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Deku luxury killer Dolman cola unhemmed You're here we meet what was your name? Oh to be Eddie Hill higher Wahoo I'll actually shaitan Kadir was shadow anna Muhammad Abdullah who rasuluh wasafi You who were Khalil, Adel, Amana Tarbela rissalah Tanaka Halima waka shuffle one what's rockin Ireland magical day Law Legal How can I hurry her lawyers Eva and her in law Holic family of law salvati otomatis lien minor early he was gonna be here when Minister Nabil Suniti here Yama Dean, Allahu Medina minhang Woman Allah Dena am and what I mean no Sliney how to Otto also will help you to also be sober. I mean arugula and I mean, what we'll see come when FCB Tukwila or called Amara Anna will

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help or Kira Tiana un Edina and then on top of La haka 230, he would attend more to lower into Muslim warn you a nurse with top or back como la de Falco mon FCM Wahida will Holla caminhadas Jaha weboth Amin who Merida then casier on one isa What's up hola hola de Tessa Luna be halal or haram in Allah can add a camera Kiba you're Latina Amira, taco la Kulu colon sadita Justina La La Jolla after looking at the Nova come on my altar Allah wa Sudha who forgot the first if it was an Aldi, MASM and my parents were we begin by praising Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and bearing witness that none has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him. We bear witness that Muhammad

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sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is his final messenger. We ask Allah to send his peace and blessings upon him, the prophets and messengers that came before him, his family and companions that served alongside him, and those that follow in his blessed path until the day of judgment. And we asked Allah to make us amongst them Allahumma Amin do brothers and sisters, if I was to walk up to someone who even speaks Arabic and say, Kay, Phil Bell, how is your bed?

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People would look at me funny. Because you'd be more accustomed to how is your hand Kayfun had K for Harlequin? How is your hand? Now of course, if you don't speak Arabic, they sound very similar. And in fact, they have very similar meanings. And I know that there are similar words and odor in other languages. To that your situation. When you ask someone, how are you? What do you mean by that? And what exactly are you asking about? If you walk up to someone and say, how are you? Are you really interested in knowing how they are? Or are you simply giving a greeting? Right, as an extension of your salon? You've already moved on to the next part before you can even let them answer right table

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hadn't come didn't care for how to get him to dinner? How are you handling that hamdulillah I'm doing well. Now, the word bed is a very interesting word in the Arabic language. And it's a little more comprehensive and specific at the same time than the word had. So I want to break this down a bit. And then I'll explain to you why I'm even doing that in the first place. A lot of times there is an external part to you. And when someone asks, How are you? What they mean by that is everything good with the family, everything good work, everything going okay with your time, they're asking about predominantly external things fed well, you have your money, you're taking care of there,

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everything is good there. They're not really asking too much about your emotional well being. They might be they're really good friends, but they're not really asking about that, for the most part. They're saying is everything covered? You know, as the Arabs used to say, getting the story he's taken care of. When I say k for Hanukkah, how are you? I mean, are you taking care of are you good for tonight, you have a place to stay, you've got something to eat. hamdulillah brought me the emotional part of this. We don't talk about that part. Right? They used to get mad at the Prophet slice, for kissing his grandkids. This is different to them. Right? But go beyond that. When you go

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beyond that. How are you? How are you? And so before I get to the idea that mentions this is very interesting, when you dig deep into it the word bad, which sounds very similar to had, when used together, the Arabs meant ill bail refers to your internal states. What's on your mind? What's in your heart? What's keeping you concerned? What's keeping you up? What's letting you sleep? What are you looking forward to? What are you worried about from the past? What's keeping you down? That's what they mean when they say your bed it refers more to the things that are not at the surface whereas the had the situation of a person refers to things that are more external, very simple

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analogy. Your bed would be what's on your mind, your head would be observable in some way with what's on your head. Okay, there would be an external notion of this and *er, poverty is a head, right? It's something that you can see on the outside that definitely has an internal components. However, they're not the same. And to not get too technical here but but to also look at the spiritual dimension of this a person's hand a person's external might be difficult. It might be poverty, but they're bad.

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All their internal might be Xena

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rich hamdulillah because Lena is Lena is it gonna help? I'm Rich in the heart, I am contented hamdulillah Blimey, I am content whereas a person might have been on the outside their external state might be wealth, but their internal state is complete bankruptcy, complete poverty complete *er lost on the inside. And so there is an importance here that we should speak about Now why is this important in the Quran when Allah says d him well you'll see who that

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so you d him well you'll slip through the hole where you delete a home will janitor I'll refer her law home that Allah subhanaw taala will guide them and correct their bad correct their internal correct their condition. If you're reading a translation the word is going to say condition most likely their state or their condition and will enter them into paradise, which he has made known to them. Okay, what does Arafa Hala Han mean? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Well, are they enough cvrd He in the Manzini Heath and Jannetty. I mean, who be Manzi Lee levy can have a dunya the prophets lie some said that I swear by the one in whose hand is my soul when you enter

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into Paradise, and you need to go home. There is no Janna GPS. You don't need to ask an angel for directions. Not to be like which Palace is mine? Do I go here? Do I go there? Which bridge do I take? As an ambassador, the Allah Tala anima said commenting on this, you will go to your home in Jannah as a person who lived in a home their entire life, at no point in error, at no point confused exactly where you need to go. And that's from the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. And that familiarity, right? Because if you get into Gemini might get overwhelmed. Where do I go? Which one is mine is that one mine is that one mine? So part of the comforting part of this is that this is

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where you go, right? You already know you're already programmed to go home to go to your palace and gentlemen, and nothing looks more beautiful than the palace that you are entering into. Now the dunya we reward of this the worldly reward of this Usili who Bala whom Allah subhanaw taala will rectify their condition means their internal thoughts, their internal state, your mood could be your bad. Your emotional state is rectified. As a result of that guidance, you have the right perspective. You have the right thoughts. There's something there that corrects you on the inside. And you feel a certain way you feel a certain way, contentment, tranquility, these are all things

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that we seek from Allah subhanaw taala, you'll see who Burleigh home. Now why is this important to the discussion that we're about to have right now about balance and about, you know, baraka and about blessing and about how to be proportional and about how to relieve distress. And where do I found find these outlets. When I feel overwhelmed. Almost every person you talk to right now is overwhelmed in some way. Work is overwhelming family is overwhelming. You know, the pandemic is overwhelming, something is overwhelming. I'm stressed out, I'm looking for something and I'm not going to belittle the mental health component that is there. The spiritual upliftment is part of it,

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right. But it does not negate it. There's something serious there there is something that is real there, there is something called depression, there is an emotional component of view a physiological component of you. And while it is connected to the spiritual, the spiritual does not tell you to neglect those. Okay? However, when we talk about balance, when we talk about finding an outlet,

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one of the ways that we fail is that we restrict the discussion to time your family has right upon you, yourself has right upon you. So you need to give more time to your family, you need to give more time to yourself, which might be true.

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But the ban is not simply encompassed within time. Sometimes it's not about time, it's about the things that consume your thoughts and energy, even with less time.

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All right, so if you give more time to these things, but you don't treat the bell, you don't treat what it is that is consuming you

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then you're not going to solve anything. It's not just a matter of giving more time here giving more time there. It's not just a matter of taking more days off for vacation. It's not just a matter of taking more walks, all of that is good for you. But you can't treat this just in terms of time finding an outlet for what burdens you and removing what burdens you to the greatest extent possible is what's going to actually make you a more complete person is what

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that's going to actually bring you to a desirable state, one that gives you what you want in this life and one that gives you what you want in the next. And so when we talk about outlets for the soul, and resting the soul, how do we approach this to some? It's simply worship Allah subhanaw taala more. And you know what, if your worship can become a source of relief and hamdulillah when worship has done best, it's not just a reward in the hereafter. It's relief in this world as well. When worship is done best, it's not just reward in the hereafter. It's relief in this world as well. It can be Hi Abby, that comfort us with the prayer obala I want to pray, I enjoy my prayer. Take me

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back to that prayer. Not just to do out to get me out of the situation do I in and of itself is an outlet with Allah subhanaw taala in a school bethey where has kneel Allah, I complain of my sadness and my grief to Allah subhanaw taala I have those moments where I can release the valve

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and talk to Allah. The very act of Dara is comforting to me whether I get exactly what I'm asking him for or not the very fact that I get to go into that door and have that conversation I feel so much better. Think about a person that you really love just talking to them the comfort of their voice, the familiarity of their voice. There's a there's a release of tension there there's a release of stress there just because you got to talk to somebody now is really great to talk to you 30 minutes an hour or whatever it may be just having that person on the other side of the phone. What about when a person goes to do us with your is like that valve?

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To just go into drought, whether I'm doing to speaker is the fun? glorifying Allah or seeking His forgiveness, whether I'm asking him for something of this life or asking him for something in the hereafter release. Right? At school bethey where his knee and Allah I take it to Allah subhana wa Tada I am in those moments with our Rahman Al Khalifa Rachna to be alone with a rock man is the greatest drama to our lives. Let it out.

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Complain to Allah, it's okay. As long as you're not complaining to Allah about Allah complaining to Allah. Talk to Allah relief. And that's what the prophets ice on that retina behind albida comfort us with it. Oh, be done. So the greatest relief if done right is worship, the worst burden is sin. Sin bears consequences that burden you. They constrict the chest and they eliminate your reward in the hereafter. Now, here's the thing about that there's a lot that's in between here. Okay, the greatest relief is worship done right? The greatest burden is sin. What about other outlets in between that Allah has made permissible to us that Allah has opened up for us, if you remember the

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hadith of Samanid piracetol, the Allah Tala animals or Buddha or the Allahu Anhu were the prophets like some Paris, a man with a Buddha and some man sleeping in his house, and he realizes, I wonder that is way overboard with the religiosity part.

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His wife is being left behind. He prays all night long fasts every single day, he's got no time for his family got no time for this world. All these dedicated to his his worship is his spirituality. And so what does he do? He forces whether to go and spend some of the night with his spouse he forces that to eat lunch with him like some days you need to not fast you spend some time with your family. And he tells a Buddha in the lobby Kanika hubco, barely Your Lord has right upon you. Your family has a right upon you with enough SICA they could have called yourself has a right upon you now is part of giving yourself to your Lord not beneficial to the self of course this

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of course it is again worship done right like that will tell you I'm really liking my tea. I'm here I feel fine. I don't need to go for a jog. I've got Pamela and I'm okay. So I'm giving my right to my lord but I'm also finding relief for yourself. And if you are with your family, and you do for your family with the intention of pleasing Allah isn't the Lika also the ROB Baker isn't for your family also for your Lord. So one of the scholars mentioned here the for yourself part that the Prophet size some confirms, by the way when he says sentimental the truth. The for yourself part is primarily not something that is worship oriented, you can make it an act of worship. But every human

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being needs some time. Every single person needs some share of really de stressors. They need time they need leisure. And you know what's really interesting is a Buddha that took the advice of the devil the Allah Tala and who says in Nila sturgeon Moon fcb by the way, the Hakuna Daddy can own and near others. It's one of my favorite sayings from him. And until today, quite frankly

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never connected it back to the incident that actually happened with him. Talk about waking up to the reality. He says in Neela Esther Jim when FCB Bartley law he, he said, I find that my heart finds relaxation through some of Allahu La who is entertainment, some amusements, leisure, some things that are level two indulge in it is actually can become sinful. But he said, I find actually sometimes that I find relief from in my heart in my heart from some of those things. And he said, You know what? The corner that he can own a knee I love

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that makes me stronger in my dedication to the truth. That gives me the energy

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to do what I am put on this earth to do.

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it invigorates. It gives me exactly what I need. I need those breaks up rather than saying, I came to that realization. I need those breaks. And so if this great scholar and great worshiper is saying sometimes I do those things. They're not necessarily acts of worship. But they're not haram. I don't do disobedience, and then worship. I do worship and then mobile, permissible things. So I can be better with my worship be better with my purpose. So that's one outlet that even the Sahaba and the Sahaba that were known for being distinguished by their worship are saying, You've got to have that in your life. You've got to have that in your life. Now, as the examiner has added Rahim Allah said

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active leisure is better than passive leisure. Active leisure is better than passive leisure. So the Sahaba preferred the throwing of spears, the shooting of arrows, the swimming, the horseback riding, they preferred that because there was a data in that as well that was better active leisure is better than passive leisure. And by the way, even when it comes to mental emotional well, being active leisure is usually better for you than passive leisure. However, even some of the passive leisure sitting down telling jokes reciting poetry, they did that stuff. And they did it because it gave them and outlets need a break. We need a relief. Take a break, get that back, and then go right

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back into what you're doing the Sahaba needed those things. However,

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when they got into passive leisure in particular, they did not stay there for longer than what they had intended to stay there with. Meaning what as long as I know him Allah to Allah mentions that when they would recite poetry, they were mindful that they weren't going to miss their pm will lead in a night and poetry. So they wouldn't binge poetry.

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Okay, because they knew that would sacrifice their piano, they understood, let's sit for 30 minutes, let's sit for some time. Let's share some poetry. Let's joke around a bit, let's hang out but they were mindful of the time and so when they got into passive leisure because sometimes passive leisure can become way past this time, you can go way past the window. They knew exactly how long they were going to spend it. They didn't keep clicking the links. Right keep going down the hole. Keep watching the next video in the next video in the next video on the next video. Right? So it's halal in its nature. And there's a boundary that's intended before you even go into it. The next thing

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that we learned from the scholars in this regard is that one of the things that drains the soul when we said we don't just address this with time

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is that destructive distraction, destructive just distractions. So there are the disobedient distractions are the distractions that involve sin. There's the neutral, halal MOBA, keep it limited, but have it as a part of your life. If you can be active, that's better. And then there are destructive distractions destructive, in what sense? destructive and how much energy, how much headspace how much heart space? They exhaust your soul with

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Imam Shafi Rahim Allah to Allah he says and keep in mind we're coming up on the 15th of Sheridan, in the middle of Shaban, Allah will look out to his servants and Allah forgives, forgives each one of his a bat each one of his worshipers coming up next week. Not because of the lengthy nights of DiEM No, because they removed from their heart shidduch they removed from their heart polytheism and they removed from their heart Shut up. They remove malice grudges, they let it out. Clear your heart emptied out before Ramadan and needs to be filled with something else. Clear it out right now. Imam Shafi Rahim Allah said lemma I fell to when I'm active, I had an IRA to Neff see when hamdulillah

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one once I learned how to forgive as a habit, and a shafr He was a man who was frequently backbite it right once I learned to just overlook and forgive.

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He said to enough sear. Like my soul just became so at peace Wow.

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I'm not just talking about the reward. But yeah, for what else for her Ella to her buena Yaffe hola hola come Don't you want Allah to forgive you? Like once I started letting stuff go, even the justifiable ones it's not like Imam Shafi was someone that was getting into a bunch of fights, even the stuff like he had reason to be bothered by it, and reason to be drowned in it. Once I learned to just let it go and overlook it, to an FC like myself, my soul felt so much peace, and humble, I divert from the worries of enmity, the drama, of graduates, the drama of enmity.

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You know, people get into these disputes, you lose sleep, you lose time you lose energy, you don't enjoy your life anymore, because all you're thinking about is the test match.

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That's not just a distraction, it's a destructive distraction. Go to Hawaii, you're still going to have your phone and you're still going to be thinking about that. It's not gonna do anything for you go into tarot, yeah, totally, it's not going to solve your problem, maybe temporarily. You just have to cut it, cut it. Right, I'm not going to let this exhaust myself anymore, exhaust my heart anymore, it no longer will find space here, because it's taking a toll on me, even if I'm justified. And then even when you're justified, this is not saying tolerate abuse. Now we have room for retribution injustice. But don't let it become so dominant in your life. That is all that occupies

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you. Keep it to the extent that you need to get justice will help us move on, move on, find ways to get it out for yourself, not just for the other person, and for the reward of relief of the soul in this life, not just for the great reward, which is even mightier in the next. And so dear brothers and sisters, I want to end off with one thing in sha Allah to Allah in this regard, and we're talking about the outlets of the self, the solution to burnout because many people complain about burnout. And honestly, we're all feeling it. I don't want to project it on you. I'm feeling it. A lot of people are feeling it. I think most of you would say that you felt a little burnt out that

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you felt like you're going through a lot. You felt like it's been a tasking time. Right? The solution to that burnout is not more vacation time. Because more vacation time from an unhealthy life is not going to solve the unhealthy nature of that life. By the way, vacationing is a modern concept

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lasts 200 300 years,

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taking off a few days, and especially now with that being you know, diluted with everything that we take with us to our vacations that totally defeat the purpose physically putting ourselves in a different place. Right? It's not going to be as beneficial not to say that vacations aren't good. I love vacations. And I'm sure you love vacations as well. But to say that it's not the solution. It's not the outlet. And it's not an excuse. And it's not in place of actually trying to find the daily habits, the weekly habits of healthy outlets with Allah subhanaw taala, healthy, balanced with our worship with our space with our time, so that we could have a better balance. So we could have a

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better state, internally, as well as externally. And so I give you seven things in sha Allah to Allah. To recap this, number one, avoid disobedience even when you're down, it's not a healthy outlet, it's only going to burden you more. Number two, get rid of the destructive distractions that waste time energy head and heart space. The Grudge is not worth it, the mouse is not worth it. You get a greater reward in the next life and you get relief for the soul in this life. Number three active leisure is better than passive leisure when you have that choice. Number four, if you're going to engage passive leisure which you should sometimes, then discipline it's time not just keep

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it head up discipline your passive leisure. Number five, bring remembrance zikr into your silence and active moments when you can bring the kid into your walk. Bring the kid into your time away, bring the kid into your contemplation into your relief bring Vicodin into your into your treadmill and into your working out Michelle we have the brother who came in took shahada a few weeks ago he said that I was listening to the angel series while working out I said man you've listened to it many times mashallah because huge biceps, alright, bring it into your active bring it into your passive when you can. Number six, enjoy good company where you can

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that does not cause you to transgress the limits company of joy. The Sahaba used to take along some of the funnier companions when they would travel because they knew that they brought some relief on the journey. But they knew that when they're with those companions, they don't have to worry about backbiting and gossip and all the other stuff that's going to drag them into some of the other things so have people with you engage good company where you don't have to worry about transgressing the limits. Number seven, make worship your greatest relief.

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Make worship your greatest form of real

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lif May Allah subhanaw taala let that be searched for us a lot more I mean a whole whole other stuff with ideological reset and misdemeanor stuff we don't in order for Rahim.

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Hamdulillah hiwula alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Karim Allah Allah he will suck me edge marine llama filament minion. Muslim you know what a Muslim out here even a mighty Nikka semi or uncut even would you Buddha Allah Allah Allah Ferdinand I'm 100 White for under one or two I did now Robin alumna and for Cena were in them tougher then I will tell hamdulillah Nico Nana Mina ha serene, La Mina careful and Kim winter hibel Alpha fact one llama fiddly Whitey Dena Robert Campbell McNamara bonus era of the nonholonomic as well as you know the reaction of karate iron or Jana Linwood. Sakina Imam LOM sort of one that must have been a famous article all of them have already

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Allahumma is Islam almost meanwhile, the leadership Kevin Kennedy been with Mr. Dean Olam, Alec Vitamina with one amino acid agent with one and then been him standing by the law and the law he will be the annual x&y eater quarterback, we inherited fascia you wouldn't want that he would be very welcome welcome to the karoun Fifth Corolla he has to come wash kuruva near Mount us local politics robola He Akbar Allahu Yama for snarled welcome salah.