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The importance of inner devotion in achieving Islam's goal of settling for the peace in the world is emphasized. The Day of Judgment is emphasized as a distraction for those who want to be present. It is crucial to finding a place where one'self is showing up and avoiding distraction. It is also important to develop an inner devotion and find a place where one'self is showing up. The importance of affirmation and negative thoughts is emphasized. It is also suggested to take a challenge to get to the point of being in charge and to do the devotion prayer.

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Mohammed Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina when Amina Muhammad wa ala and he was having nine, Solomonic lineworker two brothers and sisters here We are here today to discuss about the concentration in Salah. Now when Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he taught the Sahaba of the Allah ornamin mind to pray He not only told them you not only taught them how to pray with with the outer body, but he also taught them how to pray with the inner body. This in Arabic is called for sure the outer body performance is called for door so to have all the outer body you know, very very settled in Salah is known as hadoar hot wine and the inner part of the devotion is known as whoa

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Sure. Okay with a harsh Shana. Wow, I'm sure. So, this inner part this inner devotion, the prompts will allow us

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not only had to the maximum level when he would pray, but he also taught us about the law on the mind. And it is this inner hustle or in devotion that makes a person change their life. The Quran in surah Alam Kabuto surah number 29 is number 45. I said we're here in a community tab where Aquino Salah, recite from the book of whatever has been revealed and establish your prayers in the Salah Tottenham in fashion, you will Mancha. Surely prayers prevent a person from sinning and from obscenity and from things that are not not liked by Allah this messenger sulla ism. So look, when we get our salad and properly then you don't like to do these things. These sins, you don't like to

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indulge in these things that last told us not to do. But when the Salah has got no devotion, then a person is able to just quickly pray and then they'll do whatever they want. It's a sad case and we do have many Muslims across the world unfortunately, who have neglected the most, the most important part of our our devotion to Allah, the most important part of our Salah, which is our devotion to Allah. So there's many many Muslims who neglect that that's why you will find Muslims who pray but they lie pray but they cheat prey but they are abusive prey, but they are horrible to others, you know, pray but they neglect their duties towards others. That's why you see that because of the fact

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that Muslims haven't developed this inner devotion. So today's session is going to be how to develop those inner inner devotion that inner devotion inside Salah. Now, before you come to your Salah, you should know that there is there is this whole thing Okay, as that goes up when the alarm goes off, that should really be something where that signals that we need to settle down. Okay, that is a very beautiful way of getting everything to stop and everyone's attention to be focused was a lot Why do we have a call to Salah with an event that has got the name of allies, messenger the name of of Salah have come to success. Why is that the case? Because Allah wants us to have our heart settled

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before the Salah actually happens. You know that according to visible Hadith the Prophet Allah has to tell without the law and he would say, and even under Salah to be it would say Oh, Bilal, you know, relieve us relieve us by giving the other by giving you that so when when beloved to Allah will give the earth and they say that all the workers in Medina would stop. Right? This was a moment when they'll put their things away, they would, they would, you know, say Okay, now let's take the break. Okay, let's go now and do a voodoo and come to the masjid. And it was a moment when wrestlers from Latin would stay silent and he would listen to the other and he would repeat after the other

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then he would repeat after below the alarm as is given.

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Now, what you notice also is what the professor of law has been saying is that he is in so much relaxation after the event, because he's going to not cut off from the world. That's why he's words are gonna give us give us a relief, like relieve me from the tension of the world, relieve me from indulging in the world, give me the relaxation I want while I go into my prayers. So I'll give that call that will put us in relaxation. So when you think about the meaning and the significant significance of this, and I have the Quran and there's a couple of eyes in the Quran like this one is in Surah Baqarah. So number two is number 45 and 46 which allows me as originally says was to you

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know, be somebody or Salah if you want your help from from Allah, then you gotta seek your help through two things. One is to have patience to endure whatever you know is happening to you right now. And the

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Second one is to actually be devoted to try to do your Salah. Now, Allah said some onsala now, he says then look at the next thing Allah says Allah says we're in Allah Chavira. Salah will be a burden on every single individual except for Illa Allah Harsha in except for those who have developed the inner devotion for Allah Subhana Allah what is Allah saying here like saying that those of us who have the inner devotion will come to enjoy the sutra will actually enjoy the Salah as opposed to those people who think Yeah, man, I gotta pray man. Yeah, you know, yeah, I got you know that attitude that thing of Salah is calm or you gotta get it done yet another Salah, get it

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out of the way, do it as quick as I can, you know, that whole approach that will be from all those Muslims who haven't developed it in as Hirshhorn inside the inner devotion, okay, those Muslims will have that attitude towards Allah. And it's very unfortunate that they haven't tasted the true essence of Salah. I mean, look, if you haven't tasted certain things in life, if you haven't actually been there experienced it, you won't actually enjoy it. Like, you know, those people who are would have said no, the first time, maybe they would have they would have looked at you know, going out somewhere where they wouldn't have wanted to go go out there but when they go there and

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they meet the people they are they see the function and they they like the food, the culture, whatever it is over there, then they enjoy it and they look forward to the next time they go that's the inner spirit of something so Salah hasn't has an inner spirit, it has a it has an inner part with that. If only you know you want to taste that, then it makes it very different for us to to see our salah and Allah Dan says in that is soon number two. Number 46. Allah says is alladhina Luna anahola corabi him? Well, Roger, now here's where Allah really tells us how to develop that hustle. What are those people who how they got this inner devotion. So Allah says they are those who are

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absolutely certain that they will meet their Lord. Okay, so this is the thing, this is the key thing that they have their 100% show that I'm going to meet my Lord. Now, this gives us a little little clue of how to develop an inner devotion. And next part of that is is one of whom Elijah Rogers own, there are absolutely certain that to only hint, they're going to return. Now, what this means is those people who are going to bring that focus in their minds, that Allah is the one you know who I've got to, I've got to have in my mind, Allah is watching, I'm going to return back to my Lord, I'm going to be standing in front of him. That thing really changes a person's attitude towards the

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inner devotion in Salah. If I ask you this question right now, to answer it yourself. What are you more afraid of? Are you more afraid of death? And the moment when death will come? Are you more afraid of the grave of being alone inside the grave? Or are you afraid of standing in front of Allah on the day of gentlemen and being questioned? Now whenever I've done this with live audiences, what I found is that there's a small percentage that are afraid of the actual process of death. There's an increased amount of people that are afraid of being alone inside the grave. But there is the majority of people who are afraid of standing in front of alarm, the day of judgment and being

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questioned directly. Okay, so now lets you know that more or less be the same stats that I will get from you, the viewers here, I know it's online, but I'm sure more or less, that's going to be the stats. What we need to do is we need to make ourselves feel that we're on the Day of Judgment before we get to our Salah. Emmanuel zarahemla says a wonderful thing he says, He says, imagine that you were there on the Day of Judgment. And Allah said to you, oh, my servant, what is it that you bought for me? What is it that you've got one thing that you can show me that you took your devotion into for me, and we can't find anything. And then what we do is we say imagine a person said that, oh,

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give me a chance to go back and to do something for you. And I'll be right back here the death or luck, please give me this one. One chance, we know that this will never happen. But imagine as just an imagination that Allah didn't give us a chance. Okay, and here we are. And there's my next Salah. And I'm gonna stand now in front of Allah for the next four records for the next two records for the next how many records? Can I do a prayer of devotion straight after which I'm going to be straight onto the Day of Judgment again, and Allah is going to judge me on how I did this particular setup. That brings something to the mind, okay. What you can also do is this.

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You can imagine that you know, the premise that you have you

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Hold on, I should quickly say something about the math. Okay? There's a lot of primates out there, okay. And I don't know what goes through the minds of these guys with design this premise. But once they do a prayer design, I think it should go through a process of people, analyzing them and seeing if there's anything wrong with the prayer. Because what happens is, a lot of these prayer mats, you know, want to stand and you start praying, you look down, you see, what's a monkey doing? And they're like, what's the little creature in there? What's the elephant, sort of, you know, either the trunk doing the image, you start seeing all these little features on the prayer mat. I don't

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know why that is pretty much unless you know, even when they have the cover, even when they have the green dome on the privates. That's not supposed to be the case. And I can, I don't know if you know or not, because our focus is though our attention is towards the karma. Okay, our focus shouldn't be the Kaaba and I'll focus shouldn't be the green dome I focus shouldn't be the Haram or the haramain. Our focus should be that on light, what do you mean, that should be our focus. So if you have a prayer, the best prayer mats are those that are playing all the perimeter, I tried to buy the plane Monday Now, most of the shopkeepers don't even have those, but I prefer those, because you shouldn't

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have anything that should distract. Now, one of the things you can do is, look, don't choose a place where you're going to be distracted. Don't choose a place Look, you're going to a place where all your kids are there, the toys are all over the place, and you're going to say a lot, but they're not. You're most likely gonna have a very low percentage of who show up in the devotion place. Choose a place where you know, you haven't got things to distract you, okay? They even say you shouldn't have a mirror in front of you. Why? Because you can see your reflection and that reflection might distract you. You know, you shouldn't have unnecessary noise. You should try to go

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to a place where it's quiet if you can, but if you can't and you've got you I often get this question asked that what happened? You got young kids. Now the beautiful thing I can tell you all you mothers out there and I've done this as a father as well see kids, they adjust to the environment no matter what. So the first time when you're doing the Salah, and your little toddler is there may be little baby that just crawling and trying to get your attention. Right? So you're in your Salah, now while you're in your Salah, they're going to be crying, yes, let them cry. They're not going to die. It's actually good for their lungs, okay, it's good for the lungs, let them cry.

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Sorry, you do your Salah. Because they're gonna watch you the first time they'll watch you the second time by the third, fourth fifth time whenever

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they look at you and they know that ah, they're in this motion right? Whenever there is motion of bowing down and doing these things they don't give me attention.

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I need to wait for them to do this. You know kids, when they when they see your Salaam taxi they'll start crying after a while they're

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waiting for you to do the salah and once you do the celebrate

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I don't know if you noticed that but that will happen because they know that you can't you won't give them attention if you're in a salon now. Have you live in a country that I don't see why mothers have to like be so frantic Oh my god, you know I can't I can't you know do my Salah properly because I need to hurry up because my kids crying What do you mean you're in a hurry? If they see you hurrying up they'll cry even more because they know that makes you hurry up. So just take it easy do it no two things just get two things or three things out the way for kids okay? One is give them their food before Salah.

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Make sure that nappies are changed

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and the third one and only thing left is their sleep. If those three things are there for kids, they shouldn't bother you. They should not bother you and you know a lot of you parents you spoil them because you keep on carrying them oh my god I gotta carry on carrying that our guy gave me just sitting down is on babies supposed to sit down there on their own you know keep them alive and and be okay by anyway Look, you're going to try to get the best place and then you know when you go for your son I think to yourself look. The most important thing of myself my whole day is the salon so I normally spend either my extra minutes here extra minutes I don't even look at the time when I'm

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talking to people or phone rooms. When I'm texting people on WhatsApp on social media I don't even look at look at how the time is going to Why should I be so bothered about how many minutes I've spent for this particular Salah. Let me just take imagine easy. Okay, that's an easy now stand on the primer. Next thing you think about is Malecon mode is right behind your back. Angel of Death is standing right behind my back. That's where he is. Bring that in your mind. Nothing you bring in your mind is that prayer mat is my grave. And I'm standing on it

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and these are my prayers in my grave. For for my grave. Let the whole motion change

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You must learn anything around change these are, these are things that will trigger you to get that inner devotion in your, in your prayers. The next thing you do is one of the one of them, anyone here who's actually done a tour or cards or a forecast prayer, you've done it with her shoe with devotion from beginning to end, I can guarantee you 100% I've done this test up and down the whole of the UK, in live audiences. And I can absolutely guarantee you that every person will say that if asked the question was your Salah fast, or was it slow,

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and 100% of them will say slow.

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The two things of having a fast prayer and inner devotion, just don't go together, the oil and water, they just don't go together. If you want to get into devotion in your Salah and slow down, right? So now you're doing your you know, you say a lot, but I want to send you a lot of net net another thing that you need to think of is that the dunya is not going to be smacked back. Right these things just bring in your mind, I'm going to smack back all the thoughts of the day No, because look, why should I in my Salah be bothered about the the problems when I am standing in front of the one who is the solution to all my problems should not be thinking about the solution to

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my problems, and not my problems? Right? A lot of people, they make these big mistake Now one way of getting your devotion back is whenever you think of a problem or something going on in your life think Who is the one who's going to solve this problem out? And the answer is a lot so then just think of a login. If you're thinking of some entertainment do something good. Who is the one who gave me the energy for that Allah and who will give me more energy and motivate for this Allah so you just think of a lot. So you go back to Allah, okay. So when you when you start studying a Salah, you raise your hand you smack the dunya behind, okay, and you surrender to Allah, these observing my

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thoughts not only am I surrendering my the fact that I'm not going to eat in Salah I'm not going to drink in during Salah I'm not going to do anything else during Salah. I'm not even going to look here and there in Salah. I'm going to look straight down to my to the place of my surgeon so I've surrendered my eyes, I've surrendered my mouth, I've surrendered my body, and I'm surrendering my thoughts. Okay, so now stop standing under the law. And then we say Allah now what's the significance of Allah? Why do we have almost like 19 Allah our prayers or something?

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In his short prayer, okay, so look, you say Allahu Akbar once the ruku Allah, then sujood again, Allahu Akbar. And then when you're when you're in between two suitors getting along for the love of God, and finally getting up again, a lot, seven there, right? secondary look at you're gonna have another seven, that's going to be a 14, that's going to be 14, like for just just for the 14 of service by 13. for about two records of Sarah, and about four accounts of Sarah you're going to have some that 20 plus allow Of course Why?

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Because Allahu Akbar means Allah is the Greatest. Why am I saying Allah is the Greatest one are repeating that again, it's a trigger for me to say, Allah is greater than everything else that is going on right now. Allah is greater than my thoughts on life is greater than my problems. Allah is greater than my dunya lies greater than even my actual Allah is greater than anything that's going on in my life. Allah is the Greatest. So right now I should be focusing on Allah, not focusing on everything else. And when we focus on a lot the thing to do is to try and think not just trying to think that this is Allah No, with we think Allah is watching me. That's the thing because the Hadith

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is very clear. And tabula rasa tabula rasa now Iraq, the Hadith in Sahih Muslim says that, you know, we worship Allah azza wa jal as though we are seeing him but we really don't seem so that's why for in Iraq, we know that allies have done is watching us and that's the thing that we have in our minds. Nobody knows how Allah looks. Nobody can figure out how Allah looks. Nobody can can ever know why in this world, how Allah looks until we get to the Day of Judgment onto the agenda. There's two moments when people will see a lot one Allah said on the Day of Judgment, okay, yo mighty Now there are a lot of behind Allah. So Allah said on the day, gentlemen, there'll be certain specific people

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allow make them see him. And a second one will be when when people get to journal that Allah will reveal his majestic being to everyone. So those are the only two times people will be able to know how Allah looks otherwise in this world, we just can't figure it out. And the best way to think is that allies watching it

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Now, to get this alive watching me alive watching me a very, very good thing you can do is to do a little bit of Vicar before you actually start your Salah a little bit of Vicar before you start your Salah. So just before you start your your, your prayers, you and you and I just get into the mode of just thinking of Alaska. Now there's a very easy way of doing this just two minutes, guys just two minutes. If you just say Allah, Allah and Allah, if you just say like now La Ilaha meaning that there's nothing of power, there is nothing that has power line that has no data because no Illa means a god what's a god a God means that something that you look up to, and something that gives

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you orders or something that you say, well, that's the thing I'm going to follow I'm going to listen to Eliza is something that is in control of yourself or something that you must give into that's what an Eli is. So La Ilaha there's no one absolutely no one that is of a godly nature, or is of you know of something that has that kind of power, in law, except for Allah. There is nothing that that has any power, nothing that has any control, nothing that has any, anything to do with me being submissive, except a Lola except Allah. So that's what we would. That's what we bring in, in our minds. The first part of it is negation, to negate it. And second one is affirmation. So we say the

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inner with that we negate everything. You can even negate the entire world and its existence right now we'd like because without Allah nothing exists. So

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in a Llama

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long, long,

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long, long,

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long lulla

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Now I can guarantee you that if you do this decay, or you don't have to choose my tune, you can choose any tune you want. You can choose any victory you want. You don't even have to do this you could you could you can just stand there and just just think that Allah is watching me. But the whole point is to be in a mode of what Allah said in sort of Baccarat. So number two item 46, which is a Latina woman and a hula or a beam to be in that state when you know that you're certainly going to meet your Lord and to him only you're going to return if that thing can come inside the mind before the Salah you know what we're going to feel I've done this with live crowds over and over

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again. But if you do the vicar of Allah so if you want to join me right now just do a little bit of the kind of Allah just join me if you can if you want to join me

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in a different different sort of tune in in Laguna ina

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if you just do that, and you do your Vicar you check your breathing you check your breathing right now if you did join me, you will see that your breathing is slightly karma

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you know I've done this live session with people doing all of these mind thing of, you know, this is there's a switch in our minds. Once you switch that

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you go in devotion, I'll give you a little test. I've done this I've done this test again and again. With live crowds I when they do that they get they find themselves to be calm in the breeding. And they find that there's a lot more you know, they're not even aware of, they're not even aware of the surrounding noise. Not even aware of that I made them do to look at Salah after giving them a few minutes of physical a couple of minutes of Vicar and I made them do this a lot. I've seen hundreds and perhaps 1000s across this country that did their Salah very slowly. They took their time and after that I asked them I said I said who noticed that that buzzing sound of the fan. A lot of them

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said that they couldn't even they didn't even hear it because their mind is so focused on like watching me alive watching me alive watching me. You know it's sensational. Once you get into that now you get

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into your Salah and everything you're going to say look a lot a lot of people might not even know the Arabic And I encourage you to know the Arabic We shouldn't really be praying without knowing what you know what we're seeing in front of our Lord all our lives is really sad. It only takes like a

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you know, it might just take a little bit of your time to actually go through a learn what's the meaning of the Salah that I'm actually doing what what's what's the, you know, what is it? What is it that I'm saying in front of my Lord? If people want to get a book, I'll tell you look, I'm just gonna give you the name of this book you can get if you go to suffer that's SF ar then you just look for book number six, textbook six, just order that in there. I worked with a team of people to get this book done in they will see the whole whole Salah meaning the whole encouragement to do our concentration in Salah will see the whole encouragement of

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actually doing Salah you'll see a lot there. So just to get the whole the meaning of Salah in my mind, what am I saying to my Lord? And if you actually know it's so it's so thrilling to stand on a land say those words and to know Guess what? To know that Allah is also repeating certain things back to me. As soon as I handed the Muslim you say Alhamdulillah gleaming all praise to my to Allah The Lord of all creation. You say that? And Allah says hamadani Abdi my seven has just praised me Allah saying this Today News. And then you say a Rahman Rahim, Most Merciful most kind Allah says Allah Allah. Yeah, Abdi my seven has extended his prayers to me. And he's a molecule within Master

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of the Day of Recompense Allah says

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for over a year at DMV, my my seven has delegated all matters to me and said I'm in charge. And then we say yeah, I can do it I can assign only you do we serve and from only do we do from only you do we seek help. And allows really says how the baby will be now Abdi, this is between me and my servant. When the Abdi my son, Mr. Seven will now get what he or she asks for. I imagine this there's a whole conversation going on when we say something, allies, you know, saying something back, and it's a it's an all thrilling thing to know that you're standing there, you're having a Mullah chat, which is a secret conversation conversation with Allah azza wa jal and if you can take

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the challenge for yourself.

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If you take can take this challenge for yourself, this challenge is

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that you just need to do two rockets. Allah with devotion and that could be your ticket to China. Where Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a healthier body, he said, he said whoever does a wonderful will do. So they do the whoodle properly. And then they come to the to the place of salah and they do Salah they do a prayer to record where the face and the heart does not turn to anything other than last winter which means that your faces towards the Qibla and that your heart just thinking about Alaska as a region that is watching you. If you can just do that to recap, then you have entered Jana Subhanallah that's your challenge to get that done. And obviously, we

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need to spend a bit of time getting this devotion in Salah once you do guys you can feel so great. The first time I did my Salah with devotion, he was like I have conquered the mountain. It took me a little bit of time. Right I was in my teams to deliver on time but when I did it, it felt like I had conch I had discus climbed in time mountain I think climbing time mountain I just I was at the top of the mountain and honestly you feel so good about yourself. If you can just do this devotion prayer my thing to you is please get this in the system because this is the thing that will change our lives the whole life changes because once you have the concentration prayer the heart changes a

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lot removes that since Allah makes the person inclined towards him then then what you want to do you want to come towards Islam more as opposed to like scope do my salah and the people you see people doing Salah

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you know, it's like they're in a race to get it done. Why? If you haven't tasted the you know, the sweetness of Salah that's how you probably going to be that's how you're probably going to be praying. So anyway, I've done this session now just before please before you leave, make $1 for us inshallah together we make $1 and what tomorrow's session which is about how to find later to further tomorrow is going to be the last session that I'm going to be doing so I hope all you guys inshallah be delighted to to find out how to find love and what to do and then later the other inshallah and today just before we conclude on the sale, just if you can have this at the bottom of

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the of the this video, you're going to find a link that link again this button to 313 challenge which I will

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Marshall Alhamdulillah A lot of you have supported, please if you can have if we can have another 10 people please join another 10 people join please. And we can we can meet our target a lot better. You only spend 20 seconds to register, the team is there to set everything up for you all you do send it to attend to 20 people in from your friends and families, everyone just gives 1015 pounds and you will raise the whole target. Okay, those of you who have already registered please get busy with with with sending that especially look especially in you know in Ramadan because it's 70 times more more and especially when it comes to the last 10 nights because one of those nights is going to

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be later to cuddle. And if we hit even if we get people to donate online, it recovered. Look at those of you who've done your targets, you can send it on one of the nights later to cuddle and if they hit just 10 pounds they'll be multiplied by giving the same soccer for a good three years and four months Suhana line out in it is phenomenal. I'll inshallah do my best to commit to giving some sacrifice every night of the last 10 nights so please try and keep your send those things now if you can remember that and especially the last 10 nights to get extra people to get their greatest of all they can inshallah lama serialise even more Nana mahamadou Allah and he will stop you at nine all I

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will ask you to give us his shoe inside out to make as he devoted towards you to do our best for ourselves in this world so that when we get to the athlete and we get to upgrade to find a wonderful Sarah that will protect us and on the day of judgment that Salah will hold our hands and take us forth. And that's all I will be a means of salvation of aged men and our entry into gender. I'm in Erbil alameen wa Salatu Allah, Mohammed wala, and it was mine. I mean, I mean, I love

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all you guys and Allah bless you in this world and the next I mean it's an ironic moment.