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Ahlus-Suffah & The Animosity of the Jews

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hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. About last lesson, we looked at the seven benefits of the masjid. And we end up by talking about one of the benefits is to provide a refuge a place of security, and support for the poor, the traveler and the needy. And this was how it was in the time of law, the mustard was used for that. And it was used for the poor, so much so that there was a group of poor people, wayfarers, needy, or whatever, and strangers who had nothing to fall back on when they came to Medina. And they were named, I had to suffer and suffer. And first we're going to talk about how to suffer a little bit today. And then we can mention some of the other objectives.

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And those are the importance of what we learn from others suffer the lessons they're in. And we'll move on to the next part, the next project of the profile so to sum that was establishing an overlap.

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As for the suffer, as we said, it's used for the poor and so forth. And by that to annasophia easily describe this, however, just because they were poor, don't let that fool you.

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When you think of poor people, what's the first thing that comes to the mind? Usually?

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Someone's poor, they are junky

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dirty clothes, druggie, unintelligent, rude, arrogant, right? However, these people were far from that

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they are very active among Lucifer were bad worshipers, which he

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should have done Shahada martyrs, or lemma scholars.

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And on the top of that list of scholarship was Abu hurayrah. Abu huraira was from annasophia Allahu Akbar. And that's why he was number one in Hadith narration

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no unknown basically came close to whatever the one that came close was in Armada and he doubled his narrations virtually. So Abu huraira was from and so far no doubt. Anyway, think. Yeah, can I make sense he had a lot of time on his hands and he was poor. He was actually quite wealthy. And he volunteered to be from examples.

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And, and even shows you his honor even further because of a person volunteers to be an apple suffer, right? They volunteer to live a very simple and austere lifestyle. That's tough. If a person's will theory, they're not going to do that. I've already volunteered and he said, I will split the night into three parts. The first part for myself, second part for a lot. Third part for the Muslims, how the first part was for himself already do. It was sleep good. Second, Passover low, what did you pray third part for the Muslims. He will review the Hadith of the profile is slow to slow. So he would record them sit at the profits feet during the day, and he would review them at night and that

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also shows you that they used to record the ahaadeeth and atomic Rasulullah.

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So of course, there were many scores for monks had to suffer because they are literally studying full time in the University of Al Islam. The Prophet msgid literally in Medina, even to today you have Misha graduating from and Medina true. So even to today's like the Learning Hub, the center of Islamic learning upon Allah amazing. So Abu huraira Raja lon, who was one of them, and he said, the mahadji road were busy with their businesses and the unsold were busy with their farms. And fast I would sit with the earliest photo slump, and I would follow him around on an empty stomach. They were busy with dunya working to survive is enough, I would literally follow the mystery on empty

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stomach he sacrificed and he had the fo mo syndrome. What was it? fear of missing out, not fear of missing out Facebook or Twitter but rather fear of missing out

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on the knowledge and hidden from the profile, this little slip. And he said, I'll thought I would remember when they would forget. Because he was there constantly reviewing

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and also from monks who suffer was how they fare ignore the man for the for a mulia man

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was among his special characteristics.

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Yes, he had knowledge of the Prophet secrets and he had a lot of knowledge to do with

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the fitten sent the trials and tribulations of the hour. And he also had a lot of a hadith knowledge when it came to the signs of the Day of Judgment. So that was for the for Ebony Lima, who was amongst Lucifer. Also, we said there were Mujahideen fighters in the past have a lot and many Shahada also among Lucifer, among them hum wala who's hamdulillah he was a martyr. However history is amazing. He just got married kk night splinter with his wife, he heard the call for jihad, and he went out to fight has to be learned he was martyred. And because hamdulillah and because he was just with his wife. It was in a state of Geneva to the profile so to slim said that

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Angels will Washington magic hear from the angels they're watching because instead of genever so that was humble. What an honor he was from out of suffer. So he was the one was by the angels, also among the Shahadat was able hottub atop the name rainbow

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Amaz brother latos law, so they didn't hottub he was from amongst others suffer. So yes, these are names you may not have heard of right. But there were no doubt great inside of a lawsuit.

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So they had many more j dawn, many of them are many Shahada, and there was approximately 70 of them. 70 of them made up by Lucifer. Now let's look at the lessons we can learn from Lucifer. So if you are taking notes, these are the lessons we can learn about Lucifer. Next subheading. Number one, the importance of having a welfare system in Islam.

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So yes, this is something that we recognize and the profile is for to send me very well.

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And it shows you that we were before centerlink and the Australian Government and the payouts right before that. So yeah, centerlink and all that. That's old. We had the first warfare system in Islam. Well, hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen.

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Secondly, the importance of funding students of knowledge, Abu huraira, right. He was not even poor, yet. He needed to be funded and others, are they fully funded scholars. And we need this something that we need to basically take into consideration. Not all students are wealthy,

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and even those who are wealthy, but they have the potential to be machines, or LMR. But they just don't have the time to work because they can study Yeah, no problem funding them as well, even if they've got money. And that's what we've said from day one, the policy miaa is if you don't have wealth, well, you're not going to be charged. No, you'd have to fill 101 forms like centerlink you just give you a word we trust you we believe is it's enable casino Mina Vanya. So to avoid my suspicion, you just say okay, I'm doing a tough commerce done, speak tally speak to myself, Chicago's hog. Siobhan Have you feel comfortable with? So this is something that Islam recognized

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also the importance of funding students of knowledge,

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the importance of funding experience of knowledge. Number three,

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the importance of funding dowel workers, those involved in doubt, maybe not everyone's gonna be a scholar, but you need people who are working full time in the dour, full time administration. And he's on the sofa. Why? Because new Muslims.

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They were sent on the sofa numerous times. Sometimes the other Muslim woman were busy with their businesses work, right? They couldn't go to a worker all the time all the time, right? They go to the masjid and I have a sofa where they were to teach the new Muslims. So they weren't basically volunteers. They were Tao work is now funded because they're on the welfare system of as a

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fourth benefit, the importance of mixing with the poor and with the needy.

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Because I'm so far away, were they in the masjid and meant the other Muslims who are wealthier or otherwise can come to the masjid and mix with them. They will congregate with the Jamal there were isolated like rejects in society that you find here in the so called 21st century advanced 2015 of the wasteland that went outcasts. No, you find the poor, the needy, the strangers. There's a wealthy high class, low class teachers, non teachers, experts, non experts, everyone was together one band brotherhood, so shows you know, they weren't isolated like you have today. And I saw this fox news they had this episode where they're basically going around to the streets of Manhattan in New York,

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and giving the poor a hard time you know, why are you poor? Why are you here? Private in Fox News hassling or pestering the poor people? Basically the episode was about problem of the increasing numbers of poor homeless people in New York. So now it's bothering them. Why? Because after look at them, actually, the yuppies didn't like it because after Look at him,

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they went up to one guy basically he's urinating in the street. They go up to him, they go Why you anymore? I'm a human and helped me out here.

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It's like, you know, why are you homeless? I love being homeless. That's awesome. What do you want him to say? doesn't want to be in that situation? Leave him alone. You know last night the best sleep of my life. I had a cement block as a pillow fast. Awesome. Where's this block been on my life and I have been using it for the last 20 years. And I want to be in a situation why pestering him but he's people's apartment because they are in a bit of money now. They think they can put other people down so they weren't rejected. This is how it was in Islam or hamdulillah. As for the next initiative and project at the profile is lifted started when the incident Medina, after we said

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first was arrested and after. That was

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said, After establishing the masjid, and with that

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But our second project

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and the Prophet alayhi salatu salam did this via mentioning of course, to the believers that the answer had a very high virtue that no one hates them except his own effort. And no one loves them except he's a believer. And he said, if the unsign would take one path, and the people will take another I will take the path of the answer is increasingly well out of the believers literally amongst each other, and so on were revealed, swarm edenia like suited for art. This was revealed in and Medina after the digital so as you can see, these are eyes that were revealed to establish his brotherhood and thus Enter to Herat is in them and so I had an idea I mentioned to increase the band

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of brotherhood amongst the Muslims. As for Al Bara, the profile is sort of slim mentioned many times about different from the hood why a lot of these ahaadeeth came in and Medina because that's where the hood were refined the hood in Mecca they were in and Medina Why would they enter Medina as we mentioned, if you remember in the early part of Sierra, the wedding for a profit so after though exalt from

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Jerusalem by the Romans, they of course went to and Medina because I was expecting a profit there. So a lot of the hoods were in El Medina and when the believers saw them and they mixed with them, they could see that they shared a lot of similar similar traits had a lot of things in common why because at the Al Khattab they are they received the book, Akita by revelation. And of course we are of course you know this oma has received the book and thus the profile is far too slim wanted to ensure that Alibaba also dissociation from the profile and its people right from the from Kufa and its people were strong. So he told them to differ from the Jews, many ahaadeeth differ from the Jews

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even in hairstyles differ from using your prayer, they pray with their shoes off at times, pray with your shoes on is the command that showing you no problem you're allowed to pray with your shoes. And first when he entered that Medina, he saw the Jews he noticed that they were fasting he asked him why are you fasting? They said they had a Yeoman sila. This is a great day. Why? What day was that? Ashura? asunto Ashura, they said this de nada love musawah benissa element frown is the day Allah said Musa and Bella is right from crown that the profile is what slum know about Ashura? He sure did. He was aware of Ashura. In fact, contrary to popular belief, he knew about it in Mecca. Many

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people don't know this. He knew about Ashura in Mecca used to fast Ashura in Mecca as per the authentic hadith of Asia. So when he came to Medina, he knew what it was. He said, he just asked him why are you fasting? Not what day is this? Why are you fasting? I said, We are fasting because it Moosa the probiotics lead to some said, No, I have to be more semonkong we have more to muscle Islam. So he commanded to Sahaba too fast. And it also commanded them and encourage them to fast another day, why?

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To be different from the Jews that truly that's why it's encouraged to foster ninth along with attempts as for the integration of if not best. So as you can see many a hadith many of the prophets yonny instructions to different from the Jews to ensure a reliable Bharat. And I'm going to mention just two more things about the hood. And we're in here to show you my dear brothers the animosity of the Jews of the hood from day one.

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Not day to three, day one. Sophia been to Korea Who is she?

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The daughter of her Yeah, she ended up marrying Rasulullah Thoris. She is the Prophet wife. And she's from Omaha, meaning literally, now she narrates when she was a young girl. When the Prophet Elias was slammed first enter the Medina she's narrating this. She said, my father and my uncle entered the house. Just when they we got news that you had entered in Medina. Now her father and uncle were Jewish. In other words, she was a Jewish woman at us literally, Sophia was a former Jew. She said, Now she's narrating when her father and uncle entered the house. Upon hearing the news of the Prophet Muhammad entering Almudena. She's narrating now she said, they entered with dark black

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interfaces, phase of disgust. Why? Because I heard them discussing why they say one of them said Is that him? Is it really him? Could it be true? The other said yes, it is him talking about so luck. Is he really the promised profit? Yes, he is. So he's asked, what are we going to do? Are we going to follow? I said no. We vow to be his bitterest enemies up until the final day. The whole numerous will love from day one. They recognize them, but they disbelieved and they decided to go against the profile. So it's a matter of pride and arrogance, because he's from the lineage of his smile and not from the lineage of his house. Aloha Mustang.

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So she saw this and she generated this later. Amazing. she witnessed that. And when she was older and she got married, this wasn't a Muslim, he got married and she married a Jew, of course. One day she mentioned the dream she had. She dreamt that she saw the moon land in her lap. When her husband heard this, he slept so hard. He said, How dare you desire the king of the Arabs.

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He knew what his dream meant for the maid

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she's going to marry the Prophet Mohammed. She had that dream and she ended up marrying was for the provided sort of slum which was taken a kept as a captive. He married her and he freed. So that was Sophia. Sophia the effort also law.

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That was the first story the second story will end here was Abdullah bin Salim, Abdullah bin Salim was a Jewish rabbi, a scholar. He said when I heard of the Messenger of Allah coming to Medina, I wanted to go and see him. He had something called sarasa Abdullah Bin Saud bin Salaam, he had to follow so what's

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your intuition are reading the face? He said, I wanted to go and see him and he already has to say, I wanted to judge Is he a fake? Or is he real? So he went and he heard the Prophet Muhammad Ali saw two slums first words. What were they? Yeah, you had nurse of Salaam. What time What time was a lovely lady when nurse to Nia that hallucinogen Natasha Salam.

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O people spread the Salaam, feed bomb, literally food to the needy, praying the night where people and em sleeping. And you enter gender in Salam in peace. He said I heard those words. And I saw his face and I was studying it. He said by Allah. This is not the face of a liar. He went to the Prophet Mohammed, Jewish rabbi eyeshadow and da da da karasuma accepted Islam. He had the truth he knew is in their books. But enough pride but humble and he accepted Islam. Then he said the Rasul Allah, the Jews are a treacherous, betraying people. What's new?

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He said they're treacherous.

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He said, I want you to, of course call them to Islam. And I want to tell them of my reversion. Also, I want to basically announce that I've accepted Islam also. He said, No, Russell, I told him, No, don't tell them anything. Let me organize a meeting with him and you wait in the next room, the profile exposes them avoid some of the Jews. They're there. And Abdullah bin Salim is an extreme. The Prophet invites them to Islam. Of course they reject what else is new. They rejected the Prophet. And then he said, What do you think of Abdullah bin Salaam? They said he's a scholar, the son of a scholar, the master the son of a master, the pious man, the son of the pious man than the

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Prophet said what would you say if he accepted Islam? They said narrow billahi min dannic Allah protect us and him from that. After leaving Salim into the room, he said, Yeah. Oh, Jews, Fear Allah. You know, he is the promised prophet mentioned in our books. What do they say? Your ally, the son of a liar? You're a curse on the son of a curse but you're a fool the son of a fool. What happened? All of a sudden nanny literally from being the best to the worst of the lemon said I made the mistakes and denied

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these people I know them right. I was literally their rabbi. I know how they are. No one knows him better than me. This is how the Jews were from day one. And that we thought we conclude the Jewish animosity to the Prophet from day one. Hello, homeless Dan Zak, I'm located on a Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh