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The conversation covers the idea of forgiveness and how it can be achieved through actions. One speaker mentions a woman named Yama who claims to have been forgiven, but the conversation focuses on the idea of forgiveness being a small act. The speakers also discuss the concept of forgiveness and how it can be achieved through actions.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah murni II

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato me the Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all, we've reached the last portion of this beautiful, beautiful, comprehensive, by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam just to remind us all how he introduced it that he said that Ken has a nasty habit will fill the *ing user until he can imagine if people were to hoard that gold and silver, then all of you hoard or take into consideration or cherish and preserve these beautiful words to show that these words go beyond the dunya it is something that is more concerned with the afterlife. So this last portion is again dealing with the knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But from a much

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interesting aspect that we seem to forget. forgetfulness that we forget, we forget the fact that we are forgetful. And from that forgetfulness is forgetting the sins that we've even done. A loss of kindness to Allah is all aware of them. But do we remember our forgetfulness and ask for forgiveness for the fact that we've committed that sin and forgot it? Allah soprano with the promise a lot of says here,

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after he says, Well, look, I know Matt totland wildly becoming shoved him at him, and I seek and I asked you for the good of what you know, and I seek refuge from the evil of that which you know, then he says, Well, I still feed oka Lima tatlin inika into a lemon, who you and I asked for forgiveness for that, from what you know For verily You are the all knowing you are the all knowing of the unseen. A stove indica, to seek forgiveness is still far right. We see a last name is so far in a little food and a lot of it all three of these in different manifestations of forgiveness. So istockphoto kalimat tatlin, that I asked for, get us from what you know, we know that Allah knows

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everything he knows what was what is what will be and what hasn't been if it was to be how it would even happen. His knowledge is comprehensive, complete, perfect, no deficiencies. So with that being the case, being that our basis our essence is forgetfulness, we will forget and that is why Subhanallah some scholars say that the name in sand or Nast comes from nesea because he is forgetful. The fact that we forget we ask a lot to forgive us of those sins that we may have forgotten that we committed that we were negligent of was still futile cut Lima tatlin the comprehensive knowledge of Allah Allah subhanaw taala says in the chapter of machalilla, in verse

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number six, Yama, Yama, yeah, but I think Mullah who Jamie and for you know, whom the man I mean, I saw who love Wu when a zoo.

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I saw a whole lot when I saw some Han Solo, the day that Allah subhanho wa Taala will gather people up, he will resurrect them for you know, be open be Maya Angelou and he will inform them of what they used to do you and me. He'll inform of formance of everything we used to do in this life. And then what does he say? I saw Allah, Allah accounted for every single thing that we did. And we forgot, they forgot the people that he gathers up and holds them accountable for every single thing that they've done.

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He shows them, he tells them, you know, to whom in nebby, he informs us that them is us. So Hola, Allah, Allah holds him accountable when they sue and they forgot long time ago. So what's so beautiful about this portion of the door, is when we ask forgiveness from Allah, in our minds, we're only asking for that which we may have thought about and may be able to picture what happened yesterday. What about what happened 10 years ago, 20 years ago, two days ago, and you forgot because that person was so obsolete to you when you scream that that person didn't matter to you because you don't hold them in high regard. Anyway. Allah subhanaw taala is reminding you through the son of the

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Prophet sallallahu wasallam to ask forgiveness for those things.

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You know, even Massoud Subhanallah he has a beautiful statement. He says, be offended. He met Philemon, Al, he said because of the math, yes or a vembu indika your album and the law or the odd man your album or Endeca? Yes. And Allah Subhana Allah. He says the amount depending on the amount of the degree of the minute notice that the sin is to you, if the sin is minute to you, that level of minutiae that you hold the sin is the same amount that last month Allah will be will hold it in a greater factor being that if you think that that sin is minor, that is more that is much more major of a sin with the loss of prana with Donna, and the opposite to the amount that you hold that sin a

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great, a great loss is much more of a greater reward. It's much more minor in the aspect

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Love forgiving you. So it's all about your perception of the sin. You say, Oh, it's a it's a minor sin, it's nothing, don't worry about it and you perform the sin or you commit the sin, because it's minor. It's still a sin. The fact that you approached it in that manner is what is a great crime. But if the sin the small sin is a great crime because the fact you're voluntarily committing it, that's where it will be minor with the loss depending on what data and he'll forgive you. Because some sins we shoot off, just like with Eben mustard, really, Allahu anhu said.

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He said in your other new boo, boo boo, and the whole zhiban juggle your half of it. He said that barely the believer sees the sins as a as a group of mountains or a mountain, that he fears that it will fall upon him. He sees that he is at the base of a mountain. And he also says, gentlemen, you hoffa and yucca Valley, that he fears that the mountain will fall upon him. We're in Nevada. You're the Nuba who can do Bab your thought either and fee. We are called to be a hacker.

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He said in Verily, the faster the open disbelieved the open sinner looks at his sins as a fly that is flying around his nose. And he just does like this. How many times we think to ourselves mentally, don't worry about it. Or we actually say Don't worry about it. Just go ahead and do it. It's okay. It's okay. It's not sure.

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Let's go and delay our prayer. We'll do it no big deal. It's okay. stuff, it'll Kelly Metallica, why, in nikka and tell me who you are. And it ends off by saying that Verily, you are the Knower of the unseen, why am I asking you all this because you have those qualities, you have those qualities, and that is the essence of tawheed that a lot deserves to be worshipped by himself, because of his qualities, his names and his attributes, that he knows the unseen knowledge allowing this name brings forth the attribute of perfect knowledge. If we stop and think who knows everything, it is only a lawsuit panel with Donna because he created everything alcoholic and that is the beauty of to

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heat me lossy pan with data make us of those that make this draw. And remember every little statement that is in this draw, to increase our remembrance of him and to increase our asking him much more than this to our may last month Allah make us of those that follow the sun of the province in a line it was sent him and his beautiful speech that has been given by the inspiration of Al Ali Al Jabbar, Allahu Akbar, wa salam ala cinematically, Bina Mohammed while he was with me as rain said I want to thank you