Yaser Birjas – Finishing Riyad Us Saliheen After 7 Years

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The upcoming return of Islam from the sixth floor is discussed in a series of false alleyas and statements made by various speakers, including Al Amin Yalla, Islam, and the Sunzilla. The importance of living up to the full moon and avoiding Best Buying and bickering with others is emphasized. The return of the Prophet Muhammad is also discussed, along with the importance of reading the Prophet's book and helping neighbors with their health and education. The series of false alleyas and statements made by various speakers are also highlighted.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa Salam wa barakaatuh Anna Vina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam to Sleeman kathira. Some my bad tonight at Hamdulillah. But I mean, we're coming in Charlevoix to a very special moment. And that is to finish our reading from the other side of hand, the second reading from the other side here, and this blessed measured hamdulillah Bananaman. And it seems that in the average, every reading takes us about seven years. Like the first time we had that hamdulillah finish about seven plus years ago. And now we're coming to the second cuttin, of Riyadh, the Saudi hain. And just to give you a perspective, and these seven years and hamdulillah

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beyond I mean, we finished these two volumes

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and these volumes filled with water Gemma,

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the breath of the prophets of Allah, it was the baraka of the words of the prophets of Allah Salam. Had you seen me Salawat Allah wa salam ala was Sinatra Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam and I hope for those who have been here with us all these years, that you guys are still retaining that realm and knowledge and the words of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam just a show of hands, show of hands. How many of you here have been living 10 years and up pajama? Raise your hand if you've been 10 years and up

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spinal becoming minority regimen?

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Much mashella How about you seven, seven years? Around seven years?

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Five years

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under three years

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you guys are the majority manager right now.

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That's all we're debating. Okay, when we once we finish it out. So what do we do? Do we start again? Or do we select another book? So the suggestion came? You know what, the majority are still new to the community. Let's start again and shall Altana so hopefully with Allah azza wa jal next week inshallah when we come back from nominalized We will start again with the other side again. malas Papa Baraka durable element. The last two Halley's are Hadith number 1890, height 8095 and 8096. In 1895, Karla 100 and Radi Allahu Turan and by the way, just so that, you know, the last chapter, as we've been reading for the past few nights, is about the reward in Ghana. So he spoke about the

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carnal delight and I spoke about Allah subhana wa tallas blessing the people of Ghana with his pleasure. And now who is coming toward to the utmost level of reward engine, the highest level of reward in Jana. Nothing matches that a gem. All the blessings of Jana the food that drink and the pleasure and all that would not match that moment that Allah subhanho wa Taala will bless the people that will Jana to have May Allah make us among them era Bellarmine what are these? What is that special moment Palawan Jaden Abdullah radula to animada Kyle Hakuna and Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam for another it'll come a little better. Jerry Rhodiola Ivanova it says one night we were

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sitting with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam when he looked at the full moon and observed he was sitting with the Sahaba at night, they probably were somewhere in the open. And you notice the full moon

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say was looking at the full moon sal Allahu Allah Mustang for us here. We might see the full moon. But it's not as gorgeous as beautiful as when you see it in the darkness of the night.

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here that the city the city light pollute that an image for you. It's not as clear as beautiful the contrast of the moon light and of course the background is not the same. So imagine here the prophets that are sitting in such a very beautiful time and the serenity of the night. And he's looking at the moon salatu salam. And then he tells the Sahaba in a comb set around the robber Camilla and karma Tarragona huddle camara la Moana funeral yet Mustapha con la. He said, sallAllahu wasallam you shall see your Lord in the hereafter as you are seeing this moon and you will not feel the slightest inconvenience in seeing him.

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May Allah make us I'm wondering

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what he means by that he says not like a star for like the likeness of the site. It's just like you're seeing the moon No, but the clarity of seeing his the Lords of Hannah Wattana with no doubt, no obstruction, no inconvenience. Just like you see the full moon and everybody no matter where they are on that field. They can see easily that clarity. This is how clear you will be able to see your Lord subhanho wa Taala in a manner that suits his majesty.

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Who doesn't want to be there when this happens? Who deserves to miss that moment? Anyone has in their mind they want to miss that moment.

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It's unbelievable. Subhan Allah here.

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He thinks Allah said I'm that clarity of sight and the Lord subhanaw Madonna is as clear at this moment. But then he elaborates on the other Hadith, which Hadith the last Hadith here on the other side of hand at 96 Kala one so hybrid Allahu Anhu under Rasulullah sallallahu selama call.

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He said the Messenger of Allah azza wa jal genital Jana, your call Rob guna terracotta Allah. He says when the people of Jana de intergender the Lords of Hannah what Allah glorious an exalted He will say to them, that you do not shine as either.

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Shall I give you something more like after they spend some time in Jannah and enjoy the pleasure of Jana and Now Allah is coming back to them says can I give you something more for calling LM W Lu Juna Didn't you make our our faces bright and shine?

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Criminal Jana Jenner was gonna gentleman and now I mean, you give us gender you protect protect us from Johanna. What else could we better than this? What can we get more than that? Jarabe Cara Salalah Salah Salem for actually for hijabs and Madonna. So Allah azza wa jal, he removes the barrier that separates between him and his creation in a manner that suits his majesty.

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Imagine his majesty, he ALLAH SubhanA wa Donna would allow the creation in that moment to see him

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which is of course a moment Carosa Salah Salem conferma Otoshi and I have led him in another era to him, he will set Salah Salem, the people of Ghana will feel that they have never been rewarded anything dearer to them. They're looking at the Lords of Hanover Tala

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what kind of what is that is

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unbelievable. Now, once again, when we talk about saying Allah subhana wa Taala we talk about the clarity of the sighting Allah azza wa jal is clear.

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We can't talk about how he looks like because Allah azza wa jal made it clear in the Quran, laser committed Lishi there is nothing like unto him, so don't even try to imagine the likeness of Allah azza wa jal, but he explained himself to us with Hannah Montana. He said he was Semia Elbasy, his all hearing, all seeing all knowing, all powerful, all these beautiful attributes of Allah subhanho wa Taala would indicate and can tell you about him subhanaw taala that's what we need to know

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why that's so good to know. How does Allah see us? How does Allah hear us? That's not our business. That's all divine. And that's ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala to him. So therefore, we refer that notice to Allah azza wa jal in that fashion, but we know that we will be able to see Allah subhanaw Mata, the question is

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how often this is going to happen to the people of Jana? Is that going to be forever like Allah Subhana Allah once he removes that barrier, and the hijab of Allah Subhana Allah is light, that there is light once this is removed, and you can see Allah azza wa jal doesn't mean that this is going to be perpetually ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala allows that creation to keep seeing him Subhana wa Tada as part of their near mandate blessings. Allahu Allah. Some of them are they say, Well, that depends on where you are in Jannah.

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That depends on your agenda. So if you're all the way up there, in the seventh heaven and the Alpha Tao Sal Allah,

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those people probably will have an hamdulillah

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a perpetual sight of Allah azza wa jal as part of their reward. Allah would not then He will reveal Himself and that's it no more covering himself away from them. But those are on the lower on the lower end grades of Jana. How often they will be able to see Allah subhana wa Tada probably whenever they come to the if you remember we talked about the lobby of agenda right like SUPL Jana the marketable Jana? Probably they will seem every now and then.

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Now we'd say But wouldn't that make them feel sad? They're not saying Allah subhanho wa Taala perpetually will Allah Azza said and Jana, Allah will remove all these hard feelings from the hearts. So now we'll have any kind of heart feeling in their hearts in general by enemies. However, there is no doubt those who are hamdulillah always in the sight of Allah subhana wa Tada and always there definitely the reward is, is highest. And Allah Subhana Allah says Kaadhal Giselle has an illness. What is the reward for a son? What is the reward for doing excellence, rather than getting excellence and rewards? So now you ask yourself the question, How am i How can I get there? I want

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to be there. I don't want to miss this opportunity.

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And when you right realize that this is now the highest reward and ALLAH SubhanA wa does not going to give it to anybody on everybody. Then I need to be part of that group. So what does it make me get there? What are the what are the maladies

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stuff that I need to do not to get there. That's what you need to get yourself busy in this dunya when

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you get yourself busy with this instead of getting busy with bickering with siblings and in laws and this and that the GEMA Life is short no matter how long you live in this dunya

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and it's not worth it.

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And you can't fill your heart with this hatred and ill feelings and has suddenly, ribbon and even other stuff Wallah is now worth it is not worth it. If you're looking for this reward, you're gonna have to live up to it. And you're gonna have to do a lot of sacrifice. And I NS Allah Tala he Valya the commodity that you trade with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is precious. Very earlier. Very precious renessa To Allah Hill Jana, because it's Jana. So for those who would like to have that name of Allah subhanho wa Taala to be blessed with that. You need to put so much energy and effort and so much sacrifice for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala and should start from from yesterday from

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this moment if not, you need to start making commitment that you know what, I would love to do that. How can I do this? hamdulillah the book itself explains that in details, remember know what Mr. Lau Tara at the end when he finished this, he finished with an idea called Allah with the water Katana in Alladhina amanu Well, I'm going to slowly Hardy Yachty him Rob boom be Imani says Verily those who believe and do deeds of righteousness, the Lord will guide them through their email to their faith. Their journeyman Tatem will says that under them will flow rivers in the gardens of delight and Paradise.

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fish and nuts and Namie that our home field has Subhanak Allah home, what the * yet to invia Salam says there the way of request there and we'll be Subhanak Allahumma Glory to you or Allah and salam peace and safety from even will be there will be the greetings Kawahara Dawa home Alhamdulillah Allah Allah mean, and when they close the request, they close word Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen that we praise Allah and we thank Allah subhanho wa Taala so remember, no he chose the same idea to conclude his book and then at the end he wrote that that statement says God Alhamdulillah Allah de Hidalgo Harada says Hamdulillah I thank Allah azza wa jal who will guide me

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to this. Who am I gonna denature the Allah Allah and Harada and Allah, we will never find that guidance without the role of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala early Muhammad gamma Zuleta Ibrahim will Allah early Ibrahim barbaric Allah Muhammad wa ala Muhammad came about ACTA Ibrahim while earlier Ibrahim Inaka Hamidah Majid because always it's better and it's good to begin your Majelis and end with praise of ALLAH SubhanA wa salatu found the Prophet sallallahu Sallam then he marked it and noted down there he says caught a column a leaf who the author I mentioned his name yeah here and no refer hola hola Mala forgive him. For two min Julio Mal

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is named Robbie Ushahidi Ramadan. Sen Severina was a Tamiya because I finished this book I wrote the last word in this book on the fourth day of Ramadan on Monday, fourth day of Ramadan of the year 700 670 670 Hijiri what you are watching right now Gemma

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1445 4045 How many years are there from that time?

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almost 800 years

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800 years. And the baraka of this vocal handler is all around the world.

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And this man Rahim Allah daddy mama never him Allah, he died 676 or 77 which means he finished the book six seven years later he was gone.

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Like this is one of the his last books that he wrote from latterly and when he when he was gone for him Allah Tala relatively speaking he died young and that average he that actually in his in his 40s Rahmatullah today but he left an amazing legacy, an amazing legacy. Can you imagine Subhanallah how much further you can live? If you If Allah espouses Yeah, sincerity in the heart of somebody, Allah put Barack under effort, a book like this, what did he do? He only collected a hadith and nebi Salah Salah and he put them together in certain chapters and his Allah's hyperbaric effort. Why? Because if we did the book the way it was organized for those who've been with us, you've seen how Imam

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Rahim Allah Allah he was focusing in this book on further al Amma

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virtues. The virtue of Toba, the virtue of guidance, the meaning of this the meaning of that being generous and being truthful talking to your friends, your neighbors this that the provision

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On this matter, these are the awful things to avoid and is a good thing to do. So basically, it's really it's a book of guidance.

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These are the words of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And there is not much from the words of Imam I know himself. No, the only thing I remember whenever I hemella He put in that book is the titles of the chapters, chapter on this chapter. So he puts his understanding in the title of the chapter and the rest of it are the words of the prophets of Allah Salam, and there is so much going on. So with Baraka in this books panela so I recommend you and ask and each one of you to have a copy of this actually in your homes. And if you can do that with your families read every night, one or two 100 Just read them. You don't even have to have a commentary on it. Just read it. Get them the habit

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of doing have them have had it in the bucilla Center we used to do the cutting of the Quran. And there is no doubt the words of ALLAH SubhanA wa has no comparison. But teach them to do Hutton of Hadith and Nabi SallAllahu Sallam so they can put what they what they learned from the Quran, into practice, to the Sunnah and the example of the prophets or what Allah He was Sara Murray. So in this day on this night actually become an hamdulillah the conclusion of the second Hutton of the book, now Rahmatullahi Tara Leigh, and that is on the 17th of November the year 2023 That's actually in a gym error will occur actually, as well of the Year 1445 May Allah subhanahu wa Cerebella lemon

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law miracle handle

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well Al Hamdulillah what I call him de vida Rhoda, Allah hamara could handle Kulu woulda, coulda, shoulda, coulda Kulu Allah near to surah Allah Allah Al hamdu, Hamden cathedra or even Barak and feast Bara canali kemira buena Vida Mila somewhat middle or even a marina Houma, Avila Masha dementia in bed Balasana it will emerge it will help comarca

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Allahumma Falana Maka Demna Wilma karma wema Sagna wema Elena

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de Mina until mccadden will enter worker one Tara coalition Padilla Allah homeowners Erica Alma Nadia La Mina cielo Kalama Nadia La Mesilla Kalman Nafisa well I'm alongside the hammer taka Bella, Sara Kala, Houma la sala hameau taka Bella Celica La MaMa and sada hammer taka Bella Allahumma alcohol Converse alternativa while in Alberta Roboto documents Denia Allahu Manas, Luca elmen Nafisa Allah Miss Erica Kelburn Harsha. What is an undead Kira was a man and Camila la hummus Luca and footlocker Alim Allahu Allah confer the Kaleem Allahu Mesilla comfort Luca la vie Allahumma barik. And a few more Razak, tena Vairocana FEMA Alam tena la Americana FEMA alum tena reject matoke visa

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Bill al Amin Baker Bill Alameen Allah habit Reina Senate and a visa Muhammad and sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah who have the villain as soon as they are but I mean, Allah Muhammad witness Senatobia Chiara Bella Alameen Allah Muhammad for the moment no your Rahim Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah for lynnium and never Rahmatullahi la olam of Allahu wa hum well if you have one we're just gonna Ferrell was at the federal desert Allahumma Taco Bell Minda de la manera Bella Alameen Allah Muhammad Muhammad grammatically are hamara Amin Allahumma cerca Antonio Canova, Casa Del Mar Bella Alameen, zoeken Abraca Del Mar Bella Alameen Baraka, nya Allah fue Kulu Vina of the higher Athena

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Athena Halina ofI massage Idina Fujiyama attina yara Bella Alameen Allah Who Minnesota Cobra Casa de la mia bella Alameen Dr. Jana Manohar if I'm a little colder we are a Bella and I mean, Regina Manuel Manuel Manuel Rahim so okay a lot of the Hon al Amin, why don't Jimmy er Manuel Rahim you're a b I asked you in this moment that you will give him another Rahim Allah will ask you to forgive mm and now we got a banana mean for giving me a Rahmani r Rahim rewards me Allah immensely for the baraka of this elm of Hadith Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the warden for the baraka of this book era, but Al Amin yalla we are to forgive Him His sin the shortcomings era Bananaman yalla we

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ask that you elevate him to be with the Prophet Muhammad la sala Hain and asked for the Mirabella mean yeah Allah we ask you for give us your Rahmani r Rahim. Allah be give us the baraka and the blessing of this knowledge that we had from the spookier Allah. Ya Allah make us among those who love the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, make us some of those who love the Sunnah of Rasulullah and follow it Yara but Allah mean the Allah we ask that you should go out the back of the store that the show was that which is right and make it easy for us to follow it. And that which is wrong and make it easy to stay away from a job but I mean, we ask you for a blessing knowledge or

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bloglovin and knowledge that we will practice in our lives here Allah Allah, Allah Allah mean they will have it would have effect on us here Allah in a way that is most pleasing to y'all but I mean, you are we will ask you to put the light of the Sunnah of Rasulullah in our hearts in our lives yada yada but I mean, help us implement the hadith of Rasul Allah and the Sunnah of Rasulullah in our lives a lot of families Yeah, but Allah mean

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To protect the GEMA Rahmani Raheem protect the Gemma Ira but Al Amin we asked to predict this congregation Yoruba Alameen your Allah make it easy for us to follow the example of Rasulullah in our lives yada yada but Al Amin, your Allah, we asked you to give us Baraka on the Slifer. Rahmani r Rahim.

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Abdi, we asked you about the work of the soldier Allah that transformed our lives and that which is most efficient to your ability. I mean, forgive us our shortcomings Rahmani r Rahim. Yola, Heba help us your ability to achieve Toba and blessing October or banana mean, Ya Allah for those who are sinners among us to Allah we ask you to forgive them you are a banana I mean, God they're hard to repent you in a way that is most pleasing to your banana mean and those who are doing well we ask you to increase them that goodness your Rahmani Raheem your Allah we ask us we ask you that you try to protect us from any evil Ira Bananaman. Allah we ask you to fill our hearts with love and mercy

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for another year. Allah here Rahmani r Rahim. Yara will ask you to fill our hearts with love and mercy for another year Allah yarby will ask you to protect this congregation and this message Dr. Bill Alameen keep us all united in the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam keep us connected yeah Allah for your sake and only for his sake Dr. Bill Alameen your Allah fill our heart with a note of tau Hey Dr. Bill Alameen. The number of believers in your oneness era manual Rahim Allah Allah we asked you that when our time comes out of beta we die on La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah and we Allah was directed Yara we will direct and genetic medicine Allah Bananaman your

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Allah we ask you that you don't deprive us because of our shortcomings from having the pleasure of seeing you here but Al Amin, your Allah make us among those who will have the pleasure of seeing who you are but I mean to see you perpetually out but I mean they are they will ask you to elevate our status and genetic dosage Allah Allah here but I mean, we ask that you treat us with your grace and Your mercy not with your justice your Allah but I mean, gotta be asked for that to treat us with your grace and Your Rama era Bella Alameen ya Allah we ask you to protect our brothers and sisters as they are but I mean, protect our brothers and Reza Rahmani Raheem ya Allah we ask you to send

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peace and tranquility upon them not Allah here but Allah mean fill their heart with a confirmation of Iman and faith Yet Allah era but Allah mean you are be protected from the atrocities of that warrior Allah. Ya Allah we ask you to protect them for that genocide Yara Bella and I mean, Allah we ask you to remove the aggressor from the lion's share of Manuel Rahim protect them and shield them yet Allah from any harm that might come there where you are but Al Amin, Ya Allah we ask you that you accept that accept that as shahada Allah Hera, Brahmin, y'all heal the wounded among them you are obliged I mean, gives you fat to the city of Allah. Okay peace and tranquility the living out of

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the land I mean, Allah protect their women and their children. You are a Brahmin the Masada afina destitute among them yet Allah Yaga banana mean ya Allah we asked her to protect them from all harm er Manuel Rahim restore peace and tranquility in their hearts and the Lucha Allah your beta alanine Shira Lima Rahmani r Rahim era B they have no one to support him except for you and we plead to Europe but I mean to be there for them. Ya Allah we ask that you help them and assist them Allah here behind me and protect them all your manual Rahim

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we asked for a banner that you protect our Gemma and this messenger Allah protect our brothers a sister Yara banana mean your Allah we ask you to protect a brother sister Bella Alameen ya Allah we ask you to reward our volunteers in this community or a banana mean your reward or whether just our leadership you are a bit I mean our volunteers your manual Rahim and our congregation your Allah for dedication to service of your deen yada but Alameen your Allah forgive us our shortcomings are blind I mean they are like Forgive us our shortcomings are a bit mean to them Forgive us our mistakes your Allah yada but I mean, and it was with best in this dunya and Aphria Allah and the way we all got it

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in this place in this dunya we asked you Allah that will give us the opportunity and the ability to gather together and generated for those Allah Allah. Allah sudomotor Karbolyn with the Prophet Muhammad Salah say Masada Hain and as we see you perpetually out but I mean what hamdulillah Salah and Abdullah Muhammad Anwar earlier he was

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salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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