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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Mohammed invalidity. He was so happy. I

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love the subject we're taking this semester is Howdy, and Alhamdulillah. We've taken the first 10 ahadith have a lot of I know we're ever going to put that on pause for the moment and we're going to come back and Charlotte Tyler. Next year. We will continue with those ahaadeeth. This semester, we're going to look at masala Hadith, brief translation, Hadith terminologies look at the meanings of particular concepts of particular expressions or particular terms like when you read Sahih. What does that mean, when you read by what does that mean? What does? What does that mean? What's the difference between that and Rohingya Muslims? And who authenticate the Hadith for example, Mr.

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Bahari? And how do you read such a conclusion? What are the conditions you put for this hadith to be so high? And how did it differ from Sahih? Muslim? What about the other books of Hadith Dr. Medina, Buddha would say. So we're getting a look at a lot of these concepts. And today is more of an introduction to masala Hadid. We're going to look at a number of things. And as usual, we'll put the objectives here, top left hand side of the board.

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So in today's lesson number one, we're going to look at the importance of this topic, the importance of nostalgia,

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then we're going to look at a very brief definition

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three, the many names of this field.

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So then we're going to look at the most popular names that are based on two crucial pillars that make up

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and finally, why the scholars formulated such terminologies and such concepts.

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So as we said, this semester, term three and four, we're going to look at the topic of masala and how these commonly translated as how these terminologies.

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As for the importance of this science mazing story which generate once a man came to her own, or Rashid, the famous leader of the Muslims, and he said, mad at us now the alfei Hadith, well that to her either Rasulullah he says, What are you going to do? What are you going to do about 2000 Hadith that I have fabricated and falsely attributed to the Messenger of Allah Allahu Akbar. Look at this innovative look at the boldness of this person. And he even said, ma as an idiot, and it's changing the ration. I've made them up as well and I mixed it all up because what are you gonna do about it? Allahu Akbar had these challenging him. So what does heroin or she'd say, for call Allah who heroin

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and the Abdullah Ivanova barrack wellbores ha, en Killarney Hannah Flynn, you have 2000 honey. So I've got two men, two men, Abdullah Nevada, and I was half they're going to sift through dissect basically tear these ahaadeeth apart. What do you got? Yanni? These two men for your 2031 manface 1000 that you have upon Allah. Allah despite the boldness of the innovators, Allah azza wa jal said giants, giants in the form of scholars in the form of men who have come formulated set down guidelines, rules and principles to protect the honorable Deen of Allah azza wa jal but humble hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen and with these principles, rules and so forth, we have masala Hadith, we

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have assorted folk, etc. And what they do they distinguish the weak from the strong, the authentic from the fabricated This is among the main reasons why the LMR formulates such scientists rules and principles. So with that, we've covered the first part, the importance of the science.

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And it also answers why the scholars put such principles together as you just saw and just heard, to protect the dean from the macdaddy on the innovators, the deviants, etc. Because not everyone feels that way, even among Muslims, you've probably realized that by now. You probably realized that in in your life. So sometimes people are gonna come and try and sabotage the deen like them whenever you call them like the hypocrites etc. So that's the importance of masala Hadith with them with it as sort of brief description, summarize this whole topic for you in one sentence. It's basically a term or expression with a specific definition.

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put together by scholars, that's it. Those are the terminologies of Hadith. That's what masala really means. So it's a term or expression that has a specific meaning given by scholars, and I'm going to write that for you in a moment when we look at

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The Pillars of masala had Hadith. So we're done with a brief definition if you want to get your head around it, that's what it is just terms expressions that have specific meanings. As for the many names of this field, like many things important in the deen, they have many names and titles we've given examples in previous terms, like the lion has many names. A large region has many names, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam has many names. They have judgment has many names.

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It's very important concept has many names. So I'm going to write these down for you. In Arabic in English.

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No doubt number one, the most common name is Muslim.

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Number two,

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it's called n or soliel. Hadith.

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Dr. Bill Phillips, he has a very good book in English. It's called a pseudo Hadith. You may want to download that Obi very good book. So this field is called the ame or Sol Hadith.

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It's also called

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nacala in Arabic means to go from one place to another in two means I moved house literally in the fall to a Liverpool. So Napa is to move and that's why the means of transport are called was nothing to take you from one place to another. So literally, I had these narrations that have been passed down to us or that I go back to the province of lightest of them. So I didn't want nothing. It's called

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so admin NACA, it's also called

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I will cover

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it will cover is news. In other words, news about the prophets Allah celebrations.

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It's also called the author

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will just put maybe two more mainly the most common ones and more rewire this science is also called the Elmo rewire.

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rewire is an array literally.

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So those are the common names but what are the most common or the most popular out of these common terms? The first two

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will start a hell Hadith and I'm also Hadith as we said even al Bukhari he gave a summary of also had the third to the seller, this was called sold Hadith. So those are the main names of this field we finished with that and the most popular as we said our number one most Allah Hadith and I also Hadith good so the most popular names are those two and those two names are based on the two crucial pillars so two names two pillars What are those two pillars or sword and masala so you may want to underline those two words in particular or sword and masala

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and first we're going to get into those two definitions now.

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So those are the two most common and popular names and they based on two very important concepts the concept of masala which we're going to define and also also which we're also going to define

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let's first define the word soul.

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The scholar said just as you have a solid felt you have a soul Hadid so that's a word that choose amongst other subjects other fields is not restricted to Salahuddin. So what is also they said and also one COVID Allah to

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me Yep, no comment of Syria 10 and Metallica to Bella Hadith, you get that great, let's move on. Okay. So they said also are just remember these four things.

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Also then provide rules and principles ality was

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formulated by scholars. Leibniz Allah comment of ciliata which form the basis of detailed Islamic rulings. l Metallica to Bella howdy Sara connected to a hadith. Those are the four things. So there are rules.

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You could even say principles

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of solid philosopher, three fundamental principles

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that are formulated by

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scholars good.

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And these form the basis of what

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Islamic rulings are

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they the base of a camp that says you have Islamic rulings? Were How did the scholar arrive at this conclusion? It's based on fundamentals and rules. And what do they get those soul? It's based on the Quran and Sunnah, which we're going to see is here, that's how they make the HD headed. That's how they derive that particular rulings. That's how they give their fatawa. It's not just I feel like giving these photos right, I think you know, you know me some money, no. So these are rules principles formulated by the scholars, which form the basis

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which form the basis of Islam

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Make rulings

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and because it's also known Heidi's connected to howdy go figure easy

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as for fulfillment connected

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basically what it means

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correct absentee a toilet so now we're gonna look at installer. Perfect nice okay how did they derive such rules and principles How do they get these rulings? These rules and principles are found in the Quran and Sunnah themselves. For example Allah says yeah you have levena Amano in a confessor home whenever in Fatima you know, if an evildoer a lie first a corrupted person comes to you with news or should you just take it run off and spread it on Facebook? No, better be you know, check it, verify it confirm that it's authentic. So this is a principle See, it's a principle and rule and verifying and authentic information and reports and use is not accepted except after its conditions

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have been fulfilled. That's what allows us is teaching us for their integrations as we know that are authentic and some which are inauthentic some which are accepted and which are not. So how do we determine it's via the filtering process of these principles that the scholars formulated but they're based on the Quran and the Sunnah, they didn't just make them hamdulillah as some people said, Oh, why do we have to follow the scholars? You know, they're just making up terminology are they basing it off the Quran the Sunni themselves but hamdulillah so that's also and we said this print this concept of masala Hadith is based on your soul and masala so we've defined our soul now

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let's define

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masala and stlr same thing

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that's number two. You could say masala Oh istilah same thing.

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even easier, if you understood the soul those four things will masala is even easier. Just remember three parts.

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They said Alice still left over it the faculty Fatima, attache, Emma woman and ma are easy a specific term or expression with a specific meaning that is agreed upon by specific people that is it specific term for the specific meaning agreed upon by specific group of people a

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specific term or expression

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that has a specific definition or meaning.

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agreed upon by specific people. Not necessarily scholars.

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We're just talking about the law in general. As for the most widely held Hadith, it's agreed upon by the amount of Hadith. That's what we say specific depending on the field.

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Seems I could give me an example. What does that mean?

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You could say that yes. Even jargon and expression AI terminology they all and the definition of or translation of istilah I'll give you a very easy example. What is this called?

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A mobile What's another name for

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phone another name? cell cellular phone another name? gadget good. Oh, it's a gadget has all these names. Correct?

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What else? smartphone? distraction. fitna. Okay, what else is one name you missed?

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Someone say mobile? Yeah. Okay. Cellular handheld. handheld? Yes. These are all istilah

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right? They are specific terms or expressions or cellular device, mobile phone that have a specific definition we know what when we say cellular we know what it means.

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And they're agreed upon by specific people, right? We are the people for example, you know, mankind know that this is what it's called the cellular phone or a handheld for example. So that's an example of a stele that is very simple. I computer has many still a hot radical set up. A computer has many still a hot name another expression or Stoller

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PC, desktop, good.

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processor, workstation, workstation, good.

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notebook, laptop, pad, tablet, those are all istilah hard. They're just terms

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expressions that have specific meanings very simple. So, based on those two, you can see the importance. Now you may ask, okay, what's the importance of all that? And that leaves us here why this false formula is such terminologies for two reasons. And we'll set on what India

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they did so for two reasons. Number one,

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to protect the dean, as we heard, in the beginning of this lecture, where the man came to her, which scholar

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Harun Rashid, what did he say?

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I've got 2000 Hadith What about the

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correct the fabricated and he falsely attributed to the messenger? sallallahu wasallam.

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So he said, I've got two men that will tear them apart. So they're either put these masala hard to protect the religion. That's the first reason and the second

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for ease, ease.

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So how does that work? How is it for ease? For example?

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When you hear the word cM sohm you know what it means? Yes. So that's a masala. It's a specific term with a specific definition agreed upon by the LMR. So by definition, so yeah, is lm sec. I didn't move up a lot mentally. Surgery. A la hora, Bishop's manita tabooed lightoller. Imagine every time a scholar wanted to get across that concept of CME. He wrote that for you. And every time you want to get across that concept and explain just that one word CME, you wrote all of that. And it explained all of that. They just summarized it for you in one word, so yeah. So when you hear CME course you understand what's going on. It's AES. It basically takes the entire concept and summarize a full

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human word. So ease you can put in brackets to summarize concepts to summarize concepts.

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That's the beauty of having such terms.

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So that's why they are neither scholars have formulated these principles to protect to as you know, you could say to protect them to serve, really, they've come to serve us or they may have come to serve us because say you do NASS Halima home. The later he services the people he he's at this service at the need. So really, the scholars are there to protect and serve not the AFP and the police are that's their slogan to protect and serve. That's more like terrorize and imprison, right especially with the raids Panama and others trying to protect us from terrorism or show us how it's done.

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You know, and then they after they terrorize us now they want to feed us with the AFP dinner. Now make up your mind which one we should boycott such dinners and hamdulillah the boycott was successful they canceled it or they canceled the dinner yet no no. No. Yeah hamdulillah

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Melbourne is on unfortunately the Muslims should get together and boycott as well.

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Well out of the probably poisoned the food anyway. So

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why would you go

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How would you How could you sit with people and smile and and ate food of those who barged in on our sisters who are trying to cover up and some of them got punched and belted. You know, assaulted, you know, handcuffed over what me suspicion? suspicion 800 police was sent out pre dawn pre dawn coming

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for Dolly system. Imagine that. That was said pre dawn and yet look how they were treated. Right me suspicion and guess what only one person was charged. Only one. But Australia's worst serial killer.

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Ivan milat. convicted murderer. He beheaded people stabbed one person 35 times in his chest. He raped women and this guy is convicted. convicted is guilty. Yeah, how do they go? And they call him up. Can you come out please? Instead of now we want to read you nicely. And not pre dawn. Sunrise. All right. Did you see catching millennials on in a few months ago? Yeah. So now they're ready, man. It's all this is open information for to read. So I'm not making it up. David said it. And the guy was you know, he said Oh, okay, let me pull the pants on.

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Yeah, that's it. Okay, sure. But when our sisters want to cover up, no, no, no, you can't cover up.

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So it's not the hijab that oppresses our sisters. It's the ignorance. So in a nutshell, that is the most well held Hadith in basically an introduction to next week. We're going to continue inshallah Tada. So therefore, yani, when you hear the word, as we said, just as its as to summarize concepts when you hear the word siyam. You understand the concept when you hear Salah, you understand the concept, likewise, when you read the word or hear the word. So here, you understand what it's meant by after you study when you read by if you understand when you read Hassan ohare these are all terms attached to a hadith. This Hadith is authentic.

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But we're gonna look into more of it. How did I remember mahadi reached that conclusion. When you read this hadith is very valid, you get to that conclusion and what does it mean? mongkol? What does that mean metaphor? What does that mean? So that's basically almost all the Hadith just terminologies that explain larger concepts. Does that come along haven to panicle locomobi, a shadow and Illa Highlands, Mr. Furukawa