How Much Is Enough Tajweed To Begin Memorization Of Qur’an

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Tajweed is an important aspect when reading the Qur’an. Before one begins memorizing, there are certain requirements one must meet. In the area of Tajweed, how much is enough?

Imam Wisam Sharieff answers

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The speaker is discussing the importance of memorization in learning a system and asks the audience how much they need to learn. They suggest dedication to routine activities and phonetics accents as key for memorization. The speaker also mentions the need for practice in reading the Koran and emphasizes the importance of learning the system daily.

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How much is enough that we need to begin memorization?

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To begin memorization, you don't necessarily only need that we you need that we need reading fluency and a dedication to a system. So let's make that clear in this question How much did we do you need, you don't need a lot but then you also need dedication, a routine the diet, the routines and rituals for memorization so before you jump into that, make sure you're living the lifestyle of someone who would eventually going to memorize the Quran. Next, I'd like you to understand what do you really need for memorization? You need phonetics accents and rhythm. That's about as much as I would expect from a memorization student. But again, I'm going to pull out the rug from underneath you and say,

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isn't reading the Koran daily a form of long term memorization, the rest is up to you.