Ayah Series #29 – Surah Al-Alaq

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of remembering the afterlife to keep oneself on the straight path, rather than just the past. They also touch upon the use of a rhetorical question to describe people's default nature and how they are going to return to their Lord. The speaker emphasizes the importance of not being arrogant and not rushing to achieve one's goals.
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One of the main points of sorts of add up is that remembering the afterlife is going to save us and keep us on the straight path. Right? All our talks about human beings, right? He says that people, they transgress by default, he says L Insan. Instead of origins, he says that people by default, their default nature is that they they transgress, and then he asks a rhetorical question, haven't you seen how arrogant they are? And then he says, haven't they realized that they're going to return to their Lord, or that he says states that they're going to return to their Lord? Meaning the understanding or the implication of this putting this i after the previous two is that the remedy

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and the antidote to people who are arrogant, or people who are exceeding the limits or transgressing? What's the antidote to that is to remember that you're going to return to your Lord, the more that you're able to remember that you can return to the your Lord, that better off you're going to be the easier time you're going to have to deal with arrogance. And these sorts of spiritual diseases, and the companions of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, they used to put this into practice all the time, if they felt like they were slipping. Some of them you know, they used to have like dirt floors, right? They didn't have, you know, tiles or wood or whatever. So, they

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would actually dig a grave in their own home and lay down in it, to simulate where they're going to end up. And then once they come out, now, they're they're back, they've got their edge back and they were worshipping and they're striving and they're doing this thing again, right. That's the that's the cure. If you find yourself losing motivation, spacing out, not striving. Go to the cemetery. Think about your own demise. Go to follow a janazah and think that you're gonna How long are you going to be here? It's almost over already. It's almost over. Right? You remember your own return to your Lord and it'll keep you on the straight path.