Ramadan 2022 – The Manners of The Believers #08 – Cooperating Together In Good

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Smilla hamdulillah Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah who Allah Allah he will be Omen wala Hammerberg of the qualities and characteristics of the believer is that the believer is not an isolationist. The believer comes together with the Jamara of other believers. And the believer cooperates with other believers for the greater good. So the believer is not somebody who cuts off from the rest of society and worships Allah subhanho wa Taala alone thinking this is the pinnacle of Eman know, the believer comes together with other believers. And the believer finds communities of believers and the believer cooperates with other believers for greater and grander projects. Allah subhana wa Tada

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says, and so that an answer will also be in the inside of the few hosel Illa levena Amanullah Moodle salejaw This is the individual believe and do good deeds, then what a while so Bill healthy water while sober, sober, tawassul cannot occur by yourself. De la Sol is not individualistic, it is not selfish. You are not a loner if you do tawassul activity while sober, sober. Allah describes the believer to be the one who helps one another in good helps one another in patience. When you help one another. This means you must come together. And in fact, every single prophet came to form a community. No Prophet came so that individuals go and worship in caves and be hermits. Every Prophet

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came to build communities, what is the entire Sierra except the building of the Muslim community in Medina and then the conquest of Makkah, and then the Islamic State is established over there. So the believer looks at the greater good and the believer comes together with other believers. Allah subhana wa Tada says, that remember that you used to be enemies, then AlphaBay Nakuru become Allah brought all of your hearts together for us by two minute mighty one. By Allah's blessings, you became all brethren together, Allah calls us one ummah. So we come together to form this ummah, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the example of the movement to the other movement is like

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that of a brick in a wall. Every brick solidifies the wall, when the bricks come together, they formed a magnificent wall. This is a beautiful metaphor. This is a beautiful metaphor, you cannot build a wall except with bricks, and individual bricks cannot by themselves, build a wall. If you want to build a wall to defend against your community, to build a house to do anything. You have to come people together to build that wall. And our Prophet says Adam said, the example of the believer with the other believer is like the bricks that come together and they solidify the entire wall. You cannot build a civilization individually. You cannot do a communal good, except if we come together.

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And so Allah commands us in the Quran. What are our no other ability with Taqwa help one another? Islam is not an individualistic religion. Our Sharia is not a solitary Shetty out. We don't just cut off and worship Allah and think that we're doing good. No, we find a community your doula he either Jamar the prophets have said, Allah's hand is over the GEMA of the believers. Whoever breaks away is breaking away from the fire of hell. We stick with the gematria of the Muslims that Gemma I literally means the group of Muslims, we find Muslims and we support one another. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the wolf attacks the solitary sheep, the sheep that's all alone.

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And when the sheep come together, the wolf is farther away from attacking them when we are by ourselves when we're isolated. Our image is going to go down our children's Eman is going to be affected. We cannot afford to be isolationist, we must find a Jamar and we must be a part of that Gemma and come together for the greater good. Dear Muslims. This isn't just theoretical talk, especially in this land. Let me be very clear here. No family can

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can afford to be isolationist. Your children must see a community of believers. Your children must be attached to a Jamar to a masjid. I'm not just saying epic, I'm being very clear, some must you if those of you are watching online, those of you that are driving far away, find your own communities, no problem. But you must be a part of a bigger project. You cannot afford to cut off and live your own lives. That Jamaah is where the baba comes. And the believer lives with the GEMA and finds the GEMA and cooperates with the GEMA what to our new mobility with Taqwa. This is a part of our show, do we find groups of people that have the same aim? And by Jamara? I don't just mean must you, I

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mean, any good cause, find a good cause that you're passionate about whether it's a charitable cause, whether it's a social issue, whether it is teaching and preaching, Allah has given all of us passions, to actualize those passions, we cannot do it by ourselves. If we want to feed the hungry people in a country, we need to come and form an institute and do that. If we want to teach Islam at any type of level, we need to bring people and do that. If you want to have a community like epic, I cannot do it by myself. You cannot do it by yourself. We have to come together. Ibn Taymiyyah says it is the Sunnah of Allah that the believers come together for the greater good or else there will

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be no greater good. You cannot accomplish a magnificent project by yourself. No famous scholar, no mover and shaker of entire Islamic history was a hermit living in a cave. We don't operate that way. So one of the signs of the believer is that the believer finds a group that is involved in a higher cause and gets together and volunteers or becomes a part of that project and does something for the greater good. Dear Muslims. My advice to all of you, what are you passionate about for the deen that all of us have different passions, find groups that share your passions, if you don't create your own one, and tell people to come and then for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala come together and

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cooperate. And you know, when we come together and cooperate, so many things happen of them is that our strengths, our strengths are collected together, and our weaknesses are covered up. So I might be strong in one field and weaken another. And my colleague is weak in the very field, I'm strong in and he's strong in the field, I'm weakened. So we come together and you come and he comes and she comes in all of us come together and we can do collectively what we cannot do individually. Actually that is how corporations work. Is it not the case? That is how every successful business venture works? You come together and you cooperate? Why then don't we understand our own needs the same, the

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revival of the OMA needs the same of the benefits that happen when we come together we form bonds of friendship, whoo hoo. We form genuine connections, we start to love people for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala of the benefits of coming together, we learn how to interact, we control our egos, we learn the benefits of being together, and it's always some difficulties will be there. So by remind myself of this hadith, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, listen to this hadith, the Mothman who interacts with other believers, and is patient at the irritations they give him because let's be honest here, when you are interacting with others, you're volunteering, things are

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going to happen. Somebody's gonna say something, you know, egos are going to be bruised, whatever prophecies I'm saying, the believer who comes and mixes with the other believers, and is patient at the irritation that happens because of that is better and more beloved to Allah than the believer who does not mix with the other believers. So remember brothers and sisters of the sign of Iman and of the characteristics of Eman? What are our no other ability with Taqwa come together and cooperate in all aspects of piety and all aspects of good I ask Allah subhana wa Taala to make us of those whose hearts are united upon good I ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to bless our efforts and to

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forgive our mistakes and since I ask Allah subhana wa Tada to cleanse our hearts of any ill will and ill feeling and to keep us all united as one OMA and inshallah will continue tomorrow with Santa Monica to Allah Who baraka to

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nice. So via phone Okay, knee length server is zoominfo me he'll reach me on Canvas learning you

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