Hasan Ali – Quranic Themes – Episode 11 – Pride & Arrogance

The respected Sheikh Hasan Ali addresses Pride and Arrogance in this session. One of the first sins committed against man was pride by none other than Iblis. Why?

Because when pride dominates our thought and emotion, the moment we admit that the other person is right then in our eyes we become small and the other person becomes big.

How was it that Iblis who resided amongst angels and was given a revered position by Allah s w.t. could actually go against his Creator, the One whom Iblis knew could crush him in a thought? Actually entered into a confrontation with Allah?

Because of normalisation. Because the momenta spent time talking to Allah ‘normalized’ it for him.

Our beloved Sheikh expounds where and when others deviated simply  because of their arrogance. To learn of these people and the occasions that brought out their ‘ajub and khibr’ and how to prevent ourselves from falling onto the same trap they did, find the time in your busy lives today. Not tomorrow. Today.


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