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Muhammad Al Bizry
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So objectives for this lesson and zero

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battles was a wet sariah raids leading up to the battle.

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Actually what we're going to discuss battles,

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events saraya raids,

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leading up to the Battle of Ward

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necta on the events between better and offered, it goes on to mention a few battles. And you'll find it upon a lot. As you read into the zero, it's one battle to the next. And that's what the Sierra was made up of a lot of the time. That's why sudo is called

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mahasi which means battles. Another name for cielo is mahasi because it's filled with battles now. So those who make up the profile is sort of slim as a man who never fought, and he was always in a state of peace and he never wanted conflict. He never wanted conflict. He was a peaceful man. But it wasn't gullible, naive and weak. He stood up when the Muslims were attacked, he defended and Medina and the profile his son was smart, because many times he would get word based on the spies and their you know, their investigations and the Intel he would receive that particular tribes were going to attack and Medina so he attacked first, that wisdom

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because you don't just wait to be attacked in a smiling handing out roses as they come to slaughter you and your companions. Now that's considered foolish. Wisdom is defending yourself. So they're about to attack. Okay, we'll attack them first. We'll catch them off guard. So this is in fact what happened a lot of the times as we're going to illustrate today in sha Allah tala. So what are these events, these of us overt and sariah that occurred between better and offered the first, the attack on battle sulim. This happened seven days after the Battle of Panama shows you the kuffar to confirm

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that we're satisfied. They wanted to always continue to despite them getting a beating and whether they still wanted to fight the profilers foot slump, and then we're going to wish after this that they didn't. This is number one, the attack on bennell solane. Seven days after the Battle of whether the Muslims were in battle once again, this was a pre emptive attack, meaning that they were planning to attack the Muslims in El Medina. So the profile is what Islam he attacks them before they do so. So he takes them by surprise.

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As soon as he got word of this, he took the initiative and advantage of the surprise attack. And because they weren't expecting, they fled. They were scared. As usual. They fled. So banners so lame banners to name the tribe of surname. They fled and they left behind 500 camels Allahu Akbar. And that was huge. That as aneema will build it was huge. You know, one camel, you can do a lot with one camel is used for transportation. What do you use today for transportation? A car are You, sir, to transport goods, a van, a truck, also for food, medicine drink. So it's your own personal car, and the ricola store. And pharmacy only one, one camera was huge. And can't camels give birth? They can.

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So one camel will give birth to others like having a factory. Now there's 500 camels for the Muslims on hamdulillah. As we said, we are peaceful people. But we're not going to be trotting all over. And we're not weak. And we don't want people to come and slaughter us. Big difference. That was the first.

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Second was where to swipe was where a swipe. Now what's the difference between the hardware and I said here?

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Correct. So the first one was when the Prophet for himself was a city it was when he delegated others to fight. So the first was was were

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Benny, Suleiman, the prophet actually fought. And the next is, was were

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a stoic.

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Now subway was a type of food that was used for the worries used for the Mujahideen. This was basically grains and so forth that was mixed with honey, but SWALEC, and it was actually good food because

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it wouldn't really expire because it's grainy and so forth. Not like meat and milk and chicken that has a very, very early expiration date. So this was something that the fighters would use, it was like a staple food. And you might say what was it called the hospital. So here

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you see why

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apostrophe and goes to battle navien who were they

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a Jewish tribe. So of course, it was a much trickier than hadn't accepted Islam yet. So the mustard corn and the Jews

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match made in Hellfire as usual so

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So I was applying goes to benomyl did his best mates the Jewish tribe and they basically get some info and until that there are some Muslims on the outskirts of Medina. So they go and they kill two Muslims and destroyed the area basically in revenge for better wasn't much of revenge. They killed two Muslims and they basically got nothing but they felt that they wanted to do something because they lost face after what happened in the Battle of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam as soon as he hears of this he pursues them with 200 soldiers. I will Sofia and also had 200 soldiers, but he was running away the parlor as we said the chickens as usual.

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They were so scared. They were throwing their luggage and food stuff to lighten the load. And of course among the food stuff was so wide that we're getting so much of our getting rid of so much so awake that after they fled the whole battlefield was basically like full of soy that was called the hustler to survive. Literally the was where the Battle of good grains mixed with honey, so you could call it to Pinilla.

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Yeah, of course they did. Yeah, so the Muslims took this was an excellent choice of food for the Mujahideen, especially, because it could keep for months on end without going off into these types of foods that have that.

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So hello, so it was good food for the fighters and the Sahaba.

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And they kept it with them.

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Number three,

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this was was against a tribe in a nudge and unaged is in Iraq.

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Next is a light on

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the profile so to sum gets word receives word that they are also going to attack on Medina law or this could fall they're not happy.

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The only time they happy is when they defeat and try to annihilate Islam which they will never will By the way, it shows you one thing that even if you live alone, they're not going to leave you alone.

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That's a very valuable lesson. The Muslims have their own Medina in Islamic State colosse Let us be let us live not they're not happy. They want to attack Allahu Akbar, the profile is so too slim receives word that his tribe from nudged is going to attack

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the Medina. So the profile is sort of slump marches out him. And 450 Muslim worries 450 Sahaba to go all the way to an Iraq and it's upon Allah. And that was approximately one month journey.

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So he marches with his army to meet them in their own territory. No fear at all. Let's just stay back and wait. Hopefully they don't come. No, we're gonna go out. You want to attack us? Okay, we're going to come to your own territory, your hometown. You know, now when you play sport, there's Home and Away as Home and Away usually who has the advantage? The home team Yeah, but even that so called advantage in your hometown the profile so someday we're gonna come to you.

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Bella advantage by this adventure bubble. We're gonna come to you.

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On the way there Capture One of the men who ends up becoming a Muslim voluntarily. Tila and Mr. Muslim? Do you see how they are? He becomes a Muslim hamdulillah and that shows you the profile is slim wasn't that Jesus kill anyone I just showed you. The Prophet wasn't just there to kill anyone. But we have many examples that

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captives were freed and they would come back saying I shadow Allah Allah Allah, voluntarily accepting Islam.

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Now, when they arrive in a nudged, it was raining. And the profile is sort of seminal Sahaba decided to take refuge and rests in a valley of trees.

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Now because it was raining, the profile is sort of took off his armor, and he hung a tree along with his sword and he rested beneath his tree along with the Sahaba.

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A man by the name of Dora thought he was a gaffer, from the army of nudged who was spying on them and trailing them. He manages to find the profile is so too slim. he sneaks into that area, the Valley of the trees. And because the Prophet was asleep, he was resting and the Prophet sword was hanging he wasn't aware. So Dora Thor takes the soul of the Prophet Muhammad and he screams out who's going to protect you from me, I'm Hammond, the prophet with full conviction and tawakkol. He says Allah, Allah, Allah says the three times immediately the Thor falls back and he drops his sword. The Prophet picks it up. He says who is going to protect

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You for me. The mentors have mercy. Because the difference in the Prophet wasn't saying, Now please let me go, I'll do anything.

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The Masters Have mercy please upon Allah. The Prophet Allah is too slow.

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He gave him down.

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And he accepted Islam. And he went back to his people willingly accepting Islam and he called them to Islam. He ended up giving down this man moments ago came to kill the Prophet. And then afterwards he's calling to the Prophet. Because the Prophet let him go, the prophet let him go. And he didn't just as we said, wanted blood unnecessarily wanted to kill No. So the profile is so too slim. Let him go. The man the people said to this man, when he returned, this is what happened. You had him in your sights, he was unarmed, you could have slaughtered this man Mohammed and would have been, you know, Allah would have redress from him. He said, a tall man stood in front of me and pushed me in

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my chest. The profiler sort of said that was up. So as he came, literally, and he's gonna, you know, if you want to do you would have killed the Prophet jobid iclm came to his assistance, once again, as we're talking called, and David was there to protect the profile of sorts.

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So he ends up giving dowry to his people, and actually many became Muslim, Allahu Akbar.

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Many of them became Muslim, which meant they didn't fight. Therefore, the Muslims were victorious once again in the hospital of unadjustable hamdulillah.

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Fourth battle, this is now a 30 year

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difference. The Prophet didn't partake. Syria, they didn't haritha

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Syria, they didn't.

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And dysuria is named after a double Heiser because he was the one who was leading that campaign.

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This of the

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we're getting frustrated because every time they send a caravan to Yemen or Syria or Syria, he left him relative she thought it was safe. In winter, they'll send it to a layman and in some other send these caravans to and from sham. Now, as they were sending these caravans, it was always getting raided by the Muslims or allies of the Muslims. So they will becoming extremely frustrated, cholesterol becoming extremely frustrated. And this is something that they weren't used to. They'll actually used to having their caravans travel freely. Lila Qureshi laughing Natasha, it was safe for the protection of kurush the protection of the caravans for the custom protection of kurush. Really

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this what is it means Isla from olfa, which is something you become familiar with, that we're familiar with his protection as a partner, all of a sudden they're getting ready to lift front and center why

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failure Buddha robber hadn't paid because they're not worshipping the master of this house. That prediction that we're getting wasn't because of the coup for was an acknowledgement of the coup for if it was what would the law say they let them worship the master of this house if what they were doing was good. And I wouldn't say that true. Just keep on staying on your cover allows you to sell is saying you better start worshiping Allah azza wa jal quick, smart otherwise, cause you're not going to have a lot of data it will save, you're not gonna have this easy Johnny journeys to and from Yemen and Mecca and of course, Syria to Mecca. So they were getting rated constantly by the

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Muslims upon law. So they became extremely frustrated, so called h would actually send the caravans, all the way to Iraq to enter Syria from their margin. They're going out of their way completely. koresh was sending the caravans to Iraq, to enter Syria, based upon all of the profiles sorts of Islam, whenever he would receive word of their caravans, he would send sariah to radio as well, and they were successful, so I was driving them mad. And we can't even get our caravans to Syria, no matter where we go, whether the normal route, the coastal route, the route of analog, and this was harming the economy. And of course, it was harming big time. So this was this area of zaytoven

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haritha, where the profile is so slim, since since they didn't have a fan of course, it's harder to raid the caravans of Quraysh in Iraq.

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And they were successful with hamdulillah successful on all of these fronts. And that's from the wisdom of the sariah always like military practice for them military experience. So the benefits of these raids, the skirmishes the suraiya, and hazard number one

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military experience and training. So if you're writing notes, the benefits,

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military experience, practical, you know, at school, you will learn about the theory. But that wasn't enough, you need to do practical as well. And that's why at universities, you have the practicums, we actually go out into the real workforce, and you learn so much more on the practical, then you actually learn in class true radicals dilemma.

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That's why, for example, as a teacher at university, they taught us so much in, in class in the lectures in the seminars, is completely different to when we actually came out in front of the classroom. And then your first day in front of the kids,

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you don't know what to do, everything I just told you in class is like out the window. So the practical application of that knowledge is equally or at times even more important than the theory. So all those are common rulings of jihad, etc. What was it doing? It was giving them the practical military experience of the Sahaba needed.

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Number two, jihad is an act of worship. So there's actually rewards in

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rewards, as well, as we've already already illustrated in the previous lectures of the Battle of butter.

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And because it's an act of worship, all acts of worship have rules and principles. So you can't just pray how you want his rules, how to pray, will do the work was Jihad has rules of engagement. And I showed you that Islam has rules even when it comes to warfare, we have codes of ethics I like to call for, they just do what they want. They massacre, plunder, kill, steal, do what they want, they've got no standards. as Muslims, we have class, we have standards. Number three, the third benefit from these suraiya and skirmishes and raids is that the Sahaba would now get personal one on one time with the Messenger of Allah.

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No distraction is doing him because you're on a journey with the profile is slim. So they're not distracted with other commitments such as work, or maybe family or kids, whatever the case may be. So it's personal one on one time, and you don't truly know someone until you travel with them, or you deal with them in business money alone. That's when the true character comes up.

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So traveling, traveling, so it's teaching them now they're getting personal one on one time, and they're learning many hobbies, learning how the profit workup, how do you go to sleep? What would you do for breakfast? How would he ate? How would you go to the bathroom? They're learning all of these. So that's why I love that how do you came from the supplier very beneficial. They're seeing how the profit is what Sam was daily, daily, as opposed to back being at home. Everyone has worked in women's and not. So no, no distraction with, you know, Facebook and Instagram and Twitter. So now it's personal one on one time, it's like when you go away with the family. Yeah. It's like when you

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go away with the family, no distractions, you know, from the internet and Facebook and Twitter. But rather, it's just you and your family

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also, are steady via discipline.

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They would learn discipline,

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with the profiler, so to see them.

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Just like today, yes.

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armies are big on discipline.

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The way they wake up, they have to wake up at a set time schedule. mealtimes go to sleep lights out 10pm, for example. And also when they have to stand in line in front of the commander. They don't do so probably there'll be court martialed if they don't salute the big on discipline. And of course, they're doing it for the wrong reasons. But there's no discipline like the Islamic discipline and tarbiyah. But they were learning this discipline. Also among the benefits

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is it was teaching the Sahaba

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the importance of Jamaica

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the importance of the congregation.

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And teaches them what sacrifice because now it's not just me that I have to think of it's others. I'm on a journey with him. It's not just about feeding my stomach. It's about feeding others as well. isn't about just me using up all the hot water. It's about thinking of other people as well. It's what happens when we go to camp. The brothers Yeah, not to learn, oh, he can spend one hour in the shower. I'm sorry, you might do that at home. You want to be a snag at home sensitive New Age guy and spend hours doing your beat. But here no sacrifice okay? So and this happens a lot we taught the brothers learned a lot. We'll learn the brothers learnt a lot on these camps, the way they wake

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up and discipline so sister send you

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Husbands in the lacking to be in the house. Yeah send them send them to the miaa camp though we'll fix them up. Don't worry. Send your sons and your kids there is

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no send your son send your husband's

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did it. We did learn that from us if you have something else.

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But it teaches Yeah. So as you can see these trips will teach this habit about Jamaica, because about listening to the immediate jemelle working as a group

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Yani a seminar, our bond, it's about listening, obeying. It's not about me doing what I want sacrifice, a bank that I made. So there's so many lessons upon left from this sariah.

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And that leaves us with the Battle of warhead. Now, why was the Battle of war conducted?

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Or mentioned, finish it? Maybe five minutes shot off 20 to 20. And we're done. But

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why was the Battle of boyhood?

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conducted? Why did the profile so slim?

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engage in the vegetable hunt.

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This occurred the Battle of war had occurred for many reasons. Number one, religious reasons.

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Courage was standing in the way between

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people and Islam. They were standing in the way between people and them accepting Islam. They wanted to avert people from the path of Allah.

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Just the first reason that we're hurting people from the path of a law. So religious reason we're going to go to war, because these people are preventing others from accepting Islam.

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Number two social reason.

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Porsche wanted to go to war with Muslims. Why? Because they wanted to wash away the shame of better, their reputation was tarnished. So because their reputation was tarnished, they wanted to make amends. So social reasons, you can even add political reason as well, because they had this political, you know, because they were very honored and respected in Mecca. They were the custodians of the Kaaba, they didn't want to lose face. So it was all about politics as well, because they were seen as a respected tribe. And the fact that they last embedded was a big deal. We are the custodians of the cabin. And everyone knew the story of certain field, how a lot protected Mecca,

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the garba, from the companions of the field, the companions of the elephant and abroad and his army, a lot protected. Why only illustrated this not because of the cover, a lot protected that area for the cabinet itself,

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for the cabinet a lot protected, not because of the cover. So a lot protecting the garbage was an acknowledgment and approval for the cover. If it was what would the law say fully absorbed by the debate. So let them worship the master of this house. In other words, they're not doing it, let them do so.

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So that's the second reason you could say social or political reason they wanted to wash away the shame of bothered, because they wanted to make amends for what had happened in the battle a better because they felt humiliated and ashamed.

00:23:19 --> 00:23:21

They want it to be respected once again and not lose face.

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Number three

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Why did this peril occur? economical reasons now, so the first was religious reasons they're getting in between

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the Muslims or people accepting Islam. Number two social political reasons they don't lose face then one is reputation.

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Third reason economical.

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What were the raids doing to their economy, putting some serious pressure on him. So the Muslim raids are putting serious dent in their economy. They couldn't send the caravans to Siri audio and why they're always getting

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rated. And that was a means of money merchandise that will basically sell things to Yemen and Syria and buy things from Yemen and Syria. So it was really putting a dent on the financial standards.

00:24:28 --> 00:24:36

And despite that, so Panama despite them losing money, they would spend their money to fight Islam just like today.

00:24:37 --> 00:24:46

Any they basically got no money, but they're spending all their money regardless to fight Islam, despite them having very little

00:24:48 --> 00:24:55

history is repeating itself. Look at today, billions is spent to wage war against Islam.

00:24:56 --> 00:24:59

Iraq, for example, has cost America why

00:25:00 --> 00:25:01

Point $7 trillion.

00:25:03 --> 00:25:07

Yes. And that's money that I don't even have 1.7 trillion.

00:25:11 --> 00:25:19

That's true. Is us taking a lot? By the way, this 1.7 trillion was a study done in 2003.

00:25:20 --> 00:25:26

That's over 10 years ago. I imagine it's probably tripled that number. Yeah. hamdullah let them go into

00:25:27 --> 00:25:40

so 1.7 trillion and counting history has a habit of repeating itself. Sopranos ironic is that the kuffaar say they've got no money to feed the poor but always money to wage the war

00:25:43 --> 00:25:54

below they're nothing but lies we've got no money to help the poor we've got no money for Medicare or medical or schooling education. No money for that but waging the war Yeah, we've got stacks of money loads of it.

00:25:55 --> 00:26:11

So the fall of today are no different than the kuffaar of yesterday. Crush Exactly. That we're barely making ends meet yet yet. They would basically spend whatever they had they'll go in debt just to fight Islam. Yani it's actually in their best interest to say you know, I'm not gonna fight Islam.

00:26:12 --> 00:26:25

They're lovers of dunya the loves of dunya Yeah, but somehow go against their own knifes their own show her word, they go against their own desires, the love for dunya and money. Why? Just for a second look at the camera here. Look at the hatred they have for the deen.

00:26:27 --> 00:27:01

Let us be ready. As we said, If you leave them alone, they're not going to leave you alone. And as we said this was something they weren't used to that we used to security. Just to show you how much security Allah has blessed them. Allah azza wa jal said he left him letters she thought it was safe their journeys in summer and winter the weather Allah came from raha now rollin Arabic means empty after musafir will kulu Shane you actually suffer? Rahal is all the belongings and luggage that a person takes with them on a journey or anything they prepare for travel?

00:27:03 --> 00:27:14

So they would take loads of stuff luggage and baggage and wealth and back then camels they have a trunk and a boot we could put things in No Where are you gonna put it? Where would it be?

00:27:15 --> 00:27:35

Michael salamati was literally on the camera was exposed and he's a caravan with a merchandise that will be traveling freely in the desert everyone knew the caravans crash man they loaded but no one will go near it. No no go near it look at the protection Allah gave them upon love and it was constantly and he left means

00:27:36 --> 00:27:50

means something which is met love familiar with custom In other words, they will always doing it so it was like clockwork if people wanted to write it then you exactly when they're going when they're coming they knew but I just showed you subpanel law I love protected them

00:27:51 --> 00:28:01

I like of salamati and last dimension other blessings under the Obama home enjoying well amen amen health he fed the main jaw Against Hunger Why did he say that?

00:28:02 --> 00:28:44

To indicate you were hungry you were in need Allah gave you because Obama home just to feed them right a person can eat even when they're bored they're not really hungry true like when you eat popcorn watching a movie and I'm because you're hungry. You know you don't have a steak and because you're hungry earlier steak popcorn. You're not hungry, just eating and entertaining. Obama munjal Amanda Holman cough and he protect them against fee You were scared. You were scared and fees of two types, fearing blessings going, fearing danger coming. So fear is of two types, fearing blessings going like they will have the caravans here. And danger coming. What danger was that us hub will

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feel the sort of before subpanel if you look at the placement of the sort of sort of cholesterol trophy Muslim culture of last year, I've given you so much blessings upon blessings I fed you as a blessing is coming and the danger leaving is our safety from Abra so they weren't used to this but the Muslims were putting them under pressure because now of course the kuffaar run falsehood and the Muslims one truth and therefore they're on the backfoot and inshallah next week we're going to look at the Battle of whether the profile is so to send receives word of 3000 strong coming to fight the Muslims. What happens we'll take the next week inshallah. So panic alarm morbihan big national doing

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that in Ireland. What's the federal government do with it?

Battles & Raids Leading up to Uhud

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