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Al-Kahf 1-8 Word Analysis and Tafsir 5-8

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Now those people who say that Allah has a child, Allah says about them. Mother whom they do not have these people who say that Allah has a child, they do not have be happy about it meaning about the statement that they say, men are in any knowledge. They have absolutely no knowledge about what they're saying. They're saying this without any evidence, without any proof. With regard to the machine of Makkah, Allah subhanaw taala says Ushahidi Hong Kong, have the witness the creation of the angels that they know that they are females, and that they are the daughters of Allah. What evidence do they have? They don't have any proof. mela won't be human or they don't have any

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evidence. They don't have any knowledge when Ali Baba him, and nor for their forefathers, the forefathers before them also, they had no proof. Because many times such people, what do they say, we are following our forefathers? We believe we do what our forefathers do.

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But Allah says you don't know. And even they didn't know.

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And a person should be extremely careful about what he says about what he passes on. He should not blindly follow us. Because if he does, then what will happen? He will fall in great errors. He will commit major mistakes like these people were making

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double what it is tremendous. It is great. Kelly Martin as a statement, that the whole issue that comes out of why him out of their mouths. The statement that comes out of their mouth is great. It is tremendous. It is extremely serious. But they don't even realize its seriousness. It's a great crime. In its effect. In its implication, this statement is tremendous. How is it a great crime we learned in sort of medium that the guy the semi watery at the bottom, a man who was unshackled was the hero who had the

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money, when other than when they say that the Most Merciful has a child it is near that the heavens would rupture. The skies would rupture, they would tear apart. And the Earth would also split open and the mountains they would fall down collapsing. Because they say that Allah has a child, they have no evidence behind that kabbalat calamata the human Earth Why? It's a big statement. It's a tremendous statement that they're saying out of their mouths.

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Now if you notice over here, it has been said the whole argument of why it comes out of their mouths.

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Generally when this is said Yoku Luna BF Why him they say with their mouths. If you look at it, a person only speaks out by his mouth, right? So whenever this has mentioned, that they say with their mouths, it is used for a lie that this person is lying about. This is a lie, or that he's just saying with his mouth, he doesn't really mean it.

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He doesn't really mean it.

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Over here, it has been said the whole demeanor of why he came. And this shows that they are saying the statement without using their reasoning without even thinking without using their mind. Because if they use their mind, they would never say such a statement

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kabbalat calamata the hodgeman of where he him in your coluna they do not say a Latin even except ni

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what they are saying is in reality, if false statement, it is a lie. What is it? It is a statement that is said which is contrary to reality. It is contrary to reality. it contradicts reality. This is what cannabis.

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Now over here, we see that these people are uttering this statement without any real but still they're wrong statement is called what? What is it called? A lie. So what does it show? A lie is a lie. Whether it is said with knowledge, or without knowledge, it is said deliberately or by mistake, which is why we should always pray to a loss of data to cleanse our tongues off

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of uttering falsehood.

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So what is the lesson in this for us?

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That we see that the people who believe that Allah has a child, they do not use their mind in this. They're just passing on whatever they have heard from their parents. They're not using their minds because of the dead user minds they would not say something like that.

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So what's the lesson in this for us that we should open up our minds we should open up our eyes and we should not follow something unless we have knowledge about it. Unless

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We are certain about it.

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We learned in total Islam is number 36. That will lead the coup Malay, silica do not pursue that of which you have no knowledge about. Do not do that. Why? Because in the summer, while Bussereau while further colonial Africa, Ghana and Houma sola,

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the hearing, the site, as well as the heart, all will be questioned.

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Each and every faculty of yours will be questioned about that, what did you do with it? When Allah gave you these abilities? Did you not use them?

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So what's the conclusion thus far?

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That allows a panel data has sent a scripture to guide people.

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And this scripture, it gives good news, and it also gives warning.

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The warning is general for everybody because everyone needs warning.

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However, specifically, it is for those people who believe that Allah has a child, because this claim of theirs nullifies their belief. They renders all of their deeds waist, zero, they carry no weight whatsoever, because of that specific warning is for such people to call Angus warning for such people.

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And this is also a good news, but for who, for those who do.

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We listen to the recitation and then we'll continue.

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Why you machine

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McAfee nothing.

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not the Prophet sallallahu Sallam upon him the Quran was revealed. And he was told to give good news and also to give warning,

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and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he did that he delivered the good news to people and he also delivered warning to people.

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However, delivering the message to people is not easy, because many times he will tell people, but they will not accept and this cause the Prophet sallallahu wasallam to be very aggrieved. And this is what is mentioned in the following is

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that further I look over here and then perhaps you would kill Neff Sokka yourself, perhaps you would destroy yourself. Perhaps you would ruin yourself are sad him over grief over them. Why ilam human will be heard and heard at SFR that they do not believe in this message. Out of sorrow. You will destroy yourself

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further on them unlocker learner gives meaning of hope. It expresses hope. And it also expresses fear

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that perhaps you would it seems like it may be that you would bear enough second Bell here is from the reflectors, Behari and bahara is to destroy oneself is to kill oneself with grief or anger.

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It is to worry to grieve to death.

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And Bahar also denotes the doing of an action to a great extent that when a person does something extensively, when a person does something with a lot of effort, with a lot of energy, that he exhausts himself completely. He puts in every effort that he has, every moment of his life, every strength that he can find in his body in himself, he uses it to do a particular action.

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And when a person exhausts himself in this way, then what happens, he is left weak, he is left tired. And sometimes if he does it too much, it can affect his body as well. It can literally lead to his death. So many times we hear about people who are

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Are workaholics right, who work extensively who work all the time and what happens they end up harming themselves. So this is a state of back there. This is one who is someone who puts in every kind of energy every, you know, drop of energy that he can find his body, he uses it to do something. This is how the prophets that a lot of them did, though.

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He did not do it part time. He did not just use parts of his day, or just some time, or just some of his energy. No, he exhausted his efforts, to the point that he went to a thought if to deliver the message, and the people were throwing stones at him, and his body was wounded. And he was bleeding heavily to the point that his shoes were filled with blood, he did that he underwent that hardship. Why? Because he was delivering the message of Allah to people, he took this seriously that Allah has given this book to me and Allah, Allah kita. And you notice Allah, it gives me enough responsibility, that you are made responsible to deliver this book to people. And someone who

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realizes the blessing of the book of Allah, He will exhaust every effort to deliver this book to others. Further unlike a barren of saga, perhaps you would destroy yourself, you would kill yourself are the sad him over there footsteps over there traces aside is a plural of ESA. And other is the remnant of someone, the mark of someone once they have gone.

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Like for example, if a person is walking on sand, on a riverbank or at a beach, then as they walk away, what's going to be left behind them footsteps marks.

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So are that sad? Or that sad? He is on his track in his pursuit. So you would perhaps destroy yourself on account of these people, their actions, what they're doing, the impressions that they're leaving with you? And what is it that they leave with you in law, mute me know that they do not believe be heard and heard easy with this speech? That this speech, accidental Hades, the Quran, the word of Allah, the speech of Allah that you deliver to them, they don't believe in it, and they pass away, they go away, they go away from you. You would perhaps destroy yourself out of what out of out of grief.

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As if SF is from the roof veterans homes as info.

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And SF has four meanings. First of all, SF means has an sadness, grief.

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So you would perhaps destroy yourself out of grief, that these people are not believing these people are going to end up harming themselves, that the Quran is a guide for them, it is a game it is going to set their affairs right? It is going to fix their lives, but look at them, they're not benefiting from the Quran. So perhaps you would kill yourself out of this grief out of the sadness, that they're rejecting the.

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Secondly, the word SF also means jezza which is when a person is irritable.

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And when does a person become irritable? When does he show impatience? When he's extremely annoyed.

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So similarly, you would perhaps destroy yourself out of

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out of being impatient or out of restlessness out of irritability that these people are not believing. You know, when you keep telling someone and they don't listen, what happens, you get fed up, you get annoyed.

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And thirdly, SF also means a lot of anger.

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So perhaps you would destroy yourself out of anger. And fourthly, it also means madam regret,

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that perhaps I should have said something different. Perhaps I should have spoken to them at that time.

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So we see in this ayah, the characteristics of a sincere diary of someone who is really trying to call people to Allah soprano.

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That he exhausts his energies. He uses everything that he has, whether it is his free time or busy time, whether it is his physical effort, anything that he can do, any force that he can muster up, He does it because he wants to get the message across to people because he wants to warn people of that century then, and he wants that people should get a john Hanson.

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And also we see that a true diary, a sincere diary, when people don't accept when people don't listen, he feels sad.

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Why does he feel sad?

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Does he feel sad because he is being rejected? Or does he feel sad because the message is being rejected? He feels sad because a message is being rejected.

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Many times when we're doing Dawa, when we're telling people about something good, they don't listen. They don't respond. You tell somebody about something, but you see no change in them. You feel sad? Why should you feel sad? Just because you feel you have been rejected, the other person has disrespected you. He didn't give any attention to what you were saying. No, it should be because the word of Allah has been disrespected. It's because the word of Allah has been rejected. This is why the sincere that he feels that. Similarly, a sincere diary also experiences regret, sadness, hustle, that I wish they would believe I wish they would change I wish they would accept. And sometimes he

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also experiences anger, and frustration. So the prophets are a lot of work is being completed in this fire.

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That filler I look about here and perhaps you would destroy yourself meaning Don't do that. Don't take it too heavy upon yourself, take it easy, it does not mean reduce in your efforts. But what it means Do not be extremely sad, do not be extremely greed. Because if a person accepts, then he is benefiting himself. And if a person does not accept, then he is only harming himself.

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He is not harming you.

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Because of a person stays in this grief, he will not be able to continue conveying the message isn't it?

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Which is why we learn in many places in the Quran. For example, instead of hedging it as well as an IRA Him and do not grieve over them. In sort of large I have 40 we learned for in Mr. alagille Bella, what are Lehmann herself upon you is the duty of notification and upon us is the account.

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So what's the lesson in this for us? that we need to check ourselves as well, that when we have received this blessing of the Quran, when we have benefited from it, how much effort are we putting to take this on to other people?

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If I enjoy listening to the Quran, reading the Quran, if I enjoy reflecting on the words, reflecting on the meaning, reminding myself enjoying the recitation, then how can I not like it for other people?

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And if I do like it for other people, what am I doing? What kind of efforts might putting in? Is it just that I clock in and clock out? Is it just that I can't do my duty and go away? Is it that when I'm given some work, I say this is too much I cannot do it. Then I say I have other things to do as well. I have my own life, I have my own family, and this is too much. No, if a person's goal is that I want to combine to reach everybody, he will exhaust every effort. He will exhaust every effort like the profits, that alone is unlimited. He will sacrifice his sleep, he will sacrifice his extra time he will put an effort he will cut down on his luxury because his goal is higher. It is

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superior. He wants the Quran to get to others. Because if he doesn't, then there is sensuality then in the hereafter.

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And if I do not want but censured even for myself, How How can I ever want it for someone else? This is not fair. When Allah has given a blessing, we must be grateful. We must put in every effort to deliver it to others.

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But unfortunately, many times people get distracted. Many times people see the value of the Quran. They see the importance of delivering it to others, but they get distracted by what by dystonia,

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by the luxuries and the comforts of dystonia.

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Or you tell someone about the but they don't want to accept why because they're too comfortable in their own lives. Allah subhanaw taala says in Jannah indeed we have made more of the whatever that is on the earth, anything that you see on the earth, whether it is these tall buildings, or it is the people who walk on the earth or it is the extremely wealthy and knowledgeable people, the most eloquent people or it is the trees and the glitter and the glamour of this dunya anything that you see on the surface of the earth. Allah says we have made it as a seen as an adornment love for it. This is only seen for the duty. This is just decorating this to me. There is no other benefit to it.

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This is only decoration.

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And what do you do with decoration

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Like for example, if you have decorated your room, if you've decorated a place for a wedding, that decoration is put up, but eventually it's taken off.

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So this Zener is there for now. Why? Lena blue, so that we can test them a year home, which of them Sonoma is best in action.

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People are being tested right now. That when you see all of this glitter and glamour around you, one thing is calling you, your house is calling you Your food is calling you, the mall is calling you. The work is calling you money is calling you. titles are calling you so many things are calling you. What do you do?

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Do you get lost in these things? Or do you remember the purpose of your life?

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Do you get engrossed in these blessings busy in them day in and day out? Or do you realize that there's a higher purpose to your life, that you have been given the Quran and you have to pass it on to others?

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A loss of penalty says and sort of kind of only alamelu welborn una zenithal higher wealth and sons wealth and children. They are an adornment of this worldly life.

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They're just decorating this life of yours.

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And in reality, you are being tested that what do you do? Are you home asanoyama, who does the best action who is best in action when it comes to dealing with these things, when it comes to using these things. And when it comes to focusing on the ultimate purpose of life.

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Notice it hasn't been said a thorough armella. What has been said

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what is required of us is not a great amount of good deeds. What is required is quality. And quality is determined by what by the effort that you put in by the intention that you have by the goal that you have set for yourself.

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So we need to check ourselves over here as well. That if for example, we are studying the Quran, we are helping other people learn the Quran. What kind of ominous This is it?

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Is it an excellent quality? Or am I just counting the numbers? Am I focusing on the quality? That How should I be working? Or am I just focusing on the numbers because what is required is our son or mother. So everything of this dunya

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it is a Xena. It is a test, whether it is our families, or it is the wealth that we possess, or it is our own bodies, or it is the opportunities that we get in this life. All of them are seen, but we are being tested,

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eviscerated Audrey, he narrated that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, the world is sweet and green.

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this dunya is sweet, meaning it's very enjoyable. And it's green meaning it's very attractive. It's very enjoyable, it's very attractive. And Allah makes you generations succeeding one another. So he is watching what you will do.

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He is watching. What is it that you do? What kind of animal are you doing?

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You see these blessings that we have been given. They are a test. Like for example, if a person has been given a body, this is a test for him. It's a Xena. It beautifies him, especially when he can beautify himself or herself even more. Now this is a test that how much time do you spend in just beautifying your body? And how much time do you spend in using this body to do something?

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Are you just eating good food healthy food so that you can look good, you can have a perfect skin? Or is it that you're eating good, eating healthy, so that you can worship more, you can recite more, you can teach more you can share more. What's the intention? What kind of action is a person do with it. And depending on the action is the result in the hereafter?

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What in Allah Jerry Luna And indeed We will make Marlena whatever is upon it everything that is upon this earth, whatever, Xena that is upon this earth, whether it is off animals, or it is of plants or it is a people or it is a buildings, anything that is upon this dunya we're going to make it sorry, then into a ground. That is Judah that is buried on which nothing grows. So don't get lost in it.

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Don't be deceived by it. Don't give preference to it. Because ultimately, no matter what you obtain of this

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lunia it is going to be turned to dust. It is going to be crumbled down to the ground, it's going to be made into Sorry, sorry, there's a plain ground. It's the top layer of the earth, and Judas, Judas is from the root letters Jean rosae, which is when a land is barren, when nothing at all grows on it, it is incapable of production. It cannot produce anything.

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It's also said that Judas is such land on which there were plants on which there were trees, but all of them they have been removed. And so now it lies empty and desolate, flat.

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So this dunia, it's going to be turned into a flat ground, just like a white piece of bread.

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Without any mountain, without any tree without any building. We learn into the Taha I have 105 to 107 with Luna car, New Japan, and they asked you about the mountains for cool. So say, yen sifu halabi ness fan, my Lord will blow them away with a blast further to hell car and soft software letter, Rafi, Harry, we're done well under and he will leave the earth, a level plane. And you will not see there in a depression or an elevation.

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Sometimes look at the things that you own.

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And sometimes think about the time that we spend on these things. And then think that ultimately, it will be levelled.

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Think about the time that we spend in looking for the most perfect thing, the most perfect piece of furniture, the most perfect piece of clothing, the most perfect shade of some makeup, how much time and energy we spent and researching and getting the most perfect thing. But if you think of it, ultimately, whether you get this or that both are going to meet the same end, which is sir Ethan Joseph.

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So our time in Estonia is precious.

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It's not that we use it to pursue this dunya It is so that we use it to perform arson or Armada. Because in the Hereafter, that is what will be seen based on x anomala reward will be given.

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And if we have spent our lives this pursuing this dunya being distracted from the Quran, being distracted from what is more important than there will be nothing but regrets in the

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that many times we focus on doing more and more we focus on the quantity and we neglect the quality. And many times we think that later on when I do such and such, then I will do this action in a very good way. But the fact is that we need to improve the actions that we are already performing that we are already doing. And right now all of us are engaged in doing work in either learning or facilitating the understanding of the Quran. And all of us need to analyze our efforts, that is it really arson? Am I getting distracted? If I am getting distracted by something, then I should remember that that is going to be turned into sir even Joseph but the score on it is going to be a

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source of honor in the hereafter in the green on the Day of Judgment. And I have to put in the effort that the profits or losses have been put in by Iran, Iran exhauster efforts, put every everything that you can every moment that you can put in and when you do that, then you will see the results.

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And if you look at it, the statement that they say will go to the head Allahu Allah, Kabbalah Kalamata, this is a tremendous statement, this is a very serious statement. It's a grave statement. And when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would hear it, he could not but do the work of the people he could not purchase do something to stop them from saying something like that.

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And he exhausted every effort, but we need to see we hear the statement all the time. What what kind of efforts are we putting in?

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And many times we see that the prophet SAW the medicine and he felt sad because the people would reject the message. But unfortunately, we feel fear. Even before delivering the message. We could kill ourselves even before that, before even making an attempt and if there is

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rejection, we feel sad because we feel we have been rejected.

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And we see over here, that the people they say such statements because they do not have any knowledge. And Allah subhanaw taala has sent the Quran to give us knowledge, and it's our duty, that we must spread this knowledge.

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And only when a person has belief and conviction in the fact that he is a Hulk will help the engineer who will help the another, then he will deliver and then he will feel

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then he will exhaust every effort of his every energy of us because he knows that this is the truth. This is everything. And everything else besides the Koran, it is dunya it is Xena and that will be crumbled to the earth that will be finished, that has no value whatsoever.

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in the hereafter Allah will not ask you, what kind of degrees did you do? What kind of places did you work at what How much money did you make? You will be questioned about what you did with the knowledge that unlucky

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did you learn Did you increase an understanding? And did you pass it on?

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May Allah subhanaw taala enable all of us to be as valid as a prophet sallallahu Sallam was to exhaust every effort of ours and deliver the message to the people to give the helicopter

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listen to the recitation of all of these is from the beginning.

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This means

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Cheddi Jagan

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una sala de

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hacer una

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Nike Nike

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subchronic Allahumma Chateau La ilaha illa Anta

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh