Muhammad Alshareef – Allah swt Will Not Leave Your Hands Empty #shorts

Muhammad Alshareef
AI: Summary © The speaker describes a situation where they were asked for something, but did not receive it. They attribute it to " shy" and admit that they were not prepared for it. They also mention a reference to a "naughty shirt" and a "naughty shirt" label.
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Almost pantalla is shy to leave

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hands empty. So you know a lot of people go into it and say well

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I asked for a but I didn't get it. Or I got B or I got something different. The reality is every time you raise your hands and dua, Allah gave some like he's like He can't. He's shy like imagine using the word shy for a lot. It's so slick. In our in our kind of like Framework of Reference. It's strange to think about all sounds that are shy but every time you ask for something Allah gives you something every time

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