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Santa Monica, this is yes, mainland Jade, and you're listening to serenity streaming live on one legacy radio. Today we'll be talking about a modern day miracle which all of us have had the privilege of witnessing last Friday. And that is the humbling and downfall of our modern day. Pharaoh, Mubarak. And what I wanted to do I know last time last show, we talked about the situation in Egypt and what and how we should we should view this as something that applies to all of us, and not just those who are in Egypt, and what what what this lesson should teach us about, you know, what we should be doing internally within our own cells and within our own lives. And what I wanted

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to do today was kind of take a, you know, like a step back and look at the whole situation and, and what it is that we can learn from everything that happened, what are the signs, what are the lessons, because we need to realize that there is nothing that happens in this life, that happens without a reason without a purpose? Allah does not do anything without a purpose, or without, you know, a reason. And so when we when we look at our life and the things that are happening around us, we have to be able to look at those things and and learn from the lessons and really be able to see what it is what it is we're supposed to be, you know, learning from these things. And what is it

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that we're supposed to be taking away from these these events in our lives? And Subhanallah? This this event that happened on Friday is so it is so overwhelming, and so humbling. And it I mean, I really feel we talked about this Yes. Last last show as well. I really feel this this sense of like the Red Sea splitting in front of our eyes because upon a law, we're told about these stories in the Koran about for example, Musa alayhis salaam, when he stood at the Red Sea with his people, and you know, Benny Israel, you know, he was, you know, trying to free them of the tyranny of Pharaoh and at the time, and how they, you know, they got to the Red Sea and they looked like they were trapped and

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there was no way out for them. And yet you know, Messiah listen him had full faith and trust in Allah subhanaw taala. And as a result, as a result, Allah opened up the sea for them something which is unheard of, right. I mean, you don't you don't look at a sea and you don't usually get a pathway through a giant body of water. And yet, that's exactly what happened. And Subhanallah you know, you don't you don't topple a 30 year, regime tyrant the you know, the worst dictator in modern times. with Facebook, right? You don't you don't you don't topple. You don't, you can't you don't take down with no, you know, peacefully with no arms and and just just people just youth on the streets. You

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don't you don't take down this this tyrant, where you know, where you couldn't, you know, you couldn't do it in. In Iraq, you couldn't do it? We couldn't. You couldn't. You couldn't do what these people did in 18 days with no arms. And just, you know, you know, internet and so upon Allah, this is really we have to reflect on this. And we have to really, really realize, you know, everybody's talking about how did they do it, it's so amazing what they did. And and really, truly It is amazing. But what we have to realize is that they didn't do it a lot did it? Allah did it. This is something where where we need to see it exactly for what it is. And that is the help of

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Allah the Nasir of Allah coming to us, when we fulfill the prerequisites that are required for the Nasir have a lot to come. And so we you know, for so long we've been hearing this that you know the condition that we are in as Muslims, that Allah will not change that condition that we know we hear this a

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in Allah Allah you know, maybe Coleman had that you Lionel maybe and forcing him that that this we always feel we always felt that the condition that we were in as an omen was down and we and we heard so many times in hook buzz and and in lectures and and in articles, that this condition that we are in will never change until we first change what is inside of ourselves and subpoena law. That lesson that lesson was shown to us before our very eyes, that when we made a real decision when we decided to make a change, internal change, and we decided to fulfill those prerequisites again, I'm going to talk about what are those prerequisites, fulfill those prerequisites in order to to deserve

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in order to get the Nasr, the help of Allah

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panel dialer, that that we decided to do that and so Allah sent his Nasir his help his victory to us. Now, when we talk about what are these prerequisites? What are the things that you need? What what what does Allah tell us in the Quran are the prerequisites for success, what are the prerequisites for victory. And there are there are, there are a couple, one of them, that Allah subhanaw taala tells us is in if you look at the last the final area of suited lm Ron, Allah tells us in this area, that victory will come with basically two components. And those two components which are talked about in this area, is sub. So Allah says, Allah tells us to have sub and then he

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says well saw below. So not only are we supposed to have patience and have perseverance, but we should also, you know, enjoin others to have that as well, and to enter into call others to that, to that perseverance standing firm. And then Allah subhanaw taala, says, UCLA, that's the other ingredient in this area. And what duckula that this taqwa is where the fear aspect comes, and that is that, you know, this is something that they talked about so many times in the media is that is that the barrier of fear was broken. And then once that barrier of fear was broken, these people could not be defeated. And that is exactly the lesson here is that if we have patience, and we have

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perseverance, and we don't give up, and at the same time, we choose, we decide that we are not going to fear anyone or anything other than Allah subhanaw taala. And then, and only then will the victory of Allah be sent us. And Allah says La La home, in order that you will have success in order that you will succeed. And this is the formula for success. Now, if you look at everything that happened, you know, through throughout this, this whole process of 18 days, it was an amazing every day was a science upon Allah, every single day was assigned. And to begin with, one of the main lessons that we can learn from this, from this whole this whole miracle is that the victory of Allah comes only

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when Allah appoints it to come, it does not come a moment sooner, nor does it come A moment later. Now let's look at this for a second. If you look at the day before, just the day before, the the dictator Finally, you know, he left, it was Thursday. And what happened on that day is that everybody was expecting him to step down on that date, everyone was celebrating interior, everyone was celebrating expecting this, this announcement that they were finally successful. And everyone all over the world was very excited. I remember there was all this discussion and all these, you know, discussion boards that I'm on and everyone was just pumped, everyone was so excited that this

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is when the nozzle of the nostril Viola is going to come to help have a lot of victory. And then we waited and he was late. And we waited and we waited. And we waited, like I think, an extra hour and it was just all this anticipation. So Pamela, and he came up there. And he said, I'm not going anywhere.

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I'm not going anywhere. And right then right then was part of the lesson. And that is that are you going to give up, first of all, and secondly, the victory doesn't come when we want it to come, the victory doesn't come when we expect it to come. The victory comes when Allah appoints it to come. And so panela no one could have imagined that just hours later, the very next day, that victory would come. inshallah we'll take a break now. And when we return, we'll continue speaking about the lessons from this amazing modern day miracle in Egypt.

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Santa Monica, welcome back. This is yasmeen Mujahid and you're listening to serenity on one legacy radio. And we're talking right now about all the lessons in the amazing, you know, signs of this modern day miracle that happened in Egypt last Friday, and in this last 18 days. So we were talking right now about when when that announcement came, you know, and and the day before and the days prior to when the announcement came that, you know, success had come in and he was he was dethroned. And and one of the things that that we were reflecting on was the fact that we when we were expecting it to happen the day before. There was a really, really major lesson to learn at that

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point. Because, you know, at that point, we could have

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given up and we could have thought you know, the you know, just like Subhan Allah in the area where Allah says M has septum and that whole agenda well ma tickle methylone livina Holloman publikum masseto moonbat, sir, what the raw Warzones aloha takuna Rasulullah levena M and Omar whom matter no sort of law and international law here corrib Now what this area is talking about is Allah says do you think that you will enter Paradise without being tested without being tested like those who are tested before you? And that whole agenda well, and my take home method or Latina Holloman publikum mass settlement that set or the rock was on Zillow, and they were and those people they, you know,

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they had hardship come upon them and adversity so much and they were so shaken. Had they akula Rasulullah Dena em and Omar home until the the belief the prophets and even those who believed with them, said Mehta masala, where is or when will the Nasir the help the victory of Allah come. And the very last part of the aiss, ella inositol la Hikari. And that is that, that that, that truly the A finishes with and truly the victory the help of Allah is near. And you'll notice here that you'll notice here that that day when we heard that Mubarak is not stepping down. A lot of people felt very discouraged. A lot of people felt that exact way that is described in that a when is the help of a

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lot coming. When is this happening? And the answer that we need to keep in mind and see through everything was indeed the help of Allah is near and Subhanallah It was so near that it came the very next day. And you'll also notice, and this is panela. So, so deep. The fact that when we were waiting for it to come, we were celebrating we were you know, we were pumped and it didn't come right. And the next day, when it did come. It was Friday. And it was just after the this very intense dot that Hamad jabril had made asking Allah subhanaw taala for his help, right. And you'll notice if you guys have seen this, that when the announcement came that the you know, the Pharaoh

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had been dethroned. When the announcement came, it came while they were praying. It didn't come while they were celebrating while they were pumped while they were you know waiting for it came while they were praying. And when that came, what happened was there were part of the people had all had prayed Melzer, but the travelers were now praying, Ayesha, it you know, they were combining. And so half of you know, a group of the people were praying while a group of them were not and so the people when the news came that that Mubarak had been had been had stepped down, the people who weren't praying started celebrating started cheering. And those who were praying, I look at their

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look at their behavior, look at their demeanor. They didn't you know, they didn't shorten their prayer, they didn't step out of prayer. They didn't, you know, they didn't even even Quicken you know, to finish but they finished their Salah, and they and they completed their Salah, and after that they just started celebrating. And Subhanallah look at the lesson here is that when you honestly, you know, the deeper lesson basically in this whole thing is this is that when you make a love first, when your focus is on Allah subhanaw taala, then his help comes. But if our focus is on anything else other than Allah subhanaw taala if our focus if when we have a problem in our life, if

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our focus is on the problem, had these people focused instead on the tyrants and the thugs, they would have been defeated. But they didn't, they didn't focus on the tyrants and the thugs. They looked past the tyrants and the thugs, to the Lord of the tyrants and the thugs. And so us in our lives, this is inspiration for us as well, because we all we all have problems, right? We all have things that we deal with, we might have people in our lives, who oppress us in one way or another. And if we are able to look past and look through those problems and through those oppressors to the Lord above them, that is when we get a way out, that is when we get victory from Allah Subhana

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Allah. And Allah tells us in the code on May of tequila yadgir, Allahu Maharaja, that whoever has this, this fear of Allah, this consciousness of Allah, where Allah is your focus, Allah is where your eyes are focused is where your eyes are looking that when you have that yet, Allahu Maharaja that Allah will make for them a way out. And that is the way out. It isn't. It isn't through, you know, again, had they gotten distracted by

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The the obstacles that were in front of them, they would not have succeeded. But they looked through those obstacles. And they looked through those obstacles and they focus and you know, and you'll notice an error all the commentators will point this out that Salah was an integral integral part of the entire protest, right? Once a lot of time came, they stood in rows, and they prayed. They didn't say no, we, you know, we have to focus on, you know, these chants, or we have to focus on the, on the protest, you know, we can pray later, they, they they prayed, and that prayer and that diet was central. And that is where the nostre came from. It came from Allah subhanaw taala. Because the

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victory comes from nowhere else, it comes only from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And one other story, which I want to point out, because it also gives us this this same lesson is the story of hedgehog, if you as you know, Hajin was left in the desert, and she had a baby, and she's stuck in the middle of a desert with a baby with no water. Now, at this point, hajer she was in a state of telecoil. She had, you know, trust in Allah subhanaw taala. And yet hajra did not just sit down and wait for water to fall out from the sky. hedgehog got up. And she did strive. And that's why actually the whole, the whole process of her running between Safa and moto is called side and side literally means to

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strive. And so that that striving of hers was her part, right? That was her doing her part, when those people in Egypt stood up and they went every single day regardless that we're not going to back down. They were doing their site. They were doing their part of that struggle by doing that. Now what happened with hedger after seven times now, here's the other lesson. You notice that Hajin went to suffer and went to Mandala. And she looked on both mountains for water, and she didn't find water. But did she give up? Because you'll notice that after she's already checked both, why would she go back and check where she already checked, and yet she did. She did not lose hope. And she

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went back and she did this seven times. She didn't give up. Even though she'd already checked, she checked again. She did everything in her power, and she didn't give up. That is the sub that is the the perseverance. And that's exactly what the Egyptian people did. They did not give up, they kept going back. They kept going back. And even at that point where it seemed like the victory was so far away on Thursday, that day where he stood up and said, I'm not I'm not going anywhere. They continued and they in fact came the next day stronger than they had ever come before. And at that point, what happened? Well, what happened with hedgehog, water came from out of a desert could have

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could have done that did hedging herself was her running back and forth between software and Manuel what made water come from the desert, obviously, that there's no human being who can make water come from the desert. Similarly, there is no human being who could have dethroned such a dictator after 30 years, with no weapons, and in only 18 days, that was from Allah subhanaw taala. inshallah, we'll take a break now. And when we return, we'll continue talking about the lessons from this modern day miracle that happened last Friday.

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Welcome back. This is Yes, me Mujahid. And you're listening to serenity on one legacy radio. And we're talking today about, you know, the the events that unfolded last Friday and in the last, you know, over a period of 18 days in Egypt. And, you know, please feel free to join the discussion by calling at 1-800-955-5548. So, one of the lessons that I also wanted to talk about, and I and I discussed this a little bit earlier, and that is that the victory of Allah, the victory, in fact, victory only comes from one place and that is from Allah subhanaw taala. And it doesn't come from anywhere else. And that when that victory is written, it will come at the time that is appointed by

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a law and not a moment earlier, and not a moment later. Now we talked about the issue of that it wasn't a moment earlier, it wasn't when we expected it on Thursday. It wasn't when we were cheering and and, you know, expecting that it was going to come but it wasn't gonna come when I wrote it to come. And you'll notice that it also did not come A moment later. Now one of the things that the regime the regime was doing is they would try one thing after another after another after another to try to stop this from succeeding. And it was really really interesting to look at the different the different things that they tried and how each one of them ended up backfiring and in this is a

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lesson in and of itself and

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That is that they plan well micro or macro law that they plan or they scheme and Ulla plans, what will heighten marketing that, that Allah is the best of planners. And I mean I can give you an I'll go through if you look at one by one each thing it happened and spawn a lot it was it was it kept backfiring. So from the very beginning, starting even before the protests, what happened was there was a blogger by the name of planet side. And this guy, he was an Egyptian young Egyptian blogger who was who was trying to sort of expose the the brutality of the police in Egypt, and how they would torture and beat and and and how there was so much injustice and brutality. And so what

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happened to him was he was actually captured and he was beaten to death. And because of this, they actually I mean, what they what they did to him if you saw the pictures of what they did to him, his face was unrecognizable. It was

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they had just they had just beat him to a pulp. And so what happened was, may Allah have mercy on his soul? What happened was, there was another individual by the name of ye who name and he, he among others saw this incident and it just made them so upset that they decided that they were going to take a stand, and they were going to try to, to to fight this regime. And so what what he did is he anonymously started a Facebook group. And what what this Facebook group did was it was called we're all headed side. And that was the Facebook group that really sparked a lot of these sparked this protest because it it what they did was it started and and then it gained, like half a million

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followers. And then what they did is they started using that to plan the protests. Now, what's interesting here is that from the beginning, it was this, this they thought, because pilot side was exposing parts of the regime and the and the brutality of the regime and the police. And so they thought by killing him, and by beating him that they were going to, you know, keep themselves they were going to protect themselves, right. And yet so Pamela it was that action, which actually sparked this Facebook group by a legal name, that and it was that Facebook group by wedding who name which sparked this protest this revolution, which ended up actually taking them down. And even

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another another

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maneuver that the regime tried to do was they actually they tried to actually capture the the the person himself what you name, so the one who started the Facebook group, they captured him. And they, they kept him they thought, okay, we're gonna we're gonna stop this by capturing lendingclub name. And yet, so panelo because they captured him. And when they released him, he did an interview. And because of his capture, and because of his interview,

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the the protests which had started to decrease actually came out, and it got it got stronger than it had ever been before that point. And so what happened was, their capturing of him actually galvanized the the protests, more than it, you know, more than it ever had been before. And people came out because of that, who had never come out before. So here again, they plan and a law plans. Another thing that the regime did, was that they, they thought that, that they were going to Okay, they're going to you know, stop the coverage of Egypt by attacking journalists, right, so that they go after Anderson Cooper. And this is hilarious because Anderson Cooper, as a result of being

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attacked, he came back to the states and he became an advocacy group for Egypt. It was amazing. I mean, it was something where you really see before your eyes, Allah using someone as a tool, because anderson cooper if you know, Anderson Cooper, he's so detached, is a tight, you know, he's not, he's not one to take, you know, the sight of Muslims in the media. He's not one to, you know, be very emotional, but he was emotional about Egypt. And if you saw his coverage, it became so it was it was it wasn't even, it wasn't even unbiased anymore. He was an ad he was advocating for the Egyptian people. It was amazing. And so again, they plan and allow plans and Allah is the best of planners.

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Another thing that they did is they blocked Facebook, they blocked Facebook and they blocked the internet. And actually wailoa name in one of his interviews on 60 minutes, he actually explains that they were successful because the regime blocked Facebook. He said that because they blocked Facebook, the people, the the millions of people who wanted to go on Facebook and see what's happening with the protests couldn't and so as he puts it, because they couldn't, they couldn't see it on their screen. They had to go out to

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to hurry and be enjoying it and see it for themselves. So because they tried to block Facebook as a result, it actually brought out more people to target. Again, they plan and allow plans and Allah is the best of planners. Another thing that they did was their regime was like, okay, we're gonna we're gonna take them down by sending out these thugs, right, we're gonna send out these thugs are going to terrorize the people, we're gonna, we're gonna go have them go into people's homes and, and steal and, and so they thought that this is going to break down, you know that this is going to put fear in the people's going to break down the morale. And yet it did the very opposite. As a result of

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these thugs. The people had to come together and join together to protect the streets. And so what what this actually did was it made the bond between the the protesters even stronger, and it actually made, you know, at where there used to be distrust. Now there was trust. Now they had to come together, work together to protect their streets, again, they plan and a law plans and a law is the best of planners. So subpoena law, one thing after another, it really, really shows us that we can't, we don't, we shouldn't look at life, things are not what they seem. We shouldn't look at things as as they appear, because Allah has a plan. And that things that sometimes this is a very

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important lesson for us in our own lives, is that sometimes we see things as bad, and yet there is good in it. And we see things as good and yet there is bad in it. And a lot tells us in the Koran, that it may be that you love something and that it is bad for you. And you and it may be that you hate something and it's good for you. And so Subhanallah in the end, it was Allah subhanaw taala who was in charge, a lot was in charge and everything that happened happened for a reason and had a certain appointed time, where the victory of Allah came and inshallah we pray that we can also in our own lives, look through the barriers and the problems and look through those things at Allah

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subhanaw taala and we pray that Allah sends victory to all of us and makes the people you know in Egypt firm and sends them you know, the democracy and inshallah gives and helps all oppressed people all over the world. According Holly Heather was suffering Ali Welcome innovaphone Rahim. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh