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AI: Summary © The importance of learning from the greatness of Sir complaining and showing it in one's heart is discussed, as well as the importance of natural love to individuals. The segment emphasizes the need to be mindful of one's actions and not just be a victim of attacks, and provides four lessons from the Prophet's journey, including learning to plant seeds, handle events, be recognized, and be recognized by others. The speakers also touch on the closely related topics of puberty and the church's marriage, as well as the history of the church's marriage and the importance of knowing the rules of marriage.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah

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we started this term by looking at the six year Prophethood. And we talked about the Islam of one companion meant the Sahaba will be able to pray openly performed openly practicable openly Who was that?

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So I'm gonna slam rather than hold open the floodgates for open worship. And that showed you the greatness of our model, we're talking about his greatness. So among the lessons we can learn

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is his great status

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and also his influence

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and it shows you that one person

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can make a difference

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and these are among the valuable lessons of Syrah now what I'm going to be focusing on you'll notice in these questions is inshallah getting you to study things that are beneficial not just facts for the sake of it

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and then we looked at the seventh year what happened there

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Yeah, the boycott good. The boycott

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so the boycott was ended by

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one man he showed me Yes.

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Look and ask you for his name.

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No, no, no, I'm not gonna ask you about timeline and stuff. I'll give you the dates. I'll give you

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the boycott was ended by a sham if you had it. You don't need to know his name. But what can we learn by that?

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Yeah, one person can make a difference also.

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He was one man it can make a difference. Whatever his religion

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he was, he wasn't a Muslim. So what else can you learn?

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Correct. Based on the Hadith, Allah will give victory to this Deen even via cafard alone support the Muslims even via disbelievers shows you a lot of greatness because people thought it was a given and allow us to provide a the support to the believers. So

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that's a very important lesson also.

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No, we didn't know if he died as a kefir. He Sam Harris, Alo alum, Ivan Actually, I don't know saying yay or nay.

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Olivia we know because the profit center. Yeah. But I'm not sure maybe someone can do some research into his charities.

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And his clan provided support to the Muslims, although there were some confirm. So what does it show about the loyalty

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that many of the back then had loyalty to their fellow tribesmen then unfortunately, many Muslims today

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many lessons But no, these ones the loyalty of the Arabs to the fellow tribesmen even if they were of different religions. Danny, how can a Muslim have the same religion or support the Muslim brother when you're getting locked up and persecuted and tortured? So it doesn't make sense. So like I said, I mainly focusing on the lessons from Sierra and that's why it's so important. And unfortunately, yucky.

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Today, cereal is undermined. Is that a subject that you shouldn't really study? And only if you've got free time, entertainment purposes? No. Yes, storytelling, but Well, no, there's certainly Listen, look at that. Look at those lessons we can learn. That's why I said I'm focusing more on the lessons as opposed to just facts.

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Then we looked at the 10th year probably what happened there a lot of things. Yes. Among them was called

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the year of sorrow.

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What was it called the year of sorrow.

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Khadija died,

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That was the offense defense. So it wasn't just because Abu Talib and Haji died. What do people think was called the year of sorrow because of that, but many reasons because they lost the offense, defense and support. So that's basically what you can add also.

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So the year of grief was called the year of grief because

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the death of

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Timothy also

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and also because support

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for Muslims crumbled.

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But also

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because, of course, the offense and defense

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no longer available.

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obatala was defense hadiza was offered?

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What's the wisdom behind both of them dying? I will tell everybody just so close apart, what's the wisdom behind that?

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Yeah, to get the Muslims and not just Rasulullah but to increase the tawakkol Allah love to increase

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the reliance on Allah.

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Now, like we said died as a disbeliever. What What can we learn from that?

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Correct. So as the first lesson

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we can learn, Goddess is from Allah

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subhanaw taala his death has a carefree nature, the lessons behind the

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galaxy from Allah, what else can we learn? What about love of the Prophet towards him? What does it teach you? Just because there are so loved him. It also doesn't mean he's going to guide him. So the prophets love isn't a new love for someone isn't a condition for a person's guidance.

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That's another lesson. He recognized that in his heart for what he failed to do,

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would testify and show it. So therefore a man is not only in the heart, not only inwardly I said, that's a very important lesson also.

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So let's put it this is to acknowledge, acknowledge it in your heart, but not openly declare it and testify and show it then yes, that's not enough. Because he believes acknowledges, sure. He knows that this is the truth. And that's why he tries to

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avert and divert Muslims away from the right path. And that's why he whispers to who he whispers mainly,

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mainly, and mostly to the believers, you know, find the kuffar having these was worse and so forth, like the Muslims, the Muslims have it? Because as you said, What is a thief going to do with a desolate and destroyed house?

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Rather, shaitan is going to go to the house that is full of riches in the house. In other words, the heart full of Eman. So you find that's why the Muslims mainly and that's what the Sahaba In fact, they used to have was worse, and used to complain to the Prophet songs. And so if you ever swear Sufi, then is actually a glad tiding for you. And the prophet SAW Selim said

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that this is sorry, holy man. This is the true manifest email.

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This is actually a sign of email when you have a source.

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And as long as you don't speak or act upon it, then won't harm you won't harm you, you're not accountable for it. Even worse, westco freer, and it was worse than a coup for if you're this shaitan whispers them to you and so forth. As long as you're not saying them acting upon them, then Alhamdulillah no need to worry. So we learn going through from Allah, love of the Prophet is not being violent. And also, he man is not only in the heart.

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We're gonna focus on sort of the nuts actually this week for the language of the Quran.

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Looking forward to that very important sort of

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Yeah, that's right. I did mention that, but I won't ask you about it. We said natural love to someone, even if they're disbeliever because they were a family member, no problem. But, of course, the love of Allah is for the believers only.

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Yeah, that's right, exactly.

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Also, what you need to know what the brothers

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need to be able to

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write out or know at least in detail to some extent, a lesson from the journey to a thought. If

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There are many lessons when the Prophet went and he was accepted. No rejected. But what happened? What can we learn? We mentioned I think four lessons from that. know at least one of

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them what happened who accepted Islam.

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Little boy, later on in life when he grew up, Khalid and when he what happened, he said when I was there in the show grounds, and the fairground of a thought if the Prophet I saw this man claiming to be a prophet, he was reciting.

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So Tara is the memorizer right there and also planted the seed and let it run Of course, it grew into his area, he man literally. So among the lessons is planting the seed a level, make it grow.

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A low will not question you about the outcome, but rather than what you've done. So that's a lesson that you can derive from that story. Just do the date alone will do the rest.

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plant the seed alone will take care of it.

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That's my mother, Melissa them when she just delivered a lot told her

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just adding a lotta to shake the date pump as you just delivered. She's extremely weak. And shaking the date palm tree is not just hard on a woman, it's hard on a group of men. Why she Why is she being asked to do this? I love teaching you teaching us by extension, no matter how far fetched a command or result may seem, just do the data will give you the result. Just do it as you did it. And of course, also just sit down dates for also we learned who accepted Islam at the orchard.

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Yeah, the Christian slave was his name.

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No need to know for the thing. But it's good to know for your facts, or does the other side remember

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that the Christian slave or because of what?

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Bismillah? That's right. So the lesson is never underestimate any good deed. No matter how small it is. Some people think what's the best men are going to do how we can do a lot.

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So never underestimate any good deed, no matter how small it is.

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Yeah, so you need to know at least one or two.

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Yeah, Christus I've accepted Islam because of a small act. So we said you might the brothers. Sometimes you think that people are watching you, but they're observing. So always show Islam and always try to represent Islam in the best manner.

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We also said they was protecting the Prophet. So we looked at the love and honor of the Sahaba towards the Salah. That's another lesson. Another lesson how much they defended him and said we can't defend him physically with our bodies because and his body because of course he's passed away so easily but we can defend him with our actions, our words, our tongues, etc.

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And we also learned that the attacks towards Rasul Allah is not something new. That happened back then it's old. It's going to happen today. So don't be surprised when the kuffar attacking. Those are valuable isn't just know one or two, you'll be wrong. Also, among the things we need to you need to go over and know for your quiz after that the profit was taken to the Night Journey. And what was it taken first?

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Jerusalem, why Jerusalem? You need to know the lessons Why is taken to administer the Luxor first.

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He led the prayer What does that mean?

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Correct. He led the prophets Allah azza wa jal, he gathered the souls of the prophets and he put them in the form the Yani in a body form. And he the Prophet led them and teaches us that the Prophet is now the leader of the Prophet and mankind. At one at one lesson.

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Rosa teaches us that Palestine is part of our athlete and he must event

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the proper being taken to administer Luxo in Jerusalem and the Holy Land teaches us that Philistine is not an issue for the Palestinians. It's an issue for every believer. And just as you can't separate the Kaaba and then Medina from Islam. We can't separate and Morocco from Islam ever. So there's a lot of wisdom behind the Prophet being taken there. So we said The first is that the Prophet now has become the leader of mankind.

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Second, Palestine is part of our human and half leader.

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And also that truth is now with this oma no longer to any story that I failed, but rather lm Rahim Allah Of course, but rather than out being transferred truth whenever the torchbearers

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Truth, we hold the Banner of Truth now what happened in love? So truth is now with the prophets

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from the but one of his main, so those who reject Him, whether they from the bloodline of his half after the profits of course Prophethood then from us homicide

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also on LSR analyze the profit what happened before he was taken up?

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Is how it was extracted and washed. Why? To remove the sins? No, to remove to protect them from shaytaan No, that already happened when he was yes six little boy were had to shaitan was removed was to prepare him to speak to the angels and the prophets. No, well, why did we say among the wisdoms of the heart being taken out again, but before the night doing

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to prepare him for the compensation meeting with a license. So the wisdom behind the prophets are being extracted. That's another thing you need to know.

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The wisdom behind the prophets heart being extracted before the night June

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will also looked at some of the miracles that occurred during that time of the Prophet was the main miracle that occurred high in the sky.

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What is it? Yes, the splitting of the moon? Where was that established?

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How do we know that this happened? Where can you find proof for the Quran? Which surah The moon is

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similar to Tamar Katara, Betty Sarah to one shot panchkarma so you need to know the delyn for that it's established in the splitting of the moon is established in the Quran. And where else?

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The books of Hadith which books

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al Bukhari say they can go on

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That's right. So the splitting of the Quran the splitting of the kamar splitting of the moon is established in number one the clan number two al Bukhari number three Muslim lazy

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Yeah, where we positivity? Whoa, it's just not really you don't know if they know the dates.

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But it's if you want to know for your personal benefit. Yeah, it's good to know.

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A miracle to show the golfer Yes. But know how weird has been established?

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Yeah, that's right.

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They asked for a miracle. The hardest is the Astra miracle. And then he showed them the splitting of them.

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So as established in the corral, and also was recite sort of cover on eight also, because this was a clean miracle. And now no one denied it. So they can all hear it. So the kasana this didn't happen. They can keep on hearing it happened to happen. And no one refuted it. No one rejected it. And it's also another Buhari and Muslim.

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Yeah, of course. And that's what they asked the people who were outsiders, the caravans coming in, because they weren't affected by the magic. They said you see anything weird? Last night? Yeah.

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So they actually testified to as well.

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Because they said if it was magic then

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it basically those who were said he couldn't have cast magic on everyone else because they weren't around. So they asked them and I happened to be the case. You also need to know for your quiz Modi brothers.

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Actually continuing on since we're talking about a salami outage,

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the similarities between Albanian memorial and the Kaaba

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elevator. Malmo is the established house in the heavens, seventh heaven to be precise.

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So what are some similarities between elevator Malmo and the Kaaba?

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What is

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correct? So just as we performed the walk around the Kaaba, the angels performed the work around it at vital Malmo.

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interesting, interesting. could say that, just as the garbage is on it, that houses on it also. So established houses they both on it is established house are both on another one.

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What else who was then

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Seven, seven, Abraham. So it's a connection.

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He also built the cover. So he built a cabin on earth, and he was upon law leaning against it sitting next to it in the seventh heaven. So there's another connection. They're similar. They share

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the virtue of Ibrahim alayhis salam and the mentioning of Abraham, the mentioning of Abraham.

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And just as the Kaaba was built for worship that was built for worship enough to know every single similarity. But now a couple.

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In the 10th year, we also looked at the Prophet's marriage to her Isha. And we said, a common Attack of the fall today is why this marriage, you need to know at least a couple of ways how to refute them, how to refute

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those who attack the Prophet marriage to issue.

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This is now available in the Student Services section. I've put the 10 points I mentioned in class online for you.

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mentioned 10. What are a couple?

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How can you fit them?

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It was the norm back then the kuffaar of Quraysh never called the Prophet a pedophile like the filthy scumbags do today. They called him every other name, but that, so it was a norm Good.

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Good. What did we say about the West?

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That even in the West, they can't even agree to the legal age of marriage. First, they've only changed things recently, many years ago, the legal age of marriage was in some states, 12 and so forth. And even to today, actually, you find it. What else an article by seen and what did they say about puberty?

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Yeah, that's right. Firstly, women reach puberty and maturity much earlier than men. And depending on where you are in the world, then you also may reach reach puberty earlier, such as in hotter climates and so forth. And as Jeffrey said, I saw grandmother at the age of 21. So that's another way also who commanded this marriage. Allah showed the prophet to dreams, whereas Mary Ayesha, so these are some of the ways you can refute that Allah commanded the marriage, that she was mature. Also, she was engaged to debate him not long before she married the Prophet. So she was

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what she was mature, she was this naive, young little girl anyone could take advantage of. So it showed her maturity even at a young age.

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Yeah, according to Christians, they that Miriam gave birth around 11 1213 something like this.

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They say things, they've got double standard triple standards or quadruple standards are you talking about?

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So know how to refute it with one or two points.

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also looked at when the Prophet was searching for a base, and the people rejected Him who accepted immediately.

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They were in a yes for who was a tribe.

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And also supposedly, you need to know why they accepted Islam so quickly.

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So why else?

00:23:30--> 00:23:31

Well, because Raj

00:23:34--> 00:23:36

accepted Islam immediately.

00:23:42--> 00:23:48

Now when you if you know these now, when you get to the exam, when you see these questions, you'll know the answer straightaway.

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Generally, they wanted it. And so they saw the profit as a way and a leader to unite them also. Yes.

00:24:05--> 00:24:08

Correct. They were prepared for profit. Good.

00:24:13--> 00:24:15

Yeah, we're inclined to to hit good

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because they do so well, asset Oklahoma Hanako. The Jews were actually going to be the staunch enemies to December. They know that that is set up and also causes to be the unsolved

00:24:29--> 00:24:36

so you could hate something Yes, he is yet the hood allows the board about much good and it just shows you that was we could do anything

00:24:37--> 00:24:52

alone will bring about results by means that you never dreamed of moosari Sam was raised in the lap of fun. I own the biggest store here, arguably that ever lived. And he was going to be the cause of his destruction in the MAS in the future. Wow.

00:24:54--> 00:25:00

So the word quantity of hate and also where the leaders were killed, they had no leader. That's another reason but you know, you don't have to know

00:25:00--> 00:25:05

Every single point now at least a couple. And if someone asks you how can we accept that assumption quickly you can answer them.

00:25:07--> 00:25:08

Finally, my dear brothers

00:25:10--> 00:25:15

know why Almudena was a natural form of protection.

00:25:18--> 00:25:20

Was it because of the Jews

00:25:23--> 00:25:36

protecting the profits and the Muslims and Muslim? No of course not. wasn't because of the Jewish ally ship. What about the Romans and the Persians? No, it wasn't them either. What did it come from people? Probably and sorry. Yes, it came from the

00:25:38--> 00:26:20

non rocky rocky tracks, the two rocky tracks which is called on how to attain how to retain and what how rock came from how what's hard, and how Yeah, something hot true. So it's all done out of dawn which is a type of land that is so that which is black and what it is if it's been burned, so it was rocky black rocky tracks from the east and west and also the trees from the south. So because of that, that was the natural protection I had rocky tracks and the trees from the south. So if anyone wanted to attack the can only attack farther north

00:26:21--> 00:26:23

and we thought we concluded

00:26:24--> 00:26:40

the Mexican phase and inshallah next term, we're going to pick up from the head drop and the lessons we can learn hamdulillah and go into and Medina very special, very special part of the Sierra. Does that come off items panic a lot more. When you learn that stuff.