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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah while Ali he also be here, woman, Willa is a great scholar by the name of Allah Muhammad. And he had a friend that companion or the name of Yeshua in your mind. So Elijah Muhammad and lmm Yeah, with constantly compete with each other, and help each other in seeking knowledge. Just like you friends, you have friends that you compete each other in soccer, or Mario Kart, we had Aisha and amela. Earlier on Mario Kart, well, they would compete with seeking knowledge. And I would encourage each other to constantly seek knowledge together. And that shows you boys and girls the importance of having good friends, because the good friend reminds you

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of Allah azza wa jal, and in an age of Facebook, and Instagram, and Snapchat, where people have 1000s of friends and 1000s of followers online, but it's better to have one friend that reminds you of Allah than 1002 Don't. And so when they reached old age, though, elderly men, you know, had families and so forth, right? elderly men,

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they decided to go and seek knowledge in Santa, which is in a lemon. So they left Baghdad, they left Baghdad, and they went all the way to sonar to go and seek knowledge under a great chef by the name of abdulrazaq. This was two months journey you can imagine. So it was two months there. Okay. Okay. And then two months back, can imagine that's four months already traveling. And that's not even referring, that's not even including the knowledge that they're going to gain. So imagine they'll probably say there for at least two or three months. So this is you could say maybe up to almost a year just to seek knowledge. Subhanallah so halfway there on the way to Yemen, they stopped by

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Mecca. They stopped in Mecca for a pitstop in our in Jana journey or you're going on a holiday or now in lockdown, you just have to leave your LGA just to go to the next suburb and then the if it's a long trip you asking mom or Baba whoever's driving to stop at the next petrol station to get some munchies pitstop? Well they had a pitstop not for munches food, for the tummy but food for the soul. Let's go let's go to Mecca. Do tawaf worship Allah azza wa jal get some Hassanal do what might be Amara, and then continue our journey to Yemen. Guess who they meet? When they stopped by in Mecca guess? Who do they meet?

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No, this is many years after the Prophet Muhammad has passed away. Many years after the Prophet Muhammad. They made the share we're going to see in Yemen, right? So the same share from the result is here. We're going to Yemen to same Habibi, he's here. So

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the Imam yeah, here he jumps up and down like well hamdulillah Allah azza wa jal has saved us two months journey. Right? Because one month, from Mecca to we said the whole journey was two months, right? Halfway, one month. So one month, to Yemen and back are one month one month back, that's two months. So he's saying Allah has saved us two months travel. We don't have to spend our money catching we know if we were traveling now catching the next train or plane. And food on the way saved us two months worth. Let's go sit with him now and ask him questions and gain knowledge. Now.

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Remember, he wasn't smiling, and smiling. He says what's wrong? Let's go. Good.

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He says warmer than us now. We need a Tina.

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He says what are we going to do with our intentions? Mm hmm. Here. I made an intention. I promised to Allah that I'm going to can we turn off the light.

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I made an intention and promised to Allah that I'm going to go to Yemen and seek knowledge. I'm going to make a promise that if I meet him halfway, Allah mentioned how they will do.

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Allahu Akbar, look at the promises and their intentions, how pure they were, how good they were. And sometimes we make a promise with, you know, one of our friends. I'll meet you. I make them all the time. I'll meet you at 10am. Okay, and then five minutes later, sorry, because I'm running late on WeChat at 1030 message on WhatsApp half an hour later that I say 10:30am 1130. And then I message at 1130 Sorry, I can make cancel reschedule for tomorrow. We make promises all the time. I missed it this way. I'll do I'll do the task you set for English. Yeah, I'll do the task you said for PDH. Yeah, I'll do it. Yeah, I'll clean my room. We make promises and we break them every now and again.

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But when it's with Allah, it's even more serious to him.

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Most years and by the way, just because we're making promises with people doesn't mean we can break them. And I don't know, because a sign a sign of a hypocrite is a person who always betrays the trust and promises with people always happens here and there we make Toba, we ask Allah as we are to make us better. No one's perfect, but when it becomes all the time someone promises if this guy might as well not even you might as well lie to me. Okay if you're going to talk him What is What lie if that's us, we're if the second word is coming from our mouth is a lie in and breaking a promise. That's a problem. That's a sign of a hypocrite and a secret is a person if they if they

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have all the qualities of hypocrite then they've been Jana Mona was a biller. So my Allah purify our intentions where it shows you Subhan Allah to animate Muhammad was and how he wanted to purify his intention. So what did he say? He said, What can I say to that? Okay, so he looks at an imam Abdullah

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of cu in in Yemen. I remember the reserve is thinking, I'm right here. Well, what's going on? What's going on? What's the problem? So anyway, it just shows you that mushmouth was Rahim Allah and Allah Muhammad was a man who loved to seek knowledge, love to seek knowledge. Sometimes we complain for periods escalate on a Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday, if you're in stage four, Monday, Wednesday, or Wednesday, you have three periods. We complain of three or four periods. And it's tough. You know, these men of the past and the women, they used to seek so much knowledge that sometimes they would, up until morning to evening until they would sleep on their books. And remember, no way he

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wants went to 12 Different gatherings of knowledge. He said, Imagine like today, you let us do a lesson with Mr. vizury. And then you went to miss Iqbal. And then you went to Miss

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Miss Anttila. And then you did another lesson with Miss Iman. And then in another lesson with Mr. Olive, and then you went to share what scene and then you went back to Mr. vizury. And then you went to Mr. sain. And then you went to miss Nomi. And then 12 different periods. In one day, imagine that. And by the way, their periods wasn't 40 minutes. One, one Jelsa. One sitting was an hour and a half. Sorry, could we keep the slide combos to a low roll? Some of us are trying to try to teach you. So

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12 Different Halaqaat 12 different periods in one day. SubhanAllah. And they weren't like 40 minutes on zoom with Mr. vizury. Let's have a fun PE game in and spin the spin the wheel? No, they weren't they were really detailed. And sometimes I'd have to memorize the Moton and the snugg, which are the names of the narration, not just the narration, you know, you hear a hadith that's called the method. But then that would have to memorize the snad the chain of narrations and that would be like so many names, sometimes six, seven names for one Hadith.

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So Mr. Mystery tells you a hadith, but he learns from Chef Wassim, Chef Wassim, from Sheikh Abdullah Sheikh Abdullah learned from shake up the salam. And he learned from Chef and Sam, and he learned from Chef Follett and he learned from JFETs and he looked at from 789 names that have to remember and sometimes the name

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has three or four names in it, you know, obviously was really give me a headache. Yeah. I just mentioned that they even give you the Hadith I just mentioned what they're learning, and it almost blew our tops. It just shows you how much they love to seek knowledge. And we're going to get into what they would do with that knowledge. But and another story before we continue with that. And that is the story of Abu a yo Alain sorry, Rahim Allah and these are the stories of our self and the self referred to the pious predecessors meaning the early Muslims of this ummah, after the Prophet Muhammad salallahu Alaihe Salam

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Abuja yo Belen sorry, Rahim Allah, this great he was a companion of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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there's a great scholar by the name of Al Hadi Al Baghdadi. And he wrote a book. And this book was called the journey in seeking knowledge. And you got to book stop. Oh, this book looks interesting. The journey of seeking knowledge open it up. Okay. Who went on a journey to seek knowledge the first NARRATION The first story you're going to read is Abdullah ubelong. Saudi Abu Oberlin sorry, he lives in Medina. To go to Egypt why? Why would someone go to Egypt girls?

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Holiday what else? You can tell me you can yell at the screen. Why would someone go to Egypt?

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Family Vacation

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Someone said holiday. Someone said family vacation. Big difference.

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Huge. That's what a holiday is. So family vacation all right to visit family. What else would someone go to Egypt? Why Egypt?

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Customer down

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couldn't see the pyramids, which the scholarship isn't allowed. Unless you you know, because of all the cover and the *can of ancient Egypt. But anyway, anyway, some scholars allowed that they said, unless you're going to seek an Islamic lesson or to be reminded of that, and to learn about things from an Islamic perspective. Anyway, he went all the way to Egypt, to learn a hadith, not just learn a hadith, to verify it, which means to confirm it, to see if it's actually what Muhammad sallahu wa salam said.

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What's even more remarkable. What's even more remarkable, is that this was a hadith he already knew.

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Subhan Allah He already knew this hadith he could have sent a letter

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today if we want to know something enough to go to Egypt you can just Google or he could have sent a WhatsApp message if you lived in 2020 2021 Okay this hadith authentic the Prophet Muhammad really say it the sheikh replies Nam, it did okay, the stacks of dissection, medical or fake and to continue continue watching that's what we would have done. He went all the way to Egypt Subhan Allah how many months journey Allahu Allah and He will renew it he wanted to just check if Mohamed Salah Salem really said this hadith he asked us the man who had the Hadith he asked him Where did you hear from his authentic is a verified Is it true that they will do background checks? No like us today?

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Anything we see on the news? Anything we see on TV anything we receive on WhatsApp?

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Right we verify happened to me the other day oh my god, what happened? To someone reminded me No, no, that's fake on Hamdulillah. Okay happens to me sometimes. So we have to be very mindful. So this was a hadith he already knew Allahu Akbar, because they didn't take the religion. They didn't take Islam and Hadith and Quran as a joke. Yeah, we have fun and we tell stories. But at the end of the day, if something is from Allah rasool Allah, that's not a joking matter. And we don't twist and change to suit us to make it more comfortable for us. Or we hide it for you know, from the people or for non Muslim asks us about it, we sent an antenna, Allah didn't really say that why just we want

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to want to make them happy. Or assume I didn't really say this. Why? Because we don't want to make it we don't want to offend them. Now, if Allah Sarah or Rasulullah, Sarah, it's the truth. And we say, if they accept that hamdulillah if they don't, well, let come Dena camellia, then you have your way I have my way. And by not changing Islam, people will respect you. People will respect us. But when you change, you know, like a chameleon, just to suit that person to suit that person be with this person. They have nothing to stand for. And if you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything. And that's not how we as Muslims, we stand up for the truth. And even if it's against us,

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and it's hard sometimes I know. Sometimes you're in a group, and they're saying something wrong. Talking about someone, it's hard to say, look, this is how long we shouldn't be talking about that person. And if you don't have the guts to say that and sometimes we don't, then we should walk away so we don't fall into sin.

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So Abu Lubalin Saudi leaves Medina and goes to Egypt to verify this hadith and when he gets there, he doesn't go sightseeing, to the pyramids and to go to the Nile River and check it out. I wonder how most Ali salaam survived this, he doesn't go sightseeing. He goes straight back to El Medina. Why? Because he doesn't want anything to interfere or get in the way with his intention. Remember, intention is very important that we do things with the right reason, right intention for the sake of Allah. And when you do that Allah will bless your efforts.

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And that's why the Salah, the early Muslims were amazing and role models for us that we're learning about today.

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Not just that they didn't just seek that knowledge, but they would put it into practice.

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Knowing the truth is great, but putting that truth into action is greater. And that's what is required upon us. And so let me mention some narrations from the early Muslims that he self. Always corny was a man who never

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got a chance to meet the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam which we're going to see why in a moment. He never got a chance to meet us all. He actually came to Medina to visit us with models when I wasn't actually home at the time. And he rushed back home. He rushed back home to Yemen to to be with his mother. Always had called me Subhanallah you

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He gave up meeting Mohamed Salah Salam just so he can attend to his mother. Sometimes we wouldn't even give up the game, or whatever we're doing on our device. When our mother calls us we should leave it immediately and rush back and wait. Like and wait. Did you know boys and girls if you're praying an optional prayer and your mother cause you should leave it. Optional prayer. I'm not talking about pleasurable harass or not.

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You bring a Sunnah prayer, and Mama or Baba call you which is a cinema like Welcome to La Santa Monica Rahmatullah and go to mom. You know why? Because going to mama and Baba listening to them is an obligation something you have to do. While Sunnah prayer is optional. You don't have to do it. If you do it, it's great. But listening to our parents is a wedge it is obligatory SubhanAllah.

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Going back to our western colonies, also commonly would worship Allah azza wa jal so much that in the evenings when it would be nighttime like it is now, he would say to himself, had he laying it on record. Tonight is the night of the bow. What is the night of the bow mean? He would make record bow to Allah azza wa jal for so long. Had day your spear has the narration says until it was morning doesn't mean he would only stay in the bow all night. What it means is he will stay in the bow for a long period of time. His bow would be longer than his you know re citation when he recited fed 200 euros or maybe a soda from Johanna so he's reports a panel of beloved names panel beloved names

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panel beyond him. That was longer than his reputation is clear and longer than he used to do.

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He would make praise really long because of the bell because of the record. The next night, he would say had the Leila to seduce tonight. Last night was record night tonight is pizza night games Night. Night starry night tonight is the night of sujood night where he would pray. So he would make sujood prostration rather stay on the floor so panel and Bill eyelas panel below this parabola constant constant dua to Allah as we had they used to be until noon

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and this was an optional prayer is not obligatory Subhanallah that would do that for optional praise. We struggle sometimes with obligatory praise, even getting up to par to rock out and Fisher is hard for some people but this is not how the self worth so we're learning about the story so we can be better inshallah.

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Also it was mentioned

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about this hack and ABS hack Rahim Allah.

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I've always have was another pious predecessor, another early Muslim, he said about himself. The habit is to have too many my health left me vanished from me, like many of us in lockdown and COVID Because either we get sick, or we're indoors all the time cooped up, and we're not we're not exercising as much. Our health is gone. It's shattered. Right? He said, My health has left me, well don't have to and I became really weak.

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What that got out of me and my bones became frail. Also weak.

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He said, however, we're in Neoma. Today still our former facility, firmer Accra ill Kurata where Allah Imran, even though I'm really weak, and I've got no more health, and I'm really sick. I still stand up in my prayers. And as a bare minimum, I recite certain baccarat and salt and Imran in my prayers each night. Subhan Allah every night is doing that. So now I'm not asking you boys and girls and the parents to that we have to do this. No. But when we look at how they were, at least let's pray to knockout and Witter starting from tonight Sharla many of us after Ramadan we couldn't keep up yes, it's hard to keep up with total we hate rock out and in three with it. Or if you want to do

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more, very hard to do that every single night but at least drop it down to something. Drop it down to something in sha Allah. And also remember Buhari Rahim Allah, he wants he had guests over his house. And of course it's obligatory to serve the guests and to look after the guests. And he was getting impatient because they were staying too long.

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As soon as they left. He ran he ran to the masjid not hamdulillah they left. Let me go lie down for a bit here. Enter the Masjid. He missed a shot in JAMA. He went to the next question. He missed it. Went to the third Masjid missed it Subhanallah you think after missing one Tala to go home. He went to three different masajid and then he went home

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And he prayed that one pray 27 times because he wanted to reward the MR on the reward Subhanallah So, once again, why are we saying this? Not that Hello, starting from tomorrow, I'm gonna pray every prayer 27 times, that's impossible and Allah doesn't want us to do that. But when we live in this age where we see things on Facebook and Instagram, social media, and we see haram, or things which are inappropriate, and we the level, our standard has become so low, we forgot to look at the Giants, we look at the floors, we forgot to look at the ceilings, right? The high standard, and therefore, therefore then our standards become low. No one's praying as much I'm not going to praise

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much. But when you realize and we make our standard the way of the early Muslims then inshallah we'll start to see change with ourselves and with our families will lie when we start acting upon Islam, and doing what is right Wallah, you will be a happier person, you'll be a happier person, and you make the people around you happier. Have you noticed that sometimes one person in the family is having a mood, one person has a temper one person is miserable and what happens? You find it's contagious. Soon, the whole household miserable because of that one person. So when we are in a good mood, it affects others and when you're in a bad mood affects others. And one of the ways to be

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happier is when I just turning to our dean and doing what Allah has, he just wants from us. And that's what Allah has just said in the Quran. Allah says woman out of the hand decree for in Allah Almighty banca whoever turns away from my remembrance, the Quran zikr Islam, first of all, give them a hard life, a difficult life. People are looking for happiness, were they looking for happiness in so many things. Some people look for happiness in games. Others look for a music others look for in fashion. Others look for it in cars, others look for in clothes, others look for it in food, and might give you some enjoyment. But it won't make you happy. And the proof is people who have all

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those things are not happy. Because a person who doesn't have all those things, but to have Islam and a lot happier people. You know why a person no matter how much dunya they have will never be happy. Do you know why?

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Do you know why that will never satisfy and make the the soul happy? Because where is the soul from?

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The soul is from Allah, right from out of this world. The soul is from out of this world, while the body is from this world. And that's why you can give the body things like food and drink.

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From satisfied Happy hunting, right the body will get satisfied. But the HA because the soul is out of this world, nothing will make us happy except what is from out of this world and that is Quran. And that is knowledge from ALLAH we see. So if we want true happiness, you want to please the body want to fill that stomach up? Yes, something from the world will make it happy. But the soul will never be really happy until it turns to that which is from Allah and that which is Islam, of course.

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Going back to always alchemy

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in the time of Amara Dylon when he was the Khalifa when he was the Muslims.

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There will be delegations, groups of people reinforcements of a lemon that would come to El Medina. And every time a group or caravans will come whether it was for jihad or whether it was for selling merchandise and clothing or whatever. Whenever these groups of people will come from Yemen I'm gonna rush over to them and he would ask them a fee come away signal Amber is always gonna hammer with you. So a waste of Naaman was of course always happening

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and that will say no he's not here we don't know who he is not who's that

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and to finally a group came from Yemen and I want to ask is a waste with you a fecal more wasting Muhammad said yes.

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Here is this is the man you're looking for. I'm gonna mop up because Gaza you've never met him? What would he ask if he knew what it looked like? What would he ask? It didn't know what it looked like never met him. I'm gonna stop and this now the Prophet Mohammed. Salah Salem had passed away. This is after salah.

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I'm going to look at Tom goes over to him. And he says, are you always in the habit? And he says yes, I'm always a nominee.

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He says Are you from the clan of Murad? This? I'm from the climate what? He says Are you from the tribe of Quran? This is I'm the I'm from that tribe. I'm going to ask him, Are you suffering from leprosy is like a skin condition, skin disease, and Allah healed you? He says yes, that's true. He said, Allah healed you so much. That nothing

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was left on your body except the size of a coin and that little part of leprosy stayed on your body. He says yes. How did you know this? Is and is your mother still alive? He said yes tell him how do you know? How did I not know this? He said I heard the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say, Muhammad wa sallam never met him. This was why from Allah Muhammad wa sallam told Ahmad Fatah he said, away signal hammer will come to you from the reinforcements of a lemon. Remember rasool Allah met him. He said, Why so come to you from Yemen, from Murad Adnan, who used to suffer from leprosy skin condition until Allah healed him.

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Always the prophet is telling him what he said always is extremely dutiful and obedient to his mother. And if he was to take an oath, but Allah, Allah will fulfill it. Allah will grant and given to him

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and then Rasul Allah Tala.

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If you are able to ask him, if you can ask him to make this day for for you, Jamar then do so Rasul Allah is telling I'm going to this man and ask him say always make too often we ask Allah to forgive me, and I'm gonna hit obviously, I'm already going to Jana Kamara. bukata is the second greatest companion who was promised Jana from Rasulullah himself.

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But even then, the Prophet told I'm hottub he said, Ask always to ask Allah for you. So are looking for you Subhan Allah. This was the high status of voice money.

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Who was always coming?

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He wasn't a companion. He didn't fight in jihad.

00:26:51--> 00:26:55

He didn't give all his money away in charity. It didn't pray all night long. You know what he did?

00:26:56--> 00:27:00

He was obedient to his mother. That was enough

00:27:01--> 00:27:07

for us, Allah to praise Him and say this man if he was to make an oath by Allah will grant

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and because when he would like to take care of his mother or help his mother, he wouldn't do it with a grudge gene is

00:27:14--> 00:27:15

going to help now.

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Why couldn't someone else do this? You know sometimes kids you you're going to do something and then wondering why my mama Baba couldn't have asked someone else. Always when you want to tell me help from his house? Think of this person goes Oh mama, cause you think Jenna's calling me? How much do you want Jana then respond?

00:27:35--> 00:28:10

Sometimes it's hard. I know. Sometimes all mama and Baba do is call you Yes, I know. I remember every time they asked you to do something that's as good for you. That's Azure. Right? So I think of it you know, they're calling you because you are responsible enough. Think take it as a compliment. They're asking you because they know you are the right person for the job. They think mashallah you're responsible, you can do it. And if things are hard, maybe you can ask mama, can I do this later? Is there a campus feeling a little bit tired, though, say Ah, come on, really now. So if you if you ask in a nice way, say Sure thing, mom, she'll think Baba chosing mama.

00:28:11--> 00:28:22

Can I just do this first then get get to it? If you ask a nice oh even ask them? How can I ask you if there's something I need to do? And I'll tell you the right way to ask the right way with Adam in Charlottetown.

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So that was the story of lace alchemy.

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from Carnegie services from Khan Academy, and the final story is a story thinking about you know, we'd all rather talking about working hard and helping in the house. Okay, here's a story about laziness. Ottawa, even as obeyed

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him Allah

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said I came to Arusha Raja Lana, the great companion, the wife of Prophet Muhammad wa salam. I came to Aisha to greet her one day. I found her praying and reciting in the Quran or reciting from the Quran

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from sort of the tool and she was reciting the idea that Allah says, Allah has been gracious to us and saved us from the fire. She was reciting that over and over and over that I sort of thought she was repeating it and repeating it, and crying and weeping. He said, I waited for her and waited and I waited,

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always waiting for ISIS because praying, she's crying and she's reciting. He said, I got bored of waiting. When it's so long. I thought, well, I'll go shopping, go to the marketplace, and come back, go get some groceries come back. When I came back to Asia, I found that she was still praying and reciting the same idea and weeping Subhan Allah.

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This was a high issue Roadrunner. Not only was she the fourth most highest narrator of Hadith. And we have the narrators of Hadith the companion generated the most Hadith memorize the most Hadith of the

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Prophet Salah Salem, she was number four. And she was the first woman. And she's the only woman in the top of the Raiders of Hadith. Of the top two of companions memorize the most Hadith of the Prophet. She was the only woman in the top 12. So not only did she know so much, but she didn't just take that knowledge to go give a lecture online and teach people and send messages on posts on Facebook and think mashallah, that's it. But she would take that knowledge and put it into practice now by praying and crying Subhanallah

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ethics bad coffee.

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So she wasn't lazy. You know, I laziness boys and girls is an illness that can destroy your deen and your dunya it can destroy your religion and it can destroy your worldly life. And it's a it's a disease that can ruin your reputation as well. People know you to be lazy, they'll talk about you, they won't really trust it with, you know, with tasks or responsibilities.

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And it's a sickness that can stop you from earning anything good even in dunya. Whether you want to get a certificate or a degree, earn money or perform a good deed, right, you need to not be lazy. You need to be patient you to keep doing it. Even if you want to learn a new skill, whether it's learning how to swim, learning how to ride a bike, learning how to draw any how to write persons lazy, that won't get anything done. So patience is very important. And the Prophet sallallaahu Salam even taught us to ask Allah Azza to protect us from laziness, Allah Khomeini to become an Adze well castleview learns this hadith eselect ask Allah to protect you from Kassandra which is laziness and

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inshallah to Allah we can overcome laziness and we can achieve so much even in lockdown. And if you look at all your lessons that you've learned in lockdown in India, and yeah lockdown stuff, but we're tougher inshallah you know lockdown has been hard but Subhanallah we've learned so much of the summit and that shows you boys and girls that we can achieve a lot. If we're not lazy, make dark put our trust in a lot and putting the hard yards do the work that is required. Just do a little bit every day and inshallah you will get them. So panic alone will become digna shadow Allah Allah.

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Allah to like