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5 Short Dua of the Prophet ï·º that protect us in Dunya & Akhira

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Santa Monica monofocal La Habra county what's your brother? Yeah Hey Brahim with another Ramadan therapy Alhamdulillah in this blessed month of Ramadan, we're in Hadith number eight I love my Vedic alemannic unhemmed May Allah subhanaw taala accept from us our fast and make us from those who are continuing in their seeking the pleasure of Allah azza wa jal earning his love and being from those who dispense love to others along them, I mean, this is a really dear door to those

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who are in the feeling different, different constraints in life. And this is from one of the drugs that is jam out meaning a comprehensive drug, and one of the gifts given by Allah subhanaw taala to our properties lm is that he was given Joanne Kelly, the conciseness of speech and prayers that covers such vast meanings in a comprehensive way, but in few short words, now sads the Allahu Allahu Allah. This Hadith isn't even mahadi and Mossad, the Aloha animal reports from sad, that sad can a moral behance in or out of Guru hoonah and in the VSI Selim saga the alarm I know used to remind of five statements and elevate them as being from the prophets I send them that they were reminders

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that he would see from the prophets, I tell him, they were five to add that sad would teach his disciples and teach his friends and teach his family. And he would say to them, don't take this for me, but this is from the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. And these were things that the Prophet would pray for, regularly, consistently, day in day out in accordance to the the needs of his life. The prophets I seldom would say and we I invite you to learn this and I'll share its link so that you can read it and transliteration Arabic and English, a lot of mania with a weaker mean and boy, or a lot I asked you to protect me and I asked you to give me refuge and to turn me away from elbow

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from miserliness. To be the heel is someone who has but can't give, can't spend on themselves or on others, more particularly, in this door, and it's our law mania over the weekend in a book, it's not just to be a person who is unwilling to give but to live with others who are willing willing to give. You don't want to be married to someone who doesn't spend or won't spend in that which is equitable than that which is fair and asked for by Allah. Allah subhanaw taala says from the traits of those who have firmness and faith in Him, what about the Romani lady named Kunal out of the hairnet as a part of the list of the traits of those who are humble servants of Allah? When levina

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either Elijah who Lem your city for whatever you have to do work and have a Nevada Kahala, there are those who when they come to spend, they don't spend excessively in an exaggerated sense. And they're not tight fisted that they don't give and they don't spend, what can I be Nevada Cola, and those who are worshipers of a rough man or those who are justly balanced heel is someone who is beyond that balance, that they are those who are tight fisted, unwilling to give up the greatest book is to be giving in praise and generosity and thankfulness to others. Therefore the prophets I seldom says upholland naza those who are the most miserly people and they'll give their India hola Musa Lee

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Allah is the one who I mentioned in front of them and doesn't send benedictions and blessings upon me a lot more so Liana Mohammed, wider early Mohammed, Allah who met in the air or they'll become available or ally seek protection with you from miserliness being from a person who's miserly are being living amongst people who will not spend in that which is just that which is equitable, what are the we can mean and juban and I asked you to protect me from cowardice to be a person who is a coward now cowardice is the root cause of many of the pains you and I endure in life. Sometimes we are too weak, too cowardly to speak up for ourselves to ask for our own rights. Sometimes we're too

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weak to ask for something that's attainable if we'll only ask it would be given but we're too weak to to unwilling, and cowardice is fear that has gone beyond what is acceptable. And therefore Allah always cautions prophets in the frontier is not something that is disliked in and of itself. Fear is something that's a natural emotion, but fear if it can, if it controls you, keeps you from attaining that which you can is cowardice and therefore Allah would say to Mr. Latta have to move on our own latter half has hoffa Don't be both of you scared to death Buddha Lee is Salaam that will just let me know he got scared mu. Rahim Allah is Salam when he saw the three Angel and we just I mean, he

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thought he was scared. latter half Don't be fearful. Meaning Don't let it make you a coward. That you cower away, you turn your back you move back from that which is right to stand up and speak a word of justice when it's necessary to given a path that is just to put yourself on the line to protect others.

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is near as well as far a love mania over the weekend in Albuquerque or LA I asked you to save me from being miserly who became in a juvenile to be a person who is a coward, a person whose fear has controlled every aspect of their life, wherever they become an order to either out of their leader mode, and I pray, Oh, I love it, you will not let me live to such a degree that I enter into a state of dementia of the mind, where I revert to not knowing who I am and what I and where I belong and who I worship, to be in a state where I have lost consciousness that I revert to being as if I was just born as if I'm a newborn in my adulthood in my mental capacity. This is an insightful drought

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of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam you can wave this dry it's not asking a lot to take our life or to end their life. But to end it Mac helmet mechanics in junior high only or law as long as this world is good for me, let me live where my capital asset or to fail on leave me, whatever, if my life is better that I returned to you a lot. Oh, a lot. Take me relieve me from it. We ask Allah Subhana Allah not to give us the pain of our elderly irmo where we are a burden for ourselves and a burden upon others, that we leave this world with our faculties and mind intact wherever the becoming fit netted. dounia Jani we have it ninja Jan. And I asked you a lot to protect me from the

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fitness of the dounia to protect me from the lustful leanings that I will have for the dunya from the desirous nature that I will have from this worldly life. And I want you to understand there's nothing wrong with being wealthy or seeking wealth or excess in that in that regard. As long as you earn it from Highland spending, Helen Xu had to be a person who relinquishes love of the dunya relinquish their love of this worldly life. It means an academic look and dunya with dunia let me look at that you own the world you own things in it, but you don't let those things own you, you will not change your financial structures and what is ethics in our financial dealings to attain the

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dunya by doing that, which is haram and entering into Riba and going into sinful loans and so on, so I will not change what is halal, what is haram into halaal to attain the dunya just on account of that alarm? What are all the becoming picnicing dunya, I asked you to protect me from the fitting of the dunya What did the job and protect us from the dungeon and the gel solo I sell him he said Mommy, Naveen Illa under a whole model our world can then there hasn't been a profit before me from the time of Adam until now, who hasn't warned this people have this false false deity who will come and ask to be worshipped instead of God, that the job is a man who will be

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come out in our own man and he will come and he will be followed by the vast majority of people even amongst those of us who claim faith. Those who have a hypocritical faith will follow him and then Medina will shake and shutter when the gel approaches you'll never be able to enter it or Mecca mocha Rama or into messenger oxide which will always be with the believers Allahumma amin Allahu Allah, may Allah continue to keep it blessed.

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That the journal is a person who is represents a shade panic being a devilish construct, he will be a person who will be given particular powers of illusion that will cause people at times of drought and famine to follow him because he will lead them to that which they assume is prosperity, when in fact it is adversity and sinfulness May Allah protect us from the dead while becoming uninhabitable and or law, the fifth of the draft protect me from the punishment of the grave. While that will probably Huck and it is a reality that there is a punishment for the body and the soul in the grave as is part of our authy that as a listener, that the grave is a place that can become a garden from

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the gardens of Paradise, or a pit from the pits of hellfire. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to send his light upon the departed to open for them to graves and to relieve them of their punishment. The prophets I seldom said that there are 30 verses that are reciting many recited tavakkoli via the milk. The one who recites them protects themselves from the punishment of the grave. We should make it part of our routines every night. Once again, they do a lot of mania. They'll become an L book. Where are they becoming an juban? out why are we becoming an N or do Eli have a little more What are over the weekend or Under Armour? Where are the weekend in fitness dunia was it netted the john what

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are the big mean other bills Allahumma amin Aloma I mean May Allah protect us from them. Make this a regular part of your drive to alleviate harm in life, past present and into the future. was sent out Polycom waterflow to LA he was on a cat