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The Battle of Badr Pt 2

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah.

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Today inshallah for Sera, we are finishing the battle the better. So that will conclude the term Alhamdulillah with victory. And next term inshallah, which is in the new year, we're going to look at events post better, and events leading up to the battle world, one battle into another and that's why Cyril was called what?

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Now mallozzi, good mikaze battles because the zero was full of battles. So the objectives of tonight's lesson are as follows these instructions of the prophet in jihad, then we're going to look at the participation of the angels. And what they did, then we're going to look at the deaths of the kuffaar, among them, Abu Jamal, Omar Abdullah, Abu karish. And then, finally, the result of the Battle of Reddit and a very important lesson and that is victory is from Allah azza wa jal. As for the instructions of the Prophet, the prophet Allah is sort of Islam tells us harder. When kurush close in on you, then shoot at them. In other words, don't just fire randomly haphazardly in all

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directions in a confused state. The profile is such some teaching of this habit, stay calm, control yourself, when they get close, then fire. Look at the instructions of the profiler. So too slow. We know he's teaching us to be patient, even outside of jihad, but also in jihad. patient is a virtue, stay calm. Don't just find all directions like Rambo, thinking you're going to hit every single gafford. And you're doing out of fear and terror. No, that's not the way to partake in jihad. There's other even in jihad, the lower court Stay calm. Then he said to the Sahaba, preserve your arrows in another generation, he said gather them, because this habit will go on and on Mo. And we

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know in El Medina in the beginning, it was still the early stages, they weren't financially stable. They say preserve your Mo, gather your arrows, don't just shoot in all directions, as we said, in a state of fee and confusion. Then he said, Do not draw out your swords till they are needed to you. Why showing you the military expertise of the profiler so to slim in warfare, although he had no prior training, was ye from a larger region. So when they get close, yes, now you can draw your swords, but don't just stand there waiting rather shoot first shoot first, to prevent them from coming close and killing you. So once again, we see the wisdom of the Prophet, it sort of slammed in

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jihad. So yes, there's fear of jihad. You have this and just going about and killing, but rather this, this etiquettes there's even other been jihad, yes. Now when the kuffaar approach the Muslims the fight, what do they see? They see the Muslims as more or less more now, in the beginning, they saw them as less Why? To serve as baits so Allah azza wa jal can draw them in, they thought this is going to be easy kill. And so they can become careless and hatless, remember, but now when they approach what do they see? They see the Muslims as more In fact, so much more double the Oh number. How many were in the army of Quraysh 1002 they see the Muslims as double that they see them as 2000

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when they're only 300. They see them they see them as double and this is what Allah mentioned, insert animal on a 13 or they can alaikum I atone Fifi Itanium Takata, Allah says there was a clear sign for you when the two parties met, meaning the Muslims and kurush fear to party to fee sebelah one party one group fighting in the course of a law the Sahaba then law says well rock field and another which is a disbelieving party meaning of the comfort of your own home myth. lay him draw a line that could fall saw them your own a home myth lay him double their own size, double their own size with assurity with your pain. They see the Muslims as double why now to destroy the morale

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completely. And what did we get ourselves into? We thought we're going in taking on maybe 50 people we see now. 2000 we're up against an army of 2000 No, Allahu Akbar. So Allah azza wa jal is saying this, there is a sign for you and this ayah was revealed because the Jews after the battle, the better, they said, Quraysh are an easy kill. If the Muslims would have fight us, they would realize that we are the people, we are the ones you can match the Muslims Allah shall reveal desire, there was a sign for you. Yeah, who are Jews, when the two parties met to this ayah was revealed because of what the Jews said, after the Battle of the villa. And first they were taught a very good lesson

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in the battles that the profile is sort of slim, weighs on them as we're gonna see also, in this era, when the profile is far too slim, also for the Jews. In this battle that will have they will cry, as we said, I had had and Allah azza wa jal sent angels did they need the angels know that we're going to get victory from Allah, but always to strengthen the hearts of the Sahaba. So they didn't need the angels, Allah is going to give them victory, but it was the strength of them and as many as pertaining to this

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jabril array Salaam himself joined in the Prophet himself. It started

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Islam said I saw jabril taking his horse by the reins and leading into war. The Prophet soldier bill, all the angels he said Allah saw to slam wore white turbans. Do you believe that Islam or a Yellow Turban? Why? To distinguish him from the rest? Because he was the commander during the Battle of whether he was the commander in charge, basically, the chief of the angels on that day, so he wore a Yellow Turban to distinguish him from the rest of the angels.

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So in what form did the angels partake? Many inside a Muslim it says, Well, one of the Muslim warriors was vigorously pursuing one of the disbelievers ahead of him.

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He heard above him the noise of a whip cracking and striking while I ride his voice saying ask them hey, zoom, ask them hey, zoom.

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This Sahabi was chasing a gaffer vigorously pursuing him. He He is the cracking of whip you know that sound that makes any here's a rider saying from on top of him, ask them hey, zoom, ask them Hazel. Pursue Hazel pursue Hazel. You know when you're on a horse, you say to them, like, giddy up. That's what he's saying. Giddy up. He's on. The horse was called Hazel. He said all of a sudden, I look ahead of me and I see them wishek prostrate on the ground. You know like faceplant type in faceplant. In Google you just see bang when the person just fall straight on their face, so he was prostrate on the ground. Upon examining him further, he said I noticed that his nose was smashed in

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and his face was torn apart from the strike of a whip, having all turned black. So his face was torn apart was torn to shreds and his and his color. And his face turned black in color.

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This was a whip of fire. And it was used by the angel. So he this companion this unsightly man rushed back to the solar to report the profile is slow to sunset so that you've spoken the truth. He said that was helped that came from the third heaven and authentic narration found in Sahih Muslim so the angels would find actually they're actually fight in Jihad and ignore bass was of the opinion that the angels did not actually fight in any battle, but the battle the battle. This was the opinion of him not best. It's the only battle that actually fought. Other battles. They came and they assisted but they didn't actually fight but that was the opinion of it if not best. And unless

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it nomadic said we could distinguish those who were killed by the angels. From those who were killed by one of us we could distinguish. Just like a person can distinguish a victim who's been slaughtered or killed by a mercenary, a trained killer, as opposed to a person who's been killed by an amateur. You can distinguish a person who's trained in those areas of homicide they can tell this person has been killed to be murdered by an expert you can tell so they could tell who was killed by an angel and who was killed by Sahabi. Why? Because the cuts were clean, a clean cut. So if one was beheaded, or was it was a clean cut, and there was singed on the end, it all turned black. So they

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had swords and whips of fire, and mercenaries as I was pursuing a gaffe and all of a sudden, his head flew off.

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I was struck by an angel

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and all literally it was seen it was a clean cut, and also their fingers were amputated as well. It was like literally they were decapitated, and they were amputated by on the wrist and on the limbs, so they could tell who was killed by an angel who wasn't so proud of them. On top of this, I have the fatty man he said I came with my cousin to the battle abandoned Why just to spectate it just wanted to watch. You can imagine as though he had popcorn with him LSC what's gonna happen. He had no gripe with either side. He hadn't wasn't taking sides. He just came to spectate to see what was going to happen during this battle. They said I came, and I sat on one of the mountains to observe

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with my cousin. He says all of a sudden, as the battle started, a cloud approached us and as it came closer, we could hear the galloping of horses and a writer's voice saying up them Hi, zoom up them. Hi, zoom, is a non Muslim reporting. He said my friend suffered a heart attack and died on the spot. He couldn't take it was just too terrifying for him. He said I almost expired, but I later recovered.

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This guy almost died from what he heard these are non Muslims reporting. So these are authentic narrations Allahu Akbar that the angels partook in the Battle of Reddit amazing. And they didn't just partake in fighting they also did what

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they also partook in capturing period W's. They caught prisoners of war. Allah bass was caught Yes, Allah bass was caught by non Solomon. He came to the Prophet said, a messenger of Allah. This is our best talking, said Mohammed, a missionary villa. This wasn't the man who captured me. rather a fine looking bald men on a Piebald horse is the one that captured me. And this entitlement said no, you're a solo. I'm the one according the profile is so true. Sam said be quiet. You were assisted by an angel. So the angels actually

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Took prisoners of war alabaster, there was a quote by this guy, I was called by someone else who looked awesome. This fine looking gentleman on a horse, he caught me. So they actually partook in catching prisoners of war. And when Allah best what happened later on in the civil, Muslim, so perhaps Allah wanted to protect him. So he took this angel to capture him.

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Now let's look at the depths of the firm.

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In particular, let's discuss the heads of

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Abdul Rahman if now if he was a companion, he said, at the beginning of the battle, I found myself in between two young men. These were two teenagers, literally young men like kids. And he was worried Why? Because every good soldier knows that you need to have good fighting companions on your own left. It's like your offense and defense. True. He was worried about these two kids next to me.

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And he said on top of that, by the way, and the names were more high than raw with these two men, these two men were from the answer and they weren't more other than

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the one on his right whispers to him. He says, Uncle, do you know what the hell is up to the officers? What do you have anything to do with LBJ? What do you want to know? He said, I heard he used to hurt and harm the Mr. Avila back in Mecca. I made a promise to Allah, that either I kill him or he kills me one of the two. I'm not going to leave today until he's dead. I made a vow that I'm gonna kill this guy. I heard that he used to harm the Messenger of Allah. I want to kill him. So now black man is feeling a bit more confident. hamdulillah Okay, good. Good. Yes. Okay. Let me tell you before he tells him the one on his left whispers Yeah. Uncle, do you know where

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he goes? What do you want to know? What is his I made a vow to Allah to kill him. Now even more happy Allahu Akbar. He thought they had these two kids next to him has to Mujahideen. Now, why were they whispering? These were two brothers who had a friendly competition between them at a competition on who's going to come up with answers.

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And the kids today they're competing on who can win in FIFA 2015. Yeah, who can make it all the way to the grand final and clock it by looking at the competition that the Sahaba had.

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So he says to both of them, you see that man over there he points the other Did you see that man surrounded by a group of men protecting him? That's your man that your target. As soon as he finished his sentence, and this is integration and Buhari, he says they both shut out literally like hawks like black eagles. They just shot forward, they flew towards the target and they raised right towards Abu Dhabi, and they strike him down. Allahu Akbar, they strike him down. Now you may say, how come they weren't stopped? They were young. And they were unrecognized. So Quraysh must have seen the movie these kids are not going to cause anyone any harm. Sorry about him. So they were

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young and they were unknown people didn't recognize them or maybe they one of us. So they made it right through to the headquarters of the army and they struck Abuja head down. Now, let me mention exactly what happened. The first strike was more I've and these two as we said more other than where I was, and these words come from either and rule to seek protection. So no protection against these two men, the irony of it, so why it was the first strike he struck at Abidjan immediately however he miscalculated and he only managed to strike Abuja, his shin. However, he does with such velocity and force that the entire bone snapped and fractured literally. eyewitness accounts report that Abuja

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has been shattered to pieces and pieces of bone when flying in all directions, like dates and food fly out of Granville in a put food in the grand mill and you just grinding it and you get to this very difficult pain, just pull it hard and there's cracks in food flies everywhere. So that's how a Buddha Shin was described literally, and another ration mentioned that when a Buddha his leg was struck, he screamed like a girl, and it made such a loud snap. It was likened to the crack of a nut in a nut cracker, and he's foot flew off like a kernel of nut would fly off, literally.

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I came I was able to his son, he sees what happened to his dad. So he comes to his dad's rescue, and he strikes my dad, but he also miscalculates, he doesn't strike him, but he manages to strike his arm and amputated. However, it wasn't completely amputated. It was just dangling there by the skin of his shoulder. He managed to fight off academia, and he continued to fight through the whole battle with one arm dangling. He said it got to a stage where it began to annoy him. So he stepped on his arm and he turned off literally, like one more. That's the strength of the Sahaba. That's quite a thing to do. These men winter strong exclusively with a strong physically

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panelo so he struck down. That's when he got struck by crema.

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Then they managed to try and fight off of course, but they couldn't finish off the job. However, Abu lahab Abu Jihad Rana Abidjan was fatally wounded so he was out of luck in his dying moment. You know, when a person gets shot, they're just lying to their body.

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To die very soon, but they're not dead yet he was still breathing. So they couldn't stay there. They had to leave the battle got heated. And at the end of the battle, the better the profile is sort of slim as the Sahaba. What happened to Abu Jahan, what was his demise? Find me the result to all the Sahaba guy looking for him was the father of Allah who finds him.

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Abdullah it no matter what finds him Why him. He used to be tortured by Abu Jamal in Mecca. He finds him so he sees him laying on the ground with his final breath. I believe in Misawa said I had a poor sword in my hand. Would you have had a fine, expensive looking sword? So I topped off his hand and I took it.

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So he goes to our jail and Abuja looks up at him. And I've delivered my sword says, Allah has disgraced you, hasn't he? Enemy of a lot. I was just said, How is the law disgraced me on either find leader of Quraysh pride even in death, that Aboriginal asked, Who does victory belong to today? Abdullah said to Allah and His Messenger enemy of Allah. You can imagine how Abu Jihad must have felt. Now he's dying, and he knows that his army just lost what humiliation. And then I believe in Massoud, he steps on his neck and he sits on his chest. He wants to behead him. And before he does that, what does Abu Jihad say?

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He said, look at Mount Sivan, sabahan. Yellow al on him, you have indeed climbed to a high status, oh, small shipment of sheep. Look at the arrogance. Look at the pride. They're going to keep it even in his death is a new set on my chest. That's a high status for you. Because just as a me, Shepherd of sheep, that's who you are. Because he's arrogant. Allahu Akbar, upon hearing that Abdullah Mossad cut off his head, he beheaded him. And he raised back to the Messenger of Allah holding Abu John's holding a Buddha his head and he said, as I was running, I felt like I was floating on air. He was flying. He was on Ohio, so happy. He came with the head, literally of the head of the kuffaar. He

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comes to the Messenger of Allah. He said, this is the head of Abuja, the profile is ultra slim says Alhamdulillah. All praise and thanks belong to Allah and he addresses a Buddha. He says, Allah has disgraced your enemy of Allah. You are indeed the frown of this oma. Every nation has a frown and the frown of this owner was a Buddha Alhamdulillah Allah azza wa jal disgraced him and we asked a lousy gel that he's likes never return or see the light of day. Amen. So that was Abu Jamal. What hamdulillah he's done. Let's look at now omiya ignore Aleph

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Sounds even more as a Muslim was friends with omega nacala.

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So he told him get omega i heard the Prophet Allah sort of Sam say that you are going to be killed by the Muslims who have no Allah was terrified. What did he say that Really? I said, Yes. He said, Did he say when? He says no, no. They say, Well, I don't know. He was terrified. So may have no have rushes back to his wife, which you see, literally with digests and his pants. He goes back, okay, he goes back to his wife, and he says, The Prophet Mohammed said, is gonna kill me. Oh, he made his companions. I'm gonna die at the hands of a Muslim. She said, Did he say when? I don't know, they say, Well, I don't know. So Pamela, you know, it's interesting, that would accuse the Prophet

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Mohammed Ali, so to speak of being a liar. Yeah, that would believe everything he had to say

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that he whenever orsola would speak that, get terrified. But they say oh, you're a liar. You're not a prophet.

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So he was terrified. And he's made a vow. He said, I vow never to leave Mecca. I'm going to just stay here because I don't want to be killed by Mohammed or his men. So when the Prophet made his role, he was extremely happy as a hamdulillah never going to be killed by one of them. When we may have not received news of the Battle of bettors he says, I'm not going anywhere I'm staying here. who visits him? Abuja in the days when he was alive, okay, before we scream like a girl, and he's fought, went flying like a night in a nutcracker. He goes over to him, he says, Here, take this, it was rude. It was like a little rod that they use. For instance, before he gets take this or grandma

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only say that it's all to him. So in your account, you're going to stay here, stay back in Mecca, like the old woman literally stay back in Mecca, like the old women of Mecca. In other words, you know, a man to go out and fight. And he couldn't take that or maybe Aleph was insulted. And these were men who had honor even though they will prefer that honor, they couldn't handle this disgrace to be humiliated. Because I'm going up, he starts to gather his weapons and his armor, etc. and his wife says, Wait a minute, you said you're not going to go out. This is Don't worry. I'm only gonna go so far. And I'm gonna come back. I'm just going to do that. So don't say I'm a coward generates

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that at every stop. He'd say this is the last one. This is the last one. This is the last one. Next up. I'll go back Next up, I'll go back until

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He reaches better. Procrastination literally killed him. Literally, he procrastinated, procrastinated until he found himself at the Battle of Reddit. Now at the Battle about that, who did he does He say, Abdullah Malik Now, again. So, now if now is mentioned again, after we mentioned him in the death of Abuja, upon Mississippi surrounded with Baraka, in fact, he was a man of Baraka. What would he do? Literally, when the Prophet Allah sort of saw him in Medina, he just came, he had nothing. He asked, show me where the marketplaces he went to the market, and he came back with money. This way. He was a man of Baraka, literally. I mean, when he touched into gold, he was a man

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who just love lists. So you always find Baraka surrounding Abdullah Madoff.

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Now, after I met him now said, I

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was gathering my mail, my coat males in the battle about that these were like coats of armor made out of chain. And when you wear them, it's of course, very hard for a person to stab you or to see you or to shoot an arrow because made out of metal literally. And because it wasn't completely metal. It was light and white. And these were very expensive. He said I was gathering them. And these were

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current mails that I had accumulated during the many battles, basically during many other words. So as I was holding them in my hand for may have no hair left comes over. And he was his friend in Mecca. He says, Yeah, Abdullah, he calls him Abdullah, why? Because I didn't recognize him. And he didn't, he called me up. He says, Dr. Abdullah, shall I give you something that's better than those current males you have in your hand? He said, What is it? He said, You take me and my son as prisoners of war. Why did he say that? He said, so we can go 5050 in the ransom because he said, I'm a leader. And I'm going to fetch a hefty ransom. So we'll go 5050 but also using that, because he's

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a coward. When you go to the best of the city, so you know what, I might be killed here. How about I just give myself up and surrender as a POW among the Muslims, and I'll be safe, I'd be taken as a prisoner, they pay my ransom, then I'd be free sales using that as a scapegoat so he can literally and he get out of this jam, so not be killed. He was a coward basically. So opposite of man says very well Consider it done. He throws those male coats basically. And he holds a Maven highlife and the sun and basically saying now you are my prisoner. So it was a setup. It was a setup. But after a man also was the one who is going to get now his armor. And that was a deal because he's the one who

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captured him. So now he's taking them back to the area of the Muslims, who still in the battle. They were completely out of that area. He's taking him to the safe area where the prisoners of war of war were. Who sees them walking?

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Who was villain, the one who was the slave of omiya and tortured by the color of a law Allahu Akbar. We said I

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was met by Abdullah Massaro The one who we tortured and now for maybe McAuliffe is met by Bilal Bharara sees him. And he shocked he cries out or may or may Yeah, but I sort of go for Russell Cooper. This guy is the head of the head of the kuffaar. He goes over to Abdullah. He says I'm not going to leave. If he does. I'm gonna kill him right now. No one's gonna stop me. Just take it easy. Take it easy. He's my prisoner. He can do that. And I'm gonna kill him. Because No, you can't. He's my prisoner. Take it easy. Now you don't blame BLM. It was tortured severely by omega DS hobbyists in Mecca. We know when he was put on the hot sand and a huge rock was placed on him as the least of

00:23:30--> 00:24:06

his problems, as the least of what happened to him. So be loud was hearing none of it. And you can appreciate Of course, he stands where it's coming from. So when will I realize I can listen? He goes, it's the boys. He goes to the outside. I guess I'm sorry. Come here. Help me Look, this guy is omega, the leader of the quad explain the situation doesn't know he was you got to help him. I have to kill this guy right now. This is you had time. So he gets the boys, the boys of the unsought and they go to Oklahoma and realize this is it. They're gonna kill him. And he's gonna go my ransom money. I'm finished. So what does he do? He runs he runs with omega and his son is trying to run

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away from the Muslim his brothers literally is running away and he realized that they're catching up why he said Omega was a large man. He was fun. It was fun. Right? So he was here Abacus literally. So he was fine. And he was slowing him down. So what did he do? He released omega son here take him right why to distract the Muslims with his son. So he can get away with omega because that was like his big fat paycheck literally because he was fat. Yeah. Big Fat paycheck. What do they do? They slaughtered omega sun and then they caught up to omega. So that didn't stop them was Simms Oh, there's one more Jaden doesn't stop him. So what is after Amanda? He realizes it, they're gonna get

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him. So he throws me on the ground and he jumps on top of him.

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Why to protect him? What's the protective No, you can't kill him. You can't kill him. He's my prisoner. So he says they begin to speak him and tear him to shreds from beneath me.

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They just literally stabbing omiya from beneath of the ramen and it tearing them to shreds literally and he dies that way underneath a Muslim Allahu Akbar what a humiliating death for me Vanessa Muslim being stuck to the spirit. That's how we died. And he said that was spearing him but one of them also got me accidentally and I've still got the scar till this day.

00:25:20--> 00:25:33

So accidentally got a drama. And then at the end he makes do out for Bilal. He says Rahim Allah who beloved Allah have mercy and forgive me lol. He said he made me lose my prisoner and my money. Men lose everything.

00:25:34--> 00:25:38

So hamdulillah and he also said it made me lose my Yani

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coat of armor basically, as well. So that was amazing. What about about cash, our cash literally this man was called Chris, the Companion of the British, the potbelly because he had a big belly, literally. Now this guy was a warrior amongst the kuffaar. And he came to the battle the battle to fight the Muslims. He came onto the battlefield, in a show of armor, and glory, and honor, he came out this big pompous show. And basically he was covered from head to toe in armor. Literally, he came out to the bat to the bird covered in head to toe in armor, the only thing that was exposed were the path for the eyes literally just like Ned Kelly, just that bit there. So who lines him up

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as the bait in an army season, this was mine. He lines him up, takes his speed. And he launches it I will condition this car was a big Majed. No one could bring him down, no one could defeat him. He lands that spear right in that section of the eye of our case. It goes right there. So that's very difficult to do but as obey nailed it. But because the speeds were thick and wide, it couldn't go through that narrow area of the eyes. So what does he do, he tackles him. And then he literally steps on the speed to insert and it goes right through crushing that person's scope of work, Chris died instantly. Sorry, guys, bang, he puts the through the spear right through that, that helmet and

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it goes right through and always was done with such force that actually bet the middle part of the speed event. That was the power and strength of zubaid in the law. When the profile is said to Sam was so impressed by that he asked to bait if he can take that speed as a souvenir. And as a very gladly gave it to the Prophet. The Prophet wanted to keep it as a souvenir. He kept it with him until he died. And then it was passed down to Albuquerque, and he kept it until he died. That was passed down to her I'm already hooked up and he kept it until he died. And then when he died, it was given back to a debate in law Webb. But then my friend asked for it. They wanted it This was a

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souvenir of the back to the brother. What as obey did to I will finish the fatso literally. Yeah, it was like a highlight of the battle. So they wanted to keep it as a souvenir.

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So when a snowman Captain he passed away it was then given to the son of as obeyed in the law firm. So that was the strength of us were in fact in one of the future battles which are going to take it mentioned that as obeyed was so strong once he actually strikes a Kaffir on his head and was done with such force and velocity, he literally split him into two. Literally, he struck the scaffold I just fell to two pieces.

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So that's done for as well. So you can put an X next to his name as well.

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Usually you put ticks on the objectives you can put an X

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I will catch now Krishna Rosa is a Konya was a Konya nickname.

00:28:41--> 00:28:43

Yeah, that's his name.

00:28:44--> 00:28:54

Now, 24 of the leaders of Kufa were killed that day on the Battle of butter, and they were all thrown into an old rotten, discarded and abandoned well, literally.

00:28:57--> 00:29:07

So 24 of the leaders of Qureshi were killed that day. hamdulillah Lazarus had never returned the likes, and they were thrown into an old rotten abandoned will will hamdulillah

00:29:08--> 00:29:09

on that day

00:29:11--> 00:29:14

70 from kurush were killed.

00:29:16--> 00:29:19

And 70 were taken as pure W's.

00:29:20--> 00:29:21

As were from koresh.

00:29:22--> 00:29:25

As for the Muslims, the Sahaba

00:29:26--> 00:29:28

zero, pow.

00:29:29--> 00:29:31

And 14 were martyred.

00:29:33--> 00:29:34

Because the number of difference

00:29:35--> 00:29:40

and us victory is from Allah, Allah as of justice,

00:29:41--> 00:30:00

woman, nostru Illa Mandela victories only from Allah only from him, either natural law, Allah said natural law, the victor of Allah, Allah didn't just say honest, he said natural law. Allah attributed victory to him as the wizard. That's where victory comes and he says

00:30:00--> 00:30:36

The final thing we want to mention their victories only from a lazur jet. Never ever does Allah praise the Sahaba and the Mujahideen for the victory, never find it. Allah doesn't praise them. Allah says victory from him. In other words, my dear brothers whenever we are victorious, whenever we succeed, whenever you do well remember, it's all from Allah. Whether you do well in your studies, whether you Ace an exam, whether you're a successful day, or a successful teacher or a successful student, or you memorize the Quran, or you're awesome at work or you become a manager or a CEO, or any success you have in life, remember trauma laws. And if you think about what would happen

00:30:37--> 00:31:17

I'll give you more you increase you thank Allah for these blessings. So the Sahaba did that. They attributed victory to Allah and they thanked Allah and they praised him and that's why Allah says either gentleness reliable fat When this happens, or either nursia the whole una Fini like a forger. We say the people entering Islam for subject, Arabic, praise Allah. Why praise Allah because credit belongs to Allah. And that's why when the people were trying to praise the Sahaba the profile is sort of self corrected in that praise Allah, victory belongs to him. And others try to undermine other sinner praise us. These were old bald men, is always easy kill the Prophet when you heard they

00:31:17--> 00:31:56

said, No, don't say that. These were the leaders and chiefs of courage. They were familiar Buffon. It's Allah who made it easy to lie, it's a very valuable lesson. A larger journey is the one that the credit goes to. So if things are easy for you in life, remember from Allah, he's the one who granted you those abilities We ask Allah azza wa jal to always grant us the abilities and to bless us with success in all aspects and facets of our lives. Amen. So we're done with the battle the butterball hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen will end on a positive note victory. And that's that concludes the end of term for next term, which is in 2016. inshallah, that we're going to take the

00:31:56--> 00:32:02

events leading up to the Battle of the second law Hayden, see you next week and Sean Lowe said Mr. de como Rahmatullah. He will work it