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picture in your mind the example of a worker within a palace, serving many different people who not only have their own requirements, but their requirements are at odds with the requirements of the others. So he's called by one of them to fulfill a duty. But no sooner does he make his way to fulfill it, then another call to him for a second task that conflicts with the first. So he tries to accomplish it. Soon after, he's called over by a third, who requests something that clashes with the previous two.

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Can this person ever rest in this torn state?

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Now think about the second example another worker within one palace, who is at the service of only one person who is kind and loving and sympathetic and generous, the tasks are doable, the rewards are great, and ultimately, his mind and his efforts are gathered upon one.

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With all of that said, To Allah belongs the greatest examples.

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The first example is in reference to those who worship many different gods.

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Each God has its own interest, its own requirements, and this God can be an idle, false god, but it can also be a business it can be a mirror reflection, online following the cigarette, the pursuit for fame, where each has a demand that is not only impossible to satisfy, but it contradicts with other demands as well. And as for the second example, the second analogy is the example of a Muslim whose obedience and worship and attention and submission is on one for Allah the master, whereby Everything else is secondary and tertiary fitting them around his duty to Allah His sole ambition

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and that's why when the whole slain was asked by the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Yeah, how slain come taboo, Isla Haniel

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Oh, complain, how many gods do you worship these days? And Jose and he responded by saying, I'm worshipping seven gods. Six of them are on the earth. And one of them. He's in the heavens.

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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he asked him a remarkable question. He said to him, are you home to I Dhulia? Robotic, our diabetic. Which of them?

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Do you focus on during your times of hope and fear? He said, don't want him to happens.

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Now after this conversation, he knew exactly what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam was getting at. Leave the ones on the earth, and single out, the one in the heavens, now slain would embrace Islam after this conversation, the name of the Lord in the heavens, who was to be singled out and hope and fear and love and reliance, is the greatest name to have ever resonated with in the era of man. His name is Allah, Allah Subhan Allah died.

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So profound is this name, that towards the end of time, when the very last soul of the believers would have been taken away from planet Earth, leaving only the worst of creation on Earth and the most corrupt

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during that time, the name Allah who will also be lifted, because the name of this purity and perfection can never be left in the hands of such people.

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And that is why the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said that I couldn't see eye to eye I had an yaku Allah Allah the our will not come to pass upon anyone who says Allah, Allah

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luck, but

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what are the origins of this perfect and Majestic Name Allah, I share with you a few opinions. And I will elaborate on each of them to help transform that daily experience of hearing this Majestic Name Allah.

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Some of the scholars they say that the name Allah is derived from the word Allah Ha, which means Abba worshipped, he worshipped making Allah Allah Lu, the one who is worshipped.

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And yes, everything within the heavens and the earth, whether we realize it or not, frustrates to Allah Subhana Allah that

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Allah Almighty asks LM Tara and Allah hi yes Julia whom and for some our tea woman.

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Do you not see that to Allah prostrates whoever is in the heavens, and whoever is on the earth was Shamsul one comma, and so does the sun and so does the moon.

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When new Jomo Well, gee man who was sheduled what the lab work Ethier Amina nurse, and so do the stars, and so do the mountains.

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So do the trees and so do the moving creatures and so do many people. La ilaha illallah he is the one who is worshipped in the heavens and the earth, whether we realize it or not, and whether man chooses to prostrate to Allah or not. His very shadow has not consulted him and falls into frustration to Allah. Allah said when he or he is due to Memphis Emirati, when out of the time, were Koran to Allah prostrates, whatever is in the heavens, whatever is on the earth, willingly or my compulsion. He then said well, the law to whom and so do their shadows, while the lad who whom will do we will ask a lot and so do their shadows in the morning and in the end in the afternoons.

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He is the worshipped one, in this universe, He is the one who is worshipped beyond it all. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said

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Aradhana Lautaro. Now in the Quran, Allah, Tarawa, Asma, Allah, Allah the smell, I see what you do not see and I hear what you did not hear. He said apathy, Sama Wahaca. He said, The sky is creaking.

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It has every right to Creek. Why is the sky creaking? He said,

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Murphy AMOLED to automate us RBI in our Melaku while they own Jabba who said,

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because there isn't even the space have forefingers in the heavens, except that there is an angel who has occupied that space, lowering his head in frustration to Allah subhanho data. So that's one meaning, the one who is worshipped. Some scholars they say that the word Allah

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is derived from the route toward any high meaning to high era in reference to one being bedazzled

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or using his mind as a result of extreme happiness or extreme grief.

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And yes, be dazzled and amazement and share all perfectly natural experiences in the lives of those who know Allah Subhana Allah that no mind can encompass His perfection. No words can capture his majesty. Allah said, Well, are you here to be here? They will never encompass him in knowledge.

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And Allah Almighty said led to the Ricoh Apsara no vision can grasp him in Allah, the One who will be dazzles. Allah is the One who will be dazzled those who know him in amazement, and or just as he be dazzled in misery. Those who choose to lead their lives away from him,

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be dazzled in anguish swept off their feet in misery This is the outcome of not knowing Allah has a sweeping sense of misery because our need for him in our lives is greater than our need for food and drink an oxygen man cannot do without him for even a single second of his day, even if he arrogantly claims otherwise.

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So this is a second meaning.

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Others colors hold that the perfect name Allah is derived from the root, le ha, like the one before it we mentioned that this time with the meaning of to seek refuge. So when you say La Ilaha illa Allah it means you have no escape, but to Allah. It's one of the most comforting realities of life, to know that your retreat and your refuge is Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala because who is it? Who forgives sins other other than Allah, who amends broken hearts other than Him, who holds the cure to ill souls and bodies but Him who can guard the believer from the chastisement and harassment of shaytaan other than Him, who compensates people for lost opportunities in life other than Him,

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He is Allah,

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the eternal escape for the believer, and he is the greatest refuge. This is precisely why at times Allah releases difficulties upon you to help refresh your appreciation of this Majestic Name, Allah, the refuge, a name that may have suffered some wear and tear in your life in the last couple of months and years. And it's at that moment of difficulty when you come to realize that every other rope in life hadn't been cut,

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that the only remaining rope was that of a loss. So you grab on to it and you beg for help. Like you've never done before, and you implore Him for forgiveness, having turned for having turned to other than Him in your life. And it's that phenomenal moment where you finally experienced a brand new level of Eman and warmth and an unmatched attachment to Allah, all of which become dearer to you than the removal of the difference.

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Quality itself. And that's what Allah wanted the entire time. From that difficulty he sent you didn't want your hardship. He simply wanted to help you renew your relationship with him. To refresh your connection to the name of Allah to realize that he is your only true refuge focus on him.

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Other scholars have argued that the roots of this perfect name Allah is from the word Allah, meaning a lady that Allah Who Who collude, he whom hearts adore,

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Allahu Akbar, you see, the closer you are to a person and the longer your friendship is with this individual, the lower the level of or usually drops to and respect. The exception to this rule is Allah The more he is realized, the more he is adored.

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Also people are loved for things they do or qualities that they may have. As for Allah, He is adored and worshipped for who he is.

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He is adored for his limitless mercy, His unbreakable might, his unrivaled ownership, His infinite richness, his never ending kindness, his all encompassing knowledge, he is adored, because creation cannot do without him. He is singled out in worship because life is death. Without him, he is adored. And so his servants obey him willingly and lovingly. And they resist the prohibitions again, willingly and lovingly.

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If and when Allah is truly adored, then several matters come into effect immediately in a person's life automatically measure yourself against these examples.

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When you're in worship, your entire focus is on him, you stand before him, whether in salah or Quran, or any other act of worship, and you've given him your undivided attention. What else happens when he is truly adored in your life?

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Well, when you find yourself alone, you seize the opportunity to call upon Him in ways which would have been a little bit more challenging in the public domain, because you now crave those known moments with Allah.

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What else happens when Allah Almighty is truly adored in your life, when, for example, you use social media, or any other public appearance of some sort, you will ensure that you never play a role in snatching away adoration or obsession from Allah to yourself.

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For example, you will never purposely present yourself in a seductive way. Why? Because you don't want to be the reason why our hearts and eyes are taken away from Allah and redirected to yourself instead.

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Achieving that would depress you, it wouldn't please you. You want Allah to be glorified. You want him to be thought of not yourself. That's because you've experienced yourself the joy of adoring Allah, and you want others to do so as well. You hate the idea of being an obstacle.

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In that, in that endeavor, what else happens when Allah who is truly adored? Well, when disobedience takes place in front of you, your heart tears in pain

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and in confusion, protection, how Allah was not glorified, how Allah who was not honored at that moment, just as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would feel when this would happen, when he heard a man who accidentally spoke inappropriately of Allah. The Prophet said to him, why quote to you a tentative Allah do you not know what Allah is? Allahu Akbar. sad when the limits of Allah are trampled upon, that's a sign. So the result of knowing that Allah is the Adored One is a realization that you are by Allah for Allah to Allah. You are by Allah because the origins of existence were through him. You are for Allah because existence is for him, and you are to Allah because the final

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return will be to Him. And that's why the truest couplet of poetry that has ever been uttered by any mortal was according to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the words of lobbied

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lobbied who said Allah Khushi mahalo Allahu ballito. Indeed everything other than Allah is false.