Have You Ever Heard Of A 10 For 1 Deal

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AI: Summary © A person describes how people in their town are suffering from the lack of supplies and goods, and how a caravan has now arrived at their town. They express the need for people to have something where they have a position in their life, rather than just getting a better deal. The person emphasizes the importance of providing something where they have a position in their life.
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Now the story of course none of the above or any of this was after the prompt so I saw him after he passed away and a feminine come upon upon Medina and they were waiting waiting obviously if the supplies and the supermarkets have gone down, they have to wait till the caravan comes into town. It's been a long time since caravan came into town and people were suffering and people are in pain. And then one day a huge caravan came into the city of Medina the entire caravan everything in it all basically the entire supermarket entire shopping center, entire commerce of Medina belong to one person, this and at this moment all of them belong to have mama

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and all that wealth and all that all that commerce came to the door on what a matter of the lawn and just parked. So not all the merchants of Medina now want to purchase a piece of wholesale supplier, they want to take the surprise out of reselling it. So they said to us not on the line, right? Well, they said we'll give you two for one that's not really alarming said to them, I can get a better deal than okay three for one.

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He said I can get a better deal for one they said for for money. So I said can you give me 10 For one, and they said man who can who can afford that kind of family line. He said I have someone who can give me that trade. They understood then that he was doing this this was a must not only alarm set to them take the entire caravan and distributed amongst people. And so when you hear about people in need, you need to have something to give them. You need to have power. You need to have strength. You need to have something where you have a position in your life and that's not going to happen by playing small and you're not going to make a difference when they see you as if you have

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to be stronger than that.