On the Passing of Shaykh Mufti Muhammad Rafi Usmani

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari


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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the loss of great Muslim Muslimighs, including Rahim Allah and Hope Fiera. The segment also touches on the rise of Pakistan and the formation of a new country through Shapira and Sunilteenth. The transcript describes a former president who was a great scholar and teacher, and later passed away. The segment also touches on a former president who committed a crime and was a teacher and shareholder. The transcript describes a man named HamGeneration who was considered one of the greatest qualities of his father, brother, and their entire world.
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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was a happy woman, whether or bad, especially brothers and sisters, salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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I'm sharing with you today a very sad news that one of the great scholars of the Muslim ummah, of the Islamic world, che Mufti Mohammed fear was the money or him a whole lot of dialogue. May Allah have mercy on him, passed away yesterday on 18th of November at the age of 86 years.

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This is a great scholar

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lived in Karachi, Pakistan, who is from Karachi, Pakistan.

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one of the greatest scholars of this OMA, you know, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in a hadith that Allah subhanaw taala does not take away knowledge by just snatching and seizing away the knowledge in Allah nitroblue element in design, when I can Yakubu be accommodated or Lama rather Allah subhanaw taala removes and takes away knowledge from the Ummah by taking away scholars or whatever.

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And scholars there are scholars and then there are scholars you know, there are all AMA, but then there are real major automa and this particular personality was from the elite scholars of the Ummah, in a time where we many of the great scholars have left us from across the world, from the Arab world, from the subcontinent, from Africa from different parts of the world in the last three, four years, just from when the COVID time started. So many great scholars I can think of so many have passed away

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in our world people like Sheikh Mohammed it Lahoma passed away.

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She had this thought terrible with that passed away. Just so many in so many scholars in Morocco, there was a very famous scholar who passed away Rahima Hello data as well. She adopted so Qaradawi recently passed away. So one after the other just so many from in Turkey we have Chef Muhammad fnd who passed away Rahim Allah Allah so in the last three, four years, so many great scholars have passed away. So from that level of scholarship, we have Chef Mufti Mohammed Rafi, I go to Bernie. For those of you who may not be well acquainted, you may have heard of the term of money or the name with money and there are two scholars one is the Mohamed tepee off money. And the other is Chef

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Mufti Mohammed Rafi I with money these are two brothers great brothers known as the two shakes in Karachi in Pakistan people call them as che Hey.

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So this moved here a few with money is my teacher, dear teacher, and it has been a very sad time since yesterday, since we found out about his passing away, Rahim Allah Allah may Allah have mercy on him.

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And this is a loss not just for

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for his family or for his mother. I saw his institution in Karachi, Pakistan or for Pakistan as a country but it's a loss for the entire Muslim Ummah entire world because he was somebody whose influence and whose knowledge and wisdom reached out to all different globs of the world.

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So he's from this family of money family, and this is a very blessed family with many families, a unique family. Previously, we had scholars like Chef, ramadoss money and Chef Shabbir Ahmed of money Rahima home Allahu taala. These were great scholars who passed away who resided in originally from India but then they moved to Pakistan after migrated to Pakistan after the creation of Pakistan. And there is no sub a lineage goes back to say they're off man Are they allowed to I know. But this Great Scott moved here a fear of man he is the son of Mufti Muhammad Shafi Rahim Hola. His father was the grand mufti of Pakistan, the author of the famous Marathi for Quran which is the Tafseer of

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the Quran, which he wrote in order to do in about eight volumes and then it was translated into English and also some other languages, multiple languages. It's been translated a great scholar of this on the who passed away in 1976 of the Mohammed Shafia or him hola author of numerous books a grand fapy Mufti jurist, and actually with Tisha Fiera him Allah His father was also a great scholar, Chef mo learner, Muhammad Yasin Rahim Allah He was also a great scholar.

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And he was actually a class fellow of Hakim Aloma modernization for Italian friends. This is the father of Mufti Shafia him Hama and Mufti Shaffir, who Allah the Grand Mufti of Pakistan, a great scholar he used to actually be the a teacher in Daraa Allume Durban Seminary in India, and he was a grand mufti of Dr. Arun Dobin for many years with him from

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If you're a Mullah, and then after the creation of Pakistan, he migrated and he moved to Karachi Pakistan, relocated to Pakistan. And actually he's one he was one of the main people who struggled and strived in order for Pakistan to be established with Tisha Farah himolla. The father and this person who was passed away is the son of Mufti Mohammed Shafi Rahim Allah and his brother is one of my other very dear and beloved teacher, Shere Khan Islam with the Mohammed topic of money, happy the hello to Allah may Allah granting wellbeing and granting patients at this time. I mean, he has been very much affected by this incident. But these were two these are two great brothers in theater

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filled with money and with the topic with money, they have other blood siblings as well. And there's another one who is called another brother, who's whose name is Madonna, Muhammad Ali Razi happy the hola who's still alive. He, he is actually an author of a book in order to do on seed of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, for which he received a price. Because he wrote a book on Sierra, using all those letters of the Ordo language which don't have dots in it. It's called her the Alamo. I actually met him in Ramadan. Actually, we shall come to that with money, half of the hole that introduced me to him. They were both walking and then I went to meet and I said I've not

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met him before or I've seen him but I've not had an introduction so often with money, introduced me and said, this is you know, such and such person and you know, Hamdulillah this was his brother that I got to meet Maulana Muhammad warrior rosy

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but Mufti Mohammed Rafi with money is the elder brother of the doctor with money from this great family of money family, he was born in Gilbert and in India, because this family the ancestors are from Dilbert. They hailed from Dilbert, and moved to New Hampshire a fear of money who passed away yesterday, Rahim Allah He actually says he has mentioned this on few occasions that my initial study life started in the download EFTA. of.org. Dilbert there's actually a clip on on YouTube as well, where he's talking about this, that I started the character above the idea like Elif batata, I started reading this in the data lifter because he was accompanying his father to the data lifter

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because his father was a grand mufti, senior Mufti of the data Logan in India. And so he used to accompany his father and then his father used to be writing for our etc working and in an engaged in research etc. With the referee with money said I started maybe he was two three years of age and started his Alif. Berta and you know Skyraider and basic reading of Arabic language and that he memorized the Quran there. He had memorized half of the Quran around 15 A desert of the Quran and then his father migrated because that Allume sorry,

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Pakistan was created in around 1947. So just after that, I think the first meet after that he migrated the following year and he what he struggled in the creation and this family has a very strong link to the creation of Pakistan through Shapira him hola and then also his cousin should be Ramadan chef Allama should be Ramadan with Manisha was a farmer with money all the these great personalities. They were the main instigators and the main people who actually created Pakistan. And no fear or fear of money, who passed away was a young boy, when Pakistan was being established and created. He actually says this that, you know, we were young because he was he was born in 19,

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around 1936 or 37. Read 1936. So he passed away at the age of 86. So 1936 and Pakistan was made and established and created in 1947. So he was nine years of age. And you know, he said just before that as well, we used to campaign and we used to make our own youth groups that okay, we need a country we want Pakistan and you know, really striving as as young children as well as the youth in order to establish Pakistan. So anyway, he was a great, great person and 86 years of amazing life.

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It's very difficult to talk about him in a short video on you know, on a short clip, but he was somebody who's, who was you know,

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his personality was so unique, so comprehensive, he had services that he conducted in many different aspects of life and his teachings. You know, they are very comprehensive, his works in very many different fields.

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From the fear of the Quran, he says toward that opposite of the Quran, but one of his very, like, as I said, he moved to to Pakistan and then his father established the dollar in Karachi and he started teaching in March. He's well he studied there

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He graduated from there he stayed under the

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tutelage of his father he studied by his father and some other shoe because teachers many of them include people like shifting theory she recommends with the Army shiksa and Muhammad Rahim Allah of the world. He hasn't donkey who was a great Great Mufti. He was a grand mufti of Pakistan before, you know, after his father and before him, because, you know, people gave Mufti Rafi with money. The title of the album, The Grand Mufti after the passing of che Houthi, where he has an Iraqi Mala. So this was his teacher, many great teachers and also from the Arab world. He does a Hadith from Shaheed Muhammad Hassan Masha up on murli Keisha scene and Danny rahamallah. And there was one chef

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I had no idea who passed away. He living residing gender at the age of 120, a great scholar, she could be living in gender, I think he had a Yemeni ancestors, or roots. But he had one of the highest assignees of Hadith. And when 50 W with Maria Rafi, rosemary, both brothers when they visited him, she'll be he actually passed away, I don't know about 10 or 15 years ago, I can't remember exactly when 2007 Eight or something like that around the age of 110 or 20. I'm not exactly sure you could check this up. But he when they went when these two brothers, the fear of money, the two shakes. They when they visited him and requested him that we want each other have Hadith like

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your chain of transmission. He said I want yours as well. So then he said, Look, I will not grant you permission until you don't grant me permission. So what they did was they did the beach, this is called at the beach. When you exchange, you give me my scarf, I give you your scarf, like you give me a gift, I give you a gift to exchange. So this is called Budapest at the beach, and they did the beach. And so they gave granted me Jazza both brothers and he granted the two brothers each other in Hadith. And then I actually read this somewhere I was reading on online once and I read this that when he passed away, I had now I be the one in gender, the great scholar of Hadith who had one of

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the highest chains of transmission when he passed away because what he said to these two brothers, when you go back send me all your chains as I need written format, and you know, send it to me your assignee. So they wrote a letter and they sent him so I read this online that the last day before he passed away. The last letter that was read

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to Chef Armagnac cubby was the letter sent by Chef W with money and sugar free with money in there was the assignee, then everything. And that was the last bit after Assad. His granddaughter, I think should have had enough of his granddaughter or somebody read out the letter of Shockley angiography with money. And after that he passed away. That was the last letter just moments after that a month or so after the 20 an hour or so after that he passed away, Rahim Allah to Allah. And I actually mentioned this very incident to fit up with money about three four years ago and he was quite astonished. I said, Yeah, and he said send it to me and I actually sent it to him. And then they

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actually put that in his

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with the topic with money. His debate, which is called his compilation of his assignment, which have been gathered 32 lost money in there. This has been mentioned as well. So anyway,

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Mufti, Mohammed Rafi Earthman. He had many great teachers, but his main person that he took a lot of knowledge from not just knowledge, knowledge, piety, wisdom, Hikmah basura, understanding all the various qualities was his father. I mean, his father is was a gem like, you know, here's the source and the root of all of this was the Muhammad Shafi Rahim Allah.

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And he studied by his father, he graduated by his father. And then he also had a shake a share of the saw Wolf, who also had a lot of influence on his makeup. Chef Dr. Abdullahi reefy Rahim Allah Allah who passed away in 1986. His father passed away in 1976. Chef Dr. Abdul Rahim Allah passed away in 1986. And these both his father and his share of the soul, Wolf, both of them are students of Hakim onomah, the great scholar of the subcontinent, the No, Hakeem, the wise man of the Ummah, a chef moderner a chef at a time. So, it all really comes from there basically. And then if you carry on going all comes back and goes back all the way to the companions, and it comes from the messenger

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SallAllahu taala. And he was telling him of course, so,

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he graduated from there and then he studied the Iftar, the hustles specialization, and then he started teaching there. And you know, he was teaching at the DAR alone

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in Dalian, Karachi, which is a massive Institute in Pakistan.

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And he started with earlier books and earlier years and then carried on and progressing and then he taught Hadith and he has been a very successful Hadith teacher, that Mohammed did a great Hadith future where he taught

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in Durham, Karachi for the past 45 to between 45 to 50 years, I'm not sure exactly how many but around over 40 years without a shadow of a doubt, he taught Sahih Muslim, the second most authentic book, you know, after al Bukhari, Sahih Muslim he lectured on that, and

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and then not just that he was he lectured on that.

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He, he said he's a great he has, you know, his elite level of Hadith knowledge. Also a grand mufti, like I mentioned, the ALMA gave him the title of Grandma's theme of the album, because he was a great jurist. And as I mentioned, his books, I mean, he he wrote 1000s of fatawa, hundreds of 1000s of fatawa, under the tutelage and guardianship and supervision of his father, and then later as well, and then he not just wrote them, but he he did the study of them like he approved. So over his life, there's 1000s of fatawa that had been issued, written directly by him or approved by him. And he's also a shareholder. So like, he had a lot of therapy done by a chef and he had a lot of reads

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into so off and he would make tarbiyah people that ijazah from him into sofas what a great, great scholar of suave as well. Also a great dari, a great lecturer, you know, his talks is to be very balanced, very full of hikma wisdom, very calm personality, very tranquil. You know, always very thoughtful, very collector, reflective, very organized, his brother mentioned this as well very organized, very principled.

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He had an organizational skills, amazing, all of the organizational skills and he was very pious as well you should you should always you will see Him always engaged in the remembrance of Allah dhikr of Allah like, you know, I remember I used to always every time he just says mashallah, mashallah mashallah handed and handed? Mashallah, if you see some of his clips on YouTube, you talk to him you'll say something to me say mashallah, mashallah he does smile on his face. Amazing, amazing, you know, subhanAllah amazing person. And one of his great one of his great, if not, the greatest source of

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accomplishments is how he put his life and soul in the great dark room, Karachi seminary, that are in Karachi Seminary is massive. If you haven't seen it. It's difficult. I had a friend from the UK, who recently visited and he saw Darren Karachi and he said, You know, I've been hearing about it, but once you go there and you see with your eyes, you realize and he actually said to me, after Haramain, Mecca, Medina and Palestine, to knock this has been many countries. This friend of mine, a scholar in the north of UK has been to many countries traveled to many countries. He does charitable work, but he said to me that after seeing the Haramain and missing the lochsa This is the fourth

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place on planet earth I felt most overlooked by he was barefoot one day. So if you've seen it, then you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't done honestly, at least check some YouTube videos and documentaries out. I actually, you know, darlin, Karachi 100. I started then in 1988 1999. But I visited recently two times, but in 2020, December I visited, and I wrote a whole book afterwards a travel blog called two weeks in Pakistan. Inshallah, in the link, we'll put, we'll put a link in the comment section

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where you can download the book for free, and also there's a physical copy, which you can order as well. So two weeks in Pakistan, and I've got some pictures in there.

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He became the principal or the president because down there they have the thing president and he is known in Durham, Karachi, Southern sub southern side. So this means, Mr. President, that's how students don't so that aside or not, all right, so jamea on an easel Jeremy, I will set that aside, the head of the jamea, head of the university.

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I've written here in the book over the last few decades, he has overseen the growth and transformation of that dark blue into a world renowned Islamic University. And he is the longest serving president of the dollar when he took office in 1986. When he shaved for Dr. After he passed away because after his father, they gave the you know, the presidency of the double room to

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his chef knocked out the RFP and from 1986 to today we are in 2022. That is 36 years, he gave his life and soul. And in the words of his younger brother, he dedicated his life and the words of his younger brother move to tackle with money. This is from his autobiography to talk with the man his autobiography, every nook and cranny of that alone bears witness to the exhaustive physical and mental energies. My brother moved up with me

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Only devoted to the construction and progress of data alone. It would probably not be an exaggeration if I were to say that each and every building of the loom except one or two was built under his direct supervision and he personally put in effort for every for each brick that was used.

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If you see he had very high level organizational skills, he was very principled even you know, the way he dressed as well. Very, very, very organized, very neat, very tidy, very clean his house his office, everyone knows this about him. So even though our loom he his organization skills at the Darling Karachi seminary

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and, you know, he was, he was very particular about everything about and he had a lot of love for the students, the students loved him as well, you know, generally or, you know, whoever studied there. And he was always very concerned about students about their welfare, about the living about the food and about the accommodation, everything mashallah just a unique personality.

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So that's his, you know, probably one of his greatest achievements, his you know, dedication to Darren Karachi and how he transformed the room Karachi, in Pakistan to what it is today, but along that along with that, he's also a great scholar, his scholarship is there as well, but maybe he could not be able to he was not able to dedicate as much time to scholarship like his brother did, because of his organizational duties and his responsibilities of managing and supervising and looking after and taking care of the dark blue. But despite that, he taught Hadith like I said for good 45 years and he was focused jurist and he is author of books we have his his lectures on Saudi

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Muslim were published in two volumes, does Sahih Muslim and he has also other books that I've mentioned that he has written as well

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he has, you know, there's a book to volume no other I mean, I have some of his books here. This is no other In fact, it's in two volumes, which is 50 articles in order to do a collection of his articles in two volumes. It's called nawada rific.

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And then this is an Arabic book

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here this is actually in Arabic his articles which

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some of them were translated from what to do and some he wrote in Arabic himself and not bilateral here and there's one book that a lot of the students have the mother says no of the book but they don't know about Mufti interfere with money. Rahim Allah Tala his connection to it. There's a famous book in south in Arabic language grammar, morphology in Elmo South called Elmo Sera. This used to be taught and probably still taught in many dollar looms and seminaries. I remember when we were studying a government very it was taught Elmo Siva.

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This was written actually in Persian by another scholar. mufti, Mohammed Rafi Ruth money, Rahim Allah to either when he started teaching as a young teacher, the first second years in their own Karachi and when he was teaching, grammar and narrow and south, he actually translated this from Persian to ODU. And he added his footnotes and some more like bacon research, etc, under the supervision of his father, and his father actually wrote a foreword and this book is available you know, it's called Elmo Siva. Siva is like the wording of morphology software etc. And you know, a lot of people don't know that if the Rafi with money was behind this book. And he his translation

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was the main reason that this book came into you know, circulation and into dollar looms where people started reading this book in order calm and then he has some other books these are like his, this is lucky to clear these are his some books which a book on just advice and guidance on therapy and Islam. You know, just general talks and lectures for the reformation

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of Muslims are to a biography of of his father called Higher move the other the life of the grand mufti, which is his father, Mufti Shafi Rahim Allah, another book collection of his lectures called the value of money, lectures of money is written and travelogue here and BRT service. I mean, this was his journey to Jordan and Syria. And when he came back, he wrote some of the people I remember when he actually called me I remember the heat when he was going to Jordan, because I stood in in Syria. So he actually called me on my phone. I remember that time and said, Look, you've been to Syria. How is it and do you know any numbers down there on your people actually, now just remember

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that he actually called me on my phone on my mobile phone. That type was mid 2000 2003, or four or something. That's something like that. And then Hamdulillah he went to Syria, he went to Jordan and then some of my friends there people like Shep Carrasco, Bernie and others.

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As they actually, you know, took him and stayed with him for two, three days in Jordan. And he really loved it. I mean, they they when they met him, they were all astonished by his. So he actually wrote a whole travelogue, on his visit to Gambia, he says the mean that means the land of the prophets. So, and then this is another travelogue of you know, of Pakistan of Gilgit, Kippur, Harumi or something, this is a really important book, an amazing book of barbital MUFA Rafi modality Davi this is all about

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the principles of how a facet is invalidated, talks about injections and all these things. He mentions very principle in light of the format hubs. And then it talks about all the modern issues as well objections and ear drops and hydrops and smear tests and all sorts of things. And there's a brother in actually in Denmark, who summarize this into English, and it's actually been used by everybody. It's an amazing book. And he's also his fatawa. I don't have them put a picture on his fatawa. Like I said, his Fatah was his verdicts, which is written over the years 1000s and 1000s. They've recently been started being collected and four volumes, or a few volumes have been

00:26:10--> 00:26:52

published, and more more to be published, which are called fatawa, daarom, Karachi in that elite. So Hamdulillah, he has books as well, he's a very scholarly person as well, but because of his like, dedication to the supervision, and the running of the government, Karachi, it probably was not able to dedicate his as much time. And one last thing I would like to say is one of his greatest qualities, like his piety is knowledge, everything is there is his aqidah. It means his balance, and not just him. The point here is that, you know, this is the whole mark it down, which is balance, which is the middle way, which is, you know, very

00:26:54--> 00:27:01

sorry, being moderate, not being extreme to the right, not to the extreme to the left, not foregoing your own principles or not, you know,

00:27:04--> 00:27:24

leaving what you believe in and you know, thinking everyone's right, on the other hand, not being so aggressive and harsh that the whole world starts hating you. And the only thing you can do is just argue and fight all the time. He was very balanced. And this is the whole mark, not just of him. But this is the whole mark of the other room catch.

00:27:25--> 00:28:06

That you slamming University Seminary in Pakistan, darn Karachi. This is the whole mark. This was the way of his father. This was the way this is the way of his brother moved to Turkey with money, and many others. And honestly, I would like to say that anyone who studied at Durham Karachi and graduated from the study for a considerable amount of time, we'll come out with this quality of balance of aridol of WASAPI of very calm, being calm. It's natural. All these great, I mean this, he's left behind 1000s of students across the world. In the UK, there's 1000s of students in the western world all over Pakistan, in darling Karachi people study their students come to study from

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there from all around the globe, not just Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, just different parts of the world and then the western countries as well. America, Canada, UK,

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South Africa, many other parts of the world so 1000s of students but whoever studied there, honestly, you get this character done. And you know, I remember he has you know, he always used to say, always in order apna Maslak told Ahmed do Soroka cheraman All the time don't leave church in order to this to similar words like Cholo channel, so don't leave your Maslak your machinery like your position you will you follow but don't tease and don't start attacking other people. He used to always say this, this was his very famous two lines. So this arity done

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a very balanced understanding and that's why he tried a lot for unity you know, in Pakistan, whenever the government or anybody wanted some a voice of calmness, a voice of balance a voice of wisdom, then they will turn to share Mufti Mohammed Rafi with money and also his brother multiple with money.

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So, you know in he called for unity, he talked about unity, unity, without undermining your own, you know, views, but unity in terms of agreeing to disagree, where people can live together understand one another agree to disagree and work for the betterment of the country and the globe and the whole Muslim world.

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So this this is Mufti Mohammed Rafi of money, Rahim Allah Allah today we have to say right Muhammad Allah, may Allah have mercy on him. He like I said his loss is a loss for the whole entire ummah. And, you know, his loss is not just a loss for Karachi pack

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Stan or his family, but the whole amaze left 1000s of 1000s of students. He was also my teacher Hamdulillah I got to meet him got to spend time with him now. And then he's very, he's visited many countries of the world. Like I said, he traveled to many countries and 10 in many conferences. He visited the UK many times. Many times, he's been to our city of Leicester, UK many times. Hamdulillah He, the last trip he made was 2019 I invited him he had food with us as well. But then I met him after that in 2020 in Pakistan, and I've talked about you know, when I met him and I had food at his house as well and

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I talked about it in his book. And then I went again in this year in Ramadan May, and but he was quite ill, that time and I was able to only see him for five minutes to his house and you know, just see him but he recognized me that as well. handler, so, you know, he has a lot of shuffle a lot of, you know, like, mercy and compassion towards his juniors and his students and he remembers, everything is very particular, he will ask about everything. So hamdulillah got, got to meet him and he remembered me and also, when we studied in Pakistan, you know, one of my photos that I was able to write and show to him a few he actually told me himself that you know, show me some of your

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photos and I want to sign it for you. So I used to go to him and show him I think I have what three four I think there's one which took a picture of and this is the one that we're putting on the screen, but this is his sign hammered with a fear of money and so yeah, we remember him the most we can do is pray for him and make a solid love for Him and pray for his family email last man with Tyler grant, his brother,

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his brother and my beloved teacher who has spent more time with with him on the topic of money happy the whole lot has been very moved by this of course so you know really I am you know, making dua for his brother as well but Allah subhanaw taala grant him you know, somewhere and patience and he doesn't get that much affected, and his health is not affected. So though we can spend we can have him for many, many years more in this world. And may Allah subhanaw taala protect the dollar in Karachi as well. There's a massive loss there. I mean, he was the president and head and you know, the principle of the whole institute. So may Allah subhanaw taala

00:32:28--> 00:32:42

doesn't you know, let the room suffer in this regard Inshallah, and it is able to progress further and further and more and more in Shabbat Diana, and with this via words just for listening Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.