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AI: Summary © A woman experienced fear and anxiety when she experiences a strange coffee in her room. She wants to share her experiences with others and hopes to share her ideas with those who experience similar experiences. The speaker also discusses the power of Allah's elements, including his connection to the sea and his ability to open up the seas, and the immune system's ability to boost during isolation. The upcoming Facebook group event, "Art vs. COVID", features a Facebook group to draw people together and draw people together to draw people together.
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Gotta do my mom. Take one. I Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah cancer. This is Muhammad Sharif and welcome to our tuning in our daily love to all of you around the world during this COVID 19 isolation we bring love to you and happiness because even though the bodies may be isolated our hearts don't have to be isolated on our community doesn't have to be isolated to so today we got this really cool thing I call it campfire Jin's stories, campfire stories you know when you ever sitting around a campfire, people would tell the stories that they heard from other people. But I have real Jin's stories that happened to me, and I'm going to share some of that with you. So when I

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was in Quran school, in when I was 12 years old, memorizing the Quran, I had a room by myself. And the place that we were I was in a boarding school and the and the boarding school had a third floor. It used it was a converted like hospital. And a lot of people died in that place before it was bought, like in turn into an Islamic school. But the third floor, nobody ever went up there and it was like abandoned. So as kids are 12 years old, obviously these Jin Jin stories went rampant. And there were times when you know, the lights would turn on, there would be people in my room, and we're all sitting and then the lights would just turn on in the room. And, and at night, I would

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hear things and so on. So I'll tell you a funny part of that. So there was rumors that there was a gin in my room. And I'm pretty sure there was

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so me and my friend Dizzy brother was from Atlanta,

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Atlanta, right. And he was in my room and, and, and we were making popcorn, we're 12 years old. And I go to the, to the room on the other side. And there's a plug outlets, sockets. And if you tuck into the plug sockets, you know the person on the other side can hear. So I was playing a joke on my friend, everybody knew my room was kind of like you know, had gin in it. And and we were making popcorn, I tell them I'm gonna go get something and then I had this idea. So I went to the, to the other side of the room. And then I went into the plug socket, and then I went, get out of the room leave now get out of the room. And while I'm doing that, I hear the sound door slam shut and I hear

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Running down the hallway. While I'm still doing I kind of like here. And then I come out of the room and I see this brother is like 500 meters down the hallway rack. I'm like I'm sorry, it was just me.

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there were gins in my room. There are gyms in my room. And this is the this is what I actually wanted to share with you. So one night I was reading Quran I was reviewing my Chipotle on

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and I heard some like cracking some I don't know if it was just settling of the room and I just kind of like felt like there was this presence of some gin in the room and I was really scared.

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This is 12 year old Muhammad Sharif.

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This is 12 year old Muhammad Sharif. I was really scared that there was going to be there's a gentleman my room while I'm reading Quran. And maybe they're just listening to the Quran. But then I had this moment, I had this epiphany. And after I understood this, I went to everybody I said, Look guys, I said to myself first, I said, I am so scared that there's a gin here and a gin can't do anything in comparison to the power of Allah subhanaw taala so am I this afraid of disobeying Allah? Am I this afraid of you know, not getting up for federal prayer? Am I this afraid of committing sins? And the answer is no, I wasn't that afraid. I'm just afraid of some ghost Baba thing. And so

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at that moment, I said, I'm going to channel this again, I'm 12 years old, I said I'm going to channel any fear that I have for the jinn and have full respect to Allah subhanaw taala if anyone is more deserving of you know, my respect and my fear and the grace, it is the power of Allah subhanaw taala and so I really at that moment, embraced, Allahu Akbar, Allah is the Greatest and so Subhan Allah any fear, I had a jinn it just went away. It was gone any you know, I start to feel a little fear that I'm like Subhanallah do I feel this fear from Allah? No. Okay, forget that. Allah has more power than than N Jin. I just said Allah Akbar. And I would just, you know, start reciting eighth of

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course he would not Allah, but I just keep going back to the power of Allah subhana wa Tada. So I want you guys

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here to understand that whatever fears of course, there's natural fear like a mouse comes running through your kitchen, there's a natural fear, sure. But anytime you feel a fear, you want to remember that Allah is greater than anything that you can fear Allah is greater than a virus. Allah is greater than any, any any type of fear. And so when you feel that fear, ask yourself, do you honor ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada with that kind of that servitude and that you know, focus? Or is it just, oh, I'm afraid of of this thing. And once you start honoring Allah subhanaw taala understand that the elements are all in Allah's control. Now look at Musa alayhis salam. He comes with many

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Israelite years, and they've seen the signs of Allah Spandana they're running away from Iran, and then they come to the sea. And then they're like, that's it, we're done. The elements, you know, there's a See, there's no way that we can get past this see, but yet Musa alayhis salam knew that even Allah is more powerful than the sea. He said, Allah Kela in the Maya are busier than I am, my Lord is with me, He will guide me. And then Allah subhanaw taala says, Oh, hey, NIDA Musa and ltbi Osaka.

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So he's from falak Africana could look at

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this they're hungry.

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So Musa Ali's ran through the staff into the sea and the sea parted. And so you see the power the elements of the sea, Allah has the power to open up the seas. If you look at Ibrahim alayhi salam, they said we'll throw him in the fire and Allah Subhan these are the elements and Allah subhanaw taala says putting a narrow Cooney burden was an M and Allah Ibrahim, Allah commanded the fire to be to be cold and and relaxing on Ibrahim, Alice. So all these elements that we see so something like a bacteria, that is something microscopic, you can't stop it. If anything, it reminds you that Allahu Akbar, there is nothing that can stop it. Except Allah subhanaw taala there is nothing that can

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protect you except Allahu Akbar, and that there is no fear that will you know, that alleviate anything except you that you understand that Allahu Akbar that Allah is greater than all of these things. Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, but Allah you know, in hajj time

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one of the the sweetest memories of Hajj you know, as we've been going through these these days on one of the first days I told you guys about is the Father the mill father that hazmat suit you want to protect yourself protect yourself by doing this stuff fun stuff for Allah stuff for Allah stuff that Allah throughout the day as you're feeling you know, maybe your emotions are coming in and out and then you alleviate that you boy it your your emotions with this stuff. Ah, I talked to you guys about the immune the shocker immunity that you want to boost your you know, you don't want to focus on what you don't have. You focus on what you do have. And so you boost your chakra by saying

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah hamdulillah for all these blessings throughout the day, and today I want to share with you guys how in hijab time, one of the sweetest memories that I have, you know many years of performing hajj is walking those streets in Mina and with you know millions of Muslims walking along the streets, and they call out on these big microphones that tech could be of heat, the heat tech Kabir which is Allah hu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Love in.

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love Allah. Allah. Akbar. Allahu Akbar, wa.

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Hill. Hon. Allah is the Greatest Allah is the Greatest. Allah is the Greatest law Illa Allah Allah, Allah is the Greatest Allah is the Greatest well Allah and so this tech could be a very yes we say it in aid and it's specific to eat, but throughout your days you can do tech Be it a general tech bit of Allah subhanaw taala saying your Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allah La ilaha illa Allah Allah Akbar Allah Akbar Allah Allah hum. And so that's also going to give you this strength during these times and you're in isolation you start fearing that hey, something is microscopic. Something's gonna get me some Jin Baba isn't gonna go you know when I'm making popcorn and tell me to get out of

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the house or something like that. You remember and say, Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar. Allah is greater than anything here.

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Right and that's it. We're done. Inshallah Tada This Saturday. I have the big announcement. We are doing

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A visionary esque type of to our event it is going to be when we do visionary, you know, bring community together, we bring hope for the future, we connect people to draw, and that's something that we really need right here right now. And so we've made a free event this Saturday in sha Allah Tala, it's called dua vs. COVID is a two hour event. If you'd like to join, please join. If you would like to share with people and tell them to come and join. There's a Facebook group that we set up and the class is going to happen

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inside that Facebook group, inshallah. And that's it.