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COVID alameen wa sallahu wa sallam is a device that in line

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with 14

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suddenly listed in the

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respect your brothers and sisters and elders Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh

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As you may be aware for the past few days have been talking about

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the last one I've been talking about is 10 things of football.

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On Saturday, I mentioned some parts of

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this topic and the importance of purity.

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And the headings which are coated are mentioned it to you again, a very famous renowned Hadith say that Sharia law 108 said the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I feel separate from the nature. And I explained the meaning of nature the suddenness of all the prophets, and it's something which is natural from a human being and it's out of purity and something which is considered to be out of hygiene.

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Especially be the treatment trimming of the mustache, where we're very lucky at the lengthening of the beard was coo coo and using of the miswak, Winston was still sharpened and rinsing off the nose rehearsal of 30 and clipping of the nails while hospital barrage me and washing off the joints, wonderful ABS three and removing of underarm hair will help with honesty and sharing of pubic hair with the customer and performing a stranger. And the last one is not the mother which is gargling of the mouth. And another narration one other word has one other.

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Another thing has also been mentioned, which is a kitten, which is circumcision. So really, if you make it 10, then rinsing of the nose and groveling of the mouth will consider that to be one and we'll take it on, which is circumcision as the 10th one. So these are 10 things out of fitrah

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which are very important.

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And I talked about for the the importance of purity, significance, the relevance of purity, how much Islam emphasize on bahara on purity and to remain clean. I've mentioned that in questions in detail. I mentioned the various ahaadeeth of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which shows the importance of remaining clean and pure and about that.

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Man, that purity is half of the month part of faith. And so much emphasis has been laid in our Dean about really remaining clean and pure, both physically as well as spiritually, physically, as well as spiritually, internally as well as externally. We keep our clothes, our body, our houses clean, and we keep try to keep our heart clean as well from the impure ailments and impure diseases such as jealousy, hatred, pride, anger, and things like that. So externally and internally outwardly. And inwardly, physically and spiritually, we have to remain clean, and we have to remain pure, there is a lot of emphasis. So anyway, these things these things are the fitrah are those which are connected

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to being pure, externally and physically and it's to do with hygiene, so much emphasis in Islam that has made so much sense. Islam has loading purity. And therefore I talked about the first aspect which was clipping of the mustache trimming of the mustache, and I mentioned that we have to, especially men, it's that they must trim them stash make it really short, as, as far as continue shaving it off or not. Some orlimar said that's better than you know, just clipping it and trimming it. As I said, you shouldn't continue to shave it. But nevertheless, the sun is achieved by making sure that it's not big. And keeping them stash big is against the some of our beloved messenger of

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Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and it's unhygenic food and dirt gets stuck into the mouth and on top of the lips and into the moustache, and therefore it's unhygenic. So therefore, it's very important. Sometimes we see the opposite in people that they shave the beard and keep long stashes and I told you I mentioned infinite wisdom to two people in the time of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. They were non Muslims in a sense by the by kisara the king of that time and when they came to this long island, but I didn't mention this to you and when they came, they had big mustaches and clean shaven

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no beard, and messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he had in South Korea, another edema. He did not even want to look at them. He turned the faces away to the right. And then he turned

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faces away. He did not even want to look at them in the faces. And then he said wait a moment Mr. Kumar. bajada will be entering who ordered you to do this? They said our kingdom they said rugby, Ronnie amarena rugby, our Lord which they are referring to their own kings, how they master that they said that he has ordered us that we should keep big mustaches and trim our shade or build the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, but my lord has ordered me when I can Mr. Ronnie Robbie, my lord has ordered that I shaved my mustache and lengthen my beard, I see mustache. So therefore I did talk about both of these things. Number one, which was

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the shortening, extreme shortening of the mustache or shaving it and lengthening of the beard, and also about the beard when I mentioned that there are many, many Hadith of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about the importance of keeping a beard and it's very important, and he could shower his wife will lengthen your beard, lengthen your beard, lengthen your beard, so many hidings and

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you know, the old commands by the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And this is why the majority of the orlimar I mean, they say that, especially in the Hanafi school of thought, it's clear that a man must keep a fist, long beard, you know, fistful of beer to a fistful unless otherwise you will be considered to be sinful. And the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to have along here as well. And,

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and it's very important that when we when we have love for our beloved messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then we follow him in old ways, shapes and forms both physically as well as Stafford can Allah consider Rasulullah Hasina for you in the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the best of examples. So therefore, for a man, he should try to lengthen his beard, and,

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you know, shorten his mustache. And I also mentioned this though, when you keep a beard, it does not mean that you keep it untidy and just

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all over the place. The hadn't sysmon, Canada, who Sharon from Ukraine who whoever has had, and he should look after it, you should honor it, you should take care of it. And therefore a man should look after his hair. If he has hair on his head, then he should look after it, comb it and look after it clean, it should not have dandruff hole around his head. If you can't look after his head that he should remove it shave the head off. You can't look after it because it's not right. So and similarly.

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If you have beard, then you look after it, you don't just leave it to read, you know, long, extremely eloquent. So somebody had his Beer Beer all the way to his bellybutton, which is wrong. It's a thing. And I did mention that according to some argument when when you are an AMA and this is another opinion in the Hanafi school of thought that

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a man must trim his beard after one fist otherwise we'll be sinful we know that he should keep it to one face, but an opinion of someone and not that he must must trim it up to one fist fist full after fist full length, he must trim it because so therefore it's not that if you have beard it's just all over the place. And you know, it's all the way to the belly button or to the I don't know to the stomach or something and it's moving everywhere and he's just really no you could only learn it You call me to take care of it you know, you should have a nice pay, you know, this is this is a bit so these are the two things of cetera so far which have mentioned the shortening of the mustache and

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the lengthening of the beard, very important.

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And I went on to talk about the the

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aspect that if women had facial hair growing normally, there's a famous Hadith to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you know, he cursed certain women and even after left in custom because the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sin Anima huashi not will miss Toshima will

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not miss out willing to defend the jet universe and Nova erotic Falcon. Those women who

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who do tattooing a lot curses on women who who do tattooing done upon them and who tattoo other other women's bodies. So tattooing Of course it's completely haram to have a tattoo on your body. It's completely Haram. It's completely around it's not permissible in any shape or form. And it's it's clearly mentioned in this hadith of Kocharyan, Muslim and many places and Russia to Tsushima and then the honey further on goes to say that Alaska is our measurement who's who who removed the facial hair so therefore like women try to remove the eyebrows and things like that this long behind all of this but I don't want to go into the details but it's wrong to to trim the eyebrows and make

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it really fine line which

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This is not permitted according to Lauren ama it is not is it's not permissible and it's not right. And that's why I mentioned to to our sisters that Islam okay encourages atonement and you should have done yourself of course, remain clean and pure and adorn yourself for husbands, not for everybody else, when you know the state of filthy all day long and when they're going out of the houses to a party or some wedding or something, that's when the old gets, you know,

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adult and dressed up and they adorn themselves. That's not right, you need to stay clean and pure and adorned in front of your husband at home and then when you go out it doesn't matter how you look, because your real first priority is your husband. And even a man should also remain clean and pure in the homes as well. Men sometimes thing but only women have the right to adorn themselves that's not right. I'm not saying men start putting makeup and everything of course not but

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what I'm trying to say that men should also remain clean and pure.

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Imam Abu Musab Allahu Allahu the students of seasoned Imam Abu hanifa Allah tala, he says is a statement I can't recall the Arabic words but he says that just as I want my wife to be adorned

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for me similarly my wife would like the same that I be clean and pure for for her she's also a human being she's not just going to like to spend her life with some filthy person in the house and who doesn't remain clean. So a man as well he should remain clean remain hygiene hygienic as you should remove his hair everywhere you know and he should

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stay smell good put fragrance on that's how it should be in the house. Just like he wants his wife to be fresh and clean and adorned. Similarly the wife wants the husband to be adored and clean as well.

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So anyway, so this having said that a woman should not

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you know remove her facial hair

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the one who wants to do that the one but all the other

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states here that is a university Murat initiated OSHA

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for at

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least had except that if a woman has hair with the beard grows from a man or the mustache, then that it will not be haram for her to remove. Okay, it will not be haram for her to remove. Rather it says Mr. harden recommended that she removes her hair. So if she has hair on her chin on her side with a beard grows from a man then that's recommended for a woman to clean and remove and you know, pluck whether it's you know, flattering or whether it's trimming or remove in any way shape using creams or anything you can use anything you can do permanent hair removal as part of the body so and mustache as well because why is this you are resembling a man sometimes women we can see that on the

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chin of consumers is Laconia beard grown, which is wrong that you should you should try to remove it and it's nice to have it's not absolutely necessary but it's Mr. Harmon in rude if you do it with the intention of pleasing husband because a woman needs to stay a woman so she should remove this hair. And and I did talk about about adornment as well and I said a few other things that attempt so these are the two things about Aristotle michelotti lengthening of the beard tripping over trimming, taping and shooting. Let's just try so the first one is shortening of them stash and number two is lengthening of the beard.

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Number three, go to the number three now.

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The third thing of Fedora which was mentioned was worth the work moving of the Siva moving of the miswak

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you can say me swag was an Arabic proper term is say nothing of the sea work and that's how it's been mentioned in the Hadith. A Scirocco using of the sea rock.

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This is a very important signal of our beloved messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam human Muslim married in his book, Asahi from Ceduna Baba hora de la who argue that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, No, no and

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he was carrying the coup followed, had I not thought that it would be a burden and difficult on my own. I would have ordered them I would have commanded them to use the seawalk at the time of each prayer at the time of each Salah.

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And there's also another Hadith where the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that Siracusa tunel Fermi, more about in Europe. That fusing of the seawater and the slug is a basis of purifying kin, your mouth and also a means of gaining the pleasure of Rob, which is almost unheard of with Darla. So it's very important. If there's suddenly a lot of people take lightly unnecessarily

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Hello fellow lohani, we send them by saying that I would have if I had not had if had I not thought it to be difficult upon you, I would have made necessary, compulsively to watch it.

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So it's very important to work brothers and sisters for both brothers and sisters.

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And there's a lot of importance given for this room of our beloved messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to most of the times his students walk and feel awkward needs to wake up in the morning he sees the sidewalk when he needs to wake up in the middle of the night for the Hydra Salah his usuba

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in one hand is narrated gum, elevator, your shoe sofa who discovered or when used to enter the houses to do this work. And he used to not just use it on his keys, but also on his tongue. It's important that we clean our tongue as well. You know, when we brush our teeth. Also, the doctors recommend that you should also brush your tongue I don't know if you know that but the doctors do recommend us

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you know doctor or dentist or whatever, even the teeth need to brush and also the tongue underneath the tongue, the sides and on the tongue, we should brush and use the miswak as well.

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Things that I showed you

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and I should already know who and how colors color Rasulullah is gonna know who it was send them off to the volatility stock volatility monster Kula savarino Bertha that follow that prayer for which a person then swag

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the reward for that is 70 times more than that prayer in which before which a man or a woman did not use this look normal be happy nurses had his initiative his book a shoe I'm not sure I would imagine a moment to be happy. So there's a lot of room for importance of you know, using swag and really we need to really implement this in our life. And there are so many benefits I don't want to go into books have been written on this is our website dedicated to this this work and there are books have been written detailed, you can pick up a book on this work and you can read it. It's Mr. Hammond It's

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Mr. Robinson at all times, not just the time football and abrasion at all times, especially in certain times like for example how the time of when there's more importance given and the time of the reciting of the Quran. Number three at the time when when you wake up in the morning, or the time of waking up from sleep number four after eating and drinking and number five at the time of prayer the time of Allah so it's recommended to use this walk at every time and at all times. But five times there's more importance more significance, more relevance at the time of going Moodle number two reciting the Quran number three when waking up number four after eating and drinking and

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number five, when the time of doing the performing follow. You should remember that if you think well if you're going to do with swag before performing your salon pray and you think your gums your gums are going to start bleeding then you should avoid doing it at the time just before praying your Salah is just do it at the time of will do Why? Because blood you know will break your window and you'll have to return your bottle This is according to the orlimar who say that water breaks your ablution breaks by blood coming out your question on the shelf sorry that's not the case. So there was no problem with that. And also before going to sleep

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and you know it's very important and there's so much benefit of this the spiritual benefits are there but the Allah has stated that this physical benefits as well. They say that the you know it strengthens strengthens the eyesight, it's a cure for many illnesses it increases the memory you know strengthens your gums and you know different other things have been mentioned

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and what was your fasting according some are not stated that the mama shall say that after a while after midday a person in the state of fasting should not use the miswak but this is not the case with the Hanafi school of thought and the meaning or the state the notes okay so problem and in the Hadith with the Hulu funny for me, Brenda more human relations because we mentioned which means that you know the smell off when people first we have it's no no no. The inheritance or messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that this smell is more pure and Allah likes it more and

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more pleasing to Allah than even the fragrance of next generation musk. Remember shelter it says that if you use the miswak or the sidewalk and this, you know

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the word honey is that smell. You shouldn't call it the bad odor but you should say that smell

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likes it. If you didn't swag, then what's going to happen? That's not gonna go away. That's not gonna go away.

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But the Hanafi school of thought and many other demands, they say that no, even if he doesn't work, it doesn't go away and it's it comes out from the stomach and the miswak

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Unless you work remove the smell from the mouth and the handle which has been mentioned in the Hadith is to do with the stomach. So we are not cleaning the stomach with the miswak anyway it's not a problem even in the state of fasting you can do it and what about time is coming to an end shall have just got 20 minutes and what about using using a toothbrush? Does it fulfill the okay swag and you know the miswak which you need to use it from the olive tree or it's from a tree known as p do they say and but you know all types of twigs okay. And but what about using the toothbrush and toothpaste does the signal fulfilled many have discussed it but a very good understanding given by

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Mrs. Abuse Manchester Bustamante, one of my teachers, and it's very nice in the sunny he says that remember there are two things here one is the son of cleaning and purity purifying cleansing, another is a similar of using the seawater, the tea, the thing itself, the stick of miswak itself, if somebody uses toothbrush and cleans his mouth, he will acquire he will gain an achieve once from that, which is the son of cleaning your mouth because that's also an objective to clean your mouth.

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Also an objective so that objective that purpose aiming goal will be achieved by brushing your teeth with the toothbrush and toothpaste, but the sooner of using the tree and using the trick of this law that will not begin because there are special benefits in that tree itself in that you know stick of miswak itself. So therefore you get one son by using toothbrush and toothpaste, but not the other. So now you wonder the use of Tucson and to combine. And this is what I this is from me, I don't know. But I say that if you want to get both together then if you want to use the toothpaste as well than we do you take any swag and put some toothpaste on the miswak and that's it, you've you know,

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you've shot two birds in with one with one, you know, with one bullet. So you take the miswak you've got the son of using the swag on the sidewalk and you've put toothpaste on it. So you've also used the tooth you know toothpaste so you've done both, and you can do miswak with the toothpaste no problem. Mashallah. So, that was a special way of holding it as well. The miswak and there's a lot of there are a lot of lot of benefits mentioned about miswak. And using of the miswak shamrock, I'm just gonna end on this. So we've covered three things from the champions of cetera.

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One way says that the shortening of them stache number two, the lengthening of the beard and number three using of the miswak and C work. So this third one, which I did talk about using of the misratan for brothers and Sunnah, it's very important to keep it in the especially brothers keep it in the you know, pocket

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keep it in the pocket and you know, whenever the time comes to use it, especially at the eating start time like now when you go into the masjid of this bar, eating a few services and pastries and you know a few things you've eaten and just cooking this work, you know, so the knot becomes fresh and if there's any small pieces of food that gets removed and garden, the mouth and Charlotte's is a very important similar and we should really try to implement that in our lives. It's very important really to read the whole book in and read read the book on it read a book which will encourage you to use the you know, to to implement that in your life. So it's it's certainly which is really

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neglected. So inshallah that's a very important so now and then we have another few things.

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We have a few few other things here inshallah. So these are the 10 things that we have, we have said is short shooting of a moustache and lengthening of the beard and does this work. And then what I'm going to talk about tomorrow inshallah, we'll talk about circumcision tomorrow, very important topic and I want to talk about about male circumcision and female circumcision and a few things related to that. And then after that, we have gobbing of the mouth and rinsing of the nose. That's one interview and then

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cutting of the nails, washing up the joints, removing of the arm hair, you will moving have pubic hair which is important, and the last one, which is stingy, killing yourself and going to the toilet, that's very important. So these are the certain things inshallah I'm going to

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discuss and talk about in the remaining few days, which we have on Ramadan special 95.1 fm.

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Okay, just below here for listening. I'm going to enter you inshallah, and remember, we need to as salaam alaikum.