Ali Albarghouthi – Ramadan Motivations 13 – The Wall between Heaven and Hell

Ali Albarghouthi
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Santa Monica Kumar hematoma Yamanaka

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Sharla will start from Shawn line few seconds

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no smilla would humbly now Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while earning your Sahaba he was lm Loma Linda my info now on fire now via my LinkedIn I was in there a minute um but I mean yeah Allah teach us what benefits us and benefit us with what you teach us and increases analogy Allah hellhammer I mean, Allah make us of those who are knowledgeable in this life and they are benefit from that knowledge. When they meet you your hammer, I mean, do not make what we learn evidence against us a testimony against us but a testimony for us and make it Elevation for us in this life and the next Armenia hamachi mean, Allah we ask you that you teach us your book, it's contemplation and

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understanding and deceit. And we ask you to teach us the sin of your messenger sallallahu early was in them and allow us the honorable alameen to follow both of them and make it for us and against itself. Brahimi

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Alhamdulillah we continue on with the series and today in sha Allah we have a story

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that Allah as of it tells tells inshallah telegraph so unlike the stories that so far we've been telling stories of the past this is a story of something that is yet to happen.

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This is a story that will take place on the Day of Judgment after people had went into Jenna you know, having an went into Hellfire Johanna and then the conversation now will take place after this happened. And there's a third category and that is the category of the people have a lot of so allies it says here is sort of the era for the unabomber hijab, in referencing Heaven and * lahsa says will be no more makhija between them is a barrier, a wall, a fence.

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And you can just imagine so Pamela, how long how wide how high that wall fence is a lot in the news. But Allah says will be no longer a job. So there is this separation between heaven and *. There's this great wall by which you know that people haven't don't see the people of * and otherwise unless Allah xojo allows it law Why must a lot allows it and the people of * Cannot you know, kind of get out of * into him.

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And then he says Allah Subhana Allah Allah, what are our fee region so on top of this wall fence, our men

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right, yeah before nakulan vizima home they know each meaning they know that people have heaven by their features and signs and that people have held by their features in science.

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Whenever there was harbored dignity and Salah when it comes to those people that people have allowed off and the surah is called after that, that area

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is the area of a lot of the heights or the top of that fence wall.

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They will call the people agenda Assalamu alaikum Salaam be upon you live yet hello hi they did not enter Janell Haumea to my own. They wish they wish to be in it. They wish to be in it. So one of those people but out of

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see the scholars in tafsir. Right? They debate because there's no like absolute clear statement from the messengers of Allah. Why do you send them that says the P robola. are up are these and that.

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But there's some statements from the Sahaba.

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And then the sequence of the IRS will tell you and the more more correct opinion explaining who the people have allowed off are is that there are people whose good deeds and bad deeds are equal to each other.

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So they don't have extra good deeds to take them to Jenna.

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So there they have their deeds fall short of putting them in Jannah and they don't have enough bad deeds to put them in Hellfire because they have enough good deeds to kind of offset that. So it's kind of in the middle. So they're standing in the middle. And because of that they're now on that fence wall between heaven and *

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and they

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To the people of Jenna and they know them by their features in science. So what are the signs of the future of Jenna? That their faces are bright? That they're happy being blessed by Allah Zoda

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what are the features of that people of Hellfire when they look at them by which they know them? That you can take the traces of punishment darkened faces

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punishment of Allah as though that humiliation so they know this and they know that so when they turned to the people of Jenna, they skip Salaam to them and they did not enter but they could see into Jenna and they hope that Allah will put them there.

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And Allah says what are those Sudafed Uppsala home to Klaus hobby now? Hello banana Jana Malcolm with Bonnie mean when their faces are turned towards the people of *. They say Allah do not make us among those who are

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aggressors, the transgressors.

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And then that sequence of the is a panela

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it tells you or it gives you the feeling that what is also the fact of sorrow when their faces are turned towards the people of hellfire. It tells you that they're not really looking they're they're looking constantly at the people of Jenna, obviously, and Jenna. But if they happen to look at the people of Hellfire, or their faces are turned towards the people of Hellfire, you see Allah Don't make us among those people.

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So that's their situation. And then Allah sort of continues describing them. He says, whenever I was hobbling around the region, a yachtie funan be CML. So the people that are off, right, and the fact that Allah as it says about them that they are men doesn't mean that there's only men, but it's the men who are speaking to each other, but we could have women also in that place as well. So he says that people have arrived, they will call on people that they know by their signs and features. They will say Merv, now inconjunct Oh, come on, come to the study room. He says you're the party that you have the entourage that you have

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the people around you did not help you. So they're talking to the people of Hello looking at certain people, they know them they call them by name by name. Maybe in this slide, these people were famous. And they had a lot of power and a lot of people around them. So now they see them in hellfire.

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And they call them by name or so and so son of so and so they know them because they were they either used to know them personally or they are too famous. So they know them. So they also and so all you who used to be in this dunya rich and powerful and you had you know access and you had this and you had that

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mountain and

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all this power that you had did not help you see where you are. Well now quantum to step beyond and your arrogance did not help did not benefit you.

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And they continue to see a hola Latina symptom. Lillian Allahu Allahu Allah. Are those the people? So they're pointing to the people of Jenna.

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According to an interpretation, they're pointing to the people of gender. They're, you know, they're directing their attention. He said, Do you see the people of Jenna over there?

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You claimed that those people are too weak and too miserable. They will not be blessed or merciful. I love you to be merciful with them. Nothing good will happen to them. You're on top of them or pressing them hurting them and all of that you thought that alone will come not and will not come and save them. So you're saying Do you see them right now in Jenna, you swore before that Nothing good will happen to them that you will always have power over them. That alone will not come to their aid accent to me and other than the love of yahama

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then the angels will say Oh, hello Jenna Lucha finale kumada Anton doesn't know.

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So the angels are saying either to those people at poor people weak people who will be who are engine the angels tells them tell them enter Jenna or

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the angels are saying that to the people of a lot of

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that is after this exchange according to some people to see if some of assume that people have an out of the alternative the people that rebellious the arrogant in general

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and will tell them see what happened to you in your situation and look how it happened to the people that he used to make fun of ridicule the people of Indonesia now they are in general, being blessed and honored and you are in hellfire. So then, it is said that the people will help firewall tutor people will often say by Allah you will also not enter Jenna

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you will be with us.

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And it's at that time that the mercy of Allah as everyone will include the people have allowed off and they will be told

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entered in as well.

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And some of that said, Have you got all the yellow? I know they said, and this is you know subpanel a part of the mercy of Allah zildjian. He said Allah azza wa jal gave them

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access or give their eyes access

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to Jenna because Allah one wanted to bless them with it.

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They did not deserve to enter it immediately. Why? Because they did not have enough good deeds to put them there.

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And yet, Allah azzawajal was not going to put them in hellfire. So we put them in that place first, as a delayed entry into Janna, so they could see what could have happened to them. If Allah Subhana Allah did not bless them if they had done more terrible deed, so they could see the people of Hellfire and they could ask Allah for agenda and gave them Subhana Allah visual access into journalists so that they would wish for it. ask Allah for it. And Allah will put them into Jannah that is the story of the people that are off, then Allah as of the recess. That's that's the end of the story that I wanted to share with you for today in sha Allah. Allah xeljanz then says when

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others have a Nereus Harbhajan now Allah zodion allows the people of Hellfire to speak to the people of gentlemen.

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When others have on us have agenda, what do they want? And a field what are they in I mean as Marie amimoto Sakuma he say give us sent to us some some water or anything that Allah has blessed you it's just send us something from there. They're they're burning in Johanna. So they say just send us some water

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or something, some food that Allah has blessed you and what is the answer? Call in Mullah Rama Houma added caffeine he said Allah had forbidden this on that non believers, those who had taken or made their religion into play, they really killed religion.

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Meaning when religion came to them, that religion that they were supposed to esteem and respect and follow, they made fun of them, they ridiculed and the people its people they ridiculed, or that their lifestyle was a lifestyle of ridicule and fun and entertainment, nothing serious in their life. So their Deen is just one line. They just want to have fun. When religion comes into something that is serious and demands serious attention, they're not interested in it, either this or that, well lo Allah. So Allah azza wa jal says folio men and so on, come on, I saw your call, I only had a Today we will forget them. Like they forget, they forgot about this thing.

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And because of how they were used to reject our iron,

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so I want us inshallah, just to extract some benefits from that story.

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First of all, Subhan Allah,

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the fortune of people in this life is not a lasting fortune. So if you see someone who is powerful, who is has money has fame, they can do whatever they want, it doesn't mean that this is going to last. So don't let this impress you, especially if you're young, because the young sapan Allah because we don't have when we're young, such life experience that gives us wisdom. We think that if someone is famous, if someone is celebrated, if someone is surrounded, surrounded with praise, that this is it. This is what we're supposed to pursue. But we have to understand that the fortunes in this life or not the fortunes in the Hereafter, and if you have achieved something in this life that

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people esteem, but Allah Xu did does not like your fortunes in here in the next life will be reversed.

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And so the powerful in this life will be weak on the Day of Judgment. And the week of this life will be powerful on the Day of Judgment. And the respected in this life, if that respect is not merited, will be demeaned on the day of judgment and ridiculed.

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And those who are ridiculed in this life, without justification, but just because of Allah, and His messenger will be honored on the Day of Judgment. So don't attach honor toward lead status, or worldly recognition. But what to Allah loves and what Allah hates, because this is the thing that lasts. Second of all,

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you could give something so little, that will save you from the fate of the people that are off just from that anxiety because at that time that people have an era they do not know.

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Am I going to be here or there?

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Am I going to be in jahannam and they could see it.

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And what increases that anxiety is you can see what could have been your feet in Jenna. You can see the houses and the rivers and the gardens.

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And the pleasure in the foot, you can see all of this and then you can turn to the people who help fight and see the complete opposite. That is the anxiety of the people of Allah, Allah Subhana Allah, you could do something so little in this life to escape that anxiety. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, give half a date

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and save yourself from hellfire.

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This could translate into our language do they give $1

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give $1 so maybe in Ramadan Subhana Allah right, we do some good things, good things, some bad things, not as many good things, but maybe what we can do. Insha Allah is sadaqa

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so let's remind ourselves of South Africa. Find those who are in need, if you know neighbors around you, your local Masjid your local charity, find those who are in need, and give some sort of GPA? Not I mean, not only mean your Zika the guys coming in hamdulillah I don't mean just as a cultural fit on hamdulillah that's an obligation I mean, South Africa, for those who do not have enough but they need you. And Allah azza wa jal had given you so that you could help them. Let us find those when we can get few dollars.

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And if you don't have money, it doesn't doesn't matter if you can give $1 if you can get $5 if this is your capacity, give that but say to yourself $5 to save me from hellfire.

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$5 I don't stand right there $5 that can move me inches closer to gender is not isn't that worth it? Let's get $5 Let's give $10 $50 wherever you can. But tomorrow or tonight in sha Allah say to yourself, I'm getting something who knows me we know we may not reach the end of the month. So give something something that could save you.

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The other things to Pamela is to, is to also remember,

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related to this,

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see how thirsty we are and how hungry we are. What makes all this easier, more tolerable. If in afford tired, fatigued.

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At the end of our patients that said I can't take it I need to eat I need to drink. What makes all this easy is that we know that at the time of sunset, we get to eat and drink. We're getting our if thought ready, right at this time.

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Or if you're an orifice this morning for you in few hours you'll be doing so that makes it easy. That is what relief we know that relief is coming in that makes it easy. What makes the agony of the people of Hellfire I don't know, you know how to like 10 times worse. 100 times worse is that there is no end. They don't know when the end is gonna come

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a day from now. a year from now

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100 years from now.

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When will it end? When can I drink? When can I eat? When can I find relief? That is the agony? That is some people have said some panelists have said say said

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the people of Hellfire if they know that a year from now they will exit at least they can tolerate this. And it's intolerable, but at least they can try. But without knowing that there is an end. So some parallels. Think about it that we are thirsty about now and they are asking in jahannam give us some water no we're asking I want to drink and part of a lot slama is that I can drink in a few hours. So let's prepare for a day when people will be asking Can I drink and they cannot find water? Can I even they can like find food? Do I want to be in that situation? I feel I feel hungry at this moment do I want to repeat that on a day of judgment when I will be told you will not get to eat you

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will not get to drink me Allah protect us from that. So again, push yourself and let me push myself a little bit more. Let me give a little bit more. Let me just say a little bit excellent Vicar of Allah zodion a little bit more concentration and so now I don't want to be in a situation where I would say in Johanna I wish that I wish that in the world that life I would have done a little bit more at least if I had done one extra hasn't

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one extra day. Allah would save me from hellfire. So in Ramadan Allah frees people from hellfire. Let's make our Allah save us from Hellfire yet Allah protect us from home fire I don't want to be punished their

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life in life it can be difficult. Do I want to also encounter difficulty in the next life may Allah protect from all of that. So May Allah azza wa jal allow us to benefit from this allow us to escape the bad that the fate of the people have held fire and the fate even of the people about are off although ultimately scholars are saying they do actually intergender but even that delay that anxiety May Allah save us from it and take us to

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directly to gender I mean, and enable us to do the things that take us to Jenna, and make us worthy of that through what we do and what we say and how we behave. I mean, a hammer I mean,

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so and shall I'm going to try to answer as many questions as possible I will I have to leave in about 10 minutes because of the further commitment there's a lecture that is coming in sha Allah at 715 somewhere else so for that I will need to leave earlier, but I'll try to answer a shout Allah as much as I can. today. So yesterday, there was a question that I postponed till today which I was asked about animals. So animals which animals can we consume enough so the prophets Allah Hadi was in them and I was looking for those, the translation of that Hadith in my head, I couldn't come up with it yesterday, have the live have managed to do so today. So he said a lot he was in the

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hospital La Jolla and Cooley dinarobin municipale. Every predator animal that has fangs or canine teeth, the profits have a lot of use in them for a bit forbade that.

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So you cannot consume it. And every bird that has talents, the talents, right the by which they know they hunt, and they grab it, they're free. So these are the animals of the province a lot he was sitting down for a minute in the Hadeeth. So if you know an animal that has fangs and hunts with them, or canine teeth, and they hunt with them, you don't consume that animal lions you know leopards, dogs, cats, you don't eat those animals, those are forbidden. And if you're not also birds that also hunt with their talents, you don't get consumed and eat those birds. So if I open show that the one who asked this question is present today, and has received the answer of their question

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so quickly insha Allah when two people are praying next to each other, we must pray heal to heal and shoulder to shoulder Right, right. Okay, absolutely right. And when you break your door while making widow Do you need to remake it? Yes. So very easy inshallah. So you two people, and you're standing next to next, right, so two men

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or two women, because if it's one male and when one female you stand behind the main, but you're talking one male to one male, another male right next to Next, you don't need to stand further behind. There are some scholars who say you stand further behind, but we're actually the right practice within the law is right next to them. Heel to heel, shoulder to shoulder right as you stand in Salah. Exactly, even though the other person is the email, but right right next to them. Similarly, also, when there are females right next to each other, you don't still need to take a few centimeters these few centimeters behind them. And also while you're praying your door, you break

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your door you pass when what do you do you go back from the begin?

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Okay, in shall

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also say about the animals with claws yesterday? Yes.

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Yes. And Shall I did. Okay, so you're here on a different account? Good. I couldn't, couldn't identify the same account in Sharla. So you've received your question, I hope and Shawn, good, humble.

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Can we see the Shahada or at the here when you join the Juma prayer with Imam because the first rocker is missed?

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Yeah. Insha Allah so if I understand your question is so let's say you joined the email. And you joined them in the night and then the second marker. And so you sit with the Imam for Tisha, how do you say that? Tisha, what would the email in the second breakout yes that's how I understand your question. So if that's your question, yes, yes, you do so because you simply follow the email follow what the man is doing. So even though you missed the first record, and you're sitting in the second breakout but you're sitting with the email you are saying that the shout right so if I misunderstood your question correct my understanding of it inshallah

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Another one is it from the sooner two cents on Awad before going to sleep is celebrating birthday apart from a part of the sooner and is celebrating it's considered a as a sin. Okay.

00:24:10 --> 00:24:16

So is it from Suna to say salah and upon the prophets on sin and before you go to bed it's not prescribed sooner.

00:24:17 --> 00:24:55

But it is general thicker of Allah zodion right and you know because you are remembering Allah with that so if you want to say it you can so you're not gonna say in the traditional prescribed Sunnah of the messenger. So the law I knew it was in London, there's a specific number of sallallahu wasallam to see before you go to bed. It's not there. But is it are you not supposed to say no, it is generally recommended to say so that answer now upon the Prophet. So if you after you finish the ASPCA before you go to bed, and you feel that you want to say Salaam Salaam Salaam upon the messenger Go ahead. It's recommended to save at any time

00:24:56 --> 00:25:00

at any time, so if you feel like it before going to bed, go ahead.

00:25:00 --> 00:25:19

And say so it's not sooner but it's a general soon but not a specific sooner before you go to bed now celebrating birthday a part of the sooner meaning that it is sooner to celebrate birthdays not like you celebrate your own personal birthday. No. Is it sin to celebrate birthdays?

00:25:22 --> 00:26:04

Yeah, exactly. So if you miss the first record, and you Jane the second record with a to hear so you say Allahu Akbar. And the Imam isn't the Shahada, let's see, or just before the Shahada, or any part of the second record, you join with the Imam, and you follow with them and he sits for at the show, you say exactly what the members saying, at the show. Like everybody else, even though to you, this is your first rocker, but you're supposed to follow what that congregation is doing. So you follow it the congregation is doing right now. So birthday celebrating birthdays is not part of the sooner right, obviously, because it's it's not recommended. It's not exhorted in any way is celebrating

00:26:04 --> 00:26:25

against is a sin, you don't find that the messenger sallallahu wasallam, sort of celebrated birthdays, the Sahaba do not celebrate birthdays, their followers do not celebrate birthdays, it wasn't really a sin of Muslims to do this. So inshallah at least let's for now say that it's not the sin of Muslims. It's not the habit of Muslims to celebrate birthdays.

00:26:26 --> 00:27:07

It's non Muslim habits. And let's say just in general insha Allah, it's not preferable that you do this. Because it's not the custom of Muslims Muslim Subhana Allah their habits are not like this. So we incorporated we we copied we imported this habit from outside. And something you know, that gets imported from outside is an incomplete and imperfection to something that we already have. So let's say instead inshallah, from now that it is best, and it's better for Muslims in sha Allah, to you know, to move away from that habit, you can celebrate other things in sha Allah, you know, you can celebrate the achievements, you can go out, you can eat ice cream, you can do this, you know, you

00:27:07 --> 00:27:35

can celebrate achievements and you can celebrate achievements with your children and children. If your children are looking forward to celebrating their birthday, and this and that, invest more in your eight, eight is coming in sha Allah, rather than them looking forward to a birthday of this person or that person. Take all of that energy, take off all of that cake. Oh, by the way, take all those sweets and put it in ate. Like really celebrate it make a big deal out of your eat.

00:27:36 --> 00:27:44

So that they look forward to it rather than a birthday to eight rather than Christmas. It's eight. And then you know, throughout the year,

00:27:46 --> 00:28:01

reward your children insha Allah with you know achievements, like whatever they achieved something you finished this surah you've finished these days of fasting, you finish reading this book, giving them something taken out God by Goodman's inshallah for them cook something at home

00:28:03 --> 00:28:17

in ways where it saturates them insha Allah with appreciation that when birthdays comes in, it's nothing extra, it's nothing special. The problem is that, you know, our aid are maybe empty of excitement.

00:28:18 --> 00:28:36

The rest of our days are empty of excitement so that you really look forward to their birthdays because it's just society. But if we can insha Allah shift the focus and sha Allah, He knows birthdays will not be as important for them and for us. So I'd say listen here in sha Allah to Islamic practices and a lot better online.

00:28:39 --> 00:28:44

Is my fast accepted if I just fast and pray without doing any other deets? Yes,

00:28:45 --> 00:28:46


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Absolutely. I mean, you don't need to do like, what else are you talking about? Are

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you talking about a night so now we know hold on is sooner?

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Shall I family folders? I'll answer that

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we can do in sha Allah. I'm not saying that. Catarina for unyson.

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Pray in Korean or Tara we are tahajjud is sooner

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if you don't do this sooner, but just to the obligations. This accepted.

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So many, you know, when he came to the profits, only Silliman he asked them all prophet of Allah, what are the obligations upon me? He said sold out five times a day is fasting of Ramadan. He said this. He said, you know, ahead, he told them they said obligations. He said all of the above and we said I will not do more or less. So the messages a lot. He said I'm saying he says he will enter generally if he's honest. Meaning if he is honest about not doing less,

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he will enter Jannah so if you just simply write what simply fasting and praying, you're doing just the minimum and how many of them separately, the

00:30:00 --> 00:30:10

Reason where we're saying do more. Right? It's not an obligation on people. What we're saying do more is because sometimes right we fast but our fasting is missing, something is accepted.

00:30:12 --> 00:30:25

But and then we, we pray, but the prayer is because I'm missing something and accepted, but it's not full. So now it's accepted, you're not going to be punished for not praying. But it's doesn't give you everything. That's what we say pray more.

00:30:26 --> 00:31:09

That's why we say make up. That's why we say ask Allah for forgiveness. So it can complement enhance our a better and even give us more from Ramadan. But if we in any one of us are at a state where I simply cannot today, or tomorrow cannot push myself to do anything more than the basics, we say at least 100 and now you're doing the basics. But if you find yourself in Ramadan, Allah giving you that energy to do a little bit more, push yourself in Charlotte, push yourself, try to open that door and push yourself and do a little bit more. If you're completely out of energy. At least move your tongue with a stuffy aroma. Let's let's agree to that in Charlotte stuffer, a lot of stuff will

00:31:09 --> 00:31:16

just lie in bed stuff and a lot of stuff or a lot of stuff, your stuff your stuff you're like just do that. Okay.

00:31:17 --> 00:31:31

Well, someone was asking about hanging hanging family photos on the wall. Not recommended that you do this. I really I would advise against it. Why is that? Because there is a disagreement between scholars about these pictures, what are they? What are these these

00:31:32 --> 00:31:39

photographs are prohibited pictures or not. And these especially become prohibited when you hand them.

00:31:41 --> 00:31:55

Especially when you hand them so that the one that's why we say to protect yourself from committing something that could be held on and could bring harm. Because if this turns out to be a surah

00:31:56 --> 00:32:15

a picture that's mentioned in the Hadith, and it's hanging right there on the wall, it could prevent the angels from entering your house, who say you want to protect yourself from that, take it down. It's not a must. It's not the only sign of loving your family or your parents take it down and shall I put it in a photo album? Close it.

00:32:16 --> 00:32:57

That is okay. That is okay. But don't hang it. Don't put it in on a frame on your desk, take it down, put it in a photo album, buy that insure life protected yourself and you're in the clear bit in the leather in case this is a photo surah that is mentioned in the Hadith that says this prevents the angels from entering your home. Being in a photo album, it's concealed. It does not stop the angels from coming into your house. And if the angels don't enter your house, there's no mercy in your house. Right? Well lo Al Hamdulillah. So we finished the you know on time, this is the time when I wanted to leave in the villa. So inshallah we'll see you tomorrow at the same time but of

00:32:57 --> 00:33:41

Nila Zulu, ask Allah Allah Allah menial Allah give us the energy to continue to worship you and praise you in Ramadan, the energy and the insight and the wisdom to have sincere Eva in Ramadan, except from us our fasting except for us, our Salah, our PM, our ebird, our Vicar, our giver of the Quran, cleanse our hearts and bodies of sin of disease of temptation, protect us against and from the shaytaan give us power against the temptations of the shavon allow us to Allah but allow me to do what pleases you in the month of Ramadan and distance us from what pleases you in it. You make us up the people of Jenna, the highest levels of genda allow us to give stuff out of banana mean where

00:33:41 --> 00:34:18

you have Coca Cola or banana. I mean we love you for that for the sake of love everybody for his sake. I mean, we asked him to open al amin together as upon what you love and distances from what you hate to connect us to your profits and the Lavanya you send them in this dunya and in the era where I'll ask you a lot but I mean to fill our hearts with your love and love for your messenger sallallahu I know you're sending them renew email and our hearts here hammer right he mean put faith and certainty in it and take that away from it. Make us up those who are strong in faith not those who are weak in a Baraka low FICO mergesort low hailer was alasa to bless you and keep you strong

00:34:18 --> 00:34:32

and keep you safe. I mean insha Allah we'll see you at the same time tomorrow. So panic alarm, I will be handing a shadow, inhaler and stuff you will go up to what you need handling now you're not with an amine or Solomonic or more Kumara hematoma.

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