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Muhammad Alshareef
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hamdulillah enough Madhu Subhana Allah stainable wanna stop fiddle? When I was a villa Himanshu Rory and fusina on say at the ANA Lena mania. Allahu taala Allah mobile Allah woman yodel fella had Yella Chateau La la la la la de la sharika shadow Ana Mohammed Abdul Allah solo

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for all sequin FC what's up Allah azza wa jal faqad amaron Allahu taala be Danica Kiki Tabby Hill khadim upon at the Allah yeah you have levena am an otaku la haka Ducati while at the moeten Illa. anta Muslim on bacala China. Yeah yohannes hora de como la de cada Kakuma. nevsun wahida wahala caminhadas oh jaha Baba Semin humare Jalan cattier on one. What's up la la de la una de V will or harm in Allah kana la Kumara fever, some

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during the philosopher of Rama Murthy Allahu taala, on who he wants outset on a journey to a Shem. And with him, he took about Aveda about the Allahu taala. As they went through, and they were traveling, they came upon a village. And in that village, there was a creek, or a stream that was blocking their way. And so because the stream was very long, they were in need of crossing the stream and crossing this deep stream walking, and so are more about the alumni who are seeing the task in front of him. He took off his sandals, and he put them on his shoulder. And then he took the reins of the camel, and he started plowing through the water. And the villagers were watching. And

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so about obey the law, the law No, he saw the long line in the state, the halifa of the Muslims carrying a camera through the water. And then he felt saddened by this scene. And then the along the tada and who asked him, Why do you feel sad? And he said, I fear he said, Russia, he said I fear that the people of this village will think that the halifa of the Muslims is an honorable and then it'll be a long time ago he said him you have a VEDA. He said, Ah if only someone more knowledgeable than you had said this. And then he said to him, I'll be alone with Tyler and he said in kwinana couldn't either look home in for us and a love of Islam. He said we the Arabs were the most

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humiliated people for us and a lot of Islam that with this Islam, Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us or gave us honor. And then he said about the Allahu taala and who, for our as an alum of Islam for Mohammed noccalula xebia Halima Arizona law hovi otherland on law, and that whenever we seek honor from someplace other than what Allah subhanaw taala has honored us with, Allah will disgrace us once again.

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Dear brothers and sisters, we often hear in the foot buzzing speeches, that people telling us that the promise of Allah Subhana Allah Donna is near, and that the Optiva and the outcome will be for the believers. But some people they don't feel in their heart. And this is a very important point. They don't feel in their heart that this victory is true. They might think that it was some star status of people who had this victory come to them or that it's only a historical fact that history came to some Muslims or they may think that this is only the will of Allah subhana wa tada that can come whenever Allah subhana wa tada wills and that there's nothing that will come before it and it

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just comes miraculously like that. But dear brothers and sisters, we have to understand that this is not an ambassador promising us this victory and it's not a king, not a prince. It's Allah subhanho wa Taala that's promising. Allah subhanaw taala weigela the promise of Allah and not only does Allah subhanaw taala promise us in this in the Hereafter, but it's a promise of this dunya It's a promise of this dunya and the hereafter as Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran by the naroda below him in the shape on Allah gene in

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Surah Solana one levena nanofiller hyah dunia Why am I aku

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Allah subhanaw taala says in London Susana that we will grant victory to our messenger one livina m n n to the believers those who believe will hire to dunya in this dunya This is when the victory comes in this dunya why only a woman had a when the witnesses Come on the Day of Judgment alone will give them their second victory.

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And we can only hope for this victory.

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Once upon a wattana when we surrender our loyalty, when we align ourselves with Allah and His messenger and the believers and no one else, and with anyone else, there is no honor to be found as a loss of power with Allah says in the Quran, one a Llama

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Llama are solo levena know, in his Bama

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Ebo known as Allah subhanaw taala says, and whoever allied himself with Allah and His messenger and with the believers for in his below normal hollyburn that the his brother law, the party of Allah will always be the victorious

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and this honor and victory can only come from Allah Subhana Allah Donna and that if anybody seeks

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if anybody seeks this honor for anything from anyone other than Allah subhanho wa Taala nothing but disgrace awaits such a person. As Allah soprano Donna says in Surah Nisa that she needed Mona to clean another home other than any Allah subhanaw taala says give glad tidings to the Mona feel clean that they have a painful punishment. And levena

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caffee Nina onea

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meaning and not la soprano Donna describes who these men African art that will have the pain painful punishment, those who take the kuffaar as allies instead of Allah subhana wa tada and then Allah subhanaw taala the Hamza to tajan I have a tough one.

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Do they try to seek honor with them? Is that what they're looking for to be to ally themselves to be honored in this dunya that in Allah is that any law danila Hey, Jamia, but verily all belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And when someone thinks when you see our youth trying to seek a path of Allah subhana wa Tada, you see many parents telling them not to choose this path and tell them don't go to the message. Don't go to Hanukkah, do this, do that instead, but don't be with these people. And that maybe quietly they're saying that the this promise of Allah subhana wa Tada. And the victory and this honor for the believers is just a delusion. It's not true. And in fact, by this statement, they're recycling the statement of the moon after clean before them. This is only a recycling of what the moon has been said to sort of last a long while he was sending him when he said when Allah subhanaw taala

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mentions in the Quran, when the zap came and the allies and they gathered against Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam in Medina, Allah subhanaw taala says with them when I 15 and said and Allah subhanaw taala says what AVM for

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what levena fee for ob mama wa Donna Lavoie sudo la da. When Allah subhanaw taala says, and remember when the hypocrites and those who had diseases in their hearts said that Allah and His Messenger didn't promise any us anything more than delusions, more than lies. And that same battle and we have the history books now what happened in the end of the battle of Isaiah, and in fact many people stepped away from the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the Jews who were supposed to defend the back they broke their treaty with the Prophet sallallahu sallam, everyone stepped away and Allah subhanaw taala even said it was like their hearts were shaken or shook like an earthquake from the fitna that

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was happening upon them. And then Allah subhana wa tada says in the conclusion of that battle, la de la Hola, Dena cafaro bihani Lee him lemina hiera Allah subhana wa tada turn them back. Allah is the one who won the battle by himself. Allah subhanaw taala pushed the kofod away believing in their rage and their anger and so often they're angry at us and they went back Lemmy anello Hara they receive no good from them attacking the Prophet for the launius and

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worker for love will move me Nina PETA and Allah subhana wa tada was sufficient for the believers in battle. What can allow Aziz and hakima and that Allah is powerful and exalted in my in Nicosia,

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Rahim Allah Tana, he has a statement in his Tafseer where he says, men have an akuna Aziz and fiducia will Farah fill us in patola. He said, whoever desires to be Aziz to be honored in this life in the Hereafter, then let him hold tightly to the obedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala for in Namibia Sula Matsuda, that his massud what he's intending will happen to him in this life and the hereafter, the unknown Allah to Allah Malika dunya

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With Fira because Allah subhanaw taala owns the dunya it belongs to him and we have someone die we say in that Allah not only does the dunya belong to us, but us ourselves belong to Allah subhana wa tada medica Daniela Farah, what is it to Jamia and that all honor, honor belongs to a loss of Hanover.

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And then he brings the verse of the Quran where Allah subhanaw taala says, born in LA Houma, Monica molk, to

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Tasha, call that say, Oh Allah, owner of sovereignty of the month, till the moment that you give this sovereignty and this month, to whomever you wish, what 10, zero, and you rip it away from whoever you wish, because we're so happy to receive the leadership. But when it's taken away from us, we're very sad that it's that it's going what tends here are the moral commitments. And then Allah subhanaw taala says, What's your resume and Tisha, and you give honor to whomever you wish, what to the lumen to share, and you disgrace whomever you wish, be ethical, higher, and then all goodness is in the hands of a loss upon hope? What's the haila

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in England, they used to have statements of honor amongst themselves, they would call themselves kings, and princes, and do and Marcus and vai count and Baron and Baroness, and knights, and this is amongst the English and you go through each culture, you will see they have their statements of Isaiah or their what they consider as even if you go to a place like a turkey, or you go to Egypt, they call you Basha, or if your name is armored, or they might call you offending Hummer affendi. Or someone would say I want a department store named after me called I'm going to offend you, or something like this statements of Islam. And so they try seeking this there is in something other

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than what Allah subhanho wa Taala put into it. And so some people search for this or in money, they think that the wealthy are the ones who have their answer, the honor, and so they search for it in money. And then you'll see when they have a stock market crash, for example, or that person, even though they're still rich, they might not be able to live the lifestyle that they previously LED, they'll take a gun, and they'll shoot themselves instead of living in this village in this disgrace, and some people try seeking it in degrees. So in order to be called Dr. So and So, or this person in the degrees, and you'll see some people who get that degree might have to cut back on the people or

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arrogance even above Allah Subhana Allah Donna and some people try seeking that as in military might or in leadership. And when that leadership is ripped away from them, or that military might you'll see that those people when they were the leaders of a nation at one time, they're now on death row waiting to be killed. those same people, but only in the worship of Allah subhana wa tada for the law, the obedience to Allah subhanaw taala and the worship of Allah is there is a found only in this and in nothing else. Allah subhana wa tada says, what he lies on Eros surely he wanted meaning, while akkineni Muna, clean Allah Allah moon unto Allah belongs all into his messenger and to the

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believers but the monastry clean no not at hacer el hassanal bustling, lacking a whole lot of time. He has a very beautiful statement about 100 miles see the people of sin, the people of Kufa, the people that turn their backs and try seeking honor other than from Alan His Messenger he says in the home these people were in touch, behavioral Bharati in 100 legit be him will be hauled in jeweler massiah T for the Allahu Allahu ala ala Manasa. And this statement was so powerful In fact, I had to search very far to get the translation for this because normally I know there might be Arabic people they might not understand what this statement meant the words in it and as I was sleeping and this

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going through my mind federa time was coming and I remember the statement of the hustle and bustle here of a low in the lemon are saw

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as the hustle and bustle he said that these people even though they're riding beasts pitter patter with them on top of it, and you know when that when they're walking with their horses and their carriages, do you have the pitter patter of the horse wilhemina just became will be heard and their meals carry them so gracefully in Netherland massiah T for gala home that the disgrace of sin is always hovering upon them. The Lumosity Allahu Allahu Allah, Allah Manasa that Allah shall never allow for those who disobey him anything more than disgrace. Allah will never allow it for them to be on it

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and you will see and you were reading it

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The title weakened so often we want to know what's being said in the title. And this is only should push us to learn the language of Allah subhana wa tada in the Quran we read in the story of many of us are in the story of Masada is when Allah subhana wa tada says, and now the king in our own was going and murdering all the children and it's not just someone knocking on our doors interviewing us, these are people coming and killing the boys, door by door killing each child, Allah subhana wa tada says that in the fifth era, the LP he feels

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that if you fear for your son Moosa, or his son and then throw him in the water, and in fact I said this to my wife, I said, if we had a child would we throw him in the water, if we feared for him, throw him into the river

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and then unless upon otitis as well as a huffy, throw him in the water, and don't be afraid, and Subhanallah you read through that story, as Moe Sally center, he came to the shore of fit on the same person who was going to kill him. They picked up the wife of Sharon, she said that let's take him in. They brought him in with this foot on same food, Masada, sand and paint from it, and he grew up in his backyard. And then Mossad is when he couldn't take Allah subhanaw taala blocked the milk from any nursing mother to go to Moosa. And so that his sister came, and she said, hey, look, Amala elevated yet for Luna Hola, como Hola. Who knows? She said, I'll tell you a woman that can give a

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milk to him. And then Allah subhana wa tada says, follow

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that we took we took most of back to his own mother. And not only now she nursing him, she's being paid to nursing in the house of federal Cato, Carolina, so that her eyes would be cool. 1000 and she won't be sad. And then Allah subhanaw taala says the reason why this what do you tie them and nawada lighthawk and that so she and every single person who reads the Quran will know that the promise of Allah is the truth. Well, it's Adam and nawada lie How can a thorough home lay on the moon and that most of the people don't know this, that when a lot of promises something, Allah is telling the truth. And then you read in sort of uses when his brothers came back and they said panto in Nakula.

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introduce her and I use the forehead of the padmanabha Alena in Romania. JPY elsewhere for inala Hello, Dr. Marcin, they said are you use he said, I'm usif and this is my brother called mendola arlena. The favor of a lot is upon us that verily ignominy tukey the person who fears Allah has taqwa of Allah whilst a bit and has patience for in Allah Allah.

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Allah will never allow the award of the machine, the one who does good to go in vain and to go unrewarded. And then you see in the Surah Surah, no alayhis salam, when he gave his dialysis people for 950 years, and he didn't even after all that time, even though a few people were becoming Muslim, Allah subhanaw taala revealed to him laying your minimum comica a lamb and cotterman the only those people that have believed and no one else will become Mormon. And so Allah subhanaw taala commanded him to make the boat and we know this, what else not on foot. And then we have the honored people in his community passed by him. They heard that no was building a boat in the desert. And

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they said not a drop of water in the in the area and he's building this huge boat, and they would pass by him. Kula Riley, he met a woman called me Sufi Roman, that know anytime these eminent people of his, these eminent people would walk by Sufi Roman, they would mock him. And it's narrated that they would say statements such as he or no, sit in a jar and data and content and media. They said, Oh, no, have you become a carpenter? Only yesterday, you are a prophet? Have you now become a carpenter. And those disbelieving people, their brothers and sisters, if we saw them, we saw a new here building a boat in the desert. And we saw these eminent and very rich people walking by making

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fun of him very often we would side with that side. But what happened to them the day after that? What happened to them? Allah subhanaw taala. And in fact, not only maybe, may Allah protect us, but many people would have been with the eminent people and taking their side. And in fact, even no sun took their side. He didn't want to be disgraced with the believers. And so he said, I'll go to the mountain, Allah subhanaw taala destroyed every single one of them and drowned them all. And then Allah subhana wa tada says, in that,

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in the end of that section in that suit in the story of Allah subhana wa tada said, fosterville, telling Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu de Sena FOSS. They're in

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Allah prematurely, tapping, said Be patient. For indeed the best outcome is and will always be for the righteous people. The machete keen in their misguided quest for aza and they're ever so looking for this, this honor. They went out in the Greeks, the mushrikeen of the Greek, they went, and they designated an idol for aza. They designated an idol specifically to be an idol that would represent victory and represent honor. And in fact, in their paintings and in their drawings, they, they bring this idol back a lot. And they and in fact, it was a they considered it a woman idol, a woman, god or goddess, and they would draw her with wings, or they would draw her holding a wreath. And they

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named this idol Nike. They named the idle Nike, and after the football when you go to the shoe racks, you will see remnants of the ship on many of our shoes, the God that they called Nike in their quest for as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, they have low Han Allah who has an emerald Marbella for level one. And in fact, we're living at times when things like this are coming true. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Indeed this, this affair of ours meaning Islam, Allah subhana wa tada shall make it reach to wherever the sun, wherever the day in the night reach. Wherever someone has their night, they will hear about Islam. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam said, when I took a low beta medallion when our fellow had a deed, and there's not a single home, whether it's made out of clay, or whatever, whether it's in the bed yet in the outskirts of the city, or city dwellers, there will not be a single bait, a single house except that Allah subhanaw taala will bring Islam into this house. There is even over the Lithuanian he said as either with the nobility or with humiliation, that there is sorry, the only the only the Leland is in here is the LA Hobi Hill Islam was a little LaHood as the Prophet sort of lyonya sent him nobility This is that Allah subhanaw taala grants with them when they enter Islam or humility that

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Allah subhanaw taala places upon them for their kofa meaning that this Islam will come to them and they will accept it and they will have their gift from Allah or they will have or they will reject it and they will have the villa the humiliation from Allah subhanho wa Taala and the narrator of the Hadith tamiment daddy of the Aloma Tyler and he said cut off to the alika Beatty and he's narrating it he said I saw this in my own family. He said men saw them and SLM in home, I'll hire washer as well as he said whoever became Muslim amongst them, they found prosperity and they found nobility and they found honor what Solomon Can I mean whom caffiend caffeine and third was called jizya. And

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those who didn't become Muslim, those who turn their backs on the Prophet son alone while he was Senator, they found nothing but disgrace and humility and they had to pay the jizya tax. There are different ways their brothers and sisters that Allah subhana wa tada grants victory to the believers, Allah subhanaw taala may grant victory to someone through a Shahada through martyrdom, and you'll see Allah subhanaw taala saying in the Quran, what seven alladhina karatedo feasterville I am Why don't think as losers as people who are dead, those who are killed in the way of Allah subhana wa Tada, but endora became russophone that they're alive with Allah subhana wa tada being

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well provided for, and other ways that Allah subhanho wa Taala can grant success is the success of a person's dour of him being able to spread and pass on the message to many people, as you see in the story of the boy and the king, that sort of lesson Alon is taught us and how they couldn't kill him again and again. They tried killing him, and how could they kill him philosopy nodata What did didn't want him to die at that time. And so he told the king that only if you take an arrow and say in the Bismillah, behind the hula that in the name of the Lord of this of this boy, then you shoot the arrow, you'll be able to kill me. So the king took the arrow, he said in the name of the Lord of

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this boy and he let go of the arrow. It went right through the boy's heart and the boy fell to the ground dead.

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And then everybody in the village saw that he only did it in the name of Allah. And he said, Men that we are up to heaven, that we believe in the Lord of this boy and entire village, the entire nation became believers in Allah subhanho wa Taala. The boy received Shahada and his entire the entire Ummah became Muslim. And there are other ways that Allah subhana wa Tada. Grants victory to the believers and that is by distinguishing the believers from the hypocrite, as one wise person said he said at hamdulillah that all praises to all

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law that through hard times, Allah subhanaw taala distinguishes my enemies from my friends, my enemies from my friends and indeed when the hard times comes, those people who are hiding the thought in their heart, bring it out.

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Or Allah subhana wa tada can come with, assist His servants with decisive arguments, as in the story of Abraham on a sinner when the kingdom root will have told him that I give life and I give death that Abraham It is said that in non law it is chiemsee mean and Masha TV ha minalima fubuki tangela de Kapha. Today he said that Allah subhanaw taala brings the sun from the east, so you bring it from the west for boutella de Kapha. And he was dumbfounded he couldn't say anything. The brothers and sisters in conclusion, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he started his dalla on the Mount of suffer, and he called his people and he warned them of the hereafter. He told them to believe in

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Allah and only La ilaha illa Allah and as he was telling them, this, his own uncle, Abu Abu lahab, sorry, Allah have stood there. And he said to him tab bad luck. And he had that remark. He said, may you perish Did you only gather us to tell us these things. And so I would have turned his back on a sort of lesson allottee Center and the people seeing him turn his back, they also walked away, and they left our pockets that allowed him standing on Mount suffer alone, and there was no one to believe in him. And now you'll see two decades later, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam coming in hesitant without the farewell Hajj. And now after in their aamra when they came in, he went to the

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Kaaba, and then he went to Mount Safa, that same mountain, that they just believed in him from there, and now he was standing there with 1000s upon 1000s of believers, everybody looking, he said, Hold on a minute, see if you can take your monastic from me and they're looking for those a monastic. He stood on Mount suffer, he faced the Kava sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And he said, La ilaha illallah wa de, he said, La ilaha illa Allah, there is no God but Allah alone, summed up our other. He was true to his promise, or nasaga. And he granted victory to his servant was legend. And he granted honor nobility to his army army, what has mn

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da da, and he alone subhanho wa Taala destroyed the Confederates

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Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Shahada unemployment can also later Ibrahim, Ibrahim or Vergara Mohammed Mohammed Omar Abdullah Ibrahim Allah Allah Ebrahimi NACA hamidah Majid

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