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Muhammad Al Bizry
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the reaction of the Prophet sallavi and the fallout of the sallavi alayhi wa sallam message. The importance of acceptance of Islam and not following rules of the day is emphasized, along with the use of "will" and "will not" in Arabic. The transcript also touches on the meaning behind the words "will" and "will not" in Arabic, as well as the difference between these words. The transcript ends with a suggestion to stay online for further questions and a future lesson.
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versus the reaction? Yes.

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Yes, that's the 101 in the Green Book. So page 101 in the Green Book of nectar, sharing the truth and the polytheists reaction

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128 for the Red Book, leave a bookmark from now on because we're just going to continue from the book as it is. So basically, we're just going to look at now the reaction from the confirm the reaction of the disbelievers when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was first commissioned to announce the message of Islam openly. We said Firstly, it was secretive, for how many years

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three, and then three years of secretive, dour after that from the fourth year to 10th year it was public dollars. So now we're going to discuss from the fourth year onwards, the public power of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and it started with

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what ended aashi erotica, Robin Allah told him proclaim and warn your tribe openly. When you tribe of neat Kindred Qureshi software, and I believe we started we talked about the mountain of software yes yeah. So they had the the sounding of the alarm Yeah, the in the time of the prophet SAW the lesson them they had something which was sounding the alarm to one the people and then what they'll do, they'll climb up the mountain I've always called good the mountain of a suffer. And they would cry. Yeah. sabaha What does that mean?

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Good. What a terrible morning you're about to experience good. So Rasulullah did that right and back then they used to take off the clothes as well, but also la will hum de la amount of dignity and honor he would also avoid that as well. He would avoid this shameful disgraceful acts sallallahu alayhi wasallam although it was the norm of the day, showing us sisters, whatever is the norm of your society doesn't mean you have to follow it. The norm of society today is to flaunt your assets to show off and to uncover and to be half naked. No, we don't follow the norms even now today. Unfortunately, the bead is in the bid has come back, right or retro. But no The sooner is

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the bees

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honestly like yeah, the Australians they all strung together but not all of them, but a lot of them so it's back. So no, the sooner is a fashion that never goes out of date. That's the sort of sallallahu alayhi wasallam it's always it's always the in thing is always a trend. So when he did that all the people came and he invited them to Islam he said Indian Avila come back in a day or they have an alien on the plane Warner before you have a terrible punishment is coming. So who spoke up Abu lahab now this is an opportunity for everyone to accept Islam and he says that bad luck May you be perished? May you be cursed.

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Yeah, it would sound like that.

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Because the prophet and he says dub Baluch and he had a jamatkhana you gather a see for this I was earning the dinars I was earning money man you took me all the way from my work to me this feels like today when you talk to people when you talk to people about Islam should be the right I'll say I don't want this thing. I'm busy I've got I've got I've got enough headache please don't talk about slumber please don't talk about hate I don't need this in my life. Unfortunately people are like that you remind them about death the hereafter you're gonna die tomorrow. I'll be right cuz. So I will I was like that among many others. So, then after thereafter, Allah azza wa jal revealed with

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But yeah, the law started off by saying tab but

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common translation have bet is what?

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to perish to die to just be destroyed. Right? Die. But Yoda, his two hands are destroyed and he's destroyed. What? Why? Why the two hands because your hands are a means of power. When you want to restrain someone with either or their hands behind their back, right. That's why people are handcuffed. In other words, a lot as of john is saying he's power is going to be destroyed. He's going to be a loser, who have no influence on his people, and he's going to be ineffective allies of Dell is going to disable all of his artillery and all of his means. And that's exactly what happened. He was a very wealthy man. So one day he hires an assassin, a trained mercenary to attack

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and kill the Prophet so lesson them

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Yes, he trained him now he was wealthy this assassin only money so I said, Look, I'll clean up your debts if you go and kill the Prophet. So he goes into battle and he's killed as well. So that trade mercenary is killed by the Muslims in Jihad upon Allah. So Allah as you were saying that he's gonna be useless week. Don't worry powerless that better

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So that's the two hand that's one of the many meanings of his two hands. Now, that bat doesn't just mean to die, or destroy, or to perish.

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There are other ways to say that in Arabic does matter, right? matter means to die to perish this halakha Also, there's horrible God. There's the mirror, there's had the older these other words in Arabic indicate to be destroyed in Paris. So what's the difference? That is unique? Because it doesn't just mean to be destroyed or to die and perish but also means at a very slow rate, slow destruction. Yeah, slow, utter destruction.

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Allah azza wa jal is saying he's not going to just die with an arrow to the head who's going to fall off his horse and crack his neck. Right? in an instant. No, it's going to be slow. That's why the Arab I'll use that word in a tab but comes from tab and tab. They'll use that when in common language. When I personally wanted to get married. They'll say here Tabitha, oh shabba Is she an elderly woman tab? Or a young woman shaba right so a tab that was useful an elderly person and it could be useful male and female. So the old man really old was called tab an elderly an elderly woman was called tab bad Why? Because as you age what happens you slowly but surely start to become

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dysfunctional, deteriorate, deteriorate, right, your your your back starts to hunched over you can't see us if you can't hear us for What was that again? So it's slowly slowly right. It doesn't happen overnight. You wake up right? And it can't see so it's slow it's slow but Sure. So that's why the word tab so don't get offended we set that bar for the woman but it's also used for the men tab right so someone who is old that is used to it slow and that's exactly how we died that's exactly how I will I have the scum of the earth passed away What happened? What happened but before that before the time had it I will leave it to next lesson

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Yeah, I think cuz it's 250 and I said I promised you 215 that way I'll keep you in suspense

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just I'll just how we died you want just how we died

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if you can't wait it's online.

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This talk is called don't mess with the messenger and I mentioned all the stories of those who messed with the messenger sallallahu wasallam and how they died and among them was the the children of Abu lahab are type a very interesting to see what happened. But our next lesson if you can't wait you can see it's online now. It's online. Don't mess with the messenger.

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Yeah, if you have questions I'm going to stay so although we do finish officially 230 but I'm going to stay here for another 15 minutes if you wish to ask your questions. Sorry. Oh

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yeah. Do you want

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Yeah, that's why we like to take questions in the end because sometimes I have to establish the foundation and then we go into more detail so I'll reward you sisters

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walaikum salam

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I think sudo we don't give a justice

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Sharma from next lesson

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I'm going to set a timer on my on my lesson so we don't go over the 40 minutes

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I did long time ago but it wasn't recorded

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Yeah, unfortunately. Look he may have changed I don't know about his views now.

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But though I can

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but yeah, he I'm not sure if he's still the same is still the same. Okay, but unfortunately easier. Sufi tendencies and things like this and

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aren't about it was more about al Qaeda and creed that's really what our main differences would be so I haven't looked into everything he by I was long ago and I don't really get into debates anymore I think that was like I think a one off

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and it was only on Facebook. Really it wasn't actually one on one.

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Yeah, you can to discuss things Yes.

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If you believe a look, if if there are

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Many people have knowledge from another person and they were trusted it's best to go to them first. But if there's no one and you have knowledge and you feel that while listening to that you can benefit no problem. No problem.

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Yeah, same thing. Of course there are some Sufi tendencies there. But it doesn't really it's not really a free I don't think it delves into like Sufism doesn't really go into economics. It's more about the creed and acts of worship and fuck that we kind of Article set out

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when it comes to economics I'm sure there are articles that I'm not going to be a huge difference or I can I can imagine,

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but I don't know his views on it so I can't comment.

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No, just leave it may Allah reward you the cleanest coming by however there's a brother called Alameda, Colin Elmi mo Colin he's actually very good on finance and he's homme de la is well known and trusted and his knowledge is really good.

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Your face

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the private college no and a year and a half we're going to open up a new new new admissions will be in a year and a half or so because it's two years and then they graduate and another two years. Try so

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He's in his kind of disappeared.

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It's a mango here.

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mangoes you know where that is? It's past campbelltown.

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inshallah, we are going to bring that knowledge here to Mia in the Arabic college, inshallah, we're going to have an Arabic college for those sisters who are interested. And it's only going to be select modules. It's not going to be the whole language because that's impossible to do.

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