Wael Ibrahim – Obligatory Or Permissible Acts

Wael Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various situations where they purchased Halala from Deltto restaurants and asked sellers about their Islam. They emphasize the importance of avoiding obligation and prioritizing minor issues over major ones. They stress the need for everyone to care about their actions, and emphasize the use of words like "arental," "arental," and "arental." They emphasize the importance of avoiding obligation and prioritizing minor issues over major ones.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu, Salam ala rasulillah, he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam just something happened yesterday, today I wanted to share with you and we did use some lessons from that situation inshallah together and see maybe you have some comments, you have some ideas to share as well so that we can learn from one another. So, I went yesterday with my family, my wife and children to, you know, to have lunch in one of the shopping centers. And as you know, one of the most difficult decisions to make is, what are we going to eat? You know, this is this sometimes take a long time to come up with a decision, oh my god, what are we

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going to eat for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner, and so on and so forth. It's a difficult decision sometimes to make. And the reason is because obviously we eat every day. And so we get bored sometimes at certain type of food that we eat. And so it takes sometimes ages just to decide in which restaurant and when we get into that restaurant, okay, what what kind of food are we going to eat a lot. So anyway, we had this confusion, we asked you one another what you want to eat, and everyone is confused. And anyway, while we're walking, we saw in our food court, there are many restaurants next to each other. So we saw that food court, and we saw a sister in hijab, buying food

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from that store. And we haven't heard of that restaurant before. And so we came closer, and I said sorry, Come sister to the one who's buying and I saw also the seller is also wearing Hijab Allahu Akbar. So probably, this restaurant is halal, but I haven't seen any logo or anything. So I asked, I asked the seller who's buying that's the funny thing. I asked her sister selling off the light is this halaal? She said I don't know. But obviously because the seller is selling the food. You see, this is what something that we wanted to we need to learn is that not to be shy to ask. You can say sorry, sister to the seller, to the shopkeeper or whatever. So my sister is this Helen, if you said

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Yes, hello, and hello sticker words for granted. And enjoy your meal. Enjoy your holiday meal. So anyway, I asked the seller and she said yes, our branches are all handled, let you know so good moment, and we purchase the food. I'm not going to tell you what the food is because maybe you're hungry now. But anyway, we purchase the food halala like we're new stuff, and we set just opposite that shop. And we start saying Bismillah and we enjoyed the meal and while we're eating another lady approached me

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a lady

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and she said a Solomonic walakum Salama, Lyrica. So when I look this is the was not in hijab, she was waiting. Obviously, something you know that we see normally amongst our non Muslim friends. And as you she I thought maybe she's not Muslim, she want to ask something about Islam. She saw my beard. So I was like waiting for Tao. She said, We are Muslims. And she pointed us her husband who is sitting at a close distance. And she said, is that any sharp here? That's Helen. I said Yes, sister, we just purchased that food from this shop. And we asked them and they say it's hard. She said, oh my god and hamdulillah because we've been eating vegetables and stuff and all thank you so

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much. So she was very happy to know that this restaurant is hilarious. And then she left then I looked at my wife and I asked her, which is more important.

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halaal which is translated in English as permissible, something that is permissible, Allah permitted you to eat that type of food, or obligatory or something compulsory, something that you have to do that you don't have an option to neglect or to leave it out. And that is hijab. The sister is not wearing Hijab full makeup, wearing inappropriate clothes from the Islamic perspective we are talking about from the Islamic perspective, right with due respect to all other cultures and any other religious group. But from our perspective, if you're a Muslim, then you're not waiting according to the dean according to the obligation that's been imposed upon you yet you care more about something

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less important that's hard because if you're eating vegetarian if you're a vegetarian eating vegetable eating anything else that's fine. It's your choice. Any it's not compulsory upon you to eat halal food, it's not compulsory. If it is found, yes, eat it and enjoy it. But if it's not available, you can have other choices fish, seafood, whatever you want to eat vegetable

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Bread, you have a lot of multiple choices when it comes to food, but hijab is obligatory sister.

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So we sometimes I always feel that we are lost in priorities IE we care more about trivial matters, secondary issues and we neglect the most important things that we will be questioned about. Without any doubt any Allah subhanaw taala on the Day of Judgment, he will not tell you how, why you didn't eat that paler lamb, you were passing by and you are hungry, and I know that you are hungry, but you skip that salad shop and you didn't eat alone. I've asked you that. But Allah subhanaw taala would question your sister and that apply to anyone else who care about the trivial matters more than their obligatoriness what is obligation just to clarify terms, obligation of foreign origin is that

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action which Allah subhanaw taala had made, may have made compulsory upon you that in case you have performed it alone, we reward you. And if you perform the obligation a lot we reward you. But if you neglect it, you are sinful in the sight of Allah Subhana Allah and if you didn't repent, Allah is gonna punish you as well. That's obligation. That's obligation. It's not something that you may or may not, no, no, no, it's something really serious. So we need to understand my brothers and sisters. There are people who are drinking alcohol, they drink beer, they drink wine, and at the same time when it comes to food, they say is this halal or haram? Oh, come on. What is your any so

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Paula, you've already done a grave sin and you care about the 100. I'm not saying like, if you are sinful, don't eat halal. I'm not saying that I just wanted you to know that there are some important matters that we should care about more than the secondary issues otherwise, we are we misunderstand our religion. May Allah Subhana Allah grant us the right understanding. I just thought that I have to share this because I have observed it in so many places that people are committing grave sins. But when it comes to halal food, we have a big issue. And by the way, halal is a term which means permissible it's not only about food, it's about a lot of our acts or our actions in our life. So we

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should care about what is halal in every aspect of our life, not just about the lamb and the chicken and the beef and any let us grow up as Muslims let us let us now talk about of priorities like you know the juris prudence, prudence of priorities, what is our priority in life and then go from there. There are people who don't wake up for fetcher on TV now on the talking about halal food, and they are arguing Pepsi and Coke and stuff like that. It has alcohol don't drink it. They care about all these things and they start spreading rumors and spreading you know, news on the internet. But they don't wake up for 5g Come on ledger. The best of all prayers, the prophets Allah lies and I've

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even talked about the sun now the Federalists say rakata Alpha Jihyo mina dooney. On the tour, acaba performed before 5g is better than the entire world, the entire universe and what is in it so Pamela are we capable of Coke and Pepsi and Pizza Hut and sorry about mentioning the brands but just we need to grow up as Muslims we have Lost Planet Allah grant us the right understanding of the deen May Allah subhanho wa Taala. Forgive our shortcomings. I'm waiting for your comments. Sorry, I didn't read your comments while I'm talking. I'm looking into the camera because I'm talking to you. I'm speaking to you. So I didn't leave any comments yet. I will leave it later in sha Allah, but

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please share with me your thoughts about this? And if I made any mistake, it's from myself. And if anything correct it's been rated In this short video. It's only by the tofield by the aid of Allah subhanaw taala alone. Just below halen said I want to lie about a cat

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Obligatory Or Permissible Acts. Which Is More Important?

We are lost in priorities. We care more about trivial matters, secondary issues (i.e Halal food) and we neglect the most important/obligatory things (i.e Hijab, Salah etc.) that we’ll be questioned about without any doubt.

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