusting oneself and others in the face of difficult situations is also emphasized, particularly in the face of difficult circumstances. The speaker stresses the need to stay on the path of success and not give up, and emphasizes the importance of bringing together the community and community leaders to make a positive impact.
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We live in Chicago rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam Ala Moana setting and Sadie now Muhammad while early your software domain said Mr. Aiken will have to live by the character

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen always and we will begin with the praise of Allah insha Allah Allah Allah Allah we testified that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah. We send our love and our greetings salutations so beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious and it's pure family, his companions and all those who follow the Sunnah until the end of time. May Allah Subhana Allah grant us to be steadfast upon the Sunnah of Nabi Salama, we live upon it, die upon it and be resurrected in his company on the FTM. I mean, we started off with the very sad news of the passing of * Kasim Ali, with the calcium which is sitting next to the toilet. And he's

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janazah was this morning in La Ilaha AnyLogic.

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He was a, you know, such a wonderful person and such an important member of our Jama And subhanAllah. While we said for the Qaseem, we also very proud and happy that we got to engage with him. And really, you know, Allah, Allah judges us, and the angels will judge us in the carpet, but the first people to judge would be mankind. And it's really on the day of your janazah that you will get to know the measure of the person and the life you lived. What are the conversations going to be? What are the people going to say about you, the day you passed away? How would they feel, And subhanAllah the you know, we we will be witness to the amazing person that the costume was hologram

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genital videos, and something very, very beautiful that, you know, came to light at the Janaza we know that Bucha cast him, you know, he was deeply deeply saddened by the passing of his wife and the other way.

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It really knocked him. And we found out that's Pamela he passed away the same day as she passed away three years ago that he did in Canada. And these little things, it ties into our discussion, Allah's plan, that sometimes we find ourselves in a situation in our life. And well, how did I get here? And I'm completely off the rails, I'm completely off track. And, you know, especially for a person that tries to do the right thing, you you try to live your life according to the rules. You know, if I do the right thing, Inshallah, that I think, you know, the results will materialize. And many times it doesn't turn out the way we want. And then we question ourselves, what is happening in my life, and

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where's Allah and what, what's going on? And Insha Allah, these little things that we see, Allah gives us a little hints that Allah is in control, and he plans and he's always he's always a way, Allah subhanaw taala is always conducting the affairs of our life, we shouldn't feel like we are disconnected. Allah mentions of the Quran, the Arabic, yet must be revised the but in the English, Allah says that many times you look at your life, and you plan for something, you want something you work hard for you do everything right, and it doesn't come to you. And it's especially people that, that, that live like that, that you begin to not have doubts, but your question, why is Allah not

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helping me? Or why is this not coming to me, and Allah says, perhaps you dislike something, you don't like the situation that you're in, you don't like the circumstances that you have, but this thing is good for you. Allah says, I know it's good for you. And perhaps the thing that you want, the thing that you love, the thing that you are aspiring for chasing after is bad for you. And that's why I'm not giving it to you out of My Love for you. And Allah knows, Allah says, He knows that you don't know. Allah knows everything. And you don't know, every plan that Allah says. It's done with wisdom, and with mercy. And it's done with love, our objective, if I sit down, and we ask

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all of us to think about the problems in the streets, in our bodies in our life, there are things which are out of our control, the things that we can't fix, we try hard, getting trying to get the job trying to find the right partner trying to fix our marriage, whatever it might be. Everyone has their own issues, their personal issues.

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At those moments, when you've done everything that you possibly can to solve your problems, to fix your issues, that is when you need to let go. And that is what Tawakkol means. Now I put my dependency in Allah. And sometimes

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your life might seem like it's closing in on you. And this is also part of Allah's plan. And it's normal. It's normal to have doubts and fears and concerns that Allah mentions a moment for the Sahaba at the Battle of the Trench, and this is perhaps the most dangerous moment in the sphere of the of the of Islam. When the entire world was against the Muslims. They had done everything right. They made the hijab, they sacrifice the family, they gave up everything and

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And now it appeared like it's about to come to an end. And Allah says about the Sahaba is jell o comin focus on when your enemies came from above you and within you are either Azova till Assad and your eyes became you began to shake out of fear. While Bala till colluvial manager and your your hearts were in your throats, you felt like there is no way out no escape. How many of you feel like that? Your life feels like it's closing. I don't know where to go from you. I don't know what more to do. And then Allah says when you in that situation? What are the Luna? Billahi Luna How many of you then you had doubts about Allah? You began to question where you Allah? Why you're not helping

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me Hola. This is Allah speaks about the sahaba. Obviously we are not at that level, even the Sahaba felt a little bit is this really weights going? As Allah brought me to a dead end? As Allah brought me to a situation I can see a way out. Allah says guna allocable to let me know this is how Allah test the believers. The taste is not the enemies. The taste is not your job or your career or your family. The taste is your relationship with Allah. Will your Eman in Allah fluctuate when things don't go according to your plan? Will your love and trust in Allah change with a situation? This is how Allah subhanaw taala sometimes pushes us to the brink. And he wants to see how committed are you

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to him you say you are my Molana Molana means my protector. You are my Hafiz. You are my guardian Tawakkol to Allah Allah I put my trust in you Allah. Now this is not I'm giving you sending you on this direction. You don't like where this is going? But are you going to remain firm on the path that Allah has put you and Allah says was soon as you lose Zion and Shanita and we shook them with a mighty shaking. And then of course, we know from the story of the Battle three, this was the most severe situation that Muslims had experienced. They were on the verge of annihilation. And Allah fix the Battle of the Trench without them having to fight. You opened away the one battle, the most of

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your battle Allah solved without any fighting.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala pushes a person to a limit. And it's normal, as we said, to have those questions. Even the MBR had the questions. There'll be Musa salaam had his moment and we'll talk about that at least some also had his moment of where am I what am I doing that we Musa is a prince. He has everything going for him.

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Fast forward 2030 years later, he's alone in the desert with his family lost. He has a murder warrant on his head. He's in the middle of nowhere he's running from for his life. By all accounts, he looks at his life and I've already failed. I've missed up Nabi Musa feels like I have missed up. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala calls him he comes to this burning bush and years a voice in this in this Allah speaks to Nabi Musa, and it's beautiful. And what I want to go through this conversation, Allah is telling me to tell Nabi Musa every step of the way was part of my plan, every mishap every fumble every mistake, even your sin was part of my plan to bring you to where you are

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today. Allah says to Nabi Musa, as he stands there and Allah says to you, so you have a mission to do. And be Musa it's full of doubt and fear. How can I My life is ruined. How can I do anything? Allah says, Well, I caught a banana Alika Murata and okra Musa, this is not the first time I've interacted with you. Allah is telling me Musa This is not the first time I'm intervening in your life. Yes, this is the first time I'm speaking directly. But I've always been the allowances from the day you were born in Ohio, in omega you when I told your mom to put you in the basket and to put the basket in the river and the river took you to ground and your sister watched over you. And you

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were returned back to your mother I've been watching over you. And Allah says, no matter what you went through, and this is when we Musa specifically Yes, but also for us. Allah says throughout that process, I'll play to alayka Mahabharata mini I was pulling my love upon you while it to snow, Allah I need and I brought you up under my eye, every single one of us, whatever experience you have, whatever experience I have, remember you are being formed and shaped by Allah Himself. You're being brought up and guided under his eye. And Allah Subhana Allah says and you went through all of this even worse than Upson even by you killing somebody. And you went through all the trials and

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difficulties in your life. You ran from the law. You had a really bad point in your life. All of this happened

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so much, Catarina Musa, but now you have come to me a quarter quarter what is called the destiny. It was all part of my plan to bring you to this moment. So each of us are in different places in our life at the moment. Some of you are starting. Some of you are coming to an end. Some of us are moving forward, some are sticking back. Wherever you are in your life in your career in your family. As Allah says Geeta, Allah Catherine, you have come to this point based on my plan based on what I had decreed for you. You are on your own track your own journey, and Allah is watching over you. And if you feel like this plan doesn't make sense. Remember, Allah subhanho wa Taala has always been the

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looking out for you. Maybe Mohamed Salah went through a similar moment of doubt. And he was not sure am I on the right

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Tough as Allah left me, here Allah have I failed you. Am I a failure? And that's when Allah revealed Surah Doha when Allah says Mauer dakara Bukoba mafada Whenever you feel like things are not going your way it's easy to have doubts yeah Allah you're not answering my doors anymore. Yeah Allah I've done something where you're not even looking at me anymore. Allah says Mauer Dakka Dakka YOLO didn't go anyway I haven't left you well my color and I don't hate you. I'm not gone well I'll ask you to come in and cooler and you will see at the end of the day

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yes you don't like the ups and downs now but you're going to live happily ever after Don't worry, the end I can see the last chapter these are all just interim steps for the destination you're going to be very very happy one so for your tea corrupt book and for total loss handler if we only we can live by this if Allah says and I promise you what a sofa means like Allah somebody is taking us up. I swear to you, I will give you that which will make you happy. You will be happy follow my plan. Do what you're supposed to do. I will make sure you will get what you are happy what will make you happy now when someone tells you it's okay whichever hardship you're going through someone tells you

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it's okay it's gonna be fine it's gonna work out phases natural hesitation in your heart to say no, no, I don't think so. No, it's a how would it work out? So then Allah tells them to be Salam already answers that Allah says did not find you an orphan and helped you with that? How many times have I brought you through difficulty before? Have I ever let you down? I was asking us have I ever let you go? So if you you want to trust me, I'm saying trust me. And if you have doubts then look at the past is Allah tells me salaam you went orphan alone. And I took care of you you didn't have anybody look after you. I looked after you. Let me show you the care team and for our are watching Ecuador,

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Nevada, I found you lost you didn't know where to go. And I guided you to Islam, or the QA, Illinois. gov and you were poor. You struggled and I gave you wealth. Now each and every one of you, one of us how many battles in the past, we felt that there is no way out of this thing. This is really going to break me. I'm going to be destroyed by this thing. analysis did not bring you out of that did not show you a solution that you couldn't even think of yourself. I've always been the one that helped you through your problems. So why do you have any doubts I'm going to leave you now.

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You could depend on me all these last 20 3040 5060 years you your family, your great your or your entire your grandparents, you depend on me, I took care of all of you. So don't have doubts that I'll be there for you in the future. And then Allah subhanaw taala says, familia team of Allah Takara. So now do not forget that as much as you're going through your difficulty, I'm going to help you through it. There are other people also struggling, remember the orphan. It's easy to become obsessed about your own things. You don't have your own problems and your own failures, versus the other people also struggling. It's not just you. So you be mindful of the orphan Messiah and when

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someone asks you, even if you can't give them don't turn armies to push them away. There's a way of saying I'm sorry, I can't give you that five grand Markman. There's a way of making someone feel so you should now realize I am in desperation I'm asking you your Allah. How then can you be rude to someone who's also in desperation asking you as much as you want Allah to be kind to you and your time of need, how much you feel for the beggar and the poor person in a time of need. Allah says Now think about that. And then Allah says, well Amma, vignette mighty robic of a hadith and start counting your blessings when you feeling down. When you feeling like yeah, Allah, my life is messed

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up. When you feeling like I'm not getting what I deserve. Allah says take a moment. Start writing down all the things I've given you. Just think about your blessings, then you will realize Allah subhanho wa Taala has always been there on your side. Give me the claim, Rahim Allah tells us when things don't go according to the plan that we had in mind. We should remember, Allah tests you when Allah tests you is never to destroy you. Allah is objective is never to harm you remember, your plan and my plan is maybe to get a nice holiday to get the bonus at the end of the year to buy that new car to renovate the kitchen, whatever it is, Allah's plan for me is to get me to Jana. These things

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are important. His objective is I want to see every single one of your agenda filters. That's Allah's plan. Whichever way gets us the will obviously we have to do our part. But Allah as he as he claims, his or whatever Allah gives you, it's not to destroy you. Whenever you remove something in your position, perhaps it is only to empty your hand for something even better or greater as a gift. And the say not only Rhodiola says, and again, it shows you the human side Sahaba are just people, even the MBR just people.

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He says Oh Allah, when I lose my hopes and plans when things don't go according to the way I had intended, and I lose hope in you and I forget.

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And I put my trust sort of shakes that helped me to remember remember that your love is greater than my disappointment. We will always experience disappointment in our life. No one is going to love

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Life when everything goes your way, nobody is going to live life where everything goes according to the plan that you had set out. And it's in those moments of disappointment. When you remember that Allah is love for me is more important than my disappointment. And your plan for my life is better than my dreams what I have set out in my objective, Allah's plan is better. Even though I might not like it initially. I might not like the journey that gets me there. But this is what Allah knows is best for you. In another statement,

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even clay mentions that if you were to see if the veil between you want Allah to be removed, and you were to see the workings of Allah SCADA, the workings of Allah's plan, we would melt in gratitude to see how Allah has intervened in every moment of our life, how many calamities have been averted, how many opportunities were pushed in our direction, how many chances were given or where the focus with with the intention that Allah wants us to succeed in this life, to get to genital failures.

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Allah subhanaw taala is intervening in your life in my life, Allah subhanho wa Taala is a way of what we want what we need, and he has a plan for us. And it comes down to that is what Tawakkol ultimately means. Tawakkol as we said, is for the things that is out of your control, things that you cannot change things that you can only go so far. Now I leave my dependency in Allah, I've taken my steps, and everybody must have this conversation. Whichever challenge you have in your life, you do your best and you work your hardest. But ultimately, you get to a point Eurasia is here, Allah, I have done what you have required me to do, I've given my effort and my time. Now the matter is in

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your hand, you decide if this treatment is going to kill me, you decide now if I'm gonna pass that exam, I've made the application you will decide if I get accepted, ultimately is in your hand. And when the result comes to you, whether you like it or whether you don't like it Alhamdulillah if Allah gave it to you, then that was a mercy and a blessing your plan and Allah's plan aligned. When you've done everything that you've you you've been required, and you've made your DUA and it doesn't go according to your wishes. Don't be despondent than a business. Don't be that person that says Lola if only if only I didn't make that decision. If only I changed this, don't do that. That's how

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Allah says in the past. You are aware you mean to be Allah standing Nabi Musa, even you killing that man was part of codon for you to be tell yourself as you sit in this moment of Juma I am exactly where Allah wants me to be for a greater purpose in my life, for a greater reason in my life, trust in Allah and that's why Allah subhanaw taala mentions in this idea, and I will close with this ayah Allah says, was speedily hooked me Rebecca. So be patient with your loads decree. Sometimes it's not nice. Allah is telling you sometimes what I give you what i've decreed for you is not nice, not sweet. So be patient for in Mecca, br Yanina, Allah says But remember, you are under our eyes, I'm

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watching over you. I am away and I'm intervening in your life such a beautiful this phrase for in Nickleby Ioannina Allah mentions it three times in the Quran, one is Allah tells there'll be no

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build the ark be Ioannina I'm going to guide you step by step how to build this ark people gonna call you a madman, You're crazy. You're crazy. So you don't do you don't under Are you dinner and Allah says to me Musa you were raised up under my eyes every step of the way was part of me engineering you and Allah says to all of us for in the caveat you know that you all of you, this is Muhammad Susannah, but all of us, you are walking with me watching over you. I always reflect on this as a child, you're almost threatened. Allah is watching you.

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Now as an adult, I feel very, very happy to say Allah is watching me. Now you feel good to know. Allah is Allah sees what's happening. Allah knows if things don't go well. I did my best. I tried hard. It wasn't my fault. Allah is watching Allah knows. Now it gives me comfort, but never Am I alone, that Allah is always watching is always present is always there. So Allah says be sobered are the things I give you a decree for you for in Nickleby Ioannina I'm watching over you I know very well what you're going through. And then Allah gives you the Subhan Allah this is the takeaway message. What do I do now? Okay, except you decree the cancer, malignant shifa the death you've

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given the job that you've taken, I am I am patient Yet Allah in this decree. I don't like it, but I'll be patient. What do I do now? Yala. Do I just said I wanted to know. What you need to do was sub baby Hamdi Rebecca Hanaa to calm so they make as much as we make as much Salah make as much as two as you can. When you rise Wamena Lail and a part of the night but sub beho divided on YouTube and make to be hammocks Allah to Allah and the late part of the night too early in the morning when the stars are fading. You really want Allah's help. That is when the only thing you can do now, the methods

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In Allah's hands, the only input you can do is make tagit whatever problems you're going, going through, you put your dependents in Allah What more can I do now? Yeah, Allah make as much test be as you can, and especially the most powerful test be, get up an hour half an hour before Fajr and stay long Institute and say Allah, I am powerless, all the power is in your hands. So the whole number 11 is no power except with you. I now submit to your world and your decree helped me assist me and that's what Allah wants. That's what Allah subhanaw taala that is the plan. If you are in sujood half an hour before fudging the plan can be better than that the plan does not get any better

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than a person in charge of making sure you to Allah, then you are exactly what Allah wants you to be May Allah grant us to live a life that is pleasing to Him. mela decree only that which is best for us. May Allah take away the calamities of our life from Allah make easy our hardships. May Allah grant those of us who are sick shifa, those who are going through difficulty Mala remove our burdens Mala grandma Farah for those who have passed away. And Allah grant all of us genital fear those mean I mean, just a few announcements and Hamdulillah this Sunday, the first of October between 10 o'clock in the morning and four o'clock afternoon at the Burano cultural hub in Penn Street will be

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our market, there'll be food trucks and those things Inshallah, there's also the amazing race that's happening on Sunday for those of you who'd like to enter this our number two to register, and then there'll be guided tours part of the heritage, the heritage day experience at the tunnel battle, of course, the first and the oldest Muslim cemetery in South Africa, many of our founding Allama and family members are there, so inshallah it will be good for you to take a visit and to experience that. And then as we mentioned in sha Allah, for our community and our heritage to continue, we need to get married. And so our meet and greet for all the single people men and

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sisters and males and females. We invite all of you inshallah to a meet and greet. This will be a roundtable event the 21st of October come say hi, if you'd like to register with us, no, the details are being shared sugar and so much for Salah Syedna Mohammed Rafi salaam was sending the Hamline Alameen Salam alikoum what blog were to go to

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