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The Reaction of the Kuffaar Pt2

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. In this lesson, we're going to continue and finish off discussing the reaction of the kuffaar.

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As you recall, last week, we discussed

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11 ways, the kuffaar reacted to the message of Islam. And then that leads us on to the minor migration.

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What was the minor migration my brothers? Were to

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not Almudena that's major have Ethiopia ever seen.

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And then we're going to discuss that in detail. Now, where did we leave off when we discussed the reaction of the kuffaar? We looked at the mockery, the insults harming and we looked at the advisory council that they had and they came to a conclusion and they that he's a of course it was a lie saying he was a sorcerer.

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Why did we stop

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distorting the message of Islam I believe

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the ghost negotiating with the Prophet where polio will get thrown.

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Okay, okay, we asked right. So we stopped that bribes? Yes, I believe.

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We talked about polio healthcare for all they wanted they said look, we'll worship Allah for one day. You worship Gods for one day we discuss that Alhamdulillah good.

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Correct a sense in there is actually a hadith on that said, As for bribes and temptations that was six.

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They said to you look, stop this preaching of Al Islam will give you anything you want. You want women will give you the best woman your money will give you money, you want to be king who make you the king, just stop this message. And they went to they went to the his uncle Abu Talib, and they said, Look, your nephew is disturbing us as a troublemaker. 123 pressure him to stop and that goes on to point number eight, the pressuring of the Prophet. So I will tell of course for the Prophet Mohammed and he tells him Look, stop this calling, you're harming yourself, your family, your tribe, your people stop it. And then that's when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Yeah, but

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Allah, just as you're not able to bring me a flame from the sun, I'm not able to stop this message, I'm gonna keep going.

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There's another narration that says if you were to put the sun in my right and the moon in my left, I will notice that that's actually a weak hadebe. However, we find the same meaning in this Hadith, where he said, if you were able to, he said, just as you're not able to bring me a flame from the sun, I'm not able to stop this message.

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These are now what I'm doing is summarizing the next 2030 pages from the student sector, then we're going to go into where you find migration, migration to Abyssinia, that will begin to start Continuing from the book because there's a lot of notes, but I'm just gonna summarize it for you. So those 11 points were basically the way the Godfather responded.

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As for

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setting challenges, they of course, tried to boycott the believers, they would go to someone who just accepted Islam, they said, Now we're going to ruin you. We're not going to buy from you, we're not going to trade from you. We're going to ruin your reputation amongst the people, we're going to tell others not to trade with you. And they used to sit challenges to prevent people from accepting Islam. A boycott was the main major way that would do so. Let's go on to we discussed pressuring the Prophet number eight via both oil and other means. Nine jealousy, jealousy, what happened here?

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And mahira ignatia was from a toy, and he visited Mecca One day, he had no idea who the Prophet Mohamed Salah Salem was, until he said I saw the Prophet Muhammad speak to a Buddha when he was calling him to Islam. And I would just say, look, if you want me to testify

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to Allah, on your behalf that you have conveyed the message will do so just stop bugging me. Leave me alone, because Russello always tell them I'm nothing except a I'm no more than a messenger, I have to convey the message. I will just say, look, oh, I'll testify on your behalf that you have conveyed the message just leave us alone. The Prophet walked away. And then and mohila is no shorter. He asked Who was that man?

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I wish I said that man is Mohammed. He said What is he claiming? I was just said he claims to be a prophet. And Malala said and what do you say? Do you believe him? Is he speaking the truth? He said, I know he's speaking the truth.

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I know he's speaking the truth. And all that is is what's holding you back. He said the descendants of Casa even Caleb remember kasavin Caleb arratia. Cora started. They wanted the authority of Allah the venerable. We gave it to them. They wanted the authority of a supplier

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providing drink to the pilgrim. We gave it to them. They wanted the authority of another one

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The political party we gave it to them, they wanted this we gave it to them.

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And we've been competing and going back and forth head to head with coration our tribe. And finally, we are now about to beat them and overcome them with finally Yannick competing with them and we're head to head now they claim to have a profit amongst them was decided put an ad from Allah How can we compete with that we're never going to admit that that is the truth. Otherwise Qureshi would have beat us forever. was all about pride, jealousy. That's what prevented them from accepting Islam to pan Allah. So Abu jihad in his life, they knew the province of Los Alamos truthful there's another generation where

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athletes insurance and Abu sufian three liters of Quraysh three liters of rice rather day they're saying let the smell of Quran don't listen to the Quran at night. What are they doing? listening in and what are solos reciting? So panel, they knew the truth, they couldn't get enough happened for three nights in a row, three nights and on the way home, they bumped into each other. What are you doing? I mean, what are you doing Hebrew? touching each other? Right? You know, when two brothers are talking about, for example, the harem in the clubs, our brother says, Man, there's a lot of Muslims at that nightclub last night. As long as you hear this true, bro, how do you know me? How do

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you know? Right? It must have been there. So they call each other and they said look, we have to take an oath that we're not going to do this again. At the swear by their gods, they're not going to do this pinky Pinky swear.

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Exactly. So they had to take an oath of allegiance not to do this again. Why not? Because they wanted to not listen. No, they love the sitting to the Quran. They feared for the reputation and the people might accept Islam that's why it's upon Allah G. bhaji. So they knew deep down and it was the truth. Did we mentioned to fail it nama dosi with the plugs menginap Okay, good enough for follow Mr.

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Abu sufian accepted Islam Iran.

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So I was again ended up Alhamdulillah pride, and he was subdued and he accepted Islam. So there's narrations and the mission then also also lowered, no Yani at times issues of the unseen because of revelation Allah was informed.

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And so I would yell at his likes the leaders especially they're the ones who showed the most animosity, and they were the ones who were the most reluctant. Why are the leaders usually in every time and era most reluctant to not accept the message of Islam and refuse and find out why?

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Because they know and they feel that Islam will change the status quo.

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They are people who are in positions of authority, where they are oppressing others, making them slaves and they're earning big bucks. They don't want that to change. They want to stay oppressing people they want to keep slaves. They know Islam is going to remove the oppression that their own hands are causing thus and mela release a lot of call mela men call me always allegedly repeats mela mela, the latest the latest wind ladies are against ladies are against this. You find nine times out of 10 leaders whether it's George Bush, or Obama or you know whoever Australia's Prime Minister Tony mega, and john coward them people like them you find it always the leaders that are against Islam

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and they show the most animosity because they want to stay in the positions of power and oppress the people a lot of was done.

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Let's go on to point 10 persecution, what persecution mean?

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torture, torture, self harming torture.

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It was from the prediction of a lot to his messenger that was never tortured. He may have been harmed at times, but he wasn't tortured. Well, hamdulillah Unfortunately, the believers were tortured. And most of the time it was the slaves like

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Bella Bella Rodin, who was put on hot was put on the hot sand in the desert of Arabia is extremely You know, when you go to for example, the beach and it's really hot. You can't even walk barefoot on the sand right? You jumping around tiptoeing very hot, imagine your whole body is placed on the Hot Arabian desert.

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He was put like that. And then on top of that, if that wasn't bad enough, was put on top of him. A huge boulder. Yeah, he was being crushed. And, of course, he was being told to make any makeover to this belief. But what we say?

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He would always say I hadn't had I hadn't I had that enraged

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Cofer of courage that enraged the people who were torturing him. And he was asked later, what did you say I had an I had when I only increased in torture. He said because I knew that that was the word that they hated the most. He didn't care whether they tortured him or not, he didn't care. It was for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah, he wasn't looking for an excuse to make the punishment easier. That's why below there are no so great, among many other reasons. Uh huh. You know, the Quraysh could accept any other name of a law, but they couldn't accept that. Why? Because I had is different from where heads were headed.

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number we had you can count on way ahead is nonetheless you cannot, but you can't count on from a HUD in Arabic I had, you can't count on. You can't say I had to stand wrong. That's actually wrong in Arabic. It can never have a partner, a HUD means La ilaha illAllah. That's what that means. So that's why that word that name of allies I do. And I had means what he said, exclusive unique, as opposed to where had the means one. If I said I have one phone, I have one phone doesn't mean it's the only phone in this room. But if I said I have this phone, which is a hot iPhone seven threes, Apple knows what iPhone seven, for example. It's unique. That's the meaning of a hug.

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But it wasn't only the slaves who were tortured, who else was tortured. The high class the nobility of Quraysh, the nobility of the believers like who

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was the man of Darfur. He was considered from the high class of his tribe. He was punished. What did they do to him? they wrapped him up in this carpet, this rug and they stomped on him. They were crushing. Imagine that stomping on his head, or smelling on the lawn or whatever.

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Oh, Barker was beaten up severely. One day is so bad, he was almost about to die.

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And blood covered him from head to toe and people couldn't recognize him. And when he woke up from this state of unconsciousness, you know when he asked, what do they ask?

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How is the Prophet Mohammed is about to die? How will you How was the Prophet Mohammed? told me how rasulillah is if he's okay, I'm okay. I've only got a few marks on my face. That is all.

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la de la. And he they were the best they were. They had the most sacrifice. And you have imbeciles of today. We have to mention the names Hamza Yusuf and the like. mocking the Sahaba type in hams use of feet to fit in Sala Look how he speaks about the companion this guy is one of the biggest deviants of our time. This guy and no matter what we say it's not enough about him. Type in hams use of feet two feet inside. Look how he marks no I made him the machine saying is that kids doesn't always talking about and others and all the below. Look what the Sahaba went through, you haven't even experienced 1% of what they've gone through. And as we said, sometimes you have to mention

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names. Why? So we can warn once the DVC become so bad, and it's affecting others people are seeking knowledge onto them. We after one after one.

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And also sumiya wrote delana she was the first one

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shahida the first Mater so political Islam honors women once again. The first Marta was a woman so Mejia. She was struck in a private paths with a speed she was speed in a private path until she died by the scum of the earth.

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Abidjan, he was one of the scumbags.

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Abu jihad, and he also tortured and killed her husband. Who was he?

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So So Mejia and her husband were killed by a Belgian who witnessed through Amal their son. Imagine seeing your mom and dad being tortured by

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torture to an extent where they are killed right before your eyes and you're being taught.

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He broke down. It was physical torture, coupled with emotional torture. He broke down and he said a word of why under coercion. He went to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and told the middle son why I said something I shouldn't have said also was it did your heart have him and he said yes. It says and if they taught you again like that say the same under coercion under duress you are allowed different different so he was excused for that so Parliament amount of new yesterday brought the law.

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And chef Mustafa Masood Rahim Allah He named his son Amar puffs because of any this incident and the strength of our modern us and what he went through as a part of law. Mr. His son ends up becoming orphaned because his dad died. He civitella and inshallah dislike sha Allah, like I'm out of the Exodus. Also father as well as apology.

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So that torture LED on to number 11 the final point assassination attempts, if you can't assassinate the message, assassinate the messenger. That's what they tried to do. They couldn't assassinate his character, his character sallallahu Sallam was so sublime, so remarkable, so outstanding, that even these enemies had to testify that he was a soldier polemic. He was truthful, and who was admitting the barbarians of Arabia, the dogs of the desert as the Persian the Romans said, they consider the Arabs the dogs of the desert. These people are lowlife. These people are scum. These people are barbaric. These people are so bad that they would kill each other over who's going to tie their

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camel to the tree first. I tried it. I tried it first. No, I tried it, bro. Top it off. That's how bad they were.

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That's how bad they were. They were so animalistic that these two very young daughters alive. And there was so obsessed with warfare. They loved killing so much that take out four months in the year sacred months, that to take it out as a break from war. So they can use that as an opportunity to go back to their wives and reproduce more children, otherwise they'll become extinct. That's how bad they were. Yeah, these are the same people who said,

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You are so mean, yeah, Mohammed, they had to testify. And that's a very, very important lesson. If you want to give down among the best ways, why actions you want to give down to the kuffar among the best ways why your good manners and any actions is over you, Allah, and how can they be louder? Truth is even what the enemy testifies to. If an enemy can testify that you also truthful, it must mean that that truthfulness is so outstanding. It's like it's running through your veins. So they tried to assassinate the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And of course, Allah protected him and we know, the and he got really bad he had to, of course go and migrate to El Medina. Before we take

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on Medina, we're going to look at the minor migration to AB Sr. But before that,

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were the people were the Sahaba were the Sahaba of Mecca. Many,

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few believers in the early stages, yet Rasulullah did not stop.

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His faith was unwavering. He didn't stop us now. As humans, we need a reward system to keep us going, right? Why do you got to work every day we're

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going to get paid.

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Why do you do particular things? Why do you pray? You want genda as a reward system, that's what keeps us going. And usually, if you're doing something, if you don't see the fruits of your efforts, it usually demotivating you give up. Imagine you're organized an event for your university or for the local Masjid. you organize this big lecture, no one comes, you organize it the week after no one comes, you organize it a third time no one comes, you're gonna keep on doing it. Don't have that attendance. I forget this. No one's coming. You give up but not the prophets, not the prophets. They'll do it over and over again. They'll give down over and over again, even if no one's accepting

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Islam. Why? Because they're doing it for the sake of a lot the end of the day. It's about quality, not quantity, new, highly solemn. How many years was this dollar just this dollar not took me how much he lived? How long he lived for? What was his vow? Like?

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day and night. Private secret for 950 is 950 years at the end of that they believe is where a handful Allahu Akbar safarnama. That's our jeep that shows you the strength of the prophets. Whenever you're doing down when you find no one's accepting Islam. I'll be giving down for 10 years I'd have a single revert right at my head. Nothing. No one has accepted Islam through me. That's okay. You're always with Allah azza wa jal. Don't worry. Allah is the one who brings the result. All you have to do is plant the seed alone, make it grow a lot and ask you about what you've done and not about the outcome.

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So when persecution got really bad for the believers, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam advised them to Margaret to ever senior and Habesha. Why they

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why they mongrels.

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Why does he have all the places

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Rasulullah mentioned about the king there and the joshy Lama and now on the priests in His Kingdom. This man over there is a Catholic Christian. He was a man of justice. Allah loves justice. Even if you're standing up for a cafe Allah loves justice it potamia said

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that Allah will destroy a nation that is unjust, even if it's a believing nation. And Allah will keep a nation that is just even if it's a disbelieving nation. Allah loves justice to them to the

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island. How would

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a local

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level Sonic Habibi electric azim Mashallah, tollbooth de Gianni yet this is Mr. Jayden

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como la la la quinta Salama?

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Is he getting honey?

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Don't eikonal brothers.

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So let's discuss now we finished with the reaction of the foreign. Of course there's more details but we don't want to mention every single detail because we weren't finished. In fact, we weren't finished the meccan period by this term actually thought we would have But have they may take another week or two in term three, animal him minor migration this occurred which you This is from your notes now. The fifth year Prophethood.

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And there were two there were two migrations.

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The first, birth of course, to obviously the first migration involved around 16 people around

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12 men, for women, the second migration involved, I have a guess.

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Maybe not

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trying to get you involved but ticket. It's like 100 people. Now, you might ask why were the two? What happened? Why were the two migrations? There were two migrations because when the first migration occurred, and the believers were in Abyssinia, there were rumors that Qureshi had accepted Islam. What prompted this rumor? suta najem. What certain regimen?

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What's najem? This is interesting. Vista.

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This surah was real to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and one day he was reciting this amazing surah and who were they the believers and the disbelievers. They were there. What's the last day of sort of the najem? Allah says, first you do lilla wobbu, prostrate to Allah and worship Him. The believers because of this is a command from Allah to prostrate they were so in tune with the aid of course they are frustrated, and that this belief is that will also so in tune with the ayato listening to the Prophet rusada What did they do as well. They are frustrated that they're all frustrated believers and disbelievers. So that was the rumor saying all of Quraysh have accepted

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Islam. So these people who migrated First they came back, but guess what did they accept Islam? No. Okay, let's go back to ever senior again. They made a second migration this time with more people's upon law. You can imagine the kuffar after they went down into such that

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what did we just do? Right? You can imagine better get up. What do they say? magician magician? He put a spell on us right? Hate is probably like couldn't hack it, that they made such the after they listened to this area. In other words, they were starstruck from certain measure the star it was starstruck, though, the it was so overwhelming. As soon as they heard the awa Lhasa. Allah says, first you do Lila? They just call us they all went down a Jeep Jeep. So that's basically the background.

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No, they went there. They went there. No, they went to Harlem, if they actually want made it or there's a say there in the seal necta. I'm not sure whether the either way there was one migration one batch and then they came back and then they all went back again. And who was the first to migrate? Us man, one of the law, or ceman was part of the first grip and his wife and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam mentioned this and he phrased him. He said the earth man was the first to make his Rafi civilly law after law.

00:22:40--> 00:22:42

So he was the first afterload

00:22:44--> 00:22:53

worker no one has made his law. In no one has made his law feasibly live from the time of load up until the province of law Celebes Prophethood.

00:22:54--> 00:23:02

And the first to do so was with the man upon that's another special quality of this great companion. He's not just guaranteed gender, my brother's for nothing.

00:23:03--> 00:23:17

And they're awesome and so many characteristics. And he he purchased gender twice, as I said with his wife, and he sacrificed he was tortured. He made digital and he that's why he was guaranteed. That's why and on top of that he was

00:23:18--> 00:23:23

a Shaheed he died as a martyr who was killed by the average Panama.

00:23:24--> 00:23:25

He was killed while reciting Quran.

00:23:27--> 00:23:30

And his blood it says landed on the ayat of Surah Baqarah.

00:23:32--> 00:23:33


00:23:35--> 00:23:37

that's what extremism does.

00:23:39--> 00:23:41

Yeah, the Hawaii correct.

00:23:45--> 00:23:49

Island, but they killed him. They stabbed him around nine, nine times. Some say more.

00:23:55--> 00:24:08

Correct. I'm not sure if I should set it but they all died. Those who didn't repent. They're all died a very, very horrible death and shoulder when we get to the silver man. You hear some amazing stories of those who entered upon him in the way they died. Where they died.

00:24:10--> 00:24:15

And he won't get into and that's gonna take a lot of time. But anyway, what happened the morning migration?

00:24:17--> 00:24:29

The kuffaar were they after the believers migrated to ever Sr. did Christ Leave him alone? So hamdulillah we got rid of him? No. They chased them where they believe is a threat to Christ politically.

00:24:30--> 00:24:59

Were they a threat economically? No. Were they a threat religiously? No. They all went all the way in another country. They've got nothing to do with you know, you should be happy. But they still weren't happy. You know what that lesson is? My brother's is a very valuable lesson in that. If you were to leave the fight alone, guess what? They're not going to leave you alone. I'm not going to leave you alone. You know why the issue is not with you. The issue is what you believe in it's the slab that want to wipe out Islam from the face of the planet. Don't think I if I stay away from trouble

00:25:00--> 00:25:05

I just keep to myself, I didn't give that away and I'll be left alone, not happy be the co founder, they still want

00:25:06--> 00:25:42

a lot with the sense that they'll never be pleased with you until you follow their way. So they followed them, they followed them. And they sent the ace in the hole to try and negotiate with the ABCD. King who was it? armor loss, this man was extremely fluent. It was at the atomic effort, extremely fluent. He was a mastermind in negotiation. He was a diplomat, professional. And he was very eloquent with his words, and he's able to convince people so they sent him to go and speak to the new Joshua King to try and bring them back and hand over the Muslims. So what did he do this sneaky, beautiful companion?

00:25:43--> 00:26:25

What did he do? He went to the officials first. He went to the officials of the king and what did he do? What did he give them? Russia bribes gift is he go, this is for you. This is for you. Now we listen up. I want you to agree with me when I'm in the court of the king of cohesion. Okay. Okay, we'll do it. Everyone gives more. All right, they convinced them that they hand over the Muslims. So what did he do? He also said, I'm going to meet with the king first and don't even tell the Muslims don't tell them. Why? Because he didn't want the Muslims to recite what an hourglass knew that if they were to recycle. And it's so powerful. They'll even convince the kings of they feed

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grandmothers, the kuffaar feed Quran. Very important lesson for you and I, let's use what an ad out. Don't say about enough. Learn.

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Learn, even if it's one area by llevando a, learn it. Understand that give the Tafseer of it, use it in your diary, like very effective, in your dour, even to the point explain in English. Explain the doubt that explain the Quran in your Tao if you're not using Conan and you don't have it is a major problem. Major from the Quran is the author. That's the base of all of your knowledge and our so he didn't want that. But what happened he organized this meeting with the king. And he began to of course present his case saying these are fools that have left our country and the resort in your country. And they troublemakers and we request odk that you hand them back to us to take care of

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him. And what is his official size? Yeah, what do you decide yet? You have to agree. All right, of course because they were getting bribes. What did the king say? He says, I will not send the people back to you. I will not hand over people who have sought refuge in my land. Especially after me they've come seeking protection. I will not hand them over until I hear their side of the story. Look at the justice. It's unfortunate that even the Natasha King was a Christian back then had more justice than many so called Arab leaders of today, though imprisoned Muslims just because the Muslim system it tequila, tequila fear Allah he'll imprison him for life and destroy his entire family. I

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was a biller so what happens okay very well. I'm Ross is spewing it I don't want the Muslims to come and recite Quran. The Muslims have a meeting should we go should we go? They decided Yes, we're gonna go and we'll make her as the Amir the spokesperson, Jafar he's the spokesperson shows us my brother's, that when you have short I'll have one me not many. Too many cooks spoil the broth. And later, everyone wants to be a chef in Alabama and Israel wants to run the show. Have you been the select one and you just do what he says no problem. No problem as long as he's telling you to do that is good. And they decided should we speak the truth or should we lie? We're going to speak the

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truth. This truth will set you free as they say because a lie has is fast. Yes. But realize one last truth has insurance. We're going to speak the truth even if it's against us. They are brought forth in front of the king. Our masters here, the bishops. What happens next will tell you next week inshallah does that come later. Sephardic aloha Mohammed Nick shadow and

00:28:54--> 00:29:04

Luca wanted to be To be continued. It's 930 to an hour, two minutes over. So if we're gonna make sure it happens, then we'll be here for another 1015 minutes. That way you interested