Ramadaan Revelations #2 When a priest at uni wanted a debate

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The Quran is a science-based title group that focuses on the history and implementation of the Quran. The title group's accomplishments include discoveries of testing, discovery of the first test in the century before Jesus, and the discovery of the greatest miracle of all prophets. The Qwh burster is discussed, including its use in worship and protection against doubts and fools, as well as its use in learning and protecting against doubts and fools.

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Bismillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah. While earlier he was a happy woman, well, there was a preacher University, who wanted to debate me in regards to which is better the Quran or the Bible? And to be honest, I laughed. And when you think about it, where do you start? Because there's no comparison, the Bible or the Quran, which is God's word. And so I asked him, I said, Tell me the first verse revealed to Jesus Ali Salaam. He said, I don't know. I said, Tell me the first word, the first chapter given to Jesus, how to know. I said, Tell me the last verse reveal to Jesus. He said, I don't know. I said, told me the last chapter reveal to Jesus. He said, I don't know. What do you

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know? I don't know.

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The only compare what the kuffaar don't know about their book

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to what we do know about the Quran. Only when you look at the Quran Subhanallah we know the first test revealed. We know the last verse revealed. We know the first sort of revealed, we know the last pseudo revealed we know what was revealed to the Prophet in Mecca. We know what was revealed to the Prophet and in Medina, we know what was revealed to the prophet before Hijra. We know what was revealed to the Prophet after Hijra. We know it was revealed to the prophet in the day we know as to the prophet in the night, we know it was revealed to the Prophet while he was traveling. We know what was revealed to the Prophet while he was residing. We know General Quran the types of errors of

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the compilation of the Quran, we know who compiled the Quran, we know how the Quran was compiled. We also know the natural the grammar, the syntax, the out of the source of the Quran, we know the tough seed of every ayah in the Quran. We know as baboon uzun, the circumstantial and reasons the revelation of the Quran, we know the various pillar ads and all of the various modes, dialects and we citations of the Quran, we're not an ASIC woman. So when it comes to the Quran, we know that which was cancelled abrogated of regulation or ruling only we know that which was cancelled and abrogated of re citation only. And should I keep going, you got the hint? Look at how much we know,

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in regards to the book of Allah compared to what the kufr don't know. And as we said, they don't know not because Yeah, neither do Hearne ignorant, okay, that too, right? But they don't know because that knowledge isn't even available. Subhanallah and so when we study the sciences of the Quran, which we're going to get into Inshallah, one of the benefits is that it creates and it gives us your pain 100% certainty that no doubt this Quran is from Allah azza wa jal because no other religion has what we have in regards to its book. So before we start into the virtues of Quranic sciences, firstly, what is chronic sciences? Firstly, what it's not as opposed to what it is the

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Quranic sciences, is not physics, geology, biology in the Quran, or its scientific miracles. No, when we say, No, that's not what we're referring to. Rather, in a nutshell, as I said, a Nasik woman so suburb of Missoula, Syria, Rob, natural, soft, all of that you can summarize in these points. This is what we're normally called, and refers to its sciences and knowledge, to not science, but it's sciences, its history. Its re citation, its understanding and implementation. So really, that summarizes what are a number of current entities. But before we go into depth of what is relevant Quran, we're going to look at the virtues the furball L, of the Quran itself, and its scientists,

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because this is the way of their element and that is, whenever they would delve into a topic. They don't just jump straight in. But they go into the forgotten the virtues of it, why to motivate? So if you look at in the cathedral, Rahim Allah in his book, his amazing masterpiece of tafsir the first chapter is a CEO of the SDR and then the best Miller and then sort of the Fatiha it starts with football Al Quran. He talks about the virtues of the Quran. So we're going to follow the way of the lemma because this is the way of true knowledge not you know, 2020 version of knowledge and Instagram and Twitter and Facebook where everything we just say what we want whatever comes to us

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your love. That's Facebook Live and Nova rather, yes, no doubt we have to contemporize our deen in the sense of we relate the true knowledge to contemporary matters and we make it relevant to the people no doubt. When I say contemporaries, I'm not talking about compromise. I'm not talking about diluting it and changing it No. So we take that in and we give it in a relevant manner to the people in the way they understand, but we look back at the way of the proprietary

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recesses we'll see what then that really defines what true knowledge is.

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So we'll look at the virtues of the Quran and its sciences as for the virtues of the Quran, if you can see that there's many virtues, but I'm just going to mention three.

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The Quran is a present day miracle 2020 Up until the Day of Judgment, it's an everlasting one.

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It's used in our worship, and it's a guidance for dnn. Dunya. So let's go into those three insha Allah in detail. So if someone asks, what's so great about the Quran, what is miracle? You can say number one is to present a miracle. You know, the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem was given many miracles, the miracle of the moon splitting, the miracle of water flowing from his fingers that have a beer, the miracle of the camel, speaking to the Prophet elicits an MO him communicating to the birds, if you know that story, they're great miracles, no doubt, but the greatest miracle of Rasulullah these sorts of them was the revelation, the word of Allah.

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And so, this miracle isn't just the greatest miracle of Rasulillah Salam it's actually the greatest miracle of all the prophets that surpasses and excels the miracles of all the previous prophets. Hell, if you look at any profit and their respective miracle, whether it's a Sally Salem being able to cure people instantly by wiping over them, or their wood Allison and bending metal in his bare hands like it was Plato, Solomon Alice love communicating with animals and being able to fly or more salicylates feeding the ocean, what all those miracles have in common with temporary at that time. So now we come in as those miracles ask, could you show me the miracle of more Sally's lab can show

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you ask a question, show me the miracle of Jesus right now. Can I show you Ask a Muslim show me the miracle of Mohammed Salah Salem, you go it takes up almost half. It's a present day miracle for the eyes to read and the ears to listen to. Now in 2020, up until the Day of Judgment serve the first point. It's a present day miracle. And it's a continuous everlasting miracles upon

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second virtue, how it surpasses the miracles of the earlier prophets in that it's used in our worship.

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You know, if you wanted to use the miracles of the earlier prophets, firstly, you can't because they're not around. But even if they were, how could you, you can't use them in your worship. You can't use the sheet camel of sila Ali salaam, by jumping on its back and doing offer on the cabin. You can't get the staff of more Silas to them today and use it to lean on while you are, for instance praying or performing Hajj. Right. So even if we even if those miracles were today present, we can't use them in worship. But the Quran is not just a miracle, but it's a miracle that's used in worship. The other Matt said about the Quran. That autovu ibid is the man who either Talamo a bad

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Taleem or a bad the Buddha Horiba and atika Allah He hybrid that listening to the Quran is worship, reading his worship, reciting it is worship learning it is worship teaching it is worship, understanding it is worship, judging by his worship acting upon his worship. And it's not just worship. Singular. It's actually worships. If there is such a word in plural Jana, you can use it in a variety of forms to get close to or long oh my god, what a book. What a book is upon Well, it's more than just Akita, but rather to get average so many miracles and virtues. And number three, we said the Quran Why is it so amazing? It's not just credit for Deen, it's gone into the deep end

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dunya you know, when Allah said in the Quran, who didn't live with the pain who the limiter thing, do that it's guidance. Allah didn't just say it's Hooda its guidance in your prayer. He didn't say it's guidance for your fasting. He kept it open. And this is what it's called in Arabic and Nakoula, which is general, it's not specified when Nicaragua Phaedra or moon scholars said that we're something's not restricted, it's unrestricted. It's general so it's guidance for everything to follow. That's the beauty of the Quran. You know how many times we look to the Quran for guidance for dunya

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in usually when we need guidance for the no doubt Quran and Sunnah, but we should also do the same when it comes to Deen as well, because the Quran gave us guidance in everything.

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Because of this one book, the Muslims changed the way they think love how when a government politics, economics, inheritance, the way they do business, they sleep, drink, sacrifice, speak, shower, shave Loan Borrower give gifts and more. So the question is not what changed because of the Quran? The question is what didn't change because of the Quran.

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And finally, the virtues of the sciences of the Quran. We're running out of time, but we'll quickly recap these why are we studying along with Quran? Well, firstly, it's the month of the Quran Noda, but in terms of its sciences, you know, number one, make us appreciate the wealth of knowledge

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studies found in the book of Allah.

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And when you look into all of the sciences that we just talked about and more, we will start to appreciate the trim and the weight of what our scholars have left for us. Number two in humbles you, it humbles you, the scholars would say true knowledge is to no one's ignorance. Sometimes having a little bit of knowledge is dangerous, because we learn something oh we know so much and then we create disasters. Only when one realizes what they do not know. They will appreciate how little they do know.

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You know, so once you learn how deep this knowledge is, we will appreciate and humbles. Number three, it will further our knowledge our students have knowledge. It'll give us a further understanding of the Quran and terminologies especially intercede new, usually we learn to see but we haven't learned the sciences of the Quran and what happens we come across terminologies. The chef will say this is nurse F or monsoon or as Babel knows Allah whatever this idea is Madonia or Mattia, we think a madonie revealed in Medina no, it doesn't mean that. So rather, it'll equip us with knowledge about the seed, and further about the religion. It'll basically like a launchpad to learn

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further into the knowledge of Islam. And finally, it'll increase our email. And you can even add, as a fifth point protect you from doubts. So when you learn all of these things about sites of the Quran, it'll increase your faith because you will witness the beauty, miracle and depth of Allah's words, and it will protect you against doubts and being fooled by the weak and futile claims of the orientalist and enemies of Islam. They'll come up with claims like or the Quran was not compiled in the time of Abu Bakar Amato, Ali often right they'll come up with these claims. But when you study around and look, there's no room for these doubts because knowledge acts as a barrier between you

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doubting shaytaan ask Allah azza wa jal to bless us with a deeper knowledge of the Tafseer of the science of the Quran tomorrow inshallah will can you continue with proceed as we said, tafsir on one night and Allama Quran on the other salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh