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what's going to make sure

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that we stay on this d? Is the protection of our heart balances. Let me tell you something.

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I have not been to one country or one state or one city, that people don't ask me about music.

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Everywhere I go, every conference, we have dozens of questions. Well, what about music?

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And I'm sure you voted x Professor Jackson. If you haven't, you will. Don't worry, they will.

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What you know what?

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Brenda says, I pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala that one of the things that can come from this group here

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is a profound love as

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I was saying, used to in a few hours, this right before I went to Australia. And remember, as I mentioned, about a young man named Harun took the Shahada.

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And this young man named Harlan was a

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used to be a rap singer. And a poet, used to write songs he was very good at.

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And four years ago, as a young man in his early 20s, someone played a disk of the Quran.

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And he was so impressed with that. And he never heard anything like that he became a Muslim on the spot. This is true. I met him in Jersey City recently. He became a Muslim, didn't know one word of Arabic, but yet he was touched by the Quran, and it had a miraculous effect upon him. And it reminded me the first time I heard the Quran, I even have to take what I said, this is the most beautiful thing I've ever heard in my life. I have to learn that. That was in 1978, Chuck Jaffe Idris decided to Korean for us. And sitting there in that room, I listened to that Quran, and was moved by it, not knowing any Arabic.

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Allah subhana wa COVID lets us know

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that in the remembrance of Allah, the heart feels tranquil.

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I want you to go sisters and brothers to any song you've ever heard in your life. The best song that you ever heard in your life, you will notice that that song is popular, will be on the charts, like number one for weeks. But notice it never stays. That doesn't.

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If they're lucky, three weeks, four weeks, five weeks, but then after that, the people they get tired of it. We heard it already. We don't want to hear it again. This is the nature of the songs of this world. It may make you feel good at the moment. But if you heard it over and over again, you get tired and you don't want to listen to it.

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But you have to chorion you can hear the Quran all your life and you would never ever, ever get tired of hearing the Quran witness recite it in the right way.

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Now I finished with this