Hadeeth About 73 Sects

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The speaker discusses the concept of Islam and the importance of being present in public. They encourage people to not forget about praying and to focus on their own needs. The speaker also emphasizes the need to present Islam in a beautiful manner and to let people know who they are.

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I'm delighted insha Allah, according to the Hadees, the Muslim Ummah will be divided into 73 sects among which one will enter Jannah what are the characteristics of that sect? If you read the Hadees you know that you know the answer to this option.

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What is the answer to this as well as those who are closest to me and my Sahaba

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So, that is the characteristic read the CRR in the Sunnah

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do what Nabi sallallahu Sallam did? Do what is added

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and always in this whole matter,

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do remember, start with the foundation and things. Start with the big things.

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Today, we are more concerned about whether we are moving the finger

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then about whether we are praying at all. Seriously, I'm asking because how many times have you heard a brother or a sister coming to you with concern on their face worried

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tears in their eyes. And since my brother, this oma of 1.5 billion or whatever number they give us 95% of them. Do not even pray, forget about praying in the masjid and whatnot, they don't pray period.

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Move that percentage around if you want if you don't like the term, the word the number 9594 90 whatever. 80 7060 Call it what number you want, but the majority of the Muslim woman does not even pray

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and what it has to say about Salah

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buying an albino masala Amara

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What is it?

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He's the one who leaves the Salah deliberately out of Islam.

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Now please do not go and make fatwa on somebody and say tomorrow You are not a Muslim please.

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I'm just reciting

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So, how many times have you heard this where people have come and setswana This is a state of Duma What shall we do? Have you heard anything? But you will you will hear argument after argument and discussion after discussion

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about this SWAT masala in this mother and that mother.

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One brother tells me one young one young brother in Australia he comes and tells me that there was some issue

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and I quoted one of the

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I was explaining to him so I quoted I said in the position of remember quantifies this and myself Jaffe but I voted for him. I said this is the position of

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you know,

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Imam Abu hanifa is not infallible right. He can make a mistake right?

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There is a room and you know, I got somebody who's bigger than Abu hanifa Allah

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Johnson he is of course you can make a mistake

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with that, how did he get this? What is the position of gas? How can you make as

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I said my brother when you meet him on the Day of Judgment you ask him

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and this is a brother who I know he does not even know enough Arabic to understand the Quran when he's reading it. And he wants to make one top surah on the daleel of Abu hanifa ribollita

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Suhana This is our This is our state. So I don't know brother forget about all the mamajuana will even let him live with Allah subhanaw taala leave that let Allah smother and decide what he wants to do with Abu hanifa do you think about yourself?

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You think about yourself.

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What is your state of human What is your Amal What is your taqwa What is your karma? You think about that? Don't worry about other people.

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And I think that is the best advice I can give myself and you let us number one, the famous saying of seven Amara Malhotra, Lama he said What did he say? He said that if I am given the news, that the whole world has entered gender except one man, I will think that man is myself

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and vice versa.

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So that is the

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position of the Muslims.

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Let us think about ourselves first, then by all means please give that up. I'm not saying do not do a metal bar. Oh, Allah subhanaw taala said to do it. So how can I say don't do of course we have to do it. But do it in which way now is that bill Hashanah?

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About whom

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about the People of the Book.

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Islam is teaching us how to present Islam to people who are not Muslims.

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So how should we present Islam to people who are Muslims? for them mouths al Hashanah and for Muslims aldora

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Allah Allah, Allah Allah please. You're right that

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it's not your it's not your job to implement the photos on people. Let us be present Islam in the most beautiful manner. Because remember, you can only sell to friends. You know in sales day the brother introduced me is that I'm, this is my other incarnation. My day job is management, training and leadership development and whatnot, whatnot. So

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we tell people we say we can only sell to friends. So you want to sell somebody was my first go make friends? If the guy doesn't even want to see your face, what is he going to take from you? Nothing? He What does one look at you borrow? What is he going to take from nothing. So go first and make friends let them love you. Get them close to you, then you tell them what you have to tell them.

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That is very, very important for us to do is Angela 73. sects who will be in jahannam. Out of 7372 will be in Ghana? Well, one will be in Ghana. Don't worry about who will be in Ghana. You make sure that you are in that one who is going to general? That is the only thing we have?

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Yes, we let's not sit here and say out of 73 are you in that number 72 or Salalah? Don't worry about that. Let us try to be in the one sec. Who is going to agenda and who are those people as well as

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the ones who are closest to my way to me and my Saba. So let us make dua that Allah subhanho wa Taala

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puts us and keeps us with those people who with whom he is pleased

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mina nabin was in the tea was Shahada was Allah He has caravita Let us be with them who Allah subhanaw taala will enter into Jana inshallah Mr. de como la vida oceanica llama BMD Masha Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah