The Soft Heart of Umar R.A

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As he diverted, he walked through and he knocked on the door of his sister. time there were three of them in the house. There was Fatima, Vinton hapa his sister, his brother in law said he didn't say, and a teacher who came to teach them or arm by the name of combative

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abarbanel and he brought with him some parchments and he was teaching them parts of the Quran. So as the door was knocked according to one of the narrations, suburbia happened to hide and the parchments were actually hidden as well. Omar Allahu anhu, flung The door opened and walked in and started beating up his sister and brother in law.

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Now to pause for a moment, something had happened a little bit earlier.

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When the Muslims at that particular time were given permission to migrate the first migration to a senior, there were a few of them who started migrating. And at that time, there was the wife, one of the wives of one of the companions known as Amir of Nora BIA. She was about to leave for Abyssinia and Omar saw her and he was very angry at the time. But when he saw her he felt pity in his heart, as strong as he was as fearless as he was as powerful as he was, as fierce as he was. He felt something in his heart seeing this lady go, and he told her, may Allah be with you. It was a statement before Islam. May Allah be with you from this,

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the wife of this Sahabi

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she she knew that this man has a soft spot. There is something in his heart as powerful as he seems. There is a soft spot in his heart. So she told her husband that I have hope in this men, he perhaps will understand the truth. And his wife said no ways I saw her husband said no ways. It is impossible for Omar to accept Islam. And the wife says, Don't say that there is nothing impossible. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala help us learn a lesson from this. Nothing is impossible. No matter where you have been and what you have done, Allah blesses near, no matter who has done what on a global level, if Allah once they will turn into the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala always have hope, and

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always make positive to always have hope in the mercy of Allah. So horrible setup, as he's beating up his sister and his brother in law, he noticed he notices that she began to bleed. And when he saw the blood, that's when the soft spot was struck. The cord was struck, and immediately he stopped because he realized this is my sister, what am I doing? You know, we share the parents, what am I doing with the sister of mine? And he said, Look, what are you people doing here? She said, we were reading the Quran, where is it? I want to see it.

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So somebody had come out, and they brought the parchment. They told him if you'd like to read this, you first need to wash yourself. So he washed himself in the Muslim that he had, in whatever way he did wash himself and he came forth. Now he started reading and coincidentally for him, but not coincidentally, for Allah subhanho wa Taala. The verses he read were the opening verses of Surah Taha so what Maha and amazingly, he used to tell himself, the Muslims are very strong, no matter how much we persecute them. They're not quitting. That was something that used to impress him because he was a fearless man. When a man is fearless, he is always impressed by others who are fearless as

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well. To say these people are being persecuted we beating them we are doing so much against them. There is a slave girl of my own. He used to tell himself a persecutor from morning to evening, but she doesn't quit. And she says no, I still say what Mohammed has brought is correct. He was amazed by it in a certain way.