Mufti Menk – The Truth when it comes to giving the ‘Salam’

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of greetings, such as the greeting for non-M-thinkers, and how they can be used to indicate cultural pride or avoiding harm. They also mention a beautiful and appropriate greeting for a Muslim individual, which is used to indicate a desire for peace and joy. The speaker emphasizes the importance of responding in a more natural and authentic way when greets someone who is not a Muslim.
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But there is a greeting known as a Salam as well. So you greet

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Salaam Alaikum Subhan Allah

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and that greeting is so important that it is a guarantee to your fellow Muslim that you're not going to harm the Muslim.

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Now one might ask that you know what, what about the non Muslim? Can I not say a Salaam Alaikum to them?

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And if they were to say Salaam Alaikum to me, what should I say? Well, I need to remind you of something beautiful, that it's not wrong to greet or to respond to a greeting, a cultural greeting, for example, with a non Muslim. However, at the time of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. There were certain people who hated Islam and they hated him. And they used to change this greeting and use words that sounded similar but had bad meanings. For example, they would say a summer Alaykum which means death upon you. I imagine I'm innocently thinking that this man is saying Assalamu alaikum and they just saying some Aleykum which means death upon you. And am I supposed to respond

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and how am I supposed to respond? So I shall have the Allahu anhu she heard it. And when she heard this, she responded why like a summer learner?

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That means Yeah, you saying death upon us, okay, and upon you death and the curse of the Almighty. So the Prophet peace be upon him, you know, he was sent as a mercy. He says, Take it easy, or I shall relax, take it easy.

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If they say something of this nature greet you. You just say well, I come. So if someone greets you, and they say Salaam Alaikum you're not sure. You just say why they come that means I knew to. So if they say curse me upon you, you said you too.

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And if they say Peace be upon you and you do so they would gain either way. This is a beautiful narration The reason why I love it is it shows us how to react. Sometimes when a person does something bad. We react in a way that makes the problem bigger, compounded no Look at this beautiful narration easily just say you to

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Subhan Allah. So this is why the prophet SAW Selim says you don't have to start them with a greeting. You know, if I were to see someone who's not a Muslim, I can say Hello, Hi, good morning. How are you? What's going on etc. All these greetings are fine as salaam alaikum is a sacred greeting May peace be upon you? Yes. If I've heard it clearly from someone who's not a Muslim, I can respond it equally. I can respond in equally why the Quran says what either way you

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will be axon I mean, I will do in Allah.

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Allah kinesia in his ear. When you are greeted with a greeting, Allah didn't say who greeted you when you are greeted with a greeting. So respond to that greeting in a better way. That's an instruction of Allah. When you are greeted with a greeting, respond in a better way, or if you're not going to respond in a better way, at least in the same way.

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