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Sooner hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Hamdu lillahi Hamdan? UEFI now Mahalo, you can film as either or some Allahu Allah so you didn't I didn't wanna early he was gonna be huge marine Allahumma alumina and pharaoh now on Bhima Alam tena was in Albania Karim Bucha actually saw that he was suddenly embryo he recorded a melissani of coho coli, visiting your ailment or visiting your ailment or visiting your Alma Allahu melesa Illa Niger Delta who say hello and today God has no either Sheikh Salah

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so we left off at Iron number 127 Allah subhanaw taala said, What is your federal Ibrahim we'll call it the middle Beatty or Ismail have been at Taco Bell Mina indica into semi regularly.

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What is this is one of the classic words in Surah Baqarah happens again and again.

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Remember, when young Pharaoh Ibrahim will cover the middle page, remember when Ibrahim Ali Salam was redeveloping or he was founding if you want to put it that way founding the foundation of the house of Allah subhanaw taala, the Baitullah the house of Allah known. The reality is Baitullah it's a metaphor. It doesn't literally mean it's the house of Allah and Allah is stationed inside of it. That's not what's intended. Sometimes there's something called Nyssa attribution for the purposes of honoring so Allah sometimes true chooses to

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attribute something to him, not because he's inside of it or something like that, but rather because it's a form of honoring so when we say the house of Allah, sometimes you will actually ask this question. Does that mean especially kids, does that mean that's where Allah lives? No, that's not what's intended over it means metaphorically This is the house of Allah ie the house, to which to the direction of which Allah is worshipped. That's what it means. Okay, so what is your Pharaoh Ibrahim? Will Allah the mineral bathe? Remember when Ibrahim was raising and founding the foundations of the Kaaba?

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Now here, there's a question

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was the Kaaba already there and Ibrahim Ali salaam was re developing the foundation

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or the kava had never been made. And Ibrahim Ali CERAM along with this marina li Salam were the first ones to make the Cabo. This is something that the early MUFA city and discuss some scholars they believe that Adam Ali Salam was the first to found the Kaaba, others they say no, actually, it was Ibrahim Ali Salam. And the discussion takes place over here. And there are reports and when we say reports, not from the prophets as salam from the Judeo Christian traditions, which can kind of allude to both right, but none of them are absolutely sound so we don't exactly know 100% Was it that they said, um, and I've mentioned that a number of times, but it's not conclusive. But we do

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have reports to this effect that other Malissa made the cab and then over time, especially after the flood of Noah, you know, it basically disappeared and no one knew where it was Ibrahim alayhis salam came, and he refounded it, okay, redevelop the foundations. What is beautiful and that's why it's interesting. He doesn't say when Ibrahim was developing the foundations it says when he was raising the foundations as if they're already kind of their mineral bait what is married and it's Marina Elisa RAM is also doing that Rob burner, the Cabal Mina Oh our Lord, except from us in Intel enter semi annually and they were saying as they're making the kava, I mean, think about it.

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Is there a better deed that you can imagine yourself being involved in then developing the kava itself?

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Of course, there is nothing else that a person can imagine hundreds of millions, probably billions of people will be praying towards the Kaaba, right. And for centuries on in. And these are prophets of Gods so they already know what's going to happen. Like, they don't know the future, but they have been given a sense of which direction humanity is going to be going. Right? So they already have an idea that this house of Allah is going to be worshipped to words by and within as well by hundreds of 1000s of people of millions of people, billions of people over centuries. But even then, they're worried is our action going to be accepted? Robina Taco Bell Mina, oh Allah accept from us. So no

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matter how grand your action is, at the end of the day, you don't

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know whether that action will be accepted or not. It really goes back to your intention and that's why they say to Allah in Guntur, semi Earline, you are a Semir. You can hear our DUA and Aleem, you know what's in our heart as well.

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You can hear our DUA and you know how our heart is when we are making this cabinet and when we're founding this cabinet when we're redeveloping this guy by

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robbing our Jelena, O Allah, O our Lord, and Roberta is one of those hallmarks in the doors of the Gambia, throughout the Quran be a banner. Why? Because by invoking the lordship of Allah azza wa jal, you end up increasing the chances of your DUA being accepted. Remember that person who the prophets SLM give an example of and he said that

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about a person who's maybe not fully camped, and he's asking Allah azza wa jal, and what is he saying? Yeah, Rob? Yeah. Rob. He says, My lord, my lord, so uses the word Lord again.

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But that person is or is not accepted. Why? Because his food as the Prophet said, or multimineral haram or Minnesota, Boko Haram, Al Besu, haram, the unknown, the Javelin Danek his food is haram. His drinks are haram. His clothes are haram meaning he's involved in Haram, income and such a person how is Allah going to accept his dua, but still the word is using and the Prophet was trying to say he's basically trying everything that would make his to get accepted the word he's using his job? Right? The prophets of God they use Jarom or Robina. Actually, when you say Robina already means Yara. The fact that Baba has a Fatah on it. That means there's a hidden Yeah, there you can see, but

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it's there. Yara bene, what? muesli Maynila make us or Bernardo Jelena Muslim and you make us muslims for You. That's their goal.

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That's their goal. Your goal is to be a Muslim.

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This is your goal. Focus on that. Don't try to be anything more or less the prophets of God. Throughout the Quran. You'll see this it's all about Islam. People make all sorts of citizens and they want you to be part of it. Don't become part of it. Stick to Islam. That's enough. Robina Jelena Muslim Angela.

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Woman's RIA Tina

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and also from our progeny as well. Now they already know Ibrahim Ali Salam was making a DUA, Allah woman's Reethi, Allah, Allah and Allah had the volume and he said, What about my progeny? Allah said, As for the people who are transgressors from your progeny there they won't be included. So now in their dua, they're already incorporating the idea that we don't want all of our progeny to be muslims because Allah has already given them that signal that not everybody will be so they say what means do the Yeti now omitted Muslims and also from my project in all of my progeny, a group of people who happen to be muslims and OMA that happens to be Muslims. Look, they've done Islam meaning

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they've submitted themselves to you for you look at well Edie nomina CCleaner and show us the rites and rituals as well of hygiene other than Hajj as well. So it was all of the rites and rituals of Hajj they are learned from him from Ibrahim Ali Salaam and from his married Alison the bow off around the cabin, the sorry for all of that is learned from that family. Okay.

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So that's why they say well, Eddie, now I'm gonna say can I teach us how to worship you as well? What do we got Elena, and accept our repentance as well in Nikka entered in Nikka entered the wobbel Rahim. You are the one who is the acceptor of Toba and you are the one who is also Ever Merciful as well. You are at the web. You make Toba and you are Rahim as well meaning you acceptable, and you are a Rahim as well. You are ever forgiving. So even now, these are prophets of God. They're worried about their tilba being accepted. They're asking Allah except our Toba or Allah or Buddha to

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rob Donna. Now who is this Omar Muslim?

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Some say that this is the omitted Islam because one of the Oman one of the nations that came out of the progeny of Ibrahim Ali Salam, obviously is the Ummah that followed Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Right. But it could be general because obviously, we're not limited to the people who followed the right guidance from the children of Ibrahim Ali Sarah, other people did as well. The followers of Aries

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Salah Salam did the followers of Musa they surrounded by new Yaqoob in general they did as well, at least at some point in their existence, right? Allah continues and he shares theirs they're out now this is more particular to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So that's why I said the first one is probably generally all of the owner rather than what the fee him Rasulullah Minho Oh our Lord, send a profit within them yet Lu la him yardstick. Send a prophet a messenger and miss them, who recites upon them your verses

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where you are living whom will Kitab he teaches he teaches them the book as well the Quran while hikma and he also teaches them wisdom as well while you is that Kim and by the way, this right here is the trio that you'll always find in the Quran mentioned along with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Prophets are seldom is doing three things. He's teaching the people the Quran, your Allah, Mohammed kita he's teaching them the wisdom as well. And he's also purifying them. These are the three tasks that are often mentioned by Allah azza wa jal listed three places in the Quran along with the Prophets Allah Allahu Allah. Okay. So that means that these are the some of the primary

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roles of the Prophet number one he teaches in Quran

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He teaches them the Quran

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You know, I have this Quran lesson. I can't tell you how many times someone asks me Sheikh Why don't you teach that why don't you teach this? Allah here? I have a nurse once a week. What should I teach you what the Prophet used to teach? Or should I teach you something else? The Quran, where you are living whom will Kitab

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one schema and the wisdom and Imam Shafi said this hikma is referring to sunnah. And that's the reason why I do sunnah on the Saturdays while he was at key him and he also purifies them. And I tried to do that in the hutzpah because these are the three primary tasks that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam had been given number one, to teach the people the Quran number two, to teach the people the Sunnah. Number three, to teach to purify them and give them ways to make themselves better people. These are the tasks if you're able to do this, everything else is secondary.

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Everything in Islam is related to these three things. Number one, you learn the Quran. Number two, you learn the Sunnah. And number three, you learn to purify and better yourself and become a better Muslim.

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Within these three three things, you'll find everything else all the other sciences are only been created to support this task. Number one, the Quran. Number two the hikma the wisdom and that also shows you something that Allah again and again in the Quran, he refers to the Sunnah as hikma. So if you're looking for self help, and you're looking to figure out and become a wiser individual, where should you be looking? You should be looking at the Sunnah of the Prophet it will give you that wisdom. Allah calls that sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam hikma wisdom when he was a key him and purifies them as well in Intel as easily Hakeem you Oh Allah, are the ever mighty and

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you are ever wise as well. That wisdom that comes from Ahmed is but a portion of the wisdom that you granted to him.

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learn the Quran, learn the Sunnah purify yourselves make yourselves better people these this is what the prophets of salaam was sent to do. And the religion of Ibrahim Ali salaam

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was the religion of Islam, as you'll find even in the completion of this page as well. That was the religion of Islam in general. This was the was the year of Ibrahim, this was the was the year we called the Council the message the the last words of advice you can say right? The the words of advice of Ibrahim of Jakub to their children as well that do not die except in the state of Al Islam.

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But what happened is Allah subhanaw taala continues, and

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he tells us that O'Meara Han and military and military Ibrahima 11, Sofia, Sofia, and if so, who is it that will turn away from the direction? That way the path the religion of Ibrahim, except for a person who's gone crazy

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he's saying that no one would do such a thing that they would turn away from the path of Ibrahim except for someone who's actually basically gone crazy He's lost it Ilam and Sophie Hafsa will occur justify now if it dunya we chose him in this world. We're in now who feel guilty let me know solid in and he in the hereafter will be a Mr. pious people as well. Now,

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after Ibrahim Khalifa ROM and after Yahoo in his heart and his memory

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land after Musa and Isa and after all of the prophets, slowly but surely there were a group of people who otherwise belong to this long legacy. But they had left the path of Ibrahim. So Allah is saying those people who left the path of Ibrahim, basically they've done so when they've lost it, as in Qureshi in general because pretty much everybody in Croatia at that point was no longer following the path of Ibrahim even though they knew Ibrahim. It's not like the people of flourish, were unaware of the existence of a figure called Ibrahim, or even it's made for that matter, because they know remember, Arabs are very keen on their lineage. They know of Quran specifically, that we come

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from his Merida Lisara.

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And that's why they have portraits of a smile and Ibrahim inside of the cabinet as well. So they're aware that there's someone called Ibrahim, there's someone called this marine but they've left the message.

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And Allah says, Who will turn away from the path of Ibrahim Illman Sufi Han of sight except the person who's made a big mistake, except the person who's basically gone crazy.

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Who last it was become a Sufi.

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But then, slowly, but surely before the advent of the prophets, Allah Allahu alayhi, wa salam, a group of people in Quraysh, they started to think about what's going on, everybody's worshipping these idols. People are walking around the Kaaba naked, there's a red light, there was a historic version of the red light district also in Mecca as well. They would put red flags instead of red lights over there. All sorts of vices and evils there. Okay, but

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a group says, One of them is Aw, Rama Waratah and a couple of other people who had some brains, they started to look at the situation. These people are worshipping these idols, even when they take the cloth off the Kaaba, they start to venerate the cloth itself as well and all sorts of things and they're worshipping the idols more important, right? So

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a group of them they said, you know that these idols literally these are their words, you know that these idols they do not benefit and they do not harm. And all of our people, they have specific days in which they venerate these idols even more and revere these idols even more than they usually do. So let's think about it. So a number of them they started to wander around different places in the earth, some of them went to a sham, others they went to other places, and they started to search for the remains of the religion of Ibrahim Ali Sara.

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And as the prophets I seldom said in a hadith that at that time, there was basically no one was a believer, except for Bekaa, yam and Ali Al Kitab. Except for some remaining people who are still clinging on to the books that were there previously, Ibrahim Ali Saddam's religion was almost finished. Isa Elisa rams religion was almost finished, they all have a primary message, but they're slightly different, obviously. Right? And Musa la salaams message is also kind of finished, it's coming to an end split some of these people in Qureshi who were completely away from religiosity they from from divinely ordained religions, they started searching one person by the name of what

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aka and I'm sure you remember the story what apart from the body class, right, they

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he accepted Christianity and he learned the Gospels and he learned a lot of the knowledge of the people of the book and he brought it back to Arabia. As for as a normal, this person, he was the one who they didn't want to be no fail. He was the one who decided to accept the religion of Ibrahim alayhi salam, he didn't want to become a Jew. He didn't want to become a Christian, he said, looks like they're not completely in line with the original creed. So he decided to leave whatever organized religion was available. And he decided to stick to whatever he could find out of the religion of Ibrahim Ali Salam. So this was the only person at that time in Arabia that was following

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the religion of Ibrahim Elisa. And Allah is saying whoever leaves the path of Ibrahim, except for who no one leaves the path of Ibrahim except for the person who's gone crazy.

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who's lost it who's lost the plot. So everybody's lost the plot, basically. And that's why the prophets of Allah who it was said, Let me said that, that at that time, there were no one was there who would worship Allah alone except for a remainder of the People of the Book and literally you could count them on your fingers. Allah subhanaw taala continues, and he says if Allah Allah hoorah boo hoo, a slim when Allah told Ibrahim Ali's

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it um slim. So again, what is Allah subhanaw taala telling Ibrahim Ali salam to do accept Islam,

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Allah, Islam to lira Bill al Amin, he said, I've accepted Islam. For my Lord, I have submitted myself before the Lord of the mankind and the jinn kind and the universe at large as well. Islam to the Robben Island mean, I have submitted myself for the Lord of the human beings of the Jinn of other creatures as well. So he's also accepting Islam, Allah is telling him to accept and accept Islam. Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim is being told also to accept Islam meaning, humble yourself to the will of Allah azza wa jal, this is so important, you have to train yourself to not contest Allah. This is very important.

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Like sometimes Subhanallah we tell people a ruling, and they say no, this is your opinion brother.

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Allah He if it was my opinion, take it and throw it at the wall.

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But if I tell you that Allah is saying this

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now it's not my opinion anymore. I'm just delivering what Allah said. Yes, I know, in the process of delivering sometimes I add my own sauce as well. There's no doubt about that. Take the sauce out. But take the meat.

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Take whatever Allah is saying and accept that, that you don't have a choice about, okay?

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There's no choices about that. Holla a slim two lira Bill Alameen I have submitted my self for the Lord of the universe for the Lord of the jinn kind and mankind as well. Because al Amin is a bus explains it is referring to the jinn kind and the mankind as well this is a unique word, where the singular is more plural pluralistic than the plural. So the singular refers to universe at large and Ireland but when you say I mean it refers to a more specific portion of the universe and that is the jinn kind and the mankind. Allah subhanaw taala continues and he says, well, well saw we have Ibrahim who Benny yaku yeah been a year in Allah has to offer hola como deen and this was the

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council the advice of Ibrahim to his children is hot and is married. We are cold. And also Yaqoob. Even is Harker is Robin

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to his children as well. This was the advice of both of them to their children.

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Yeah, Benny, yeah. Oh, my children in Allah has the viola Coumadin. Allah has chosen this religion for you, for alerta Mutanda Illa anti Muslim also do not die, except in the state of Illinois Islam.

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And that's why when the discussions around, quote unquote, the Abrahamic faiths take place, you have to be cognizant that the Muslim belief is that Ibrahim is a Muslim.

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The most Muslim belief is that Beto is wrong in

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before they corrupted the religion. They were all Muslims, because this is the advice of Jaco who's Yaakov Israel in so the children of Yaqoob were being advised by him. And what is he saying Ferla? Thermotoga Illa anti Muslim, do not die, except that you happen to be a Muslim. So this is our belief that all of the prophets of God, they're all Muslims don't refer to Kobe in the middle, we don't divide and differentiate between any of them. Rather, they're all Muslims. Now, there's a another important question over here. And that is

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Allah subhanaw taala continues.

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Yaqoob is being mentioned over here, right. Obviously, the reason why Jakob is being mentioned more specifically, even though technically, technically, Ibrahim and his children already include Yahoo Valley, Sarah, right.

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Ibrahim and his children already include jacobellis Salon, but why is jacobellis rhombic mentioned more specifically, why because the story is all about

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who? Man who is Ravi? So that's why Allah subhana wa Allah makes it a point to mention Yakov Ali Salam right after why? Well, because Ibrahim alayhi salam is the Father. The children of Ibrahim already include Jaco but then Allah specifies Yahoo Valley CERAM because jacobellis rom story is basically what's being highlighted over this all most of salted Bacara is about bandwidth. Right? In fact, the title Bacara itself is what

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it's related to the story as well.

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So Allah Subhana Allah

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continue then he says what was sabe Ibrahim? Benny haywire hope. This was the advice of Ibrahim Ali salam to His children also the

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the advice of Jakob to his children as well.

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In Allah has to offer Leconte Allah has chosen for you the religion filata Mutanda Illa anti Muslim,

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Allah continues and he says silica on metal but harlot that is an ummah that is a nation. It's already finished, that nation is gone.

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Who is that nation?

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That nation is the the

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people of Ibrahim, people have Jacoba they set up their children, but they're all already gone. They're under the Torah, they're under the dirt. They're six feet under. So now Allah is we see Allah does this whenever he's addressing a specific group, you'll see this in the Quran many times, Allah will go really hard, and then he pressed the brakes. Why? Because he wants to give that person an opportunity that those hard words were intended to stir something into them. And Allah has already done this insulted abakada More than once as well when he's addressing but only slightly, then he takes a break for a second because he wants them to also the readers to maybe they will be

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guided right. So I'm coming to Shahada. I'm coming to shahada if Hedorah Coble note, or were you present were you there at the time when

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Yakov Ali salaam died? Were you President at that moment? Because when jacobellis Salam died, he gave guidance to his children. And so now Allah is telling by no Israel in Where are you present at the moment, when jacobellis around passed away when he was giving his children the advice as well? What was the advice is early bunny? Matter? Boo, don't remember he said to his children. What are you worship? What? What is it that you were? What is it that you're going to worship after I die? Palu Naboo Isla, they said, We're going to worship your Lord, what ILA and we'll also worship the Lord of your forefathers. And this is very interesting, well worship the Lord of your forefathers.

00:27:26--> 00:27:49

But then think about this. Who is the forefathers of yahoo, yahoo, but Elisa rams direct father is, is Huck his father is Ibrahim but Allah Subhana Allah says, the children they're saying that Ibrahim were is Marina is Huck, we're going to worship the Lord of your forefathers.

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Ibrahim is Marina NESHAP. So it's married is actually not a father of B'nai Israel. He's not a father of Yaqoob. But because the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam he told us in a hadith, authentic hadith, he said that, and more gradually, soon will be that the uncle of a person is like his father will soon actually mean have you ever seen those trees that that are basically

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they have one root but then there's two trees popping out from that one foundation or the from the one root, right? So those two are called sin one. One of them is a sin and the other one is another one. So the prophets as salam said that unmold gradually seems to be that the uncle of a person is like the, one of the two sides of the tree that has the same roots. So he's like a father and that's why they when they're saying that we're going to worship your Lord and the Lord of your forefathers they say Ibrahim Al is Marina was haka, Ito wider. He's one Lord, we're going to worship only that one Lord and on top of that, they say when Allah Who muesli moon again, they're even bundled in have

00:29:11--> 00:29:57

this concept engraved within them. Essentially we are Muslims, we are all Muslims. Now Allah subhanho wa taala, presses the brakes and that is the liquor on Mattoon, cut harlot, this is an ummah that basically left, who is it? jacobellis CERAM and the children of Yaqoob Ibrahim Ali Salam is, is hot in the middle as well. All of those prophets of God that I've been talking about and also your forefathers that I was referring to with all the favors they had and and the disbelief they did in the belief they had. All of that is a nation that has already gone. You guys are a new group of people. So sometimes what Allah subhanho wa Taala is trying to come down really hard on them. He

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considers them just like their forefathers

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but here he's saying hang on guys. You still have a choice still cometan Kahala, that's a nation that's already finished. La hamaca sir but it has whatever it earned. Welcome maca septum and you will have whatever you earn well to Aluna American Yamato and you will not be asked about what they were doing.

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When won't you be asked about what they were doing, when you reject what they were doing? If you continue to endorse their practices, no, you're going to be asked, because Allah subhanaw taala considered them one in more than one place. If you are following them, and you are attesting to the fact that these people are in truth, but really, they're on bothin then you're going to be questioned for a testing and agreeing to falsehood. But if you decide to accept Islam, and you decide to walk the other way, and you decide to turn the other way, then typical omentum Katana, it's a nation that has passed, whatever they earn will be for and against them. And whatever you

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earn will be for or against you. You will not be asked about the actions they were doing. Why? Well, taxi will Kulu nevsun, Allah Allah, because every soul only earns against and for itself, not for other people. Well as your was your attune wizard O'Hara and every sinner,

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he only ends up bearing the sin of himself. You're not going to be responsible for other what other people do. But again, if you agree to their sins, then that's a different idea. You see in society, all sorts of vices and you say, Oh, great, good on them, mate. Right? If you do one of those, then no, now you're saying that they're fine, you're acknowledging the falsehood you have to at least deny the falsehood and then you can walk your own way and you you'll be okay. And so Allah subhana wa Tada. He gives them an opportunity now that they have the opportunity to turn back to Allah azza wa jal to correct their ways. And if they do that, then they won't be like the one who is right that

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Allah is describing, there'll be another people, they will be like the good ones because He, Allah gave examples of the good and the bad, right? See, do you understand what I'm saying? Because not all of them are bad. Technically, Yaqoob and his children are all benois Raw eel and some of them are prophets of God. Some of them are great saints and pious people. Allah gave the example of the ones that were not so good and he gave the examples of the one ones were also good as well. I asked Allah Subhana Allah to allow us to follow in the footsteps of the righteous Allahumma Amin are some of the Allahu ala Sayidina Muhammad Mala early he was happy hmm