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Two Minutes or something like that. So in the meantime, if you would like to say set up where you're tuning in from we can have a little chat

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you can do some chatting before you get started.

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So sometimes where you're from how you doing

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Zara in Pakistan when it comes to Nam,

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hemel Hikmah Sana

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Psara yay Poliquin SNAM

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would not become a tsunami in Toronto.

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Zara I am good to Zach Allah Hi Anna

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Trisha in Philly Radek Muslim always on often

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to share you in in Twitter Periscope

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South Texas looking as having a star shamer Jayma.

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Careful while sacrificing

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my in the UK when it comes to Salam

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Farhad in Middlebury polygamous Anna

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come to lay was good Sackler Hydra

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Rahama in Texas I think Mr. Lamb we'll get started in like one minute one minute

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Luna says Instagram didn't work sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't

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so Galatic Muslim Rahila in Dubai Arctic Muslim

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Thank you Zara

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alright let's get started

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been our like masam

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All right

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moment please

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thanks for trying on Instagram. I work hard to make that Instagram work and it doesn't work and it's like my work double hard especially for the Instagram but what can you do? Alright, take one. So I'm running around with a little bit of capital this may lead from the level salatu salam ala Rasulillah Ali he was like the Manuel and they're bad.

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I said I'm like walking a little bit. And Catherine I think

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today's topic we're going to be talking about listening to the oppressed, listening to the oppressed. Less power data tells us in the Quran. This is in surah Nisa, verse four.

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Verse four, I sorry, Surah number four I in number 75. Allah subhanaw taala says, apology, Jim. Warmer. komla Ducati Rumana fi savvy

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Mustafar phenom in

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one of the most top Orofino I mean, religion he won this. You won will turn you

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on a Latina pool owner of

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Regina in The Hill community of barley. We

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are John

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Kelly, John, or John Lana.

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Can also you know, what kind of data says in this verse and in the words that really kind of like want you to focus on and and and highlight and let it sink in? Is the first part of this verse where Allah subhanaw taala says one man, what's wrong with you? What's wrong with you? Last time Tata says in the translation to Cn and what's wrong with you that you fight not in the Cause of Allah. And for those weak, ill treated and oppressed among men, women and children whose cry is our Lord or a banner region. I'm in heavy Korea, our Lord rescue us from this town whose people are oppressors, their cry is what they're calling upon us on Donna bene

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I'm Lord Phrygian I'm in heavy creative volume. rescue us from this town whose people are oppressors. What I learned I'm in London coerulea and send for us and raise from us from you. One will protect what Jelena Milligan cannot Sierra and raise for us from you, one who will help us. And so right off the bat, we see here that Allah subhanaw taala says that these are a muslim or affine, the people who are oppressed and ill treated in the land men, women, children, and they're calling upon Allah subhanaw taala that they need a hero, they need somebody who will,

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that will protect them, and they need somebody who will help them. And Allah subhana data says about these about these people and about helping them Allah subhanaw taala says, well, Malcolm, and what's wrong with you, that you don't help. And so today and show that I wanted to talk about this, listening to the oppressed, and the benefit, actually, that you know, the duty that we have to listen to their press number one, and the second thing is the benefit that comes back to us and the protection. So when the prophets of Allah is

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received revelation, and when you received revelation and debris analysis and I'm came to him and he came down off the mountain, and he came to Khadija Villa and and he was so afraid and you're shaking and he said, Zen Milan is a Maloney cover me up, cover me up. And these above the line, he spoke to her and he said Lakota sheetala NFC said I feared for my life. And then Khadija wrote me along and I said to the Prophet salallahu, Salam.

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Kola ABSHER that no but rather receive Glad Tidings lie, Zeke, Allahu Akbar that so Allah He lives, Zeke Allah, for by Allah, Allah will never disgrace you. And this, I want you to pay attention. I'm sure you've heard this before. But let me make a connection here. So she said, Allah will never disgrace you because you keep good relations with your kith and kin. You tell the truth, you help the poor, you help the destitute you serve guest general generously, and you always help with those afflicted by calamity. You always help with those afflicted by calamity. And then she but if you tie this back to what she said in the beginning, she said Allah will never disgrace you, because these

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are your qualities. And if you kind of flip it backwards, that if these aren't our qualities, if and this is the prophets of Allah is He just received revelation, but this was always his character. Salah is set up just like when he stood on the mountain, and told the people you know, if I told you an army was behind this mountain, would you believe me and they said, we've never experienced a lie from you. The province of alarmism didn't start telling the truth. When when revelation came down, he always told the truths of Alana is that and it was always his nature. So Alana setup before receiving the revelation, and after an encouragement for the OMA that he would always help the

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oppressed and always help

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those afflicted by calamity. And because of that, Allah subhanaw Donna would never disgrace somebody who does that.

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The next thing I want to remind you guys of is the situation with Mod, there'll be a line somewhere on the line is a very famous Hadith that when Murad was sent to Yemen, to give Dawa in Yemen and call the people to Islam and if they accepted Islam, then you would teach them about salaam you teach them above the cap, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam telling him when they accept this, tell them this when they accept this, tell them that and then the Prophet saw my son told them when they accept that then take this a cat and take it from the wealthy amongst them and pass it back to the poor amongst them. So there's a cat didn't leave Yemen, it actually went from the, the rich amongst

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the people of Yemen, from the prophesy center and went back to the poor of the Yemen, and then the prophets of Allah instead, I'm said, watch out for

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watch out for karate man, I'm wearing him, which is, you know, when taken as a cat, don't be unjust to the people don't oppress the people. And then the prophets of Allah, they said, You have to understand this is, you know, 1400 years ago, the prophets of Allah is and I'm said to more system wide, and he said, What? Tukey doutor modflow and top one is to protect yourself. You know if you've heard those explanations of what Taqwa is, is like going through a thorny

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authority forest and grabbing your garment so it doesn't get pinched and ripped by the thorns. They said that's Taqwa. And so the province of Allah has sent him said, what? Tapi Tao a term of loom and protect yourself from the DA the supplication then okay,

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supplication of the oppressed person, and with toughly, Dalit and mudrooms, the inner who lays the pain that how obeying Allah, because that Da da of the oppressed person has no barrier has no hijab between it and Allah subhanho wa Taala and so this is where I'm gonna be alohar And when the prophets of Allah said, I'm says, Don't oppress anybody, and if you know, like with the whole offender model, the Alana book about them they kept emphasizing this, that nobody is to be oppressed, nobody's to be oppressed, nobody has to be oppressed, because if somebody is oppressed, and that there aren't goes straight to Allah subhana wa Tada that comes down in harm against that

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person. And I remind you again, of that first thing that Allah Spano Tata says, Well, man, what's wrong with you that you don't assist in this? I just wanted to bring up this reminder, as you see and hear about oppressed people.

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I want you to, I want to encourage you to listen and support to listen and support because that's what's required of us in our deen Allah subhanaw taala never disgrace you, if that becomes your attitude, and you will be protected from the harm of the dark of the oppressed. May Allah azza wa jal make us from those who always assist just like the Prophet civilize and I'm always assisted, does that Mullah Hayden Subhana Kalam embiggen shadow Allah and suffering