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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various ways to use water, including planning, doing a will, and using it for various purposes, including planning, doing a will, and using it for various purposes. They stress the importance of water for safe travels, avoiding overwhelming one's body, and avoiding dangerous accidents. They also emphasize the need for conscious decisions and teaching others how to deal with various types of abuse. The speakers stress the importance of not being satisfied with a situation and not being satisfied with a situation, and stress the need for parents to be informed and try to get intervention and reconciliation.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who are the Adi he was so happy when Allah Hammarberg Our first question today sister no see her Sorry sister Natasha emails and says that is it allowed to do TM mum when we are embarrassed about doing will do or when it is awkward to do will do and if so, how is their mom done? Okay, so in a situation where she's wearing hijab, she's in a place where she cannot do will do. Can she do tell your mom? This is our question. Realize that term mom is a divine gift that Allah gave to our Ummah he did not give it to any other OMA before us. It is a gift that demonstrates Allah wants to make things easy for us and not to make things difficult.

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And Allah subhanaw taala legislated to your mum in the fourth or fifth year of the Hijra when in the return of the expedition of the Prophet system where Aisha was there and her necklace broke the famous expedition where her necklace broke, and she went out to search for it. And then what happened happened, this is the expedition where they among verses were revealed. So when her necklace broke, and she announced her the process and she doesn't have a necklace, so the process and I'm camped and he sent people to go find the necklace, right? This is the love that he had for our Isha even though it was not an expensive necklace, it had sentimental value. Turns out the

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necklace was underneath the camel. So when the camel stood up, they found that they couldn't find it until the camel stood up. So it had fallen down and the camel sat on it. Because they were delayed. They ran out of water because they were one stop away from Medina. And they were supposed to get to Medina within 234 hours. So they had enough water to last them there. Because of the delay. They ran out of water. And they didn't have water to do will do. So Sahaba went to Abu Bakr and began chastising him look at what your daughter has done because of your daughter. We're all delayed. And this is the reality of frustrated people. They take their anger out, firstly when they shouldn't and

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secondly on the wrong people. And believe me, I know this all the time. So they always take their anger out on the wrong person. What has aboubaker Did Gotcha. It was the Profit System that said we're going to remain here, but who's going to criticize so they go through Abu Bakr so look at what your daughter has done because of her necklace we are stuck here. And when the delay continued and they ran out of water, Allah revealed sulamani The verse six and in it Allah says we're going to Mordor, our other suffering, oh, I don't mean criminal damage to myself and MTG Duma and Fatah am Warsaw Eden per year, but from so Hobi will do a Conway D commit. And when this verse came down the

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same Sahaba who criticized Abu Bakr, they went back and they apologized. And they said, this isn't the first blessing that has come because of your family or a worker, all of us have benefited that we don't have to use water in extreme circumstances anymore. So Allah revealed to me in this timeframe, and it is in the Quran, and the meaning of Tiger Mom, the linguistic meaning is to intend something to want to do something. And the reason why we call tam monta anmum Is that all we need to do is intend to do will do and we do the very minimal things and we have will, simply wishing to doodle. And then Tom, we have although that's why Tom is called to moon, you just have to wish

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you're in Tahara. And you just do symbolic as we'll say, and you're in Tahara. That's why Tom is called Tamil. The verse is comprehensive. It mentions the causes.

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It mentions the cases and it mentions the procedure all of it is in the verse. Allah mentions two things in the verse that were in control mandala, O Allah suffering and olymptrade. You Duma if you are sick, or you're traveling and you don't have water, this verse mentions these two cases. Some scholars have added three which is a part of this we're going to come to and the verse also mentions, whether you use the restroom, or you have touched women, this is in the Quran, which means they are mom takes the place of both will do and also this is in the Quran. This is the beauty of the verse is so small and yet so much is coming from it, when to do to mum how to do to your mom and

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the causes of Tamil all three are mentioned in this verse. So Allah is saying even if you come from the bathroom, or in the language of the Quran, you have touched women, Allah does not use vulgarities touching women means you have been intimate so in your state of Genova and you don't have water, then what should you do fattier Mimosa Edom, the Yerba then intend to lift your taharah sorry lift your Genova or state of not taharah with sorry dumper yerba pure sorry, from Sahara we will do he come with a decomp wipe your hands and your face, wipe your face and your hands with it. So this should

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owes us Tamil now. So he Buhari mentioned that once Ahmadi Binya sera was on a journey, and he had to do also he woke up in a state of Geneva, he had a night dream, and he didn't have enough water. So Amar said, I remove my garments in a faraway location, nobody was there, and I then turn naked in the sand, all over the sand my body, to do to your moon.

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And I then prayed. Then I went back to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and told him what I had done.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in Cana, Yak fika haka. All you needed to do was this. And then he showed him for barber never use Allah Allahu Allah. He was seldom a vicar Fay Hill are wonderful coffee him up for my mazahub Rahima watcher who will Cafe the Profit System, put his hands on the sand, blue and then he wiped his face and his hands it was all you needed to do. The shows us Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim the shows us to her mum is symbolic. Water doesn't become sorry does doesn't become water. You don't roll over. You don't take sand and you go like this. No, to your mom is symbolic. That's why it is called Tiger Mom You intend and so it happens and tiger

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mom is a gift to this Ummah that no OMA had before. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Jewry that Leonardo masjid and what a hurrah, this earth has been made my masjid. And this earth has been made a source of becoming clean. So the Hadith goes a Yuma whatever person of my ummah has to pray, he will have his place to pray, and he will have the instruments to clean him with him. Now, to us, we take it for granted the previous nations and to this day the Orthodox Jews follow this. You cannot just pray anywhere you need a congregation. You cannot just use any water, you need to use water that is found with a long list of conditions. You know, they're gentle, but they're

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hostile, they need to do it in their synagogues. They cannot do it the way that we do, they cannot do it at home. When the ladies have to do household after the monthly cycle. They have to go to the synagogue to do hustle because it's a special type of water that is not just to tap water. So the prophets Allah Selim is saying, for us, our Lord has gifted us what has he gifted us with?

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Wherever we are, we can pray. We can pray anywhere. When it's time for Salah we pull the car over and we just pray and it is allowed as long as the Earth is pure. And wherever we are. We can pure ourselves purify ourselves if we have water and hamdulillah if not, tell your mom this is a gift and a blessing to make life easy for us. It was not given to any nation before us. So how does one determine goes without saying obviously as usual, all of them a diver have some minor differences, we can just ignore them. I just want to teach you the basics for now. And whoever's advanced student can go study within the madhhab what is their mum done? Scholars say three circumstances in reality

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it is two as the Quran says the third one is number two, the first 1x listed in the Quran, you are traveling and you don't have water, Why did Allah say you are traveling and you don't have water, because it is impossible to live at a location for a timeframe. Without water water you needed. You know, within two three days you will die it is impossible to have life without water. However, it is very common that you are traveling and you have to ration water. So the meaning of not having water is that you have to save water to drink rather than to just waste. This is the meaning here that you don't have water enough for you to purify yourself. And this is something the collective group will

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decide that look with this many people we have this much water and from now till we get to the next stop. We don't have you know four will do something collectively common sense. And if you err on the side of caution, no big deal because you need water to live. So this is something you make the decision if you're alone or the group makes the decision if you are able to get water. So for example, you have had an answer three and a half hours and there is a stop in America. Basically everywhere you go you will find water generally speaking unless you're in the you know Gobi desert or something and there's four hours with then a case that you are made with your mom. But generally

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speaking, if you can have access to water you cannot do to your mom, if you're going to find water on the way if it is something reasonable for you to obtain. Now, question if you're going from point A to point B and your house is in that direction, and water is only in Point C and that's 200 miles and the other way you are not obliged to go opposite to your house because Allah has asked you to go home. If you don't have water, you're ready to tell them you have just the water in your car to drink. And for whatever reason you forgot to have water to do Tahara or you thought you'd get to a gas station and you're driving there is no gas station. Are you required to drive

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to an amount or quantity that is unreasonable, what is unreasonable you use your common sense what is unreasonable varies from person to person. If you're with kids in the car, maybe 45 minutes is unreasonable out of your way. If you're all alone, you have the rest of the day like okay, Inshallah, just go you make a decision. It's not a big deal. If this is something that is in shallow, you make your personal conscious decision, but you are not required to travel an unreasonable way out of your journey. As long as it's out of his on your journey that obviously you're going to get there out of your journey. You're not required to do that. So if you don't have

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water, or you don't have enough water to use, number one, number two, Allah says in quantum model da, if you're sick, there are a few sicknesses that you cannot use water, for example, severe burns. You cannot just pour water on a severe burn. For example, hadith is in Abu Dhabi. A man was in a battle and his skull cracked open, they put his wound banded it and then he had to do also he woke up in the state of Geneva to do also so he said, Do I have to do put water supposed to be dry to have to put water one of the people around him said, Well, you're in the state of Geneva and you have to do also I don't find any excuse for you. And by the way, this is the problem of literalism

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and of Jehovah is the problem when you don't study Philander, Sharia and you take level one, if it says it It must be the case Philip is not copy and paste because extracting the laws from the from the text. So one of the Sahaba said now you have to do Jenna but also let's say you do it so he poured water on his head, so festered wound, what happened, the wound, festered became putrid, and he died. Before they got back to me they buried him when the process and found out he became angry, and he said they murdered him, by that fatwa, that fatwa, they murdered him. Cthulhu they killed him, I should say, Katana home Allah. It's a statement May Allah curse number seven. These are

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legitimate anger, your foolishness and overzealousness harmed a Muslim, but aloo cartera whom Allah then he said, Why didn't they ask if they didn't know?

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Why didn't they ask if they didn't know they just give a fatwa? I think it must be the case. And then the famous Hadith the same Hadith, Allah in Nima Shiva or IE a su al the cure to ignorance is asking questions Allah says in the Quran first Allah decree asked the people of knowledge don't just become mini Google move defer to Wikipedia don't do that ask the people who have studied field and they will give you the response that is so the second reason if there is a wound or a state that you cannot put water on it you have you may do a month on top of it and then some are gonna have added a third which is under number two and they have said if the weather is so cold, and the water in those

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days will be freezing if you have to crack open the ice and the wind is blowing and you have to do will do you might actually cause extreme hardship to yourself in such circumstances they said humidity or mom now these days if you're at home, you can turn the hot water on and you don't have the desert When freezing wind blowing at you I have had to do this by the way. And it's a judgment call again, you know between Makkah and Medina in February and whatnot. Sometimes it is freezing cold in the desert, you know, and it's not easy to do although if you have the him and you think is going to be okay, you may quickly do it. And if you think especially with a child or lady that's

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sensitive, we're pregnant so you feel it's not safe for them in that circumstance you again it's a judgment call if you think it's not safe and in reality this comes under number two because you're causing harm to yourself you're not going to cause harm to you so so these are the conditions where you may do it animal being embarrassed is not one of the reasons for so if you feel awkward to do we'll do in a restroom where there's other ladies there or whatnot. That is not an excuse not to do what you must do although of course you can always take a cup of water and go somewhere else and do will do as well and you should all of you should learn how to do will do from a cup of water all you

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need frankly is even less than half a cup a one day I'll show you you can easily do will do with a small amount of quantity of water and you can do it behind your car whatever no problem so that is when do you do will do in the circumstance will say I'm sorry to Mom is also done as late as possible before the salah so you delay the term until you have to pray and this is common sense you don't do to your mom and then two three hours later you will pray because what if you were to find water What if you come across you know gas station like you know you want to pray he's like okay, there's three hours I'll just return home now. You don't know what's going to happen in those three

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hours before you pray. So the scholars say you delay your tell your mom until right before your time to pray and then you do tell your mom and then there's a bit of a controversy does you're too young mum last to the next salah. If you don't find water, there's a controversy and you have both opinions and it's just safer. It takes less than two

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Two seconds to do to your mum. So you might as well just do it before the next Salah. So tam is symbolic and the process them showed, I might have been set out to do it. How did the process of do he hit his hands on the ground once with the intention to determine you just hit your hands. And then he wiped his in the Hadith He says his face and then his hands up until the wrists. Okay, so up until the wrist not until the elbows Okay, so it's just symbolic, okay. And some scholars, there are other versions that say he wiped his hand and then his face. So again, both positions are found. Which one goes first. But the point being the goal is not to transfer the sand to your face. That's

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not the goal. The sand does not become water. It's symbolic. In the hadith of Amar, he blew, why would you blow to even remove even whatever is there? It is an issue of symbolism. And what is the emblem done with? So the Maliki's and the Hanafis they said that tambem can be done with any material that is on the surface of the earth. Because Allah says fathia Mimosa Eden per year, and so I eat everything that's on the surface of the Earth, it doesn't have to be actual sand. They said a rock a stone, even on the edge of a cliff or a mountain, you can just tap it and that is your anything that is connected to the earth. And is there my own teacher even Northumbrian would always

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remarked that anything that dust settles on anything that dust settles on, it's symbolic. So if anything, so you have now the issue comes dust settle on cloth? That's a good question. I'm not gonna answer it. But suppose it was not the cloth on here. Suppose it was just this table here. And it's in the open in public, it means dust is settling on it. Our teacher of entertainment allowed us to do this that he would say that but if you want to be safe, and you wanted to get the something soil, something that you know, any type of even rocks or something, that's fine, it's some, some atoms are more strict about what you do no problem. So you, you put your hand over there. And then

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if you want to get rid of it, even blow it off so that there's nothing coming, no problem it is symbolic, and then you just wipe your face and your hands, one or two madhhab. So you should also do this some Setsuna and some of that is good. But the hadith of Ahmad is clear. The hadith of ammendment, which is in Makati, and Muslim, the prophet sesamum, wiped and wiped and that's it. And this is in sha Allah Allah sufficient. So once again, TM mom is allowed when you don't have access to enough water, or when you are too sick, or it's dangerous to use water, and all that needs to be known as intention. Tapping once, once again, some might have said once for the hands once for the

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face, but these are trivial issues. But tapping once and then you can wipe your hands and wipe your face and that is done and then you just pray and think about the psychology of them. If Allah had willed, He could have said, Just pray as you are. But we would have felt something in our hearts don't have to and half the Hara. So to make our conscience at ease, Allah revealed a symbolic tiamont that takes one second

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one one and a half. That's it, just to make our hearts comfortable that you have tried to Tahara and that's why their mom is called to intend to try something. Yeah, ma'am. All right. It literally says what's the rest of the Quran to

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know the other one? to mumble hubby Thurmond, who don't pick on

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what is it?

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Well, I am mumble hobbies I mean who don't intend the hobby throw term over here means intent. That's what I want to say the showerhead is that the term is used in the Quran to mean intention. So Allah revealed to us an ease to ease our conscience. This is the question about

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the second question today is a very difficult one. Sister says do not mention my name. So she is sister anonymous. She emails a long email. She says we always hear about the rights of the parents over and over and over again. How about the rights of the children?

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And how about the rights of those children who have been abused by the parents. Then she goes into a lot of detail that I will not go into she basically says that I'll skim over it that you know that her father was abusive to the point that when she's around him, she gets anxiety attacks. She gets flashbacks she cannot breathe properly. Now she has moved on she's living separate and she is saying that

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is it wise for me to visit to be a dutiful daughter or can I just make dua and let it be what is my obligation to I have to serve him given that we have this past and she has some details of the abuse so this is the question response

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It is obvious that

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the sister has had a very traumatic childhood. And my question and my answer to it is not therapy or counseling, it is not addressing the psychological issue, it is addressing the issue, I advise this sister and anybody in that situation that along with asking a chef and an Islamic person also consult with a therapist and a counselor, clearly reading her email, she has a lot of trauma, it's called, and she doesn't know how to unpack it. And chefs are not therapists, shares are not counselors, we can give you the field, we cannot give you therapy. And it is a mistake to come to any one of us who has Islamic knowledge with issues that require therapy, unless the person has

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trained in therapy, and I have not trained to be a counselor. And we need to realize that

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abuse comes in many forms. In this particular case, it was physical and emotional. Physical abuse is of course, hitting in a way that is obviously you know, beyond what is normal, what is normal varies from time to place to culture, when I grew up, it was much more common to hit. Before us it was even more common to hit you know, and these days, you can go to jail for doing the same thing that we would have happened maybe in the 80s. But it is something that is cultural, that how much is abuse, and how much discipline is something and in our times, people are shying away from any type of hitting that physical abuse means you do something that is traumatic physically, there is emotional

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abuse, by the way, these are five types of abuse, you should know them, there is emotional abuse, what is emotional abuse, emotional abuse, is you undermine the individual sense of esteem, the individual's humanity, constantly criticizing diminishing name calling, why were you born, you're a nuisance to me. Imagine if a parent says this, in this particular case, the sister mentions her father would always say I wish you had never been born with a biller with a biller. This is like you haven't killed the daughter physically, you're killing her emotionally, what type of father would say this, what type of person would say this to a biological child of theirs that you We wish you

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had no trouble with it. But just imagine that level, right? Constantly, any criticism comes out, I wanted to avoid this and that whatever it is, that is being said, this is emotional abuse, where you're constantly diminishing, what's going to happen to a child being raised in that type of environment, how will they feel the third type of abuse is, of course, one of the worst types that sexual abuse and we all know what that is. And the fourth type of abuse is economic abuse, economic abuse is that a person of means and wealth does not spend of that means and wealth on the family, when the family is not living a comfortable life, even though the bird breadwinner has enough to

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know obviously, if he doesn't, then they're all suffering together, we're talking about a stingy person. And this is literally all of these are five types of boredom. This is economic abuse. And then the fifth is psychological abuse. And psychological abuse is similar to emotional except that over here, psychological abuse is fear of intimidation, it is a threatening, that doesn't actually result in an actual physical, but a threat. If you do this, I'm going to burn you if you do this. This is like psychological torture, that is done to a person. So these are five common types of abuse. And it must be said here, parents, adults, learn to recognize these types of abuse, and

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monitor in your immediate families. If somebody is abusing a child, within your own family, who is going to protect that child other than the extended family, think about this. If you have somebody who is doing one of these types of abuse to a young person, it is our job collectively to come in how else will this child be protected if it is being abused in its own house, and it is your cousin, your brother, your in law, whatever, it's must be our job to monitor collectively, and then take the necessary steps. And perhaps we might have an entire conference about this issue, because we need to teach the community how to recognize abuse, what to do in the case of abuse, and in fact, some abuse

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according to the law, if you are quiet, you will be prosecuted according to the law of this country. And honestly, it's a good law. You cannot ignore some types of abuse and you see it in front of you and you don't do anything about it. We need to teach our community so we need to be careful about recognizing these types of abuse and parents, the sisters email, it really shattered my heart it really was traumatic to reach you went into detail or you already heard some I'm not going to mention all of it even though she said you can mention the detail but I'd rather not go into the point is that parents we need to be cognizant that our children also have Hawk over us. They have a

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heck over us and if we overstep that, if we crossed the line, they can complain too.

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Allah on judgement day that my parents did allude to me being a parent doesn't mean you get away with anything. Being a parent means that comes with responsibility. And we see now in the case of this daughter that she is now an adult she's left the household. She is saying visiting my father makes me palpitate breathing his heart at an attack or do you call the panic attack? Visiting brings back all of that. I cannot even see him because she obviously has a detail what is going on? And what is to be said in this case, what is the 50 ruling over here? This young lady has now grown up and her sense of self worth she has and hamdulillah she's overcome to the point of of starting a

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life but now when she goes back, she feels diminished. She feels deja vu all the way back. So response to her. Firstly, dear sister, before you get to the fifth, please go see a therapist and counselor and unpack all of this trauma that you have I cannot help you there you need to go to an expert in this regard. Secondly, when it comes from a family perspective, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada mentions in the Quran, Allah you can live alone Epson Illa Wasa, no soul is burdened with more than what it can bear. And if there are circumstances where you start suffering, panic attacks or hyperventilating or palpitating, Allah is not calling you to do something that is unreasonable and

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beyond your, your bearing capability. And our Prophet sallallahu sallam said, la Bharara while there are, this is a principle of fix, there shall be no harm inflicted, nor shall there be any harm given. This is a general principle, no harming anybody. So if she is being harmed, psychologically, emotionally, and in this case, her father was physically and emotionally abusive, physically, he would discipline too harsh, and emotionally, she has these phrases in her mind drinking all the time, this is abuse. And in this case, if she cannot overcome it, then she is only obliged to do a bit revalidate what she is capable of doing. So if she is financially stable, and they need some

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money, she can send an amount, indirectly, she doesn't have to go and handle it herself. Point is, there are still some duties, and the duties are diminished in light of the volume that has happened to her. To the extent that if it is such a harsh form, that she is frightened for her life, there are no duties upon her. There are parents that physically harm their children Subhanallah, every once in a while we hear of a bizarre case where a parent would be like kills their child, this happens, it's human nature and society, it happens it's against the fitrah. But we find this are you going to tell the child in this society or sorry, in that circumstance, no, you still have to go,

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no. So listen to this rule, the more the volume increases, the less the hook are there Simple as that, the more volume has been done to you, the less it is diminished, that you have to give back. And you have to make a judgment call in your own conscious in front of Allah subhanho wa taala. And

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the Sharia does not burden you with more than you what you can bear. And that's why as we know, in the Quran, we're either molded to suit, the demand Cotulla even that baby girl that is killed, the father does not have the right to just kill. This is VO and Allah will call the parents to task for them done to the children. So this is something both parties need to be aware of. As for the sister, we say to her, that Allah has tested you to raise your ranks Be patient. And also, also,

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please reach out to other family members and try to get some type of intervention and reconciliation, have somebody approach the father or whoever is the perpetrator. That is from the family, because you never know. Maybe he might be repentant now and turn over a new leaf and ask for forgiveness, which is the ideal situation in which case, forgive for the sake of Allah and you will be forgiven. Or maybe maybe he doesn't realize the severity of what he's done. And he's in his own clueless world. And he doesn't understand now why the doctor is treating us so harshly and he needs to be told no, you did these mistakes or whatnot. Or maybe there is a perception issue where she

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might have perceived something more than it was all of these are possibilities. She shouldn't just let it be. She should not be satisfied with status quo. Don't just give up. Go through cousins, uncles, aunts, the mother, if she's still, you know, on the same side or whatever, but try your best to see what can be done and don't just be satisfied with status quo. If it still doesn't work, and there is adamant or arrogance or whatnot locally for long enough son in law was and you are not obliged to do more than what is necessary. And the same goes for parents that have been missing

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And I've had a number of cases that come to me. And they say, for example, my father completely abandoned us when I was born. And he completely walked out of our lives. Now, when I'm 3035 years old, he has rediscovered us, and now he wants my money and whatnot, you know, and the brothers like, Why should I, after he's done to my mother, and it's obvious, there's a lot of anger over there. And the response is the same as much looting as was done to you have the right to diminish, but there's always somehow always some hack, because in the end of the day, it is your father or your mother. So you have to do what you can that is reasonable to do. But there is no question that somebody who has

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done volume does not have the same coke. As somebody who has been generous and kind. There's no question about this loud bottle will drop. Then the final thing that needs to be said in all of these scenarios is that

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make dua to Allah subhanho wa taala. Make dua don't just let it go. Do our solves everything. Our shady AI teaches us that Allah is the One who brings hearts together. Allah is the One who can label Karup Allah is the one law and factor Marfil are the Jimmy and MA left the bane of all obey him Allah can Allah Allah verbena, if you tried every way to bring reconciliation, you couldn't have done it. If you spent the whole world's money you couldn't have brought them together, Allah azza wa jal brought them together, you do not know what will happen. So don't be satisfied with status quo. Being satisfied with the status quo is not good. It might even be a sin. Try through your ASVAB and

00:31:36--> 00:31:50

then through Allah azza wa jal make dua to Allah to soften his heart, your heart, try to mend ways in this dunya before the accurate and may Allah make it easy. Final point for all of us here, parents and children.

00:31:51--> 00:32:07

We both have an obligation to each other in this regard. And on Judgement Day, Allah tells us that parents and children will run away from each other in the Quran, literally, why will they run away from each other? Why will they run away because of these records.

00:32:08--> 00:32:50

On the Day of Judgment, the father the mother that has done volume to their own son or daughter, when they see their son or daughter, they will run away because they will know today is the day that Coke will be responded to. So any parent who is mistreating abusing or with a biller or with a biller, a child or other biller. Remember, that's what the Day of Judgment is for. And you and that child will be in front of the court of Allah azza wa jal, and everything will be plain. You don't want that day do not do not do volume to people who cannot defend themselves. The Prophet CISM were warned us the greatest boom is against the alpha, the people that cannot defend them. The greatest

00:32:50--> 00:33:29

dome that you can do is against those who cannot defend a child mistreating a child or will be left physically abusing sexually oh the villa with the villa and be monitoring this this is one of those taboo topics we don't like to talk about. But it is a cancer in all of our societies, not just ourselves every we know what happened in another faith tradition when it tried to hide what happened we cannot do this. We have to address this head on and that is why maybe inshallah soon maybe before after Ramadan, we're gonna have an entire seminar about abuse and recognizing abuse, understanding what constitutes abuse, learning what are techniques we can deal with, because we don't want this in

00:33:29--> 00:33:45

our community or in any community. We want to be communities of compassion and love. May Allah subhanaw taala make all of our families families have love and compassion and protect all of our children and women and all innocent one and a shallow Daddy will continue tomorrow in our Halakhot cinematic Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh