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The Battle of Badr Pt 1

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while he was a happy woman with her. And last lesson, we discussed the events leading up to the Battle of others. And we stopped at the Dream On the night before battle. So we're going to take that now and we're going to take the Battle of Reddit itself. So those are really the two main objectives. The profiling sort of sees a dream The night before, and this was the 17th of Ramadan. 17th of Ramadan, secondary after Hitler. Many things happened on this night and among them this dream. The Prophet Allah swear to Samsung is a dream in which the army was much less than what it was in reality. A law says so to unfurl a 43 yreka Houma

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la FIM Anamika calida laws have just said and remember when he showed them to this army of courage in your dream as small while iraq I'm Kathy Iran and official dome if he showed you them as large you would have failed. So number one, among the purposes of this dream was a prophecy of what's going to happen in the future was saying this dream you're going to be victorious is what was really telling him but number two, it was also a beshara What's the

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blood tightening? Great news of the future so it's to strengthen the hearts of the believers. And also what happened. The Muslims got really drowsy as I'm sure some of you are feeling it now Yeah, after three hours of study at night before bed they got really drowsy to the extent where they were all asleep. And if you were to look at us before the better the better it says all knocked out asleep now all asleep and that's something that's strange because usually before a fight How do you feel? Yeah, stressed nervous, you got adrenaline pumping, you're not going to sleep. And this is mentioned in the Quran as well so a little unfair. I live in Los Angeles This is Yoshi C'mon Allah

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salmon at amino acid when no house which is drowsiness overcame all of you. Why am Anna to mental? This was a tranquility sent by Allah azza wa jal. And the scholar said, feeling drowsiness in jihad is from Allah while feeling drowsiness in Salah is from the Shaitaan

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so if you feel drowsy in sala de is a good thing is our tranquility from Allah? No, no, no this from shaitan. But if you feel drowsy in jihad, that's from Allah, because usually before you fight, as we said, You feeling nervous, you're not going to sleep. But all the Sahaba was sleeping, the only one awake was someone making

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another purpose of them sleeping was to energize them, literally. So they had a great night's rest of their work up fresh for battle, while the kuffar over there doing all night, drinking, partying. So basically, by the time it was morning, they were literally having a hangover that were literally fighting with the hangover. They weren't sober. So you can imagine I try to swing and swing and miss literally, this go for so they are up all night. So they're not just going to be extremely tired and restless. They're gonna have no energy but also they'll be drinking so you can imagine the hangover there must have had with a monster headache on top of it. But as you can see, some of them are gonna

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lose their heads. So it doesn't really matter. headache or not.

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But something else happened. It rained a lot just isn't the same as a level of sort of unfair, where you know, zero Alico minister Emma Emma and liotta Hera combi Allah said he also showed you with water with rain university to alchemy center and upon you rain and water, rain the night before bed, although it wasn't the season for it. It was in Ramadan as we said, Now the word Ramadan came from Rome out in Arabic and that means something which is Yeah, a fire something which is hot to scorch, the truly that's where the word Ramadan came from, from Rome out because it was extremely hot during that time. So it wasn't the season for rain. But it rained regardless and this was a miracle one of

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the many miracles that occurred during the battle about it. So what this actually did for them Allah says Utah hero can be so he might purify it because some of the Sahaba woke up the next day and they were in a state of Geneva allows was said he sent it down to purify you and he also wanted to remove from you ridges a shade one which was the West west of shade one because shadow was coming to them saying look, you're impure, you just instead of ginebra and not gonna have victory, I wasn't going to give you victory like this. So a lot of the wanted to remove these evil was worse from the show. And on top of that, arraigned on both camps, both parties, both armies, the armies of the kuffaar

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and the army of the Muslims, but had a different effect for both for the Muslims dampened the earth and made it firm, as Allah said at the end of the ayah, where you submit a bill to strengthen your feet. So the rain came to also not just remove that impurity from

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them but to strengthen the ground beneath them, before the kuffar actually turned the soil into mud and it became sticky and it impeded their progress. It hindered them. It held them back Allahu Akbar, the same rain had a different effects. So this rain had two effects, one for the Muslims, which is positive one for the kuffaar which was negative, well hamdulillah.

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So now, the battle begins. What happens? The Muslims see the kuffar as few or more few

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we said this was part of the profit stream was what's to come. So I was glad tidings as well literally the Muslim see the kuffar as few in number, have the capacity the Muslims

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few in number as well. They fit him as few and this is mentioned in total and fell if 44 losses, what if you re Kumu him even to fight him via Unicom, Allah, Allah said when you met the army of the kuffaar, Allah made you see them as few in number Padilla

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while you are looking for a unique him and he also made use him few number for them. So the Cathars are the Muslims is few white

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overconfidence, the kuffaar of courage now we're overconfident these people are small. And when you have a conflict, what happens? Makes you careless, you don't prepare? Think of you know playing against another team. You think oh, look at him that half the players are missing and all their key players are out. Oh, we've got this in the bag. So it made them kill us. But it also made the Muslims look like bait alone one of them to meet a little one of them to fight because this was the first time he man will be up against schofer in battle literally. So the kuffaar see the Muslims as less this serves two purposes to make them careless, because they were overconfident. They didn't

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prepare as much. And the Muslims were acting like a bait. So to make them more eager to fights, so they'll go in and fight and I'll be slaughtered literally. So Allah wanted them to go in and fight because he wanted this battle to occur. Now the profile is sort of Islam looks towards the kuffaar of Croatia and he says something interesting. He says,

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Whatever good may be in Polish, resides in the man mounted on the red camel.

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He said if they arrange with obey Him, they will be well guided. Who's the man riding on the red camel ought to be able robbia very interesting. What are the profiles such as Sam say that if they would obey this man or to be able to obey the man running the red camel, they'd be guarded, and so forth?

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Why did he mention him? Because artha was a prominent leader of polish and polish sent out or made even Wahab to go and scout the area of the Muslims to go and check out the army of the Sahaba and come back and report. So he does so.

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So he can estimate how large this force is. And he returned saying the following Quraysh what I saw meaning he looked at the Muslims, what I saw, were camels bearing death. They are people, these Muslims, whose only aid and refuge is their swords. I swear I don't foresee any of them being killed before he kills one of you first. And if they do kill one of you as their own, what good will it be to leave after that? consider carefully. So they sent out or made him and why he comes back. Terrifying, basically an adjuster in his pants.

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They sent out another one, and he comes back to report another cafard he said I saw men stuck to the back of their camels stealthily and suddenly moving like black snakes with their sunbaked skin. saying these people look like black snakes literally because of their skin color on the backs of this camels moving stealthily. They look like snakes holding fast to their weapons. In other words, he's saying this was a dreadful scene. These are men ready to die. Don't go to battle with these people. These people are willing to die for those sacrifices everything. So they're rushed back to the one on the red cable. And one of them Hakeem even his arm, he says,

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shall I suggest something to you that if you do it, you will carry this honor with you up until the end of time. He says What is it? So he replies, you withdraw this force of courage and you return back to Mecca, and you take care of the blood money of animate even al hatami who has armor yBnL hatami. He was the one who was killed. Remember during the first

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year the first one of the first sariah we mentioned this idea of Abdullah bin Josh.

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He was the one who was killed during the city of Abdullah Joshua when they killed in the sacred month. Remember me

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That one who was killed was a hatami. So he's saying, look, you just take care of these blood money, because autobio was the one responsible for that. Because look, let's just go back to forget this fighting, just take care of the blood money, and let's just consider all of this finished.

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So he does. So Arthur says, You know what, this is an excellent idea. Consider it done, however, go and convince yBnL hanbali, who was up

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Abuja for he is the one I'm afraid will ruin and spoil this ID. So I was convinced that look, I'm happy with this ID, but go and convince Abu john.

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So as you can see, this is why the Prophet said any good that resides in kurush, literally resides in the men mounted on the red camera.

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So it stands up and addresses his people as follows. He says, oh, koresh, by fighting Mohammed and his companions, you will accomplish nothing. He said, If you do so, then you're not going to return back to Mecca, except people are going to hate you because you've killed their relatives, their cousins and nephews, their uncle's, you're fighting your own people. And he said, just leave Mohammed to the other Arabs is that if they defeat him, then they've done you a favor? True. they've accomplished your goals. And if Mohammed is victorious, well, he's victory is your victory, because you're from Croatia is from kurush. So just leave Mohammed to the other tribes. And if Mohammed is

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victorious, and you don't fight him, at least now, he's not going to know of your ill intentions. He's not going to seek revenge. Because if you fight him out, and he defeats you, and he's victorious later, what's going to happen? Then he's going to avenge the death of his people. It's going to avenge what you started in this wall. So that people were happy, they listen to artwork. So Ben was Allah. These were the followers of Atlantis, visual, right? they withdrew. Hakeem, in the meanwhile, who was sent walked by, he said, Go and convince him will humble you go and convince Abdel Hakim gusta Puja, and he tries to speak to him says, look like this is 123. Let's restore,

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let's go back, forget this fighting. We're just there's no way. We've come out in a show of force, we're not going to show these Muslims that were weak, we're going to go to the very end, he says that he's just a coward is the yellowbelly. The only reason he doesn't want to fight is because his son is among the Muslims. And he knows that we're going to slaughter the Muslims, therefore, who's going to get slaughtered the son of art, but he's saying that's why he doesn't want to fight. So you basically accused art about being a coward. And he called him his other names. And that enraged October, and raised him so much and infuriated him. He says, I'm going to show our child who is the

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Yellow Belly. And he actually convinced that by the man running the red camel

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to fight, he actually changed his mind. Not just that, he actually convinced Atiba, not just the fight, but now he wants to be the first who has a one on one jewel battle with the Muslims, called the mo battles and which we're going to get into. So he's the one who actually steps up first to fight the Muslims out about the men running the red camel, who just moments ago, were saying, look, let's withdraw our force, let's not fight. It just shows you how effective our Buddha had was, and how much of a shaytaan a devil he was. He was the founder of this oma as the Prophet. It sort of slammed himself said about him.

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So LBJ, it doesn't just convince him but the fight now he goes to the brother of salami, and he incites hatred, nice eyes, these Muslims, they killed your brother, and they're going to do the same to your family and this and that. He basically reminds him of his brother's death, he angers the brother of

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me, and he goes and incites also the rest of Quraysh and then are enraged and ready for war. We'll look out as we said, How devilish of a dad was what she thought she thought enough.

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So although bundles that I had withdrew,

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the rest of Qureshi stayed and eliminate animal outlook. He mentioned something very interesting about this story. He says the follows and I wanted to share this with you.

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He said the Prophet mentioned the man on the red camel showing us that among the camp of the disbelievers, there are voices of reason. There are men of wisdom and there are those who are moderate.

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Is it however, when it comes to fighting Islam, these voices are swept aside. So basically, among the Godfather, there are voices of reason there are men of wisdom, but when it comes to fighting Islam, these voices are swept under the carpet Allahu Akbar, and the voices of extremism among the kuffar gain the upper hand. That's what he's saying. Sometimes Muslim say, since there are voices of reason and people among the kuffar that are anti war and supportive of Muslim causes, we think number one, that they are the majority and number

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To that there is hope that their opinion will overcome extremism. That's not the case. He said, perhaps that will be the case when it's a battle between copper and copper. But when it's a battle between confront Islam No, no, because they have a different standard for you. And I, my dear brothers, the kuffaar have different standards for the Muslims. Yeah, they might, when it comes to comfort and comfort, they have their code of conduct in war. But when it comes to the Muslims, no different policy applies altogether. And we've seen this, this is reality. And I happened back then in Croatia as well. And the proof was that Quraysh always, always under what always would honor the

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pilgrims. They were known for being the most generous and hospitable to the project, the pilgrims, that was coming to form a genre. The only time on the line and I repeat, the only time they showed hostility to a pilgrim, and they took him as a POW was when it was a Muslim pilgrim. The only time throughout the history of Croatia they've never done that. It was unheard of.

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It happened when the Muslims had taken one of the sons of Abu Sofia. So he was furious. So what did he do? Next time a Muslim came to Mecca, he took him as a prison as well. This was unheard of. Once again, I showed you they bend the rules for us were the exception. You know why? Because we are the exception with the only religion of authority with the only religion of La ilaha illAllah with the only religion of monotheism every other religion is of the you know is polytheistic and it's has contains the filth of copper and sugar.

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So it shows the kuffar have a different standard for us despite the voices of reason. If you remember most of Yeah, and he tried to give it away You have to go back because he rerouted the caravan remember the look the caravan is safe, your merchandise is safe go back boudjellal refused. Also I made it beware became back to report as we said the adjuster and his pad saying look these people are terrifying go back. We have Hakeem even hyzer I'm trying to give it away john didn't work out. I stood up address these people didn't work. But ozada withdrew it didn't work. Would you have carried the vote and extremists won the election while the coconut kofod lost?

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That's the reality that's always gonna happen. Remember that was a beautiful listen by aluminum louder I wanted to share with you. So let's look at now the battle itself. The Pro family sought to slam had a strategy wasn't just your law, all that warfare go in and just do what you want. No, the profile is far too slim had strategy when it came to fighting. He was tactical. He was organized he was arranged he would plan things out or didn't just go every man for himself no and just worry about you know protecting your leader. Rather, he used something that the Arabs would never use and did not know before in warfare. He used something a tactic that wasn't used by the Arabs before and

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that was a so forth ranks rose he organized the Sahaba in ranks in rose he basically had those with swords and spears at the front while the arches are at the back. And this is based on the area sort of the soft area for where Lazarus says in the law how you have been living in your party Luna v Sebelius of a loss said in sort of a soft a for Allah loves those who fight in his course a lot of really loves those you find his cause suffer in rows literally in the in the liability now a lot loves those your party don't those who fight yes visibility suffer translated it Yeah, correct thing I thought I missed something

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can numbering banana muscles as though they are one unified, solid, solidified structure. So this is the idea that the profile is what Islam used to organize the so forth. And the Arab what they would do usually was as collateral when federal to attack or withdraw, attack or withdraw. But that was disorganized number one, and it didn't grant any control of the leader of the commander over his army. So the profit as we said was organized. He had them in racks and rows when you stood up,

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but it also gave him greater control of his army. Now as the prepper was organizing the ranks and rows, like he was preparing them for Salah.

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Those one of the Sahaba who was sticking out is out of line. So the profile is sort of slum with his arrow just poked him back into line. So this companion by the name of solo ad, he said your solo you hurt me. I want retaliation.

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Yeah, so Habibi. Look what's about to happen. You want retaliation from not just a command from the Prophet of Allah. When you're just about to fight. There's bigger things at stake here. bigger fish to fry, than you're getting back Habibi because I want to retaliate. What did the Prophet do? Did he call Marshal him?

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Did he order for that companion to be thrown into prison and get tortured for disobeying a direct command from the

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military commander, know, the prophet lifts up his shirt. He exposes his chest and he said, go ahead and retaliate.

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Go ahead and tell you even though so where does that fall? Us sticking out of one heavy beat you shouldn't have been out of line. It was your fault to begin with. But nevertheless, the profile is let's assume stick he literally raised the choices retaliate. So So what goes over to the prophet and he hugs him and he begins to kiss his chest. The Prophet Allah so to some extent he says, ma hamelech Allah so not what made you do so?

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He says you're so law you see what's going to happen. We're going to what I could die. I want my last moment in this dunya to be my skin touching yours.

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This is how much the Sahaba love Rasul Allah,

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that translated that love into action.

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They didn't see it all sulla as the person who's at fault and the one to blame, and he's responsible for getting them into this mess, is it a blame the Prophet for getting them into this, you know, mess of jihad, or, you know, he's the one we are to blame for making our life difficulty making our life difficult and full of problems now, the Sahaba sola, sola, as someone that they love so much, are they willing to sacrifice everything for us or semester loved him?

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Like today, people they think love is just singing in a sheet, or praising the Prophet on your lips, or you know, molendinar be all night long. No true love is when you're willing to sacrifice everything for us, even yourself, that's love of the Messenger of Allah subhanaw taala. But the Sahaba didn't just sing in the shade and make them feel good about themselves or merely make it lip service. This is what we learn from the seat Almighty brothers. If there's anything we have to learn, it's this it's a sacrifice of the Sahaba for so long.

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So now the profile is sort of slim. As we said, he's chosen the location he's taken over the wills, He had Shura with the Sahaba he organized him in rows and ranks the arches at the back those resources the front after all that he makes to her

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that is to talk with my dear brothers when you exhaust all of your worldly means and now you place the matter in the hands of Allah that's the definition of the worker that's what he did. So after exhausting your worldly means now you go to your spiritual means or the other way around that you make drop based on minimal effort Allah low and narrow so look at how much he did all of those things and more now he's making so he raises his hand high up and he's so involved in the drama Baca starts to feel sorry for him Yeah, yes or no answer Don't worry, it's gonna be okay. He's so involved he's saying God Allah these men courageous I've kind of insolently rejecting you and your

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Prophet, claiming his Elia. Our Lord, grant us the victory of promise this morning. And if the Muslims are defeated today, then you will be worshipped ever on the face of this earth? This is it. We are your this is Danny, we are your prophecies messenger.

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Basically, this is it this these are the Muslims if they are killed, then that is it. No more, no more Islam on the face of the planet.

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So literally like the last hope for humanity.

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The Prophet Allah sorts of them then took a handful of soil, he recited the iron. So it will come out say you have Mr. Jim are what you will learn at the board. This group, this party, this Quraysh are going to be defeated. And they're going to show their backs literally otherwise, they're gonna flee and he threw that handful of soil in a direction. And it was mentioned that there was not a speck of dirt or dust except it went into the eye of every single gift. This was one of the miracles of the Battle of others. So the Prophet through this handful of soil descended direction and went into every single eye of this.

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Now the kofod have come out there about the fight, Outback sips food and he calls for a mobile, which is a dual, one on one fighting. So he comes out. He takes a lead his son and he takes Schaber his brother, so his son will lead and his brother shaver come out, they stand in front of the army and challenge the Muslims to single combat

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who steps forward to face them three of the unsolved

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a formidable foe. However Hawaii, they said, We are from the unsolved he said look, our quarrel is not with you. We have got no gripe with you people. We want those who fled Mecca in other words in ways you don't. So they were sent back about.

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The Prophet Alice Watson was mentioned he was upset.

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known from the mohajir own got up. So he says kamiah Hamza kamiah Ali, welcome yo VEDA, Hamza Ali or bayda stand up. They are the ones who are going to fight this stream and

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these three men will all from the prophets family

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or from the profits family because the profit now he wants to show this is only my bloodline here. And it was a matter of principle and honor. So it tells them we know Holly and Hamza and no doubt but our VEDA was also from the prophets family, he was his direct cousin. Now this was the first time the Muslims and the kuffaar go head to head in battle first time, thought this was a significant event. This mobile Plaza is jewel or beta stand in front of

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the other two most senior. So our beta the Muslim profits cousin stands in front of October tumor Sr. I Li stand in front of Al Walid, who were the two most youngest while Hamza stands before shaybah.

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The fighting starts and dust was erupting beneath the feet first you couldn't see what was going on.

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They he cries of the Kabir Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar coming from the area, Ali and Hamza have killed their opponents. They killed them, they slaughtered their opponents instantly. As a strong they were the two lines. In fact, Hamza means lion and Alia was called haidara, which also means line. However, as for our Baden artba, the fight was an over, they both exchanged blows, and they were both wounded fatally. And they both lay there incapacitated, they went dead. But they couldn't carry on with the fight. They both struck each other. But they couldn't continue either. So I Li and Hamza pounce on Arthur and slaughter him. Now he says, and then the Prophet did not reprimand us for

00:26:49--> 00:27:00

that. And that was that was allowed as part of the rules. Because if it was the other way around the kafala did the same thing. So three on three, no matter what about tech team in wrestling, now it's your turn, no matter what, no matter what.

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So are they there is dragged back to the era of the Muslims, and his head is placed on the profits lap. And soon after he passes away in the professor, a shadow and Natasha hit a bear witness that you are a martyr. So he died because of what happened. And the Muslims, however, were victorious. They killed all of their opponents with hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. And this encouraged the Sahaba. So much is the first time as we said a significant battle. First time they go head to head here, there were skirmishes and raids before, but wasn't direct one on one, it was the first time so that encourages the Sahaba. But it also enraged The Godfather even more, it raised them and put them

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into this furious frenzy. And they began advancing towards the Muslims. So the profile is what Islam instructs the Sahaba he says when they close in on you, then shoot at them. In other words, don't just fire randomly haphazardly in all directions in a confused state. And many people do you

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know, when they close it, and then fire, in other words, they can control yourself, when they get close, then fire at them. And then he said to them, preserve your arrows, right? look after them. Another generation he said gather them, because they were low on ammo. Then he said do not draw out your swords until they are neat. That's when you draw. So when they close in fire, and then when they're really close, then you draw out your swords. Once again, this shows you the military experience of the profiler sought to slump rather, once again, this shows you the military expertise of the Prophet, although he had no prior experience of formal training. I call them lead and others.

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This was as we said, Why from Alaska we're done. Now, the kofod as they advancing What do they see, we said initially they saw the Muslim as fewer number now what happens?

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They see them blagica number, they see them double in number. In fact, they see them twice their own size, how many of the kurush with 1000 they see them double their own size. So they see how many 2000 Muslims they see 2000 this is mentioned in sort of alleman Allah azza wa jal says, For the can Allah come to Fifi attaining Takata is a clear sign for you. In when the two armies met in combat, meaning the battle the battle, this is what Allah Milan

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Allah says, fear to quality to feasibility law, he will Raka Pharaoh to era una ley malatya line, two parties one of them believing the other disbelieving and the disbelieving saw them a law that says kathira your own at home myth lay him they saw them twice. Listen this wise misled him twice this is a line with a surety with their own eyes I saw them double. So in the beginning the Confederacy the Muslims are smaller number why to draw them in. But when the fighting starts, I see them double their own number

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To destroy their morale completely. So they came in for the Bible, what did we get ourselves into? So this was Yanni literally, how much it destroyed the morale and the Sahaba had a war cry, what was it

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a hat on a hat, a hat on a hat. And that will cry which shake the foundations of the kuffaar. And raise them even further. And that was what beloved would say when he's getting punished. That word literally shook the core of the society and flourish, because they knew what it meant. It's about tornado, I hadn't I had. So that was the war cry. And on top of that, a lot as we've just seen angels are because the Sahaba needed it. But to strengthen the Sahaba to strengthen the morale gibreel himself joined in the Prophet said, I saw jabril, taking his horse by the reins and leading it on the Battle of other all the angels who were there fighting, the prophet informed us that they

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were wearing white turbans, while jabril himself wore a Yellow Turban, why, to distinguish him from the rest, because he was the leader of the army of the angels that day. In other words, he was the commander. So next lesson, inshallah, we're going to look at this battle further. And in what form did the angels actually partake? We're going to look at exactly what happened, the angels fought. And the amazing stories mentioned in the authentic narrations of how the Sahaba actually saw the kuffar being killed right before their eyes, but didn't see the angels but they saw how they were killed. One of them was and Meza and he said, I was pursuing a Kaffir all of a sudden his head flew

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literally he said, flew us why because it was struck by an angel and we're gonna take those narrations and more next next week inshallah does that come locator for your center missing my dear brothers have said Mr. de como Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh.