3 Quick Tips For Dealing With Our Current Crisis

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah wala le he was Safi woman wa salam aleikum, all of my dear sisters and brothers if you're listening,

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I've had a lot of people inbox me. And I know that a lot of people going through a lot of struggles right now, with the current trial we all face. And I thought that I just quickly share with you three points that I hope will help us all to, you know, deal better with what we're going through. You know, first of all, I think it's really important that, you know, we develop a more realistic mindset towards life in general, you know, one of the reasons why a lot of us, you know, are currently struggling so much with this trial that we're going through is, let's be honest, we've, we've had it so good for so long. And the reality is that, you know, hardships and trials, you know,

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they're an inevitable part of this life. And this is why it's so important that

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you know, we go back to the Quran and have a closer relationship with the Quran than we ever did. Because you find that supine a lot, a lot A lot in the Quran, over and over again, has reminded us of the reality of this life and how we will be tested. And you know, trials are inevitable. One of the particular series that I'm currently revising myself, you know, sort of suit Lanka boots, I find it very calming, you know, and reassuring when I read that particular surah, especially if you go to the beginning, you know, you see how Allah says after Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, at Islam meme, has he been to a youth, Roku, a Hulu? men with whom you've known? You know, do people think that

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there'll be left just to believe and to say, I believe, and yet they won't be tested? Well up by the fair, 10 alladhina Mian poverty him and we tested those who came before them, fellow yolonda, no law who led in a soda pool with a lemon and caddy beam. And so Allah will know, who are the Cincy believers from amongst them, and who are the ones who didn't have that sincerity. And Subhanallah, you know, you find, that's what tests do, you know, Allah is reminding us that you're going to be tested, just like those were tested in the past. And that these tests, they act to refine you, like these tests are there to refine you. And Allah, you know, refines you through these tests and

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develops you as a believer. So that's the first point, you know, just have a more, we need to develop a more realistic approach and outlook towards life. And secondly, you know, reflect on the lesson, the lessons that Allah hotel is teaching us, you know, through this trial, like, one of the greatest lessons we learn through through such trials is at tawakkol, you know, how to have greater tawakkul because, you know, if you reflect upon what's happening to us, you know, we're having a lot of our usual support mechanisms that we tend to rely on taken away from us, you know, we don't have that social support as much as what we had, you know, we don't have the masjid.

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You know, a lot of the things we take for granted have been taken away, and, but what does this do, it makes us realize our vulnerability, and it makes us realize how much more we need to be, you know, resorting back to a law relying on a law in all of our affairs. So developing a tawakkol, you know, is number one lesson that we learned through this trial, and it is how Allah is, you know, as I said, developing us as believers. And also, you know, patience, we're learning patience through this, we're learning how to be resilient. And Allah wants us to be resilient, you know, as believers, and the only way you're going to get resilient is by, you know, practicing it, practicing

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it is practicing resilience is what makes you more resilient. Like, it's actually an aeration in which the Messenger of Allah said in the manner in mo Pitta alone, we're in the mail, he'll move

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with the Hello, right, that Verily,

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knowledge is only gained by learning. And that, you know, being patient is only gained or, you know, being forbearing is only gained by being forbearing. You know, it's only by practicing, being forbearing that someone becomes like that. So, we're learning these things. And you know, and that's why as well, you know, this is a very valuable lesson that we're also teaching our children you know, how to just cope with hardships, it's, it's a really invaluable lesson. And when you can see what happens when you haven't gone through these, you know, trial experience experiences that when they do pop up in the future, which they never do believe will, that you find it difficult to cope

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with, because you haven't actually, you know, practiced being resilient in the first place.

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And another lesson we can also learn in

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Particular is, you know, what is our true status before Allah, you know, we really feel a weakness and vulnerability in such trials and this is what really creates that feeling in you for that need for Allah like to turn back to Allah, you know, and really resort back to Allah and, you know, it reminds me of that era where Allah says, Yeah, you unless and to move for camera with a law will law who will want you will meet people, you know mankind, you are poor before Allah, that Allah is the rich awanee right, Allah is the rich, and you are the poor Subhana Allah.

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So, you know, just, you know, this is a very important lesson we're all learning, you know, about how to be vulnerable with our loss accountable, and really turned back to a loss of pantalla without all those support mechanisms around us. Um, another good point that I wanted to just quickly mention as well is, you know, let's not lose our focus. You know, the only thing that's changed right now are our circumstances. But, you know, let's remind ourselves that what is our ultimate goal as believers, our ultimate goal is a law and the earth hero, you know, striving for law, striving for the hero. So all this happened here is that, you know, the circumstances have changed, but our goals

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still the same. Right? Our goals to the same, nothing's changed with that. So what's upon us that then is just to change direction. That's all it is. It's about changing your direction, but your goal is still the same. And this is the amazing thing you know, that's why the prophets sort of long way you know, mentions that our job and the NBN would mean you know, the the amazing is the affair of the believer in Morocco, Kula who hired hula hula who hired like all of his and all of his affairs are good for him. While he said that he came in early Monday morning, and that is only for them. What mean, why because no matter what happens to them, I mean, they will always make the best

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out of the situation. You know, no matter what life throws at you, you'll always find a way to make the best of your situation. And, you know, one of the best You know, one of the best or the most beloved stories to me is the story of chef and Islam. Even 10 Meo Rahim Allah you know, one of his famous sayings that he said was like, What can my enemy do to me? You know, if they throw me if they throw me in jail, it's so solitude with me and my Lord, right? And if they exile me in the land, then it's it's true reason and no chance me to ponder on the creations of Allah. And if they kill me I be I'll be a Shaheed or being a martyr. So what can you know my enemy do to me, you know, so, and

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this is the same attitude we need to have, no matter what life throws at us, we just have to learn to be flexible with that and to you know, go with the flow and keep focusing on our goal of working towards Allah and the L Hara, and make the most of our Ll days and our moments as much as we can. And you know, right now, what is the main focus we should be all focusing on, you know, Ramadan preparing for Ramadan and sapana What a blessing that Allah chose for this child to come to us before Ramadan. So we're already preparing ourselves psychologically, for you know, what we need to be doing, and how to cope with this trial before Ramadan came to us, right. And amazingly, you know,

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Shaban, we're in Sha ban and this is the month when the reciting of the Quran in the past would actually you know, lock up their shops and businesses and focus on you know, revising the Quran in preparation for Ramadan so supine a lot so that you know, we've got this chance now where you know, we haven't you know, we're not able to do a lot of our outdoor activities anymore. We shouldn't waste this chance you know, to prepare ourselves for Ramadan, especially without put on and especially, you know, sisters and brothers. We're not going to have that Eman for total week this year. We know we're gonna have to be the man photography for you know, if we're praying with our

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families, or by ourselves, so we need you know, that's why this is the value now handle if you've got caught on this is the value of it, you'll see it and that's why it's very recommended that you know, revise any Koran that you've memorized. If you haven't memorized enough Koran, try to memorize more now because you're going to be needing it inshallah, when you pray, your total, we inshallah in Ramadan

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and then besides that, you know, besides making the most of this month of chabanne in preparation for Ramadan, also try to you know, make some personal goals like this is going to be probably an ongoing trial for some months and so let's think about what some personal goals that we can work towards, let's make the most of the situation you know, like, perhaps for you it could be you know, writing a book or it could be developing a particular skill that you have put off learning You know, it could be learning Arabic, you know, take this course in Arabic

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or just any, you know, personal development course that you could do. There's so many things that are handed a we are so blessed to live in a time where we're, you know, we're surrounded with so many different courses online that we can take.

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And then, you know, besides that as well, I think it's really important that we take this time to develop ourselves, you know, let's be more introspective about our own selves, our own personal connection with a loss of data. And part of that is learning how to be far more grateful than we have been, you know, trying to be thankful and grateful for the small things, we often have overlooked a lot of these blessings that Allah has given us and we don't think a lot enough and you know, making a lot more is still far too far. You know, making a lot more is still far asking a lot of stuff for the law, asking a lot for forgiveness, and trying to purify our neffs does get

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So this is this is you know, just try to work on yourself work on your relationship with a loss upon Tada.

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And then besides that, lastly, you know, obviously, we all feel a certain level of anxiety about what's going on.

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So, how to deal with that, you know, just some quick things you know, one thing is it's very important that we block out all the hype you know, if my advice would be as much as possible try to block out the hype, you know, the conspiracy theories, try to focus on the information that's given by a recognized health authority as much as possible and don't be excessive in taking more than you need. You know, just focus on what you do need to know about and and don't go on and on with it, you know, because it just gets overloading after a while. Besides that, you know, focus on doing those things that bring calmness to you know, what Allah tell us was dying or be somebody was Sala seek

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help with

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you know, it was starting with slavery was Salah, seek help with being patient, seek help with your prayer, visit things that keep you focused, they, you know, they calm you down,

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you know, you reading put on, like I said, before, reading through the use of, you know, those things that give you hope and realize, you know, realize that life's all about trials, but in the end, there's always hope, you know, there's always a way out from those trials, and doing your Vicar, you know, doing your deker especially in the mornings in the evenings, and just victory just try to be upon Vicar more than usual. You know, some of the dryers in particular they really strengthen you like, yeah, hey, you Yeah, by young Bureau, Bureau of medical study to us visually shut Nicola who want to kill me in a Nazi powerful time. Right. As a living Oh, all sustaining

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bureau of medical studies, by your mercy, I asked, you know, I seek refuge in You, as li li Shan Nicola, who rectify all of my affairs, whether to kill me enough see power for time, and to not leave me to myself, even for the blink of an eye. You know, we're all feeling vulnerable now and weak, you know, Subhanallah we need a halal by yom we need and hailed by Yeoman to depend on a lot more than ever. And, you know, pour out your anxieties, to Allah in your diet, you know, in your search to pour out your anxieties to Allah, in your sajida. And, you know, and finally,

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let's all remind ourselves of what Allah mentions about what what did the Prophet sort of La Jolla said until abubaker, when they were in the cave surrounded by, you know, the enemies, you know, power outside the cave and under threat, and imagine the fee, right? Imagine the fee factor of that. And what does the messenger of Allaah say less than inala hermana you know, do not be sad, do not be afraid. In Allah hermana Allahu taala is with us. You know, as long as you are with a law, you're never a loser. You're never a loser as long as you're with Allah. So this is why we should all you know you want to calm yourself down. Just take some deep breaths. Remind yourself, Allah is with me.

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You know, Allah is with me, I am safe, as long as I'm with Allah, and Allah is helping me in protecting me and no matter what happens on with Allah, so I'll leave you all there inshallah. And hopefully I'll be able to come on and give you some more reminders in the future as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh