Without a Life Vest You Won’t Survive!

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What up? Oh yeah woman told ya una de la la hyphema to have cologne FC Marchesa but wha home La Jolla moon.

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My beloved brothers and sisters, the verse that you just heard a moment ago. What dako Yeoman toda una fi in Allah is a verse in Surah Al Baqarah, which was, if not the last verse that was revealed, then one of the last verses that was revealed

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its messages profound and very important for every one of us.

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Not only to introspect, but to actually follow very carefully on a daily basis. It is not possible that revelation is about to end and there is a verse revealed near the end. And it does not hold importance. That's not possible. It has to be extremely important. For example, when the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, during his last few days on this earth, when he was lying down one day explaining

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the sins and the bad things, and reminding us the do's and the don'ts.

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He got up and he warned us about our treatment of women, important.

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He got up he sat up and he reminded us about our treatment of women. One law he my brothers and sisters, this verse

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that I just read before you is way more important than anything else, we have heard, we are hearing or we shall hear

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what delko

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ga o NaVi lalong beware of the day in which you shall be returning to Allah.

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Watch out Be careful be conscious of the day where in which you shall be going back to Allah or ru jus means to go back to which means we came from him in gnarly ly he were in LA here Raji Hoon, we belong to Allah totally. And we shall all return to Allah which means we were with Allah we are where Allah wants us and we are going to go back back is the word back is the word to Allah. So prepare for that day more than any other preparation.

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In this world, it's easy for us to know what I need in order to have a plate of food in front of me in a few minutes time for lunch, I need to know I must work I must try hard I must earn I must do something I must get money enough to be able to have the small belly which capacity of which is perhaps one kilo to two, maybe in Nigeria, it might be a little bit more or a little bit less Subhana Allah it's the same throughout the globe. Depending it has an elasticity to it. When you get your stomach used to four kilos it will not be full except with four or more. When you get it used to one kilo it will be full with one you won't be able to put one and a half.

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That is men. We know what is required for us to survive and to breathe, etc. Because we love life. Dear life may Allah grant us Gen metal for those.

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I want to be a person with wealth. I want to be a person with the latest I want to follow the trends. I want to have the latest sense the latest vehicles, the latest homes, the latest of everything that is easy to understand because man is living he wants to show off but what law he there are people who have everything in this world and they have not yet prepared for the day they are going to return to Allah What does

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he know.

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We can show conscious of the day in which you are going to return to Allah that is more important than anything else. While you are on earth you may enjoy within the commands of Allah you may do eat and drink and live and have some form of luxury to a degree that Allah has allowed but do not lose focus that you are going to go back to Allah. That's what Allah says every Juma many of the Fridays the Imam will mention either this verse or a similar verse in meaning. Be careful of Allah, be conscious of Allah. Be careful of your relationship with Allah watch out because you have no option but to return to Allah. Now I want to give you an example

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if you take a look at death, as

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The deep dark sea. You take Luke as a death as though it is the ocean in front of you. And if someone were to tell all of us listen, every one of you is going to be thrown into the ocean. Every single one of you is going to have to be thrown into the ocean.

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What is the ocean depicting in what I'm saying here? It's depicting death. Okay? If you know you're going to be thrown into the ocean say we are flying in an aircraft. And at some point the engines are perhaps backing up and perhaps they are making an announcement to say listen, we are all going to have to jump underneath as is the Atlantic Ocean.

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If a person says I can swim, is it good enough? Let's be honest, it's not good enough because it will help him for how long? That ocean is huge. You will swim for how much 100 kilometres you need food you need energy you need water, the water is salty, it may affect your skin it will affect everything else. It may be filled with whatever else.

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So what do you need?

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I tell you what you and I need. We need protective clothing. We need inflatable clothing that has only air in it Subhanallah if you have a life vest they call it what is in the life vest that will help you to float air. As simple as oxygen. Even if it is not oxygen.

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A lot of air will help you Subhanallah you breathe into that little inflating vest and you inflate it and you jump out if it is covering your whole body you will float for a few days until you are rescued. Now my job and yours is one law he my brothers and sisters, before you are thrown into the ocean, please put on that vest, please put on that clothing.

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Allow will protect you. Now let me give you the example of what I'm saying before you go back to Allah through your death. Please develop your mind and your relationship with Allah. Please worship Allah alone, there is no chance of survival. If you don't have it. Even if you are the best swimmer, you cannot survive in the deep dark sea. Because you are just a human your energy levels will not allow you to swim beyond a certain point you might want to say I'm the world champion, go and check how much the world champion has actually swam in terms of length. It's not more than a few kilometers. Right? So my brothers and sisters, develop you're a man, worship Allah alone.

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Be very protective over what is known as your towhead. Your oneness of Allah, the believing in the oneness of Allah, worship Him alone. That is called preparing for the day you're going to meet with Allah. Don't allow this world to deceive you into believing that you are just here to enjoy to become popular and famous through anything and everything. Some people become famous through sin. And some people they are famous in the heavens and they are not even known on Earth.

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Because the angels write down their good deeds that they do in secret between them and Allah subhana wa bln Allah May Allah grant us ease of preparation for the day we are going to meet with him and one Hadith that I love to read and repeat and mention and talk about Manohar. balaka. Allah, a habibollah, who litho who Allah Akbar, whoever loves the meeting with Allah. Allah loves the meeting with that person to you want to meet Allah, guess what Allah wants to meet you.

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And how do I prepare for that day? I try my best I worship Allah alone. I follow the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and I am protective over it to be protective over the right things is something that will earn you genital fear those What am I protective over? I am protective over my worship of Allah. I don't care what the world says, I worship Allah and Allah alone, and I will not participate in something that is displeasing to Allah. Secondly, I will make sure that whatever I do was taught by Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, what was the point of sending a messenger if the message he came with was not important or irrelevant, or it was added on to or subtracted from La hawla wala

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quwata illa Billah

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we are very protective over the sooner we must stick to it. No matter what people say. They might laugh they might scoff, no problem. I am preparing. You know if you were to have that life vest on imagine a lot of the times it is in a luminous color. People might laugh at you. What are you doing with this? But you know, I'm preparing for the day we're going to be thrown into the ocean. They will still laugh at you Who said you are going to be thrown in the ocean. While I'm giving you an example of no Hello is Salatu was

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when Allah subhanho wa Taala told him after so many years, that Oh no, your people are not going to accept a man anymore. None of them are going to believe except those who are there already. That's the verse in the Quran. So Allah subhanho wa Taala said to him, that you can prepare by building an ark in on land. Deep inside, he started building a ship inside, not even close to the coast. People were laughing at him for two reasons. Number one, they said they are more Sultana jaren.

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Nabeel, you were telling us about Allah all along now you suddenly became a carpenter. That was one point, the second one, they told him if you want to build a ship, you rather do it near the coast. You were on the do it near the coast than to do it right in the middle of the city or somewhere inside. But he knew from Allah what they did not know. They laughed. They scoffed, guess what happened at the end. In the end, they were the ones who lost no holla is Salatu was Salam was the one he was sending. But he was the one who was saved. The same applies to us. But Islam or even was saying oh do come up but arena. Islam when it started off right at the beginning, remember the

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worship of Allah from the time of Adam alayhis Salatu was Salam coming down all the prophets of Allah, look at them, they struggled and suffered, they were in a minority, almost all cases. Ibrahim Alayhi. Salatu was Salam. Allah describes him as an oma in Ebola. He met Ghana.

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We've heard that verse I'm sure, Ibrahim, Allah describes him as a whole nation. They were only four or five people with him at one stage, at the beginning, only one to

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his nephew, his wife, etc. That's it.

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Who was right who was wrong luck about the whole world was wrong. He was right. And who succeeded up to this day, the billions of people out there who are following the Abrahamic religions, where did they get from?

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How did it come down? May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us the ability to do the right thing, even if people are laughing at us.

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Some my brothers and sisters, beware of the day you are going to return to Allah and to meet with Allah that is the day that is the preparation here on Earth, we prepare, we have things we have salaries, we have promotions, we educate ourselves, which is important for many years, I think for 25 years before you get your masters or even just your first degree at university. 25 years of education in order to live for another 25 years, then you are retired. Subhan Allah, Allah tells you, we won't take that much of your time. We just need you to worship US alone. Fulfill your Salah be dedicated.

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As a human where you falter, seek forgiveness of Allah. That is a great way of preparing for the day you are going to meet with Allah, seek forgiveness of Allah every day, seek forgiveness, you are a human, you have made mistakes, the other human beings have also made mistakes, those better than you and I have made mistakes. What did they do? They sought the forgiveness of Allah starting from the beginning. Adam alayhi salatu was Salam.

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This is another very powerful motivation for us. When Allah told Adam and Eve May Allah peace and blessings be on them, when Allah told them something, while I had the shujaa akuna minal pausini. He says, do not consume from this tree, don't even go close to this tree. Everything else you can do is to ship tomorrow. Do whatever you want, wherever you want, however you want in this place, one thing don't do. That was the only thing Allah told Adam, who knew Allah personally he was created by Allah Himself. Allah told him Don't eat from this tree. A consolation for you and I is that he did exactly what he was told not to do not to say we should be doing what we are told not to do. But immediately

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thereafter he sought the forgiveness of Allah and Allah forgave him. Therefore, if you and I fall, not intentionally, and not to defy Allah, but by the mistake of humankind, by the plot of the devil, if we failed to eat one law, he if you seek the forgiveness of Allah, He will wipe it out in such a way that it will not even be mentioned on the day of karma. It will be gone through Toba is actually converted into good deeds on the right side of the scale according to the Quran for Allah aka you but do you love it? Or can Allahu

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Rahim Allah, Allah is not only forgiving, but on top of that He is merciful

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you did wrong. You

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Allah forgive me He is not only forgiving, okay, I forgive you, but he gives you on top of that law, that's Allah, The others are not like that. There will be no mention of your sin. Once it's gone, it's wiped out. It's over its history, the angels are meant to forget it. But prepare for the day, prepare for the day by seeking the forgiveness of Allah every day. By doing good deeds in secret between you and Allah, many of us we have, we want to show this business of showing off is a disease that has taken over the globe primarily because of the availability of social media. We want to show everyone so much so that the majority sorry to say this, the majority show off what is not even

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this. That's what they're doing.

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So behind Allah, I was reading a law in one of the Scandinavian countries that they have passed or they are in the process of passing, where you are not allowed to use filters for your face. Because you must show people reality it's causing depression amongst normal human beings. They are all thinking what's wrong with my face, but even the one you are comparing your face with in real life, your face is way better than that person's face. But you don't know the filter they are using some annaleigh.

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They are trying to develop contact lenses within which you automatically see with a filter La hawla wala quwata illa Billah they can keep on dreaming. We don't mind a few pimples on the face. We are human beings. We don't mind a few blemishes here and there. You don't need to look perfect perfection is for Allah and perfection will be for Jonathan fair does this world is full of imperfections. If this world was perfect, what was the point of creating gender to fit those? My brothers and sisters Don't be deceived by this world. Life is very short you and I will die very, very soon. Just put on that life vest. Just put on that life vest. Turn back to Allah worship Him

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alone. Keep trying seek the forgiveness of Allah. Do not let shaytan make you become despondent because you have sinned in the past. No, no matter how much you did. It's never too late for as long as you are breathing, seek the forgiveness of Allah. He will also be a friend of Allah. begin to look forward to the day you are going to meet with Allah. Imagine if I'm impressed by creation, La ilaha illAllah look at the beauty that Allah has made. What about the beauty of Allah himself?

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May Allah grant us the sweetness of looking at him on the day of pm and beyond in the Hara in general for those actually.

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So my brothers and sisters, this was my message for myself and for all of us today to say, every time we hear this verse what duck a woman told Jonah Fie Illa Allah. Be mindful of the day in which you shall be returning to Allah sama tofa Kowloon FC Mikasa but then, each person will be getting back a recompense of everything that they have earned themselves. Were hula hula, they will not be wronged. There is no one will wrong you. You will be told read your own book if krupke tabaka Kapha BNF sickle yo Malaika Hasina, you are sufficient against yourself as a person who will bear witness and take account It's okay. You read your own deeds. One day, I posted online to say that when you

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create a video and post it on online, on the day of judgment, you will be shown your own video. That's what I said. Someone in the comments said that. How do you know what Allah is going to do?

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It's a verse of the Quran. Allah says I will give you your books. A God kita Baca Kapha bien FC can

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read your own book, you are sufficient against yourself as an accountant. So when he gives you your deeds to see that deed is going to be in there, it's going to be in there, you will see Oh, I made this video. Yes, yes. Look at this, who is showing it to you Allah. So therefore create something that you will be proud of. Create something you will be proud of? when we sin, we sin in private. When we do good deeds, we want everyone to know you see me, I have done this and this and this and let's do it in a way that even some of our good deeds are secret between you and Allah, you know, Allah knows that's it. May Allah subhanho wa Taala really and truly have mercy on all of us.

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barakallahu li walakum wa annual suniti when a final year can be Murphy Hema minute it will Hekmati Apollo cola was totally welcome when he saw it in muslimeen. First of all, we know