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sudo hamdulillah photoset amado Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi

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wa salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi adrain la limonada in federal now when

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I was in Armenia Kareem actually saw that he was silly Emily melissani of COVID Collie or visiting element or visiting element on obesity Allahumma salli ala madrasha husana

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has negotiated Salah Welcome to another episode of embracing Koran, when we are discussing the surah of Miriam. And we are now in the story of Elisa Elisa Lam, which is basically off shooting from the story of medium and he has set up.

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We left off at number 32 Allah Subhana Allah says, What about rhombi while et Well, amiya dragony jabatan shafia So recently, Sam is now describing himself. He started off first by describing himself as Abdullah. Right. As a recap. Recently, saddam is now still in the cradle. He's still a baby and he's speaking to the society of Miriam le saddam as a testament to the fact that she is free of the sin that they are trying to accuse her of. He said in the Abdullah I am the slave of Allah subhanho wa Taala Danielle Kitab Jalla Nina Vidya he gave me the book and he also made me into a prophet or Jelani Mubarak and in America and he made me Mubarak he made me bless it wherever I

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was. And what that means is he made me able to teach the people as a scholars they said more elements and hide that I would teach the people goodness we're also enable Salatu was the cat imagine to hear any, we give give me the the will to also pray and give the cat madam to hire so long as I'm alive. Now he says What about one Diwali the tea. And he also made me dutiful to my mother. Right. And as we said in the previous episode, that Allah subhanho wa Taala didn't have Isa la ceram directly addressed the issue that she was being accused of Maria was being accused of and that was basically fornication. He didn't have recently addressed that very directly. Rather, he had

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he said, he said, I'm start off and inaugurate his discussion with a word which corrects a greater problem and that is them attributing other gods and that is them associating partners with Allah subhanho wa Taala by saying in the Abdullah, but now, he very suddenly he very subtly tries to correct the mistake that they are following it and refute the claim that they're making and that is by saying well, that Robbie Wiley that he and I happened to be dutiful to my mother because he sadly Sam doesn't have a father. They can make whatever claim but Allah subhanho wa Taala had this child speak in this very subtle but polite and direct manner at the same time, all at once by saying well,

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but Ron be wildly that he and I happened to be beautiful to my mother.

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Normally Allah Subhana Allah has commanded us. And if it's a prophet, then naturally he'll be fulfilling that commandment to, to not be dutiful to the mother alone rather bedroom validate beautiful to the parents, right? Not just the mother, but because he has nothing but a mother. That's it. Right they have he has nothing but a mother. They were accusing him of a man that was they were accusing her of having had an affair with a man who is still alive at that time. He's not her for his father for sure. Because he said whilst he is still in the cradle that Allah had commanded me to do what he did, to be dutiful to my mother specifically because there is no father.

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Well about one BYD that the UN Allah subhanho wa Taala says, which means beautiful, and another that are of the same verse, Allah subhana wa tada says, Well, this is what I'm doing.

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And this is the actual act of being beautiful. Okay, that's been really valid in the dutifulness. Towards appearance. Bob is the person who's beautiful. So Allah subhana wa tada collected for him both of those meanings because he was expressing both of those ideas that he is bottled he is beautiful to his parents. And his beautifulness is so great that it's as if he is the embodiment of itself. He is the embodiment of beautifulness as well. So if anybody wants to know how to be beautiful to your appearance, and he's already set up is the place to look well about one bhiwadi deity, and I was born to be wildly that very, very beautiful to my mother.

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What am I Johnny jubbaland. Shaka and Allah subhanho wa Taala didn't make me Jabbar and Shakira, you know, one of the things that you notice within the passages of the Salah ceram again and again is the word Jalla Jalla Jalla right. In the Abdullah dannielle Kitab Wa Wa La Nina BIA Jelani mobile akademia joining me, right, because the word Giada it means to transform something or make something into another thing, right? So, basically anything good that he has, he's attributing it to Allah subhana wa Tada. So the fact that he is a prophet, he said, When Allah Nina BIA the fact that he happened to be given the book or he said, Allah gave me the book, the fact that he was Mubarak, he

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was blessed. He said, Allah is the one who made me Mubarak, Allah is the one who made me lesson such that I may teach people and all of this is a subtle refutation to the claim of the Christians. And that is that that Rizal is around himself is God, right? But notice over here he from the very getgo from the outside, he said in the afterlife, so nobody has any more claims to make. You can say whatever you want. But the first thing that he sadly Sam said is that I am a bit of a law. And the second thing he said is that Allah gave me the book. The third thing he said is bringing our light into the discussion throughout that Allah subhanho wa Taala made me the Prophet that he says Allah

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subhana wa Taala made me bless it and robotic such that I made teach. Then he said that while I'm here, you're only Jabbar and he did not make me Jabbar tyrannical. He did not make me an oppressive person. He did not make me shopping yet as well. He did not make me miserable as well. Okay, so why did he say orbitron purely dirty, he made me beautiful, and then followed that by the statement that he didn't make me oppressive and he didn't make me miserable as well. Because you see,

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there's two qualities that don't go together kindness and tyranny. If a person is kind, if a person is tyrannical and oppressive to other people, then likely this person within his dealings, he may end up turning oppressive to someone else as well. He's not always going to remain, you know, kind and so on and so forth to one person and very, very oppressive to another No, most of the times oppression is a quality which goes against piety, which goes against beautifulness and beautiful nurses equality which goes against oppressiveness and so on and so forth. So if a person is oppressive in one place, likely you will see the signs of oppressiveness in one way or another the

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signs of the signs of you know tyrannical behavior in one way or another you will see it eventually within the attitude of the person even if he's dealing with that individual who will see such a thing even if he's dealing sometimes with kindness one day or another the evil will come out as they say kulu in our in the Murphy Murphy on bio that every single part can only pour what's what's on what's inside of it already. Right? You can only pour what's up whatever is in rain, whatever is inside of it, meaning that that if there's evil inside a person, the evil will come out. If there's goodness without within the person, the goodness will come out right automatically. Even Holly

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pitino in hora de la Nancy told me that as soon as I said in his Miranda, that no matter what characteristic a person has, even if he thinks people are not noticing it will come out one day or another and that is why he said I am beautiful and I am not tyrannical. What am IA Germany? A lot didn't make me tyrannical

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So now if you ever see a person who's tyrannical and oppressive recognize that he's probably not very kind to his mother as well. Was Sarah Miranda. Yeah.

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And may the peace be upon me.

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Okay, and the peace will be upon me. And the peace is upon me. Yona will it it's upon me in the day that I was born. Well y'all know me too and it's upon me in the day that I will die as well. Well, y'all know So hey, yeah, and it is also upon me in the day in which I'll be resurrected back to life. Now if you notice just a few I article when we were talking about Zachary is around just a page back.

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Allah subhana wa tada speaking about, Zachary Ali Salaam, he said well, Sara, Lee, Allah Buddha

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and peace will be upon him the day he was born, and the day he will die and also the day he will be resurrected. However, over here, Allah subhanho wa Taala had recently Salaam say something slightly different was Salam right?

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He said I said arm instead of Western, okay? Because I set up is a definite noun. And it's a word which is more definite because it has the the article the before it okay the NF lamb or we call it English v. Right?

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Because these are the ceram is a person who is accused of a number of different accusations and they are accusing the mother of a number of different accusations as well. So because of that Allah subhanho wa Taala shows the peace that Allah subhana wa tada has given Lisa la Salaam to be even stronger by saying what Salah more honey and V peace is upon me. Yola, Willett the day I was born, you guys are making psychics making all sorts of claims about my mother in reality, I came to her as a piece and that's why Allah subhana wa tada said to her earlier on, for Coolio Chateau de Vaca. Deanna, eat and drink and also allow your eyes to be cool through your child that you have. What's

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more than a Yo, yo ma when it's the day I was born, we moved and the day that I will die. And this is also a hint to another thing. And that is that the peace upon release Ali Salam is even more so such that, that that peace didn't allow for him to be killed in the fashion that you may be presuming. And that you may be claiming because they claim that he was placed on top of a cross and He died on the cross and so on and so forth. Allah subhanho wa Taala said, No, no, no, no, no, no, he knows that he's not going to die like that. What's morally and the pieces upon me. Yona will? It is not a very peaceful death to dynacraft isn't it? Yona we need to move to Wyoming. So I asked him

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a subpoena with data to grant so to speak, to practice to convey and understand his book and the guidance is there and please join us as we continue the story of your Isa Elise around from Sula Miriam was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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salatu salam ala rasulillah Welcome back to your viewers as we continue that I've seen of sort of meriam Allah subhana wa tada said was set out more and a woman wanted to move to Wyoming

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so he said he said I'm still continuing his conversation with the people with the family members and also other people of medium it cetera right. He says what said I'm Walia. Yona

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peace be upon me the day in which I was born, the day in which I will die, and the day in which I will also be resurrected a life. Allah subhanho wa Taala continues and he says that he can he said no, Miriam. Now Allah is speaking Okay, before that the ayah number 30, the iron number 3132 all the way to 33 this was all recently said I'm speaking. And now Allah subhanho wa Taala looks at all of those qualities that Lisa Elisa Rahman mentioned.

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All the qualities, so he's mentioned the fact that he's Abdullah, he's a slave of Allah. He's mentioned the fact that Daniel Kitab, Allah subhanho, wa Taala granted him the book, meaning he will grant him the book which is an NGO, right, which is the Bible and he mentioned that Allah subhana wa tada has made me a prophet, he will make me a prophet. And he mentioned the fact that Allah subhana wa, tada has made me bless it. You know, I'm not going to wherever I happen to be. And he mentioned the fact that Allah Subhana, Allah commanded me to praise the Lord, it gives us a god so long as I'm alive. He's mentioned the fact that Allah Subhana Allah has made him beautiful to his mother. He

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mentioned the fact that Allah subhana wa tada

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Neither made him jabatan tyrannical nor Allah subhana wa tada has made a miserable and a failure. So he mentioned seven different qualities up to 32. Then he continues and he says was Salam Walia. Yona willing to move to a oma

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11 different qualities altogether peace be upon me on the date in which I was born on the day in which I will die and also on the day in which I will be resurrected, resurrected as well okay

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11 qualities, Allah subhanho wa Taala says jonica seven or Maria those are loving qualities that you see there. Those are the qualities that that define Risa even many of those are the qualities that define who Jesus is, those are the qualities that define who is the son of Miriam is the son of Mary Jesus the son of Mary. And the reason why this is very important is because this is a large part of what the either accepting or Allah subhana wa tada basically doing the creed and accepting the fact that this these qualities that Lisa received no Miriam has mentioned whilst he's still a baby are all true qualities, right.

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And that comprises of the fact that those people who say that Isa is actually a loss of power to Allah Himself, they've gone wrong. Allah subhanho wa Taala, saying Valley, caribou, Maria, those people who say Allah Subhana recently Salam is the son of Allah subhanho wa Taala. They've also gone wrong, because the article is of no Maria is simply a bit of a law, a slave of Allah subhana wa tada

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Danica Colin Huck, that happens to be the word of truth and levy Fie. Those 11 qualities happen to be defining the truth in the matter of a PSA or a setup. So if you're confused with all of the things that are said about a Saudi setup, Allah subhana wa tada said, look at our number 3031 3233. And within these Iraq is valleca is a little muddy, and that is the seven amarrian and that is the speech or the word of truth, in which all of the people other than those people who believe in these ideas, they continue to argue they continue to dispute and they continue to have doubts media.

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Marika, Anna de la jolla Takeda Nunez now Allah subhana wa tada expands on what lisa lisa had said.

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He says America Ana de la he a tequila me wanted that it is not the sitting to a loss of power data. There are lots of panel data ends up taking up for himself a child Bulu Allahu

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Allahu Samad nearly one of you let me akula Hakuna say Allah subhana wa Taala is one who Allahu Allahu Samad Allah is the one we turn all of our affairs back to Allah is the one who we bring all of our reliance upon, upon so we rely upon Allah subhana wa tada alone lemmie any dwelling unit Allah subhana wa Taala did not be get nor Rosie be garden. So Allah subhanho wa Taala doesn't need a child and that's why he clearly says Makana de la jolla taketomi word Allah subhanho wa Taala doesn't need to take any children why soubor hana who Allah is Ever perfect, you know the word sapan comes from the word sutra highest better which means to swim, okay.

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And the reason for that is because the ocean you see is very very deep and the depths of the ocean go so far that it goes all the way to the darkness in the depths of the darkness of the ocean okay. And even till the depth of the ocean. However deep it may be Allah subhana wa tada is placed within that depth, creatures, fishes and so forth that Allah subhana wa tada has created right now when a person swims on top of the ocean, he is that distance between himself and those creations that Allah subhana wa tada has created deep within the ocean he's afloat and above. Similarly, Allah subhana wa tada is above his creation, Allah subhanho wa Taala is above and beyond his creation, there is no

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comparison between a lot and his creation. There is no reason for us to ontologically describe Allah subhanho wa Taala based on those things that we know to be creative things that is Allah Subhan Allah Allah, Allah is to Ghana. One of the things that we know in terms of human beings, and that's why that's why I say an illogical reasoning over the US. He also Haleakala mukluk de la, right. So what are the reasons why I say this is because human beings know that a person doesn't come alive except there happens to be a father and a mother. Right? So we can't compare Allah subhanho wa Taala. to that. We can compare Allah subhana wa Taala to that. So Allah subhana wa Taala did not

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take any children. Now, right now, just a moment ago, we said human beings don't come into existence except that there happens to be a father and the mother. But there are exceptions when Allah subhana wa tada wants to allow the physical norms to be broken. And one of those cases was the story of the use of a new medium and that's why Allah subhana wa Taala gave him this mortgage. That's what I lost.

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depend on what Allah granted him this miracle. Garnica is no Maria that happens to be Jesus the son of Mary, Colette Huck, the word of truth and levy and throne, the one in which they are doubtful Naka and anila, hinting at them he wanted, it is not befitting for a law that he ends up taking a child. So they're harder, who how perfect is he either?

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Either Kodama.

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When Allah Subhana, Allah decides a decree for in Nanaia kulula, who confer Khun, then all he has to do is say B and that action or that whatever Allah subhanho wa Taala told to be, it will be.

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So don't become doubtful in the fact that his early Salaam was created without a father, because you have things which are even more surprising than that, you have the most surprising of all cases, and that is the creation of Adam alayhis salam, without a mother and without the Father. And you have another case, which is also surprising, and that is the case of Hawa, where Allah subhanaw taala created her without her mother. And that is also a very surprising case, right? Sometimes perhaps even more surprising than the case of a child without a father. And then you have the case of rissani salaam, which is lesser of the two other cases in terms of surprise, then why are you

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And then of course, you have a case another case, which is where a father and the mother are also there, but they're too old to have children. And that is the case of Zakaria and his wife and he set up and also the child who is the author of the story which we've already discussed. And above and beyond all of that, you have the creation of the heavens and the earth altogether and hamdu lillahi Fawlty this summer it would have been in Milan Aikido suelen, oleaginous was Raja our robot that Allah subhana wa tada all praises to him. The one who is faulted is somehow it was the one who creates the heavens and the earth without any material without anything being there in existence

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prior to that. So all of these cases of existence occurring without all of the basically the compounds that you know, through human experience and why are you surprised? Allah subhana wa tada doesn't need to take up a child if he wishes for something to happen. He's called on run for Indiana. yaku confer yaku. Now, he's at Easton Salaam starts to speak again. He says, are in the lobby want to book them? Indeed Allah subhana wa tada is my Lord. And indeed Allah subhana wa tada is your Lord as well. Sabu so worship Allah subhana wa Tada. Worship Him alone, as Serato Mr. Payne, this is the straight path, this is the right path. Allah is my Lord and Allah is also your Lord,

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okay. You see people in terms of the prophets, they are either in negligence or they at times end up becoming too extreme in the way they that they consider the Prophet right, either negligence or extremism. And that is the case with many people in terms of the extreme ideas that they have either this extreme towards the right or this extreme towards the left. And such as the case also with the messengers as well people treat them either with negligence or they extremely harshly shun them away and so on and so forth. Or they extremely harshly, you know, cling on to them to a degree that they perhaps raise them above the status that Allah subhana wa tada has given them. And what's expected

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of us when we treat the prophets is to recognize their station that Allah subhana wa tada has granted them and at the same time whilst recognizing their station, that Allah subhana wa tada has granted them, we don't end up raising them above that stage. Okay? So no negligence, we don't end up shutting the profits away as the some of the people have different profits did and we don't end up raising the profits above their status. And that's why Allah subhanaw taala told us this in the Quran, that

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there are people in America, Shalom, you heard earlier, another era who comida Allah subhanho wa Taala said to say to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, say to the people put in a manner by Sharon mizuko I am just a human being like all the rest of you. And the thing that differentiates between me and you though we are human beings, we're all human beings. The thing that differentiates between me and you are people is the fact that you have la Allah subhanaw taala reveals a revelation down to me through jabril Dally around. So don't consider me entirely at the same level as you rather I'm a bit above you because Allah subhana wa tada grants me revelation but

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don't raise me as the people have recently said I'm raised him as well. Rather understand my status. Don't raise me more than that. Don't place me below that and don't raise me how Allah subhana wa tada said that the worry that comes down to him is that that your Lord is just one Lord in Nima and Sharon with Luke and Leia and Nikita O'Meara. Allah subhanho wa Taala sends me this revelation that your Illa your Lord is just one Lord. So the prophets

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Longer it was send them was told in a very beautiful way to deal with both groups a that those people who say he's human being just like the rest of us we can think he can think so Allah subhanho wa Taala said, No, no tell them you have a revelation does come down to me be recognized that that revelation, the first of that revelation is the fact that Allah Subhana Allah, Allah has told me to tell you to worship Him alone, and none other than Allah subhanho wa Taala. So even in terms of recently set up, we raised him not above his status, but we don't place him below status. We recognize that he's from the mighty messengers of Allah subhana wa tada and we know that he's not

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the son of a law, nor is he Allah Subhana Allah to Allah Allahu Allah.

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that mean? Lee

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me carry to bash

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vilavi Kong