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The importance of having a dream to build a house is emphasized, along with reading the Quran for action stories. The stories of celebrities and the bad guy in the Middle East are also discussed. The importance of remembering Islam's command to leave one's family's desire and not giving up on one's own behavior is emphasized. The importance of belief in oneself and others, particularly children, is also emphasized. The segment provides lessons on avoiding harming oneself and not letting things happen to their children.

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If I was to ask the kids today, but I'm sure a lot of these kids but any kid in general, what's the best of stories? What are common answers we're gonna get helped me up action stories, the best of stories, some kids who say a story of The Avengers, or those kids who say the best story, the story of Star Wars, others will say it's the best story is the story of Cinderella. Right? And different answers we're gonna get by how many kids when you ask them? What's the best story? How many will actually say the story of use of for the story of Ibrahim or the story of Musa Allahi wa salatu salam. And there's a problem maybe because as teachers or as parents, we're not providing them with

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the stories, maybe we're not getting them excited about these stories, but the youth as well, maybe they don't have these opportunities, or maybe they're looking in the wrong places as well. So it's upon us to teach the best of stories to our kids. And no doubt the Quran has the best of stories because Allah said, so Allah said, We interact the best of stories, the best of stories of hunger. You know, in my research of what makes a story Great. non Muslims who say, great stories, have to have conflict have to have a resolution. They have to have a great setting, they have to have unforgettable characters. They must have a death, atonement, resurrection, and SubhanAllah. All of

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those things can be found in the story of use of fantasy. So no doubt they are the best of stories. And not just because of the content, not just because of the content was in the story. But how Allah tells us story is amazing. For example, the story of Yusuf Ali Salam. We took it today in Islamic studies. What what happened when Yusuf Ali Salam woke up, how does the story start?

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He had a dream. The story starts when Yusuf Ali salaam had a strange dream, he saw the sun, the moon, the stars, some narration say the planets depending on the type of seed making so due to him, making salute to him

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and photog showing me his bubblegum comic distracting me. So use a fairly certain he had a dream of the sun planet and the moon making sujood team frustrating team. Imagine that imagine boys and girls you have a dream where the sun is making sujood to you, or we dream how does the sun makes you do to you? Or you have a dream with the moon's making such that to you making room record to you. So I had this dream. And he goes to his dad. Yeah, but at any rate I had to Ashoka that was some sort of camaraderie to me said you didn't that that extreme weather, the planets and the Sun and the Moon are worshipping me. That's how the story starts. And I imagine you will not read a book about a

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young boy who had a dream. You know, we'd start by saying

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we'll call him another name. Bilal Bilal woke up in his pajamas. Ozeki pajamas. He had sweat on his collar, you know, he woke up and I was a blemish on our gym. And he was on the top bunk and he climbed down the bottom monkey accidentally stepped on his brother's head the logo What are you doing Have you bought Sorry, bro, I didn't see you. Alright, and he walks into the kitchen he says Dad drinking his morning coffee. Okay, I holy and then he is drinking his Lebanese coffee. And you get to be hungry. So he decides to have Froot Loops. And then halfway he changes his mind I have cocoa puffs and then he says my fruit puffs and put them together. And then after he eats, I looked

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at that. And he says that is we dream. And is that is your dreams every night you have a dream house bar. If we were writing a story, we'll probably say it like that. Right? It's like Alright, get get, get to it. Give me more information. But you know, when Allah tells a story, and of course I tried to make it a little bit funny. But when Allah has really tells the story, it's straight to the point how Allah tells the story is amazing. But the action starts immediately. Ryan I have four Subhanallah not I have for you a or 400 Subhan a or for Allah as of just that sometimes you're reading a book, and nothing's happening until chapter four. And it gets boring. And then you put the

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bookmark and you put on your shelf and you never, you never pick it up again. But the way I look tell stories, not just what Allah says. But how Allah says it. And when we read the Quran and we listen to stories of the Quran, that's when we will start to get motivated. And I've said this before, and I'll say it again before we start the story of Ibrahim Ali Salam. If we look at the movies today, whether it's the Avengers or Batman or Superman, many of their superhero movies Subhanallah they've they've taken, they've taken the ideas from our slamming history from the Quran, from the Sunnah, etc. And I mentioned this before the idea of Kung Fu Panda two,

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Kung Fu Panda two, it's about you know, this this bad guy

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As a peacock, he has a nightmare to remember the nightmare. He has a nightmare.

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He has watched a good boy and made me look good. Alright, Kung Fu Panda to what happens. The Peacock has a nightmare. A bad dream that an animal that's black and white. What an animal that's black and white. If you're at home, you can call out you can. You can yell at your TV. I won't hear you. But what's an animal that's black and white? Or in Australia, you'd probably say Magpie, Magpie Mike.

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Well, an animal that's black and white is a panda. So this peacock had a dream that a panda eschaton

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was April, he had a dream that not a zebra and on a magpie but, but I panda is going to come and take over his kingdom. So what is the peacock do? He tells his soldiers to go and execute and kill Subhanallah or the baby pandas? So mother Panda, takes baby panda who's the Kung Fu Panda, right? She takes baby panda. She puts it in a basket, put it in a river center of the safety and that Kung Fu Panda. What's his name? Poe is a poet anyway, him he grows up and he becomes the hero and he defeats and he beats the bad guy.

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Bad Guy, peacock. And people are watching this movie in thinking wow, yes. Right and eating their popcorn and they almost choking because of the excitement. And they're throwing the popcorn saying, encore give us another movie. And they did they may conclude panda three. But guess what boys and girls alike copied us they copied that's the story of Musa Ali Salaam. You know Zirkel off.

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The bad guy in Musa alayhis salam story was good.

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Okay, once again, you can yell at your TV or your screen are in here. But the bad guy is frown. And he has a nightmare as well. And in his nightmare. He has a dream that a fire is coming from the holy land in Palestine. It's not called Israel it's called Philistine. It's called Palestine. It comes to Egypt and it destroys all of the houses of the Egyptians. So he wakes up you know probably all sweaty as well. He doesn't say Bismillah R Rahman Rahim or Allahu Akbar he thought himself was Allah so He said that for Allah Akbar, right, he woke up and he got his soldiers and he goes, What does this dream mean? They didn't know so he killed them. He got the magicians in what is his dream main.

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And then one of the magician said a man from Banu Israel is going to defeat you one day is going to beat you gonna destroy you and your kingdom because that's it. You got the gods nincompoops can click on their heads together. Yola go and kill all the boys from Israel. And so what does Moses mom do? She puts baby Musa in a basket, sends him off to safety and he grows up Musa Ali salaam becomes a prophet, the hero and he defeats frown. That's the original. That's the story that Hollywood stole SubhanAllah. And we can go on and on with different examples. Maybe we'll do another time. So we can actually start the story in Brahim Ali Salam. But what's my point was he knows.

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My point is we have the best of stories when hamdulillah and the things that we see on TV and the things we see in the movies, many times they've copied us, they've copied us so we should feel proud and honored that hamdulillah I'm Muslim, and hamdulillah in the Quran and the Sunnah, we have the best of stories.

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Okay, we're looking at Ibrahim Ali Salam tonight. And Ibrahim alayhi salam, a great prophet. He's one of all as women are Rosalie, one of the strong willed messengers, you know, there are five who are very strong willed, very strong willed, and among them is, of course, Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, I, Isa ajsa, Musa Ibrahim and no, these are the five strong willed messengers, a lot of patience, a lot of determination that were dedicated. They didn't give up, like all the other prophets as well, but these ones were the best. And Ibrahim Ali Salam was one of them.

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And Ibrahim was mentioned in the Quran over 60 times Subhan Allah over 60 times. And we have Abraham toric joining us tonight, so you should feel proud you are named after a prophet. So Ibrahim Ali Salam, we're not going to mention everything about his family, but we're just going to go straight to when he was commanded by Allah to leave his family in the desert, leave his family in the desert. And by the way, boys and girls, if and the parents, if this cuts out, because it does cut out after 40 minutes, we will reconnect inshallah. So Ibrahim Ali Salam is talking about Allah leave your family in the desert. Now you might be scratching your head thinking why would Allah tell Ibrahim to

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leave his family in the desert? And sometimes boys and girls, you know, Allah tells us to do things or commands us and we may not understand that completely. And that's okay. Understand this, you're not meant to understand everything. You know, Allah is the most wise just like sometimes mom and dad tell you something, and you don't understand why can I have those volleys? Why do I have to do this? Why do I have to go to

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Sleep early. Why don't have to wake up early? Why mama why why Baba? Why? So, you know, we live in generation, why every every question is why, why? Why sometimes we don't understand. And you will understand later on, you will understand later on. But we have to understand this that Allah knows best. Allah knows best. If Allah said it, it's better for us. Just like sometimes the medicine is better, but it makes you better. It doesn't taste nice, but it's good for you. Some of you may not like honey, but it's good for you. He says sometimes fasting is hard, but it's good for you. Performing hard is hard, but it's good for you. So sometimes things are difficult. Just because it's

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difficult doesn't mean it's bad. Sometimes, in fact, things which are hard is that which is beneficial, and the easy stuff. And a lot of the time the easy stuff is actually not the best for you. Junk food, have the best volleys not the best soft drinks, not the best. being lazy, not the best sleeping in not the best. Right? Not exercising not the best. So the easy stuff isn't always the best. Remember that just because it's easy, doesn't mean it's good. And it's because it's hard, doesn't mean it's bad. And that's why Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam told us that Jana Jana is surrounded by hardships meaning if you want to get to Jana, there are hard things you got to do.

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Waking up the future, praying your daily prayers and doing the right thing. While Johanna Hellfire is surrounded by desires, the things that people always want to do. Like we said, eating junk food or doing haram and not doing the right thing. So this is a very important lesson for us. So Allah told Ibrahim leave your family in the desert. Leave your family in the desert. Imagine that I wouldn't even tell my family to stay overnight in Kosala more Liverpool, Westfield, Bankstown Alright, Central. But he did that he left his family not in Liverpool, Westfield, but in a desert all by themselves. And as he left them, and he's walking away, his wife, her daughter, she asks, you

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know, why have you left us here? Why have you left us here? And she kept asking what's going on? And then she realized maybe this is a command from Allah. She goes, will you leave us he was nothing no food, no drink in a barren desert. There's no trees, no shelter. And then she said Maybe it's from Allah. So she asked him Rahim, Allah Salam, she said, Ah, love America we had.

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So she asked him what I am. She said, Oh, Aloha Monica beheaded? Did Allah tell you to do this? And that's when Abraham Ali Salam said, Yes. This is a command from Allah. And that's when What did she say? Did hajj on Alayhis Salam say, Okay. Can you ask another prophet? To get us out of this jam? You know, can you ask another prophet to see if we can leave? And that's what we do. Sometimes. The chef tells us something, or realize something's haram. Maybe I'll ask another chef, maybe he'll tell me it's halal. or Mr. Bill we said we're not allowed you know, maybe I'll ask another teacher maybe asked me sick barrel or chef was seen. Maybe he'll he'll say it aloud. And we do this sometimes with

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mom and dad. And a Mom, can I have this? No.

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Dad, can I have this? No, no, we shouldn't do that. Boys. If mama said no, it means Baba said no. Even Even if you don't ask him. If Baba says no. Mama says no. Don't go playing these games and tricks. You know what I didn't ask Baba, but maybe you'll say yes. Because I'm the sweetie of the family and the Sweetie Pie. I'm so cute. And that every time I give my dad as puppy dog yz. He says yes. And that's from looking at you now say, yeah, right. So if that's the case, if mama said no, Hollis. That means though, Baba says no follows. It means that, okay? And instead of asking for what you want, maybe you can change the way you ask. Instead of, can I plan my switch, which always get

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When can I plan my switch? That's a better question. When? When can I play more? And then that's okay. After you helped me clean the kitchen, after you clean your room after you tidy your bedroom, whatever. So asking when might get you a better chance of getting what you want to show him.

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So Ibrahim Ali Salam leaves his family in the desert.

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And when she asks him, Did Allah command you? He said yes. What did? What did she say?

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She didn't ask for another prophet to help them. She said

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felon yada yada Allah then in that case, Allah will not neglect us you will take care of us if I look at her, her faith and the man in Allah as origin in some of us are in lockdown and we're losing our Amen. Some of us are in restrictions and when

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Losing what's going on? Why why this initial load on Sunday? She was seem we'll be giving a talk about why the believer always says Alhamdulillah

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then you see Mona, a lemma Khattab Hola Hola, Anna, nothing harms you, except for Allah has written for you. Right so whatever hits you was never meant to miss you and whatever misses you was never meant to hit you. So after she realized this is from Allah, she's now with her baby. We didn't mention this she had a baby Ismail, you know. So she's with her baby, she's only got a few dates, bit of water. And that's it. That's not going to last long. You probably have a few dates in one bite. So soon, the dates run out, the water runs out, and her breast milk is running out as well because she needs food to produce milk. She looks to the distance, she says a small amount. And

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we're at like a very small hill. She and that was a sufferer. She runs to it to look into the distance is there anyone out there? She's gonna have her phone.

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She looks no one's there.

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And she had left a smile. They're carrying him. It's gonna be hard. So she left him that safe. There's no one around.

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And she comes down. And then when she couldn't see, Ismael, when she's down when she couldn't see. That's when she ran because she was worried. Okay, and then she went to the other mountain, other small hill, which was called Delmarva, and she went to the top, no one's there. Called Out no one's there. She comes back down when she couldn't see her son she ran. She got there handler is safe. She went to a suffer again. And she did this seven times. Subhanallah seven times. And that's what we do today in hudge. Little did she know, little did her journalism know that what she was doing then that difficult moment, then millions upon Muslims are going to be doing later on. In hudge, millions

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upon millions upon law, she became a role model. She became a role model. So Little did she know in that time where she was trying to survive, little did she know Subhanallah that many Muslims many years later are going to be doing that following in the footsteps of Hydra Alehissalaam and that teaches you boys and girls never lose hope and Allah's plan. You may doubt the plan, never doubt the plan, or sometimes things looking really bad. Where things are looking very bad. Maybe there's a lot of good that can come out from that. So we're about to end the meeting. So it says less than one minute is going to cut out automatically. So I'll give you a chance to maybe freshen up. Grab a

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snack or two. And we'll resume in a couple of minutes in sha Allah was salam Wa alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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So, how's it Ali Salaam?

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Little did she know she was going to leave a great legacy in Hajj. And what does this teach you boys and girls? It teaches us that sometimes things have to go bad before they go good. Musa Ali Salam was lost in the desert. Little did he know, as he was searching for guidance of the road who was going to find guidance for humanity became prophet, and Yusuf Ali salaam was thrown into the world. He didn't have food or water but he became the king and Minister of food and water in Egypt, and likewise had on Ali Salam.

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She was left in the desert and Subhanallah she ended up becoming a leader for us in the sense of what we do at hedge is in remembrance of her. So fast forwarding the story of

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Ibrahim Ali Salam and his family. Allah azza wa jal says in Surah Al Baqarah why the patella Ebola Hemara boo boo kalimat in Fatima Han, Allah said

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Allah tested Ibrahim Ali Salam with words particular words particular commands. And Allah azza wa jal gave Ibrahim many tests. And what does the test do just like you have a test at school or any other place a test shows you who you really are your true colors, right or not all the time, particular parts of your ability, a test to show you a particular part of your ability. So Ibrahim among these tests, subhanAllah he was thrown into the fire.

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He was told, you know to leave his family in the desert. Another test he was told to slice his son's neck. And when we say these things so easily, but they're very hard tests. You know, the parents will know if you see your son holding a knife, you know, you jump and you grab that knife or that fork, whatever they're holding dangerous. Your child's near the stove, you Latif again you run, you know take your child away from the stove. And if you forget that forgets to pick up the kids. He gets 100 calls 100 WhatsApp messages 100 SMS is from Momo of where are you waiting?

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So we worry so much for our kids yet Allah has already told Ibrahim to sacrifice his own son that's a big sacrifice Subhanallah sorry one moment

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and after Ibrahim Ali Salam passed these tests and he didn't just pass by the way, Allah says for atom Mahan he perfected them. He perfected the tests upon Allah. He didn't just carry all the you know, that's something that kids say, Allah take out the rubbish clean up after yourself fixed your room came on.

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And we give that look, or I did it and it's a half job, or does it sound familiar kids when you do a job, it's a half job. So when we do something Allah wants us to do well, because the half job could get someone hurt. You leave your things out someone could trip over someone could get hurt. So when you try and when you do a job try and do it to the best of your ability Okay, try complete it. And not just okay I've done a quick Gila we've done it quickly. Ibrahim Ali Salam when he did his job, he and he passed the test. He passed it with flying colors he perfected. And after that Allah azza wa jal says all in Niger I locally Nursey mama, after Allah said, I'm gonna make you a leader need

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to make you any man. And that teaches us boys and girls that after the test, that when you have victory, no pain, no gain. So you do the hard work. And then you can relax. Its obligation. And then I'm sure you all know celebration. Some of us just want celebration. We just want to relax. We just want to have fun but no, it doesn't work that way. Ibrahim was tested. And then what happened? That's when he became the Imam. That's why Ramadan it's three days of fasting one day Rydel forever, you know, and Hodgetts hardship you do the Hajj. And then you have a lot how you see so it's obligation then celebration, so work hard wasn't goes do what you have to and then you can relax and

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and have your fun.

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So, Ibrahim Ali Salam, he was made any ma'am. And then Allah azza wa jal says and we're going to mention a couple of things here about the building of the Kaaba and then we're going to end for the night.

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Allah says, What if you're a fire Ebola human covary the middle Beatty? What is mine? So Ibrahim Ali solemnizing Imam. He's a leader. He's a prophet. And he goes back to where he left his son Ismail and of course he would visit a smile as he was growing up, but now it's my is a young man is young man. And so Ibrahim Ali Slimstock Pato Please call him Ibrahim Al Islam tells his son Ismail that you will my son we're going to build the Kaaba right imagine that right and that tells you we're gonna build the cargo Hola Hola, como What an honor and ismail al Islam doesn't complain isn't so Baba can you get his heart to do it? Can you always tell me this is what kids always do here all the

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time my mom wanted me again get the top get Qasim get Ahmad get I shall get so so

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I was have to do it. No that's not how it's made was he was told to do something. I'll do it in order that shows what does it show for club when I tell you to do something?

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Just trust

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no show start I trust you that you're the man for the job buddy. That now I'm getting you to do it because I reckon you're responsible enough. So if mom or dad tell you to do something that means you're responsible. They're putting their trust in you they realize you know what you're responsible person you can do it.

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You know they believe in you. So you should believe in yourself.

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So he says okay, we're going to build the cannabis upon Allah. And Allah mentioned the Ibrahim first why the other four Abel Rahim will provide Ibrahim and then Allah said why smile and this is a lesson for us parents that children follow in our footsteps. So Ibrahim was mentioned first he started building the camera and then it's made follow

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now it's been mentioned that I father told the son as a walking outside what's your what's your steps on what your step? And the son says yes mobile I will thank you but what's your step? Because I follow in your footsteps. So our kids what they see especially now we locked down what are we doing in the home? What are we doing? Are we you know, are we praying on time? Are we praying are Sunnah prayers are we doing something else?

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Extra. So by leading by example we saw that our kids follow because kids listen with their eyes. Kids listen with their eyes. So Abraham Allison building the car with the sun. And what is the carbon made out of? Once again, you can call out the answer. It's made out of

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stone. Rock. That's it. Okay. And of course a special black stone came from the heavens, which was white. But really the Kava is a stone. Okay, it's not special. You don't in the sense that you don't go to it and get baraka from it, touch it and put it on yourself. You know, now I'm Superman. No, no, that's not what we do. Yes, this part of the cabinet we touch because Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam told us the touch, but it doesn't mean that we worship it. No, we worship alone is a different Some people ask how can you worship the Bloodstone and the desert, we don't worship it, worship Allah. It's only a good blur. Puebla means direction. Okay, of worship. That's it just a

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direction. It's a tumbler. So we we pray. It's a direction of worship, not an object of worship, see the difference? It's a direction of worship, not an object of worship. Allah azza wa jal is the one who worship you see the difference? So if anyone asks you, you say no, no, we don't worship, it's a direction. Pray towards it. But we're praying, really worshiping Allah as we'll be just praying towards the direction.

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So they build the car, but Subhanallah and I said, it's made out of rock. But look how people react towards the cabin. When people go to the car, they cry. They love it, they filled with such all they take selfies with. And it's just rock. And that teaches us boys and girls that when Allah honors you, when Allah raises you, no one can disgrace you no one can dishonor you, no one can lower you. No one.

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And so the Kaaba is honored, and it's just stone when teachers when our Honors something Subhanallah it's, it's honored. It's truly honored. But hamdulillah and likewise with you. If someone calls you names, that doesn't mean it's true. So if I had $100, crumpled it up to $200. If I put $100 on the floor and stepped on it still $100 If I rubbed $100 in mud,

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would you still want to just do one? Yeah, why not still $100 Just clean it, then change. So if someone calls you dumb, or an idiot, or annoying or silly, stupid, that doesn't change who you are. So remember that as long as you no one can dishonor you.

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So Ibrahim Ali Salam, young man, okay, hello, Ireland, maybe around 10 years old.

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That's when he gets a lot tells Ibrahim alayhi salam to sacrifice his own son in a dream. Ibrahim Ali Salam is asleep and he receives he has a dream where he is killing his own sons of Han Allah and the dreams of the prophets are ye which means there are commands from Allah revelation from Allah. So if a prophet sees a dream, it means this is why hate from Allah. It's a command from Allah. You know when you will always see dreams they're not commands from Allah. So if someone if someone in your dream tells you, okay, Mr. vizury You no longer have to pray. And I wake up ah Hamdulillah I don't have to pray. No, no, no, no, no, no, that was the from Allah does from shaitan. So we don't

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get these commands from Allah in our dreams. There are good dreams that you can have. And there are bad dreams which are nightmares. But we don't get commands from Allah in our dreams. Okay, so if you get a weird command, you don't have to listen to your mom and dad anymore. You can do what you want. That's shaytaan a year another command when you wake up, go have ice cream for breakfast.

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When you go to Kmart, take all the slime you want. None of these are from Shaytaan that listen to that. When you have a dream like that. You wake up you say oh the believers tautology when you pray? Yes.

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If the psalms for free, that's different you can take when I doubt it's going to be for free in Kmart.

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So, Ibrahim has a dream. Okay. And he he wakes up and he tells his son, he says yeah, when I

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look how he talks to his son, okay, compared to some parents upon how they speak to their children, but he's Yeah, Brene, my beloved son, he says, in the alaafin manner, and he said our he didn't say write in rbkc. What he's saying is I'm constantly seeing I've saw I've seen a few dreams now but one I've seen a few dreams, not eight. Throw away that I'm constantly seeing these dreams.

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Hello, I'm sacrificing you.

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He says an even though Ibrahim knows it's a comment from Allah. What does he tell his son? He says fondle mother Tara, what do you think? What do you think?

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Maginot now does Ibrahim need to ask you sunny smile? No. Allah told him do it doesn't need to ask. Abraham is Nabil Allah He is.

00:30:24--> 00:31:05

He is. Rasool Allah is a prophet of Allah is a messenger of Allah. He is highly Allah, the close friend of Allah. He's getting revelation from Allah. He doesn't need to ask the Son, what do you think? He already knows the answer. But he's teaching his son Ismail that I want you to submit to Allah as well. I want you to do the right thing as well. I want you to say the right thing. Sometimes mum and dad will ask you something could be a test. They want you to do the right thing to say the right thing. Just because your mom gave you $20 And you have $10 change that you get to keep it No, you do the right thing and give the $10 change back. Just because no one's around. No one's

00:31:05--> 00:31:23

looking. It doesn't mean you do the wrong thing. You look at her arm you listen to her arm, you you do that we just hold on we see. So Abraham is teaching his son do the right thing as well. I'm not going to tell you, I want you to do it. That's a very valuable lesson for us boys and girls. So what does Ismail

00:31:24--> 00:31:25

Alehissalaam say?

00:31:27--> 00:31:55

He says if I took Marie's is that do as you've been commanded. Subhanallah and this is a lesson for you boys and girls to also teach, to also teach you to remind mum and dad to do the right thing as well. Sometimes moms busy dads busy and you realize it's time for Salah to go mama Baba, let's pray. You see, so you have to also remind your mum and dad about salah. Just because they didn't tell you doesn't mean you don't tell them.

00:31:56--> 00:31:58

Again, remind me I'll just keep playing.

00:32:01--> 00:32:06

So you realize you have to do the right thing to everyone. Let's go pray and you get the reward as well.

00:32:07--> 00:32:55

So he says that do as you've been commanded. And he's reminding him that this is a command from Allah, we have to do it. We have to do it Subhan Allah. And so Abraham realizes that he has to sacrifice his own sons upon Allah. And why would Allah tell him to do that? Not because Allah wants him to kill his son. But Allah wants to see what Ibrahim Ali Salam is going to do to teach us to make sacrifices in our life. He wants to teach us as well, that we also need to sacrifice and Allah wanted Ibrahim Al Islam to have full love Allah in his heart. Because sometimes, yes, we love Allah we all do when Muslims and we love Lasala but sometimes we love things that distract us from Allah.

00:32:55--> 00:33:07

Sometimes we love things so much it distracts us. We all love Allah. We all love to pray, but sometimes we don't pray on time because we're distracted with something. And so Ibrahim Ali Salam, when he went to take his son,

00:33:08--> 00:33:29

Allah azza wa jal says Philomath as lemma when they both surrendered to Allah, that's it. We're gonna do it. They both listened. with Allah, Julio Jabeen, Abraham put his son on his job in Java is the forehead. So Abraham took the sun come up in this and grabbed him. Alright, don't worry, I'm not going to sacrifice him. Okay.

00:33:31--> 00:33:35

He put him face down. He put him face down. So he's like that.

00:33:36--> 00:33:41

Why would they bro him put his son face down and not face up?

00:33:42--> 00:33:43

Why? What do you think?

00:33:46--> 00:33:52

That's right. Ibrahim doesn't want to see smiles in our eyes is face sad face his face.

00:33:54--> 00:34:00

Doesn't want to say that. Imagine seeing that. What's what's Abraham gonna do? I can't do it.

00:34:03--> 00:34:46

I can't do it. So Ibrahim Ali Sinha, he puts him face down. Because he wants to fulfill the Command of Allah. He wants to do what Allah told him 100% He doesn't want to do a half job. Remember, we talked about half jobs. He wants to do a perfect job. And this is a very important lesson for us, teaching us maybe there are things getting in the way between us and doing what Allah wants. It could be a game. It could be a particular show could be Netflix can be the internet could be our phones could be our devices could be a bad friend. So when we realize what is that thing that's getting in the way between us and submitting to Allah doing the right thing we need to remove it

00:34:46--> 00:34:59

from our life or change it in a way that doesn't affect us. That's the main lesson here have a little AHA and we'll hedger the sacrifice of Ibrahim Ali Salam teaching us we need to make some

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

vices as well. Maybe there are things getting in the way, stopping us from being a better Muslim. And if that's the case, we need to do the Ibrahim Ali Salam did he put in Christ there and then we'll look at it. Maybe there are particular person that's, that's harming you staying away from them, maybe there's a particular thing that getting in the way, change it or remove it from your life. If you can't remove it from your life, then find ways to deal with it in a better way, in a better manner Inshallah, and of course, when Ibrahim went to sacrifice and kill the knife was blood, Allah as a result did not allow it. And that's when Allah azza wa jal sent down a ram a sheep. And

00:35:41--> 00:36:13

Abraham was told you have passed the test. Now you can sacrifice this instead. And that's what we do on Yamuna Yamuna. How is the 10th of Dhul Hijjah, which is eight. It's called The Day of sacrifice. And of course, this is what we do, and we just did what hamdulillah so as you can see many lessons from the story of Ibrahim alayhi salam, and there are many more, but of course, we're not going to mention them all but due to time, I hope you enjoyed tonight's story and lessons from the family of Ibrahim Ali Salam