Be prepared for when Allah grants you more

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There's one Hadith that I love so much where the prophets of Allah is set on spoke about the Mercy of Allah and how Allah will give gift His believers and one of the companions about the Allah morning who said, either knock them, he said, If this is the case that I'm going to make lots of dogs

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and then the province that Allah has said, I'm smiled and said Allahu Akbar, Allah is more than anything that you can make dua for so Allah is more and the only way you're gonna you know this, this free this you know, the heavens and the earth are open to you, the only way your life is going to blossom there and that's why when people come and say oh, visionaries and in a dark horse do we already know and the promise of answer doors already promised what we're doing here is strategizing so that when we get in that shopping spree, when we get in the moments when other people are just grabbing the bubble gum and wasting time we have like a strategy where we're boom,

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boom, boom, boom, we know the layout of the place. We're fully prepared and we come out with the biggest tape ever and it's amazing why because we come planned and prepared and we've been making the offer this thing for a long time.