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Muhammad Al Bizry
AI: Summary © The hedgerow is a popular culture in the Eastern Probably, where the Red Cross's mission is to bring peace to the Middle East. The segment discusses the lessons learned from the hedgerow, including the belief that women are smart and Kairosity is a reflection of the Red Cross's mission to bring peace to the Middle East. The speakers emphasize the importance of learning from misery and staying true to one's beliefs, as well as the need to know the story of the Islam religion and the threat of Islam. The importance of physical training and the use of metal is also discussed, along with the use of a firing arrow by a man named Rambo.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah about revision for sirata info.

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First thing we looked at was the head drop. And we said that when the will had your own made migration, they and the first thing we said was when the mohajir migrated to Medina Where did they stay?

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five star hotels on the outskirts of El Medina refugee camps

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with the answer excellent, literally in the houses of the answer.

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In other words,

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the Muslim countries who refuse the Syrian refugees have a lot to learn from the unsolved that's why it's crucial to learn the Sierra provides lifelong lessons even in the so called Advanced 21st century. So although they stayed with them not like today, they rejected refugee camps. So that's where the more hedgerow and stayed with the answer.

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Then we looked at the virtues of Almudena, which is more virtuous Makkah and Medina, he says and Medina and why.

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The question is, which is more virtuous?

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Mike is

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correct. So there's many idealer to indicate machismo virtuous among them the Salawat there's far more rewards and virtues in praying in and Western Sahara also.

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We face the ebla in Mecca. Sure, your advice Almudena. So there's many evidences to show that America is more virtuous

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among the virtues of Almudena know,

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at least one of the virtues now at least one of its virtues among them we said.

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The love of this oma for and Medina where the Prophet Ali's sort of slam said our lawmakers love and Medina like we love Makkah omo Allah home happy Bella in El Medina gabanna Mecca worship that's one number two, it has double the blessings of Mecca double the battle cat but when you say Baraka that's not fun. No virtue no status. Yes.

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It has double the blessings of Mecca.

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Number three, good whoever leaves and Medina with no love for doesn't want any more what happens? I'll replace him with someone better. was another Hadith we mentioned show you the virtues of and Medina also the reward of just simply dying in it as a reward what will happen? You have the intercession of lasagna, the Shiva said intercession for you on the Day of Judgment by the Messenger of Allah. So if you're going to die, this led in Medina, literally this land there you'll be alright with Allah.

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And Mel Medina cleanses itself from the those who are impure, and the evil that are left behind literally another Hadith. And we said a man seeks refuge in Medina like a snake seeks refuge in its own.

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Correct COVID plots against the people of Medina, Allah will make them dissolve, like salt dissolves in water. So you need to know at least one of those virtues.

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Which would you like me to repeat anything for your notes brothers?

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No, I've never been never.

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Fortunately, I came close I went to Egypt but

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then we looked at

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the Hydra itself. And how

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abubaker Rodolfo. He was the only one to perform hindraf and we looked at his virtues from that blessed journey. We looked at the virtues of this placid man named me some of the blessings of our work and what we learned from the original.

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He protected the profit when

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good in the good or sold. So where they went good, he protected the profit What else? He got his family involved? Yes.

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Correct. Yes, the virtue of the prophets saying he said in Allah mana good. And we said among the Prophet, the abubaker. His family was a smart, who was providing nourishment. I shouldn't be reading the Hadith of the Hydra. And Abdullah Becker was coming to provide Intel. So the whole family of obachan was getting involved look at the virtues. And he said he was the only one the first to make a joke with Rasul Allah. And he was the first to accept Islam and the first halifa and the first to intergender after the prophet SAW

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correctly in order to make kids right, yes, he was right to the bucket at noon. Also know, at least a couple of lessons from the hedgerow. What are some of the lessons we learned from the job? We said number one, the concept of the hedgerows. In other words, its importance. Number two, we said the sacrifice that one needs to make for Israel. It's going to be difficult. Don't think it's going to be easy. A lot of people say I can't make it was too hard.

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Gotta be the element of difficulty. So the sacrifice needed. We looked at the benefits of making hedgerow that you're going to benefit the Muslim lands, there's a concept of brain drain literally, the kofod have drained the Muslim minds from our lands. So they've taken them, people where they want to get work. They go to America, UK, Australia. So if you've got degrees and Bachelor, you know, university diplomas, whatever the case may be, you're qualified go to them as soon as you'll be an asset.

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We also said among the lessons of the hedgerow the animosity of COVID towards Islam.

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We said and Medina is north to Mecca. The Prophet winds up going south. Yes, to deceive kadesh the kuffar follow him. Yes, they actually go south to show you the extent they want to just annihilate Islam literally eliminated from the face of the planet. They even went south five kilometers south in fact, liquid among the lessons of the digital also the planning of Ross woodleigh he planned. He went at noon to our workers house and he covered his face and he had Intel that he didn't the cave was planning so wasn't your Lala Baraka tiller will just do any minimal effort on mobilicity habibie. Failing to plan

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is planning to fail.

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Among the lessons of the history of the role of women as smart and Arusha to name a couple.

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They were among also the lessons the blessing of a worker these virtues and his family. Were also said among the lessons of the hero choose your companions wisely. The profile is was didn't choose anyone who doesn't work. Very important. Tell me who your friends are. I'll tell you who you are. Show me your mates, I'll show you your future.

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Of course, there are exceptions and exceptions to every rule. And finally, among the lessons of history is the concept of secrecy to protect the Muslims and to protect Islam that's very important, then until everyone everything happy we take it easy. A secret is no longer a secret once it passes to which to these to your lips.

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If you can't keep your own secret, then expect others to do so.

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Then we looked at Almudena itself over the first four projects of the Medina and state

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they establish the message good number one number two establish brotherhood excellent number three

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good the contract with the Jews and the non Muslims really covenant and excellent and number for establishing the Muslim army excellent. They will look at number one the masjid what are the benefits of the masjid

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excellent members of Allah Allah Salah teaching teaching educating good it's like the Learning Hub for sure excellent

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that's where the profit center armies

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yeah literally try doing that now.

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Ready to not be

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a sofa Yes In other words provide a place of refuge for the needy and the poor etc.

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Except our the Christians have

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drawn came and they stayed in the masjid the majority do that today? Because the caffeine before

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before you say careful

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before you said what's good for you. We call the Kevin literally out of a left.

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Then we looked at a sofa named me a couple of those companions about a sofa, Abu huraira who was

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who they thought he

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was he

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actually, I

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think maybe what we've taken in class

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is a good even

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a couple Yeah. They

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said what

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Bob, the brother of Bob, and

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how voila the one was washed by the angels. And among and also feathers approximately 70 they were bad worshippers they were which are hidden fighters and Shahada so that scholars because that was the Learning Hub, the truly the university and they graduated literally with a Master's martyrdom, they graduated with a Master's of martyrdom Shahada

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and, and suffer primarily was for those with with no money or they were poor, nothing to fall back on, but not all the time. who volunteered to be amongst us?

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Was he?

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So I really, really want to answer that in the exam, don't you? I've already volunteered good mentioned that I've already volunteered is quite wealthy and he didn't really need to be among them. But he volunteered. wanted to dedicate full time to learning the fo mo syndrome. Remember that?

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fear of missing out?

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Maybe and so we've taken that's best. The best

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Secret our era as best investing.

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And we said Abu huraira had the F MLS syndrome. fear of missing out. So, fear of missing out knowledge. Today people have it with their phones with WhatsApp with Skype with via with Facebook, if you're missing out, always constantly on the phones, during the current phones, catching public transport and the phones at work during the phones on the way back from work, they're on their phones, when they get home, they're on their phones, take it easy, happy. Take it easy. deactivate your number.

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Those are common misery. But it's too much people overdo it the way we do it, you got to have time for that half time. So he had you're missing out on knowledge for only we had that.

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Now you need to know also the lessons from and suffer. That's very important for your exam as well. What do you learn from how to suffer?

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And by the way, before we mentioned that we said yes, primarily that were poor, weak and needy. However, don't let that fool you. Usually, when you think of a poor person, when you think of maybe someone who's unintelligent, someone who stinks, someone doesn't look after themselves, someone who's rude. True, someone's got nothing going for them in their life. Some isn't the things that come to when we think of a poor person. But no, the Sahaba of the sofa were not like that at all. Rather quite the contrary, as we said, they graduated with a masters of Marxism. And we said now among the things you need to know for your exam, listen from Allah sofa. What do we learn, having a

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so far on

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the importance of establishing an Islamic warfare system? Yes. So we were the first not centerlink, we were the first to establish this warfare system. Also the importance of

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funding, students of knowledge, excellent. Many students can afford, for example, diplomas and certificates and degrees, they need to be funded. And that's what happens a lot. Even in America today, they fund the students to become future machines, also to fund

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down workers, so not just those who are learning, but those who are going to teach, because those who are dedicated full time to teach the people who stayed at our software to teach to others, they needed to be funded, looked after. So you need to fund our work. It's very important. If a chef is dedicated full time to teach in the community, where is he going to living and is to be funded? And that work is in general.

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perhaps, Afghanistan,

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probably most but who knows.

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what we learn from others, so phase, the importance of having

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the poor, and those were not mix mixing with the congregation. True, though in the mustard always, therefore they weren't rejected. They were cast aside, those who are poor, usually that's how they are treated in the society. But upon Allah, not with the Sahaba. They were dealt as first class citizens, scholars who had martyrs and low equity. But today, people usually those who are poor, they cast aside they look down upon what was the last time we sat with a poor person, for example, that's the problem with the West. And that's the problem when you follow an Islamic systems but when you follow them, look at the lessons that you can derive.

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And then we looked at the Jews, they showed love tolerance and acceptance of lasala from day one, yes.

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No, absolutely not. No, they showed rather the opposite. animosity, enmity, and hatred, the whole image and the story of Sophie to create an Abdullah bin seller.

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They looked at the covenant, no need to know that, but

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no, no.

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Just flicking through what you need to know.

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Then after that, after the covenant, we looked at the establishment of the Muslim army. And we looked at first the stages of jihad. There were four as I mentioned in the other mad what were the the stages of jihad, number one, first Muharram not allowed to have to be patient in the first years because they were weak, so I had to be patient. Number two them. Good, it was permissible. then number three, it was allowed defensively good, those who initiated was a four year and then finally, offensive and defensive, so to fight all the disbelievers. So you might say what's the wisdom behind going and fighting those who don't fight you offensive Jihad? We will then and we then mentioned the

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objectives of jihadist purposes is not to literally can coerce every single person in that country to accept them or die. No, that's not the purpose of jihad. But rather we mentioned six what were they give me at least a couple?

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No, it's not. Of course, it's we want that but it's not to convert. It's not to convert every single person. Of course that would be ideal, but they can't be forced.

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God is to enter them under the realm of Islam, not in

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to Islam, of course we'd want that but you can't force people as we said. So number one to enter them under the realm, the governing system of Islam. That's important. Why so they can

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hear the message? Sure, they can hear it. When people are hearing it, they're exposed to the message and they might accept by the kuffar. They don't want to hear the message. Why? Because they're too busy with their work. They do need their money, like Buena Vista, balaka, Sierra Leone, because the Prophet why it took him away from making money. So when his time now is in authority, it's a governing body and system, then people are going to be forced to listen, and then they'll hear it, they'll like it, they'll accept as many of the converted.

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And I believe we gave an example with this.

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Yes. And that's why we gave the example of the letters sent to the kings of the world. When the letter of the profile is four to seven rhetorical, the Roman Emperor had to react. He was shaking, he was buckling, he was scared, literally an apostrophe and saw this. And he said, hammer is even scared the Roman Emperor law awkward.

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He's literally he was sweating as I was offended, he was sweating, due to the weight of that letter. Why? Because Islam was a state had Power Authority, who was a force to be reckoned with. Thus it was taken seriously. Those are the words I wanted. Also, we said the purpose of jihad, just to believe is good, and to reward them, and to punish to confirm and to remove what from the lens oppression and corruption. Excellent. So there's among the purposes of jihad, you need to know.

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Then we looked at the threat to the Muslims, were they threatened in El Medina or just in Mecca? Both they were threatened in Mecca and Medina, first, the prophet Allah sort of Islam initiated the armies and the consulates in the solaia. What's the difference between a hospital in the city?

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Correct as well rasilla for Syria, delegated others to fight.

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You need to know the story in detail of the Syria where the Muslims in particular fought in the sacred month with another story. What happened? What are the kuffar do? How did they react? What are the lessons we learned from what are the law reveal? That's very important. Why? Because we see the exact same thing happening today. When Muslims do something, it's blown out of proportion, the kuffaar take advantage and they milk the situation to its limits. So you need to know that story, the incident where the Muslims that truly they raided the caravan in the sacred month, know that story, for your exam.

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Among the training that the profile is, what's the name of the Sahaba? Two types?

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Or were they

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good, spiritual and physical, spiritual? No, at least one of the ahaadeeth on the virtues of jihad, like what

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ribat for one day and one night is better than

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praying and fasting for an entire month. It's fine, like all that you do in Ramadan. Imagine the fasting and praying the Ramadan, about guarding the Muslims for one day, one night is better than that.

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We mentioned other virtues like standing in the ranks is better than 60 days of worship.

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So we mentioned all of those a hadith upon Allah, I mentioned, they mentioned in Muslim and these authentic narrations

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know at least one virtue of the spiritual benefits and the virtues of jihad. As we mentioned, thus, these Hadith prove that fighting on the battlefield is greater than you had enough. We've already illustrated that we mentioned the arguments for and against. What about physical training?

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What about physical training? Good?

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No, that was the instructions of

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physical training good. The really the Sahaba didn't really need physical training, because there will be like, thanks to medical law, but the Prophet would focus on those areas that they were they were deficient in, like of course swimming to increase the endurance because I didn't really have water around them. So he encouraged us for The Omen not just for the Sahaba but also those things that they've already good at like archery and

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horse riding. He wanted them to refine and perfect those skills so he carries those as well.

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Now finally, the Battle of better the story of the man and the red camel, who was that?

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automatic automatic. What do we learn from the men on the red camel?

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The profile similar to Sam said any good that resides in Croatia is found in the man riding the red camel meaning why, what did he do?

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He tried to stop the battle. He had some wisdom. So he tried

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To convince Quraysh not to go and fight we're fighting our brothers. We're finding our nephews, we're finding our uncle's. Leave Mohammed to the Arabs. If he wins, then his victory is your victory. And if he lose, at least he's not going to avenge his companions death later on. True.

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Now, what happened? Abuja good. Abidjan refused, and he was the voice of extremism, and he cast his vote and the extremists won the election. They mentioned that story. And we mentioned how the yes among the Kufa there are voices of reason there are voices of wisdom. However, however, those voices are drowned out by the voices of extremism agnostic who fall

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and they are cast aside. And yes, at times they will be listened to. However, that's only when it's covered versus cover and hammock law. But when it's covered was Islam No, the kuffar curious with a different standard? We're special because we're the only monotheistic religion really. So therefore we're the exception so that's how they treat us always as an exception. They take it as a compliment

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and among the lessons we can learn from this incident is that sometimes Muslims are deceived they think yeah, these voices of reason for amongst the cool for this hope for us and really, they're gonna vote for us and they might vote for you they might vote for you as a Muslim but remember, it's the extremists among the kuffaar that always win the vote and they overcome the rest so if the coconut godfather end up losing it's

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just like the coconut Muslims end up losing as well.

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Now we looked at the Battle about that what are some of the miracles of that battle? Very quickly

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the Malaika good What else sleeping the night before the rain wasn't the season four is in Ramadan and Ramadan comes from withdrawal mode which is something hot

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gone I'm a

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Mashallah very good.

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When when the war started

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good the kuffaar for the Muslims is few in number to act as bait to draw them in for the slaughter. Good. So there's many miracles there was some we mentioned the rain angels asleep and the Muslim see the forest few in number good. And we said in the battle, the better the profile is sort of slumped over the Sahaba to attack them withdraw Yeah, and Carnival Faria? No. He opened them up and organized in ranks, and not to attack and withdraw. That was usually the web they're out of, but no, he lined them up and so forth. Based on the idea in your head will Idina you can't do an official release of and he put the arches way at the back end those with swords at the front good. And he

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told them to fire randomly haphazardly in a confused state. No, he didn't good. So then take your time fire when they get close and gather your arrows preserve your mo wisdom. And we know the virtues of patience outside of jihad, but he's even telling you to be patient in Jihad alone, or whatever religion you had requires patience. In other words, Jihad requires other other isn't like how many of these young brothers they think overzealous. You go and you go nuts. You just kill everyone thinking of Rambo. Not having to be taken easy. There's other even in jihad. There's a slew of particular ways etiquettes upon a lot. That's why you need scholars amongst the Mujahideen to

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teach them to educate them.

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Finally, the test of the kuffaar

00:23:42 --> 00:23:45

my favorite I wish I couldn't help but love

00:23:46 --> 00:24:25

his leg snapped and made the crack like a crack of a nut in a nutcracker. And we said what happened after that episode came and after the Abu Jihad was struck fatally by more than one these two men from the outside. And we mentioned that story and we also looked at omega honnef, how he was killed. He tried to bargain his way out of it by surrendering peacefully, yes. But it was floated by Bilal. And the boys from the outside, as we mentioned, that was omega mohalla. And we looked at our case, literally, the father of the potbelly, literally the fatso, he was covered in metal from head to toe, like Ned Kelly, and who killed him as a baby, literally, that lined him up with that spear. And

00:24:25 --> 00:24:50

he saw him right there in the eye, but it didn't go through. So what did he do? Yeah, he literally tackled him and he stepped on it. So how they went right through, and it cracked his skull. And a bit the middle of the speed that even Rasulo was impressed with what he asked for. He asked to keep it as a souvenir. So I kept it and then I went to Osaka, then Amara, and then when our Rolando passed away, went to the zoo, buy it back and then or someone asked for.

00:24:52 --> 00:24:53

I think that's it.

00:24:55 --> 00:24:59

Speaking of jihad, when they were firing, who was the first to fire in one of the sariah

00:25:00 --> 00:25:01

In the path of Allah

00:25:07 --> 00:25:10

Who was the first define arrow in the path of Allah knowing the better the better but before that

00:25:12 --> 00:25:13


00:25:15 --> 00:25:17

he was the first to fire an arrow in the path of Allah


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