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I'll just delete that from the recording.

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Can I record it for you?

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah, while at the heels of a woman,

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continuing with a follow up to sit by chef, Allah, Allah say me, we're up to page 113

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the mahkum mo to Shabbat.

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And he goes into a bit more detail in regards to the motor Shall we had those ads which are deemed unclean, etc.

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So he said, there's two types of motor shaft we had two types of motor shabbiha on page 113.

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The first is half the fee, which is absolutely

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not possible to understand the reality at all. It's unlikely, and you'll never know what it really means you'll never be able to understand this reality. That's the first and neither are allowed to ask about reality. Like, for example, a loss attributes a loss actions allows the old sia

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how does that loss? See, we don't know that we are able to understand that reality losses in a manner that if it is majesty, for example, a loss risen above the Throne, how we don't know. People asked me I'll say I've never seen it. I'm sorry, I can't even see you there. When a lot talks about a lotion, muffled. How does this low this tablet look like? We don't understand exactly how. So of course, it's

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understood in terms of its meaning. It's very important. When we say absolute watershed, what we're talking about is that it's reality, we'll never be able to understood its reality. until of course, for example, in Ghana, you can't understand the reality of particular fruits of it now. But when you get the youth to understand the reality that's different. We're talking about here in this dunya, we will not able to understand the reality, however, its meaning is understood that's different. We say its meaning is understood. Because it wouldn't make sense for us to say something that has no meaning. That's silly, a lot of talk in riddles a lot of talking gibberish. So when we hear the

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ayatollahs we're just names and attributes that is the old Noah, the old sia, we understand what that means he knows it all. He knew the past present, he's gonna know that he knows the future, or laws or CEA he sees everything you do in daytime or night. So we understand the meaning. But the reality we don't understand. So that's the first part is called hat if they are not on the board for you.

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Oops, sorry.

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Yep, that was very confusing. So I'll repeat that.

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in a very simple way.

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When the IRS we are classified as what works and what the shabby, clean and unclean, we've taken clean. It's so clean and even explanation. As for the watershed, we have

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the unclean air.

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Now, what does it mean unclean? There's two types of unclean air. The first is absolute. It's called Houthi. And the second is

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nesby be partial.

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These are your notes.

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In summary, those I add which are unclean? Absolutely,

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you'll never be able to understand that reality.

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While partial, meaning a part of it is temporarily you will be able to understand by going to the books of Tafseer by going to the scholars. So for example, an example of absolute

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a lot of names, a lot of attributes.

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A lot yeah, even though you can add as many things as I can to absolute, an example of absolute

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hostility, an absolute uncertainty. Well An example would be allows names or a loss attributes or loss actions. You could even say the cutoff individual letters. Do we truly know the absolute meaning we don't. So it's impossible. This is the this is what we go off. Impossible to note reality

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as for this be an example

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would be, for example, the laws of inheritance.

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The laws of inheritance when you study inheritance, and you're able to get to some understanding, eventually you are Yeah, it might be difficult. So on face value, how this is unclean laws, inheritance, laws of menstruation, laws of personal bleeding. As women, you probably even realize that it's unclear in the beginning all of these these rulings, but are you able to notice reality? Are you able to get a clearer understanding of it? You are.

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So that's an example of the second type of watershed behat there called watershed behat. Miss BIA at the shadow and Miss be partial uncertainty. An example of that would be we said,

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inheritance laws

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rulings to deal with menstruation?

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Correct. So, yes,

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correct. It's exactly. So he or you are allowed to ask about them. And you are able to get to an understanding via the scholars via the books.

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Exactly. Correct. I'll just give you an example. Yeah, exactly. We don't know the reality of matters of the unseen.

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It doesn't matter has no meaning. Exactly.

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whenever it's impossible to notch reality, how does it look? Like? I'll tell you almost ever you see a lot for example, that's different. So it's never it's impossible to know. And also, it's how long to ask about.

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Not to ask about the reality of these absolute with the shabbiha.

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So matters of the unseen. If there's no delete for it, shouldn't ask about it.

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But we know the meanings of it in general, a lot of talks about fruits and gender. A lot mentioned Roman, pomegranate, and alignment and slobin. Milk without milk is no fruit. But the reality of it, what does it exactly look like? What exactly smell like? What does that click taste like? We don't know and all that to ask about it. matters of balancing. However, partial Not too shabby. What color the shadow hardness be?

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It is possible to understand its reality. In other words, it's only unclean temporarily, by going to the books of Tafseer. By going to the scholars, they'll be able to explain it like for example, inheritance laws by looking at inheritance laws, you'll be at a loss. It's uncertain to you even laws to do with, or the account to do with menstruation, personal bleeding, breastfeeding, while fasting and pregnant women while fasting one of these things they are what the shabby has from one perspective, but it's temporary. When you go to the books of the scholars and you speak to the people of knowledge, they'll be able to clarify it for you. So it is possible to understand.

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So it is

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it's impossible to answer is possibly, absolutely impossible. And the partial is possible, correct?

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Correct. It's possible to understand with further study by going to the scholars and the books.

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Are you allowed to ask about the partial 100% you are allowed?

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because you are able to get to an understanding and there's wisdom behind that showing us if it's there's no way of finding out something don't ask about

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what's what Allah has said. Don't ask her. I think that if the reality is we made certain to you, there'd be a fitna for you, they'd be hard for you. That's what's allowed to spy and do things like this right to investigate people's private matters, because when you uncover them, it's caused a lot of harm and problems.

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So, what do they do? They delve deep into the absolute and they try to bring out reality or though put doubt upon the partial there is able to be understood, but they understand it in a nother way. For example,

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the SEC gave you an example of

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those who law as I said, Those who kill believers intentionally resided Hellfire forever. Now, this is let's see the next page

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Page 117

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he said this ayah

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is certainly sir I unani three is on page 117 what my yocto mean and Mohammedan fidessa Oh Johanna Holly Dunphy whoever kills a believer intentionally he's recompenses Hellfire forever. So, those who are misguided or deviant in their hearts, or are following a particular deviated belief like the whole adage, they'll take this and they say, Oh, you see a loss. If you kill someone intentionally a believer.

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This is a major sin. Allah said this major sin will take you to Hellfire forever, therefore major sins do make you a disbeliever. See how they take one eight out of context and they apply their particular without? here when Allah says, The abiding forever doesn't mean literal, because other ayat indicate that allows will will forgive, we can forgive any sin except for *can the hereafter.

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No, no, exactly. So these they take these ayat and they apply it on the believers Panama. They apply it to the believers and they find out of context because Allah azza wa jal also said inserted Nisa, in the La La outfield I used to rock up while Pharaoh Medina Delica Li Masha, Allah doesn't forgive sherkin hereafter, but if he gives any sin beneath it, so the same sort of Allah telling you, the Lord forgive any other sin in the hereafter. Therefore, major sins do not take you out of the fold of Islam, except unless it's a major sin, like should go for Magic things that the Prophet has mentioned. But they apply this as a general all major sins make you a disbeliever. No, that's not

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the case. And also a lot of talks about those who take Riba also uses the same word in a harlot in Arabic means to avoid forever, Holly, Dan, and Heidi Deena, fear comes from the Arabic word hold, and hold means eternity. But I'm not talking about rebirth, the same word is used the same format, same form of the word. What Allah mentions here doesn't mean eternally, they can have one or five, it means that you're going to spend a long time into one number, it's going to seem as long as eternity.

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Like, if a person says to you, man, I'll be waiting forever. We mean, it's not literal. It's just a hobby. And therefore we go to the books of Tafseer, and so forth, and we see the meanings. So that's basically what the ship goes on to mention, with absolute uncertainty and partial uncertainty regarding a.

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So therefore, what we do as a listener, Jamal, first and foremost, when we come across any ads that seem to be watershed behat, unclear that we reconcile between all the ads. And if there's no reconciliation possible, then we go to the books of deceit perhaps this I was abrogated. Like for example, Allah says, In Surah Nisa, as well.

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Yeah, you have Latina amo La La takanobu salata, welcome tsuchiura don't approach prayer while drunk. So a person will say but Allah also told us to avoid alcohol, saying here you can drink but as long as you're not praying drunk, what does it mean? So therefore we go to accept it and we'll find out that this is man suha This has been cancelled.

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So that's our approach. Now. On the next part, he goes on to page 119 the wisdom of classifying the Quran into Makkah Mata Shabbat.

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You might ask why would Allah azza wa jal reveal is that our motto shabby huts, unclean? We mentioned some of this earlier recap what some of the wisdoms yeah what or Allah will reveal it to unclean.

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Very good. Number one to test your submission to test your Islam Are you going to submit your claim to be a Muslim and a Muslim Muslim? Muslim submit Are you going to submit say look you know, I understand but you know from a law I sit by accept kundo Miranda rabina I believe it's from a light and look around I believe it

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so as to test your submission Are you going to accept even though it's unclear to you, and therefore a knockin for khaliqul revelation above reasoning I'll accept it because Allah said another wisdom behind the Not too shabby hat is you can add

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What do you mean

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Oh yeah, I guess when you come across something which seems to me to shabby heart and the chef explains it shows is no contradiction. It gives you more your thing

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is the more your cane the you know, there's there's no fault in this book. Because sometimes an orientalist will come to you throw a misconception your way. And it may seem as a contradiction, even though even though Tamia said, if you do come across an alleged contradiction, we say alleged so the contradiction is only in your mind.

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That's it, you think but due to your lack of knowledge,

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The Book of Allah that you may think. So when you realize there is no contradiction and increases your any man or a good

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another wisdom behind the behind the laws of the revealing as which are unclean is that a humbles you to second wisdom humbled you, you know, you come across Alif Lam Meem, the beginning of the Quran, what does it mean? I don't know, Allah saying, you know, don't come with this attitude like I know it all. They come with this attitude of the Quran. You know what, I'm gonna understand this whole book? No, there's many things you don't understand that was saying, you know, take it easy, you know, lower that pride a little bit, you know, step on your ego. So it humbles you that we don't know everything.

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third benefit, while low sent unclear

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to make evident the truthful from the deviant. Sure, because what are the deviants? Do they focus on the watershed? We have to try to explain them when sometimes they are absolute uncertainty, there's no explanation for you know, he can't he can't understand the reality. So the truthful refer to these as

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the truth What do they do they refer these air to the mahkum. Or to the people of knowledge. That's the truthful ones, I'll come across an air which unclean though use the CLI to judge or if they can't do that, they'll go to the people have knowledge. So that shows you the truthfulness, the suit. As for the deviance, what do they do? They use these ads to support their preconceived notions orbita.

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And this is the opposite to the webinar listener. You know, an innovator will come with a preconceived notion he'll come with a bizarre and he will look to the Quran and Sunnah to support his deviation. So he looked to that as evidence. No, this is another way of Allison, the webinar listener is that you base your Ark either on the Quran and the Sunnah, not the other way around. Now, you know, I've got an ID already I've got a bit, and I look for evidence to support my visa from the coroner. So we come in, we submit our arcada and methodology to that of the crown.

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So the wisdom behind the loss, anything unclear is to see how you're going to deal with it. If you're going to deal with it in the proper, proper way that shows your secure truthfulness, analyzer.

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So a person may say, Okay, great, I see wisdoms behind the law sending it out which are unclean in that case, why didn't Why didn't he make the whole Quran unclean right, why did he make all of the kuramoto shabby,

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not something, you

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know, then it defeats the purpose of the client coming as a guidance or who the lead nurse and a hotel Matatini say. So if the hotel was with a shabby, then it defeats the purpose from the clan being easily accessible by most people, the layman and as a means of guidance, and clarifying its meanings would become extremely difficult. Why be so confused? If every is not too shabby? You'll be so confused. It'll actually turn you off. And that's why we said for the most part, the base the foundation of the book, the crown is Wakeham clean.

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So therefore repeat if all of the Quran was not too shabby, it defeats the purpose of the Quran being easily accessible by everyone the layman come in.

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And the father Oliver Finkelstein.

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Thank you.

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So we said the purpose of not coming as much as Shabbat is that number one we said

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it defeats the purpose of the Quran being easily accessible by the people.

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And it defeats the purpose of the color coming down as a guidance.

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Just number two, Quran is to be guidance, how's it gonna be a garden if it's one click

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and thirdly, we said the meanings will become extremely difficult to understand.

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The meanings will be extremely difficult to understand.

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And so there's great wisdom behind a lot sending the could an in both Styles panel, the more you learn about it, the largest increases your event

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That was page 119 to 120. And then on page 121

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he goes on to mention alleged contradictions This is what in Arabic is called more him about more him alleged. In other words, you may think is a contradiction as the wisdom of the shift saying more him at all as opposed to saying 1000 Quran I was a bit later on say a todos look like contradictions in the Quran because they're on on

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now he goes on to mention examples

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but first he says a contradiction in the Quran means that two or more verses conflict with each other. And that what is proven by one of them prevents a possibility of what the other proves. such as for example, one affirming something another negating

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that's impossible in the Quran to have complete opposites right? That's a contradiction. So therefore, he called the more hematol he gives examples and he goes proof that the Quran no doubt is clean. But

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an example would be our last cent the CRAN down in Qatar, yes.

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But we know also the Quran was revealed in other nights and other days wasn't just in Ramadan, a loss of charcoal Ramadan lavandula field

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so this is shows you the Kremlin building Ramadan, but then other Ayah to reveal that's all on how do we understand it? It seems like an alleged contradiction. But reality Allah saying how CRAN was sent down to we know this tafsir beighton aza from there was sent down piecemeal over 23 years, also Ramadan. So he goes to give examples and other one where Allah says that this Quran is hood and liveness. It's a goddess for the people.

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Also Allah said,

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it's God's formatter, and which one is

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it's both true. It's both. And it's what we call that when Allah said who that little motor cane is called, he died tofield

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as opposed to hudl enough, it's called hidayatullah biannual is shot. So when I lost this is a guidance for them in a law saying that, this is from Allah azza wa jal, they are guided. And this is a topic from him. As opposed to saying who the nurse This is the guidance of the guidance of ban. In other words, when you call a non Muslim to Islam, you call the people the nurse to Islam, you're giving the guidance of calling up calling them to the dean that's called Hidayat Albion you're calling them if they accepted. That's called now then they become what you see. So it's both, it was no contradiction.

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Now, I'm going to summarize this chapter for you.

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With our approach, what's your approach to alleged contradictions?

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three step process number one

00:23:01--> 00:23:08

Rican reconcile? That's the first job Yeah, when you come across is that seem to be contradictory, you know, say our cancel this one

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or remove it from the masaf our bill

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or this has no meaning.

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No, rather you reconcile. Remember when we talked about a law says, We will credit from soil and other I will credit from an old fan of that I will credit from Allah aka, we reconsider. We say without credit from all of it, just the different stages of man's creation, you see. So the first step is you reconcile.

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Now, if you can't reconcile,

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you say, Good Lumina and Arabella as Allah said, insert the animal. This is all from Allah, I accepted. So you submit regardless, even if you don't understand it, as a second step, you submit your article to the knuckle.

00:23:52--> 00:23:56

That's the second step you submit your intellect to the revelation.

00:23:59--> 00:24:02

You submit your reasoning to the revelation of sounds better, because

00:24:03--> 00:24:05

after reasoning after revelation, right?

00:24:07--> 00:24:08

reasoning to the revelation

00:24:11--> 00:24:13

submission over indecision

00:24:14--> 00:24:15

that rhymes

00:24:16--> 00:24:16

like it's

00:24:18--> 00:24:22

up to you how you want to write it. Yeah, you submit your reasoning to the revelation.

00:24:29--> 00:24:33

You combined? Yeah, you combine all the meanings. In

00:24:34--> 00:24:42

other words, you don't ignore one. You don't ignore one anyhow, this is shouldn't be here, right? You really take them all in. That's our first step.

00:24:45--> 00:24:52

And the second if you can't seem to do that, it still doesn't make sense to you. You say it's all from Allah, I accept it. Oh.

00:24:53--> 00:24:57

And then third, very important. You turn to the people of knowledge and the books

00:24:59--> 00:24:59

because if you don't

00:25:00--> 00:25:09

If you leave it like that, that could be a misconception, misconception that stays in your mind. So therefore, the third is that you turn to the people's knowledge and now explain it for you.

00:25:15--> 00:25:19

So we're done with that word hamdulillah. We'll stop here. As for

00:25:20--> 00:25:22

Al Qassam, he goes on to mention al Qassam.

00:25:24--> 00:25:30

Actually, I think they remove that from the from the English the Arabic alleged contradictions.

00:25:32--> 00:25:43

Yeah, remember the beginning of this book? He said they removed a couple of things. Because the Arabic was just too hard to translate. I think I can give it a crack and explain it to you.

00:25:44--> 00:25:48

But next, next one be next week, because I'll be in touch. So you're up to

00:25:50--> 00:25:52

now I'll go on next Tuesday.

00:25:53--> 00:26:23

Yeah, I should probably Monday. Yeah. For me, but you still come across, right? Yes, yes. So what what I'm going to do sisters, the rest of this book is only tooth, essentially two chapters left. And as you saw today, we finished three chapters because it's quite easy now. I'll finish it and the recordings. So I'll finish this book with the brothers class on Friday night. And you can listen to the recording. So you finish the book. So please request the recording or send it to maybe run our or Fatima she could send it to the group.

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Yeah, we said really, this term was tears.