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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the idea of "back to reality" as a way to overcome addiction and achieve happiness. They share their own experiences of feeling sad and sad at the same time, and encourage others to be realistic. They also mention the importance of gratitude and thankfulness in achieving happiness.
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It's said that an adult on average can come up with about 10 to 15 uses for a paperclip, the average child posed with the same paperclip challenge can come up with about 200 uses. Let's be realistic, says the adult. The child responds, what is realistic mean? The Quran implore some parents and cultures that killed their children in fear of poverty. Those adults couldn't imagine where the sustenance would come from. So they killed their children along with their dreams. Well, I learned about doing Oh Tulou I will come hush here to him.

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And do not kill your children for fear of poverty. There's an infinite source of sustenance, an infinite source of blessing, an infinite source of prosperity that's always been there. It was here before us. It's here right now. And it will always be Nah, no, no Zuko, whom was a comb, that we ALLAH subhanaw taala will provide for them for the children, and we will provide for you too. In the womb, you had one source of sustenance, that umbilical cord, and in that darkness where no one could reach you, Allah still provided for you a painful moment, the first day of your life and that one source of sustenance was abruptly cut off. Allah will provide it's a promise, and then the milk

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began to flow. But we forget why LA City in

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Santa Fe hos, by the passage of time, surely man is at loss. Each day passes and it feels like nothing's changed. But when you look back, everything's changed. You're not that child anymore. Who can come up with 200 uses for a paperclip. Today you can think of maybe 10. And if you push it, maybe 15. Somewhere along this passage of time, a disappointment here or there and somebody spoke to you the fatal words, be realistic,

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and you believe them. So some of us stay in a job that chokes us. This is the best you can do be realistic. And at night so many men and women sleep alone without a husband or wife to cuddle and love marriage. It's been so long, be realistic. Each day glancing over at that big dream house, you know, the one you'll never be able to afford. Be realistic.

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Who would have known that the biggest murder of children's dreams would be realistic. But when tragedy strikes, realistic turns on his heels and runs away. The boat departs from the shore, the plane departs from the airport, a monster wave hits the boat, the airplane falls from the sky. Everyone screams everyone calls for Allah alone.

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Ugg boots in a more thorough either.

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Who else except Allah answers that dua of the one truly in need. on that plane. In that moment, there's no space left in my heart to be realistic. There's only space for Doha, and it consumes me. When the plane survived, I had to make sense of the fear. I opened up my journal to write but before I started, my eyes fell on an old post. The last time I wrote it seems it was to make sense of pain. I turned another page back and it was also to make sense of some pain that had happened to me. I asked myself why am I only learning in this way? Why am I only turning back to Allah? When pain knocks, I opened a new page and wrote at the top. Oh Allah, I am sorry for only waking up to pain. I

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don't want to learn this way. I want to love you not with pain only. But with sugar. with thankfulness. What if the ends then are on bucola Shankara tumulus Eden calm.

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And remember when your Lord proclaim that if you are thankful, then surely I will increase you. So even though I'm at peace, I'm going to cry for Allah's love as if I was drowning. Even though I suffer no oppression. I will pray with the oppressed as if I was standing with my children at the close border. Even though there are no symptoms. I will raise my hands in the middle of the night, every night as if the medical test results were tomorrow. Welcome to the school of thought

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thankfulness Welcome to the school of visionair Why are you doing this said I shuffle the Allahu Allah and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam responded FLR Hakuna Abdon Shakira, shouldn't I be a thankful servant? And so I climbed this mountain not worried about Allah answering my drawers that's already promised and the Promise of Allah is the truth. Just like that flowing milk. No, I climb this mountain for me to remind myself of what Allah is capable of, to travel in the land to awaken my heart to remember once again that there are 200 uses for a paperclip. Just like every child knows. At this height of wonder and all I prepare the best of the best dream drawers. And can

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I tell you a secret? It's not about the dream daus when we stand in front of the king subhanho wa Taala who dares amongst us? Ask him only for a penny? I call it visionair

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Why don't you join me?