Minute with a Muslim #279 – The Difference Between Sin and Heresy

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The speaker discusses the concept of heresy and how it is a negative belief that causes people to become afraid of their actions. She explains that heresy is related to a belief in the Koran and is dangerous. The speaker warns that submitting to Allah means being on the level of Well, not being afraid of one's actions.

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You know, there's a difference between sin and heresy. Heresy in the English language like, ooh, like, we have an allergy to this word because of the Christian tradition of inquisitions and the arbitrariness with which they kind of decide their orthodoxy. But it's a very accurate and neutral term for just something that is an incorrect belief, right. And so it's a useful term and one that you know, we should use and, and utilize it. It's a heresy has to do with an incorrect belief, whereas a sin is something that you generally speaking, it's something that you do wrong, right. It's an incorrect action. And so an incorrect action doesn't take you out of a sign, right, but an

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incorrect belief, that's something that's much more dangerous. So if you believe that the hijab is something that is part of the city as something that Allah has given us as guidance, then that's, that's great. Whether you do it or not, that's your individual choice. And you're going to have to bear the consequences either way, but at the end of the day, that doesn't take you out of the stem. If you have a doubt about whether, you know, there's a difference, here's the difference, because you can have a doubt about the hijab, you know, there's a lot of things online, that hijab isn't in the Koran, okay, right. And all these sorts of things. If you have a doubt, the proper response is

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to ask and to research and to educate yourself that is different from trying to change the faith to suit what you want, right? That's heresy. Right? And that's why it's very dangerous, and that's why some types of heresy are mere sin and some types of heresy are scary enough that maybe maybe your Islam as a question is not not for me to decide. But, um, but it's something to be on your radar, right? Because once you're in the arena of Well, I don't think Islam should say that. Who's your God? Really, if Islam literally means submission to Allah? Who are you submitting to by saying that Islam shouldn't say this? Or Allah shouldn't have said that, or a lot couldn't have meant that in

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certain situations. That means that the God you're submitting to is you