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Uhud Pt1

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. While early he will be here, woman Weller. last lesson, we looked at why the Battle of HUD was conducted. We looked at many of the reasons political, social, economical, etc. Let's look at the Battle itself.

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I was again,

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uses the caravan that he saved in Bedford to finance his army for the battle world. Remember the caravan he saved just before the Battle of Bedford and he sends a letter to Abuja, saying, look, go back, go back. I've saved the caravan. Well, that caravan that Abu Sufyan saved, he uses it to finance his army for the Battle of offroad. Once again, showing you that the Spoofer would spend all of their wealth to try and fight and eliminate Islam. So Panama and allostery mentioned this, that they will spend their wealth, they will lose it, they'll go to war, they will lose that and they will regret it and end up in Hellfire that lost everything.

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The profile is so too slim had spies all over because to protect and Medina because as we've already taken last week, with the many other words in the saliva to kuffaar we're looking to attack and Medina. And any opportunity they had. They won't just leave us alone. They're not happy with that. They want to wipe us out literally and wipe us off from the face of the planet. And our bus Who is he?

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The profits uncle

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allowed us a monopoly monopoly. He provides Intel to the profiler, sorta slum from Mecca. So he was in Mecca, he'd get Intel, and he came to the profiler. So celemony informed him that Quraysh have 3000 soldiers

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750 kg male

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this number of horses, this number of camels he's telling him the works work about

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this is the first news that the profile is sort of slam receives about this army advancing. So what is the profile is what slim do he verifies It doesn't just take this information and run with it. So he sends a mother to go and blend in the army of kurush and verify the news and come back. He does so with the exact same information 3000 soldiers 750 coat male armor number x number of camels X number of horses exact same numbers. So the profile is sort of flown since and us and mountainous to also bring back some intel. They do so with the same news teaching us yeah, even Medina Amano injera, confessor will be benefited by you know, when news comes to you verify, especially when it's

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never big news as a last sentence. Girod big news. In other words, normal news. You don't need to verify something that's going to affect you or your family or community. But big news verified, verified.

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So the profile is sort of slim received this never big news. So he verifies it, and he does. So he goes to Saudi Arabia, one of the Sahaba. And he was also one of the chiefs of alongside, he goes to his house,

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he gives him these details and he gets his opinion.

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And before he leaves, he tells him keep this secret. Keep this information I've given you classified, classified information. When the Prophet left sides wife comes over to sad and she says What did the Prophet tell you? It says it's done your business upon money, your business, and then say look, you know, let me tell you what the Prophet told me I'm so special showing off Look, let me fill you in. This is an Amana a trust was between him and the Prophet. Listen to them. I'm not going to just tell anyone teaching us how we should be with someone and trust you with the information. Already. I'm giving you this info Don't tell anyone else. It's a trust. Not even his wife and the

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find this Unfortunately, many people because they're their spouse, I think I can tell my spouse anything and whatever happens in the community, people can find me they're just my spouse now even if they your spouse.

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And two panelists is especially for the machines and the people in the dugout in the community, who he the problems of the community. They're not able to tell their wife their you know, the kids are the best mates. They need to ensure that they keep that trust as well.

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So he says no new business.

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She says to him, Well, I know what he said anyway, he said 123 x y Zed exactly what the Prophet told him. He says in Allah who were in the lead Rajon AC, basically like when a homeowner will afford to live in a disaster. And that's what you say when a disaster strikes. So, in the Lila who were in Nayla herodion as a losses, Baccarat is also about to masiva Paulo, I say this. In other words, you don't only say this when death occurs, that's a disaster but you say for any disaster. So sad. It will be rushes over to the profile so to Sloan and it tells him Look, I also love my wife knows

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I'm telling you so you don't think I'm a bloody mouth? Say anything I spilled the beans you don't think I leaked this information? But rather she found out I don't know how what should I do Should I fix her up the profile says leave her Don't worry, leave it alone.

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Although I don't really want it to do

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in such issues, especially relating to issues of the oma, the profile is sought to slim will speak to the Sahaba on a need to know basis he wouldn't tell everyone this like when we talk hidden is the profile is so too slim only told a few of the Sahaba namely

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our book, Ali and Fatima and also our burgers family knew

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of the live interview bucket and others so it was only a few people was and everyone

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a smart been to every record as well.

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So now the profile is far too slim after receiving this information. What does he do? He holds Shura Council.

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He wants to get the opinion of the

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Sahaba. And you find this in the sealed nikto where two main opinions were given the first that they stay in El Medina. And they basically use that as like a fortress to defend the land and also, so their women and children can defend also and join in on the fight by throwing things and rocks and stones from the rooftops. And the other opinion was, this was the majority opinion that they go out and meet the enemy in open field. Basically, they feel that it is shameful to hide in and Medina and have the enemy come and attack us in our own home. So they wanted to go out. And as we said this was the majority opinion, especially the opinion of those who missed better, because they missed out on

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this huge fight that was so eager, they didn't want to miss out on another. And they also felt like if we stay in Medina, then the kofod are gonna be so scared they may not even come so we may not even fight so they wanted to fight they didn't want to miss out on this reward. You know, when there's a big event and you missed it, and you man you feeling regretful and they say Look, that's going to be happening again as a rerun or whatever, you know, I'm going for sure now I'm not going to miss this for the world. So that's how they feel. Now the first the pain of staying in Medina was actually the opinion of

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also la the profile so to Salaam. He wanted to stay in Medina, from a strategic point of view, as we said, so the women and children can also join in and it's actually a protected area. And this was also the view of Abdullah bin obey the leader of the hypocrites. That was his opinion as well. But he wasn't saying as a strategic point of view, was more to save his own neck. He didn't want to go out to fight. This is how the hypocrites are when it comes to jihad. They don't want to fight. Because uponor jihad is the ultimate tests, ultimate test of sacrifice, sacrifice your wealth and your health. You put everything on the line. And your true nature comes out via tests. When

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something's under pressure, that's when you bring out its true nature. And that's what tests do in class the teacher tests students why to bring out the true colors, who has studied who is dedicated who's been reading who hasn't. Who's the one who's on top of their studies and who isn't who's on who's on the board today and who's not. So the tests bring out your true nature and people can crack under pressure literally under tests had the last week as I was walking down Mia I had a few extra books in my bag which I do now because of the extra subjects I teach another class so as I was walking was I had one or two extra books in there the the bag broke and snapped literally. And as

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you notice, I've got a new bag I see a different color. And I realized this this brand because I got it from overseas in Egypt. Now I was all show no go look good, but really it was rubbish. So under the test under the pressure, that's when it's true natures came came out its true colors and he was shining. So the Kufa the mean that I want to fight because of course the true nature is coming out which is being cowardly. So Abdullah bin obey didn't want to go out so upon Allah so the profile so it's Islam went with the majority here he went with the pin of the Sahaba and that is to go out and fight the enemy near the mountain literally have a shot, which was a few kilometers outside of in

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Medina. Now some of the Sahaba felt like they pressured the profilers. And so they told Hamza to go over to him and apologize on their behalf. Look, we felt we pressured you, Ursula, we're gonna go with your decision. We're happy with staying in Medina. When Hamza rando came to the messenger Aliso to Salaam he'd already put on his armor.

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When he told him the profile, he said, Sam replied, it's not befitting for a prophet to take off his armor once he's put on until he goes to war with the kuffaar and Allah azza wa jal judges between him and them.

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Well, no, okay, no, this is why I can save my own neck. Let's just stay here inshallah.

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This is something they want.

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Yeah, everything over tourism hamdulillah good. They don't want to go anyway. No, I put her on. We learned so much from this will in so much from this article was commenting on this upon like gifts and Ruby beautiful lessons he said, it shows you that the profile is sort of slim was decisive. And these are qualities. These are among the many qualities a leader must have to be decisive, not indecisive. No one likes an indecisive leader, changing his opinion left and right, according to who spoke to him last, you find people like that, according to spoke to him last he's turning his opinion based on really no change in the information, no change in the environment, not all the

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variables are the same. If all the variables are the same, then what changed your opinion? Sure, if all the information is the same, or the data is the same, everything's the same, why change,

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you will change at times if information change, maybe the information that you received was wrong, or perhaps something happened that changed, then you will change your decision. But if there was no change in, as we said, the variables and what changed your mind. So indecision is actually not a good quality to have this to always change your mind. For the total dollar for either assumpta for what can Allah. Allah said, when you make a decision hollows, you go with it, you put your trust in the mouths of john, and you go ahead, that's why it is the harder you make a decision there is the harder you go for it, then whatever happens that's the result of us. We didn't work out how the law

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showed it for you. If it doesn't work out. 111 law showed it for you bluster for you.

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But also also teaches us not that the leader must have this quality of being decisive, but also because followers don't like an indecisive leader.

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doesn't look good. No one wants to follow someone who's indecisive just changes their decisions in their mind. Whenever they deem fit, you know, one day that could be for you next day they are against you. And it doesn't keep you secure. You feel very insecure being around such a person, especially if they're your leader, your boss, for example. Now one day so happy with me. I think you know, I'm staying here for lunch the next day makes me feel like I'm gonna get fired tomorrow. It keeps you insecure. Especially soldiers because they literally their life is in the hands of the commander. He says something after do it. So that trust is important. So if you are leading, make

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sure that you try to have this quality. If you're leading someone, maybe your kids may be someone make sure you have that quality of being decisive. Not just to change it for no reason.

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So the profile is what slim decides we're going up. So they do they head out towards 100 which is a few kilometers outside of and Medina

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said next it goes on to mention that the profile is so slim ask the Sahaba if they know of another route to avoid because the roads were all literally blocked by the kuffaar.

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So he asked the Sahaba is anyone know a different route? of Oh, hi. Emma says yes, you're a solo I know a route via agricultural land. So they take this alternative route to get to 100. Now as the going through this agricultural land, they end up passing through a farm. And this farm belonged to a man by the name of morbier. Sometimes you might read Marbury or Mirabelle Elmo him. This was an old man, who was actually one of the hypocrites, who's a man was one of the hypocrites. And he was worried when he heard that this army is going through my, my farm, it's going to destroy it, because that's inevitable. can imagine an army is walking through agricultural land or a farm, they're going

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to destroy it, whether intentionally or not, it's going to happen. Because another dimension is the profile is sort of slim matches out with 1000 1000 of the Sahaba up against 3000 of the kuffaar.

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So they go with 1000 you can as 1000 people walking through a farm, they're going to destroy it with them, of course their camels and their horses, etc. So this old man was one of the hypocrites who's also blind. So he came out he came out and he says, if you are the Messenger of Allah, I forbid you from walking through my farm. The Prophet just ignores him and the Sahaba just keep on walking. Oh, man, it's crazy whenever

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and it shows you the priority of the Jamaat over the individual. This is a very important point in assembling the Jamal the congregation the group takes priority than individuals and that's why that's why it's not allowed you should dislike to come to the masjid you should be eaten garlic or

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onions good thumb and bustle not allowed. Even though you coming again a benefit even though you coming but you'll benefit by praying, but you're going to harm other people. So you're going to harm the majority. So that takes priority. So remember that the procedure

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takes priority over the individual so the Prophet ignores him I keep walking through so this old blind man he takes some dirt in his hand and he said if I knew that me throwing this dirt would not hit anyone in the face but you I'm Mohammed I would have done so.

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are rude man. It's panela How rude it is individual. So have a wanted to kill him with cursing Rasul Allah is punishable by death and salting is punishable by death I wanted to kill him the profile so to Islam says leave him leave him this site this fellow is both blind in sight and ha

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this guy's blind in both ways, in bizarre and basilar literally in his eyes and in his art in his heart can't see in both

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when they get to

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the battle ground right next to a heart. Abdullah ibn obey Who is he?

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Good the leader of them when I 15 the monatshefte himself and the leader of the hypocrites Abdullah bin obey. Remember that name?

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Not because it's a good name, and the name of the lesser good name but him Who was he wasn't good at all. I believe in obey. When they get to this battleground. They know Okay, look, the fight can happen. he withdraws and he takes 300 of his men. As I mentioned in the silver nectar. he withdraws x 300 long luck. But so the Sahaba now

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there's only 700 of the Muslims fighting. And once again, we said that the kuffar in the monofin they crack under pressure, but tree man tree man is to withstand the tests. So of course this hypocrisy came out. And he said, I'm going back Why are you going back? He blamed the prophet and

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he said the Prophet listened to kids and not the wise old men like me. He listened to kids basically they wanted to come out fight, you should listen to me. So pile a lot. So you're wise and the Prophet is not out of Allah.

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Abdullah event obey Abdullah bin obey. And he also said, I'm going back because I don't think there's going to be fighting, I don't think there's going to be fighting. So I'm just going to go back, I'm not going to waste my time. So Panama, actually, it's the other way around, you're going back because you know there's gonna be fighting. That's why you're going back, you're just chicken.

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The profile is sort of slump

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has three main battalion's streaming groups.

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And these three groups were of course, the madrone. And the unsolved split into two allows one has a lodge. And as they were lining up to attack they had offered the mountain avoid which cold or hot because it's a mountain, the amount of work towards the back, the profile is sought to slim. So Pamela, although he wasn't a man who had years of experience in warfare, Allah azza wa jal gave him this karamat where he could see could see the benefits the pros, the cons of the battlefield. So the profile is sort of slam noticed a possibility of an attack from the back literally where the hill was.

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So he orders 50 of the Sahaba. That's a large number out of 750, to basically go to this hill, to act as protection from the back, basically like sniper position. And usually a sniper one, or two or three is enough to take out, you know, so many people. So he's taking 50. Now, that's how important this position was. He tells us he orders 50 of the Sahaba to go to this hill, and basically protect them from their backs and the profile is so too slim, gives them very clear, explicit instructions. He says you don't come down, no matter what. If you see us losing, you don't join us, you don't come down. If we see us winning, you don't come down. Literally you don't leave your post, he said even

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if you see that we are dead. And the vultures have taken our bodies, the birds of flying away with our bodies, you don't leave your position until I tell you so very clear, explicit instructions and you're going to see how important these instructions are. The profile is awesome. He knew he detected this weak spot this possibility of attack from behind. And of course that mountain will mean that they'll be flanked the Sahaba will be flanked.

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So what ends up happening is upon Allah who mentioned it next week, inshallah Tada. Interesting story, and this was an amazing battle. The battle for HUD. A lot happened. We'll take that next week. inshallah tada subchronic aloha Mohammed ignatia. Do an indent Mr. felucca, one or two